What Every Board Member Needs to Know Do and Avoid

What Every Board Member Needs to Know  Do  and Avoid Author Andy Robinson
ISBN-10 1889102601
Release 2017
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What Every Board Member Needs to Know Do and Avoid has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from What Every Board Member Needs to Know Do and Avoid also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full What Every Board Member Needs to Know Do and Avoid book for free.

Owning Up

Owning Up Author Ram Charan
ISBN-10 0470485507
Release 2009-03-27
Pages 224
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"This book is a most important contribution for both new and experienced directors, addressing contemporary corporate governance. The 14 practical questions represent the most vital issues that boards need to proactively address and are particularly crucial now as boards deal with the aftermath of the global financial tsunami." —Thomas J. Neff, chairman, U.S., Spencer Stuart "If Corporate America's board members had answered these questions, the crisis of '08 would have been avoided. The book is that powerful. It should be required reading in every boardroom, executive suite, and business school on the planet. This book with its singular wisdom could change the face of corporate governance—with huge dividends to shareholders and society." —Ralph Whitworth, principal, Relational Investors LLC "Ram Charan always seems to get it right. Owning Up not only asks the right questions, it gives answers that can make a real difference for improving board performance." —James M. Kilts, former chairman and CEO, The Gillette Company "As always, well-reasoned, insightful, and thought-provoking. A work that every director will find of value, particularly given the intense pressure of these unprecedented economic times." —Professor Charles M. Elson, director of the John L. Weinberg Center for Corporate Governance at the University of Delaware "Here is the book that every corporate director needs today. With his decades of insider experience, Ram Charan brings more wisdom and insight to this subject than anyone else I know." —Geoff Colvin, Fortune editor and author, Talent Is Overrated: What Really Separates World-Class Performers from Everybody Else

What Every Nazarene Board Member Needs to Know

What Every Nazarene Board Member Needs to Know Author Leslie Parrott
ISBN-10 0834115506
Release 1995-04
Pages 96
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Parrott’s insights into key issues for board members make this book required reading for both new and ’seasoned’ board members and pastors. Use these resources to transform meetings into ministry!

Fund Raising Realities Every Board Member Must Face

Fund Raising Realities Every Board Member Must Face Author David Lansdowne
ISBN-10 1889102326
Release 2007-01-01
Pages 109
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Fund Raising Realities tells board members of nonprofit organizations everything they need to know to raise real money ... and not one word more. With exceptional clarity, it explains the enduring realities of fund raising, and describes exactly what board members must do before, during, and after a campaign to guarantee its success. Whether the goal is $25,000 or $250 million, Fund Raising Realities examines what works in fund raising, why it works, and how to use this accepted wisdom to your organization's advantage. To those wanting to raise serious money, Fund Raising Realities offers an unparalleled command of the essentials.

On Board

On Board Author Nanette R. Fridman
ISBN-10 0692306366
Release 2014
Pages 210
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Nanette Fridman is an internationally respected leadership coach, consultant and trainer. With over 20 years of experience working with nonprofits, Nanette wrote, On Board: What Current and Aspiring BOard Members Must Know About Nonprofits & Board Service, out of frustration with the lack of information prospective and current board members are given about the nonprofit sector and how boards work, what is expected of them, and how they can best contribute. Even seasoned board memebers can lack specific knowledge areas and skills to successfully govern and champion their organization. Are you an aspiring board member who wants to make the right decision about joining a board? Perhaps you're an executive director who isn't getting what you need from your board of directors? Maybe you're a board chair or member dreading yet another unproductive meeting or year?

Fired Up Fundraising

Fired Up Fundraising Author Gail A. Perry, CPA
ISBN-10 9780470135907
Release 2007-06-15
Pages 256
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Praise for Fired-Up Fundraising Turn Board Passion into Action "Fired-Up Fundraising is honest, realistic, practical, and inspiring. It transforms the whole concept of fundraising from obligation and drudgery into passion and fun. Every CEO, development director, development consultant, and board chair needs to have and use this book." -Charles F. (Chic) Dambach President and CEO, Alliance for Peacebuilding Former Senior Consultant, BoardSource "A breakthrough! Fired-Up Fundraising takes the mystery out of engaging your board in the ongoing work of fundraising. In this well-organized little book, Gail Perry lays out a commonsense, four-step process that will fire up your board and help you meet your fundraising goals, year after year." -Mal Warwick author of How to Write Successful Fundraising Letters "Fired-Up Fundraising: Turn Board Passion into Action is by far the best book I have ever read on how to involve board members in the entire process of fundraising, from identifying prospects, cultivating them, and finally making 'the ask.' Just as important, it is an invaluable guide on how to select, enlist, train and especially inspire board members so they take ownership of their institutions. Every nonprofit CEO and development officer should read this book." -Robert L. Gale President Emeritus, Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges and founder of BoardSource (formerly known as the National Center for Nonprofit Boards) "This is the book for which EVERY nonprofit chief executive has been yearning since time immemorial. Every nonprofit needs money to survive and thrive, and every nonprofit has a board of trustees to help raise it, but few nonprofits come anywhere near using their boards to maximum benefit. Fired-Up Fundraising, a reader-friendly, realistic, and practical playbook written by a richly experienced, highly literate fundraiser turned consultant, takes readers by the hand and leads them step-by-step through eminently doable ways of inspiring the greatest possible engagement of-and return from-their trustees. It will instantly become the gold-standard guide for building successful boards." -Joel Fleishman Professor of Law and Public Policy and Director, The Foundation Research Program, Duke University

