The Warehouse

The Warehouse Author Jason Collins
ISBN-10 1544843429
ISBN-13 9781544843421
Year 2017-03-20
Pages 202
Language English
Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
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After breaking away from the small conservative town where he was born Nicholas Cole has been working as a dancer at The Warehouse a dimly lit bar where men can retreat from public view and indulge in hidden fun His coworkers welcomed him with open arms and watched as he grew to be their top dancer Never one to be distracted by a relationship or a handsome face Nicholas seeks the constant excitement of dancing for large sums of money and teasing the countless men who worship him When a party of women and straight men walk through the door Nicholas is surprised to say the least but one guy in the group catches his eye Personal fitness coach Clint Meyers is attached to the arm of a pretty girl who seems to monitor his every move but she doesnt notice when Clints eyes land on Nics barely clothed body His coworkers insist hes wasting his time lusting after a straight guy but Nicholas is captivated by Clints ripped physique and chiseled face The two men begin to meet in private and bond over their love of fitness but Nicholas is distracted by the presence of a strange new loner who shows up at The Warehouse and refuses to accept rejection As Nicholas copes with an unwanted and potentially dangerous admirer he and Clint start to explore and push Clints boundaries Tempted by primal attraction Nicholas thinks hes up for the challenge of seducing Clint but he quickly realizes that he might be interested in something more than just a physical connection Under the watchful eye of coworkers girlfriends and stalkers Nicholas and Clint meet in secrecy to test each others limits and explore their potential

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