The Ultimate Board Member s Book

The Ultimate Board Member s Book Author Kay Sprinkel Grace
ISBN-10 1889102393
Release 2008-10-01
Pages 111
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Here is a book for all nonprofit boards. Those wanting to operate with maximum effectiveness. Those needing to clarify exactly what their job is. And those wanting to ensure that all members - novice and veteran alike - are on the same page with respect to roles and responsibilities.It's all here in jargon-free language: how boards work, what the job entails, the time commitment, the role of staff, serving on committees and task forces, fundraising responsibilities, conflicts of interest, group decision-making, how to develop yourself, effective recruiting, de-enlisting board members, board self-evaluation, and more.

Leading Roles

Leading Roles Author Michael M. Kaiser
ISBN-10 9781584659518
Release 2010-10-12
Pages 192
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A concise, practical, and timely guide for board members of arts organizations

Joining a Nonprofit Board

Joining a Nonprofit Board Author Marc J. Epstein
ISBN-10 9781118007198
Release 2011-03-23
Pages 224
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Praise for Joining a Nonprofit Board ""As an individual who has served on various nonprofit boards, and as the president and CEO of a large nonprofit organization, I can attest to how valuable this book is. Marc Epstein and Warren McFarlan offer insight into the expectations of nonprofit board members, which is extraordinarily beneficial to individuals considering their first nonprofit board and to seasoned professionals already serving on boards." —Gail McGovern, President and CEO, American Red Cross Excerpted from Foreword" "This book is a roadmap for the business person who wants to serve on a nonprofit board, and unwittingly assumes that the approaches that worked so well in the for-profit world can be seamlessly extrapolated to the nonprofit board room." —Roseanna H. Means, M.D., founder and president, Women of Means "A must-read for all new and existing nonprofit board members. It is full of practical advice that will help improve the effectiveness of nonprofit board members and the organizations they serve." —Roger Servison, president emeritus, Boston Museum of Fine Arts, and vice chairman, Boston Symphony Orchestra "What a powerful tool now available for anyone involved with governance of America's nonprofit enterprises. The analysis is cogent and concise, amply supported by real-life examples." —George B. Beitzel, chairman emeritus, Amherst College, and chairman emeritus, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation "Joining a Nonprofit Board offers practical advice in complementing your business experience with the nuances of nonprofit governance, performance, and management in order to fully achieve the societal mission." —Jeffrey C. Thomson, president and CEO, Institute of Management Accountants "This book will guide you through the differences between for-profit and nonprofit organizations (and boards). It will help you navigate through all the nuances in which nonprofit organizations actually operate on a day-to-day basis."—Elaine Ullian, former president, Boston Medical Center "Joining a Nonprofit Board is a must-read. This book should be required reading and distributed at the opening board meeting." —Agnes C. Underwood, former head, Garrison Forest School and National Cathedral School; vice president/managing associate, Carney, Sandoe and Associates "A Board needs a unifying and visionary objective—'It must be World Class.' This book successfully shows how to create a World Class Board." —W. Richard Bingham, former chairman, California Academy of Sciences

How Not to Be a Terrible School Board Member

How Not to Be a Terrible School Board Member Author Richard E. Mayer
ISBN-10 9781452237138
Release 2011-07-19
Pages 160
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Build a successful board by knowing where the land mines are Veteran school board member, Richard E. Mayer, takes a humorous approach to the serious relationship between school administrators and board members. While the overwhelming majority of school board members have good motives, even people who mean well can make bad moves. This book shows how to prevent good intentions from creating bad outcomes. Each chapter presents a negative behavior scenario and analysis, offers alternatives, and provides win-win solutions. Key features include: 28 brief case studies Lessons learned for board members Lessons learned for administrators

The Board Member s Easier than you think Guide to Nonprofit Finances

The Board Member s Easier than you think Guide to Nonprofit Finances Author Andy Robinson
ISBN-10 1889102431
Release 2012
Pages 111
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The Board Member s Easier than you think Guide to Nonprofit Finances has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Board Member s Easier than you think Guide to Nonprofit Finances also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Board Member s Easier than you think Guide to Nonprofit Finances book for free.

The Governance Game

The Governance Game Author Marilyn R. Seymann
ISBN-10 1587623323
Release 2003-08-01
Pages 156
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A pair of insiders and a host of corporate directors reveal the all-too-human failings that lead to corporate mismanagement and malfeasance. This text should be required reading for CEOs and directors, investors and consumers.

The Nonprofit Board Answer Book

The Nonprofit Board Answer Book Author BoardSource
ISBN-10 1118047486
Release 2010-12-21
Pages 352
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The Nonprofit Board Answer Book has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Nonprofit Board Answer Book also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Nonprofit Board Answer Book book for free.

A Fundraising Guide for Nonprofit Board Members

A Fundraising Guide for Nonprofit Board Members Author Julia I. Walker
ISBN-10 9781118236437
Release 2012-01-31
Pages 288
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Everything you need to know as a nonprofit board member to raise more money and help your organization succeed in meeting its goals Engaging and informative, this practical guide to fundraising contains valuable insights that nonprofit boards need to succeed in raising money in today's dynamic economic environment. While written expressly for board members, this useful handbook also provides advice to executive directors and advancement staff on how to partner with your board to build an unstoppable fundraising team. A Fundraising Guide for Nonprofit Board Members shows you how to raise more money by building board leadership and skills in fundraising. This book covers it all—the board's leadership role in fundraising; how to organize and train your board to raise funds; building a team with board and staff; raising funds for operations, major gifts and capital campaigns; how to ask for gifts; plus a guide for conducting a board retreat that will lead to fundraising success. Demystifies the ask by providing a straightforward guide on how to ask for, and close, gifts Features case studies, real life examples, and checklists in an easy to reference format Offers sample materials for a board retreat on building the successful fundraising team Also by Julia Ingraham Walker: Nonprofit Essentials: Jump-Starting the Stalled Fundraising Campaign Entertaining, practical, and easy to use, this book will become a must-read for all board members, executive directors, and staff who want to build an effective fundraising team.

Board Member Orientation

Board Member Orientation Author Michael E. Batts
ISBN-10 1456304917
Release 2011-02-01
Pages 98
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Finally! Board member orientation truly simplified. Serving on a nonprofit board can be an incredibly rewarding experience for the properly prepared board member. This book is for the generous and busy people who agree to give of their time and talents by serving on nonprofit boards. Nonprofit boards often fail to do a good job of board member orientation for a variety of reasons. It takes a significant amount of time and effort to plan and conduct quality board member orientation programs, and every time a new board member arrives, it's time to do it again! Because of the challenges associated with providing quality board member orientation, many nonprofit organizations do not do it at all, leaving their board members to wing it. This book provides help and support to the truly great men and women serving on nonprofit boards whose service makes a positive difference in the lives of countless people every day. This book is a concise and appropriately comprehensive guide to nonprofit board service designed especially for new board members. It is a quick read, (about one hour), yet it addresses with accuracy the most significant elements of board service, such as mission, responsibility, duty, risk, liability, and board meeting dynamics. Hooey Alerts! Watch for Hooey Alerts! where the author identifies and dispels common myths and legends about nonprofit board service. There are many sources of false or misleading information about the nonprofit board service environment. A perfect example is the often vaguely-worded and intimidating assertion or implication that the Sarbanes-Oxley Act passed by Congress in 2002 applies to nonprofit organizations in a manner similar to how it applies to publicly-traded companies. (It does not.) Reviews "This book is the perfect guide for every nonprofit board member! Concise, highly informative, and loaded with nuggets of wisdom, it's a must read that will take board members to the next level of successful board governance." -- J. Todd Chasteen, General Counsel, Samaritan's Purse "Mike Batts has put his quarter century of advising and serving on nonprofit boards to good use in this accurate and easy-to-read book. In addition to describing major principles of nonprofit law and governance, the book provides helpful questions to guide board members in understanding the practical applications of the concepts discussed. While geared primarily toward helping new board members get up to speed quickly, it should also help veteran board members discharge their stewardship roles wisely and efficiently." -- Chuck Hartman, Associate Professor of Business Law and Accounting, Cedarville University "This book, Board Member Orientation, is exactly what a busy volunteer board member needs. The board member's duties are presented in a clear and concise manner from the perspective of someone who has been around many boards. With a focus on those issues that are most common and/or most important, it is perfect for board member orientation and for quick reference reminders for the experienced board member." -- Doug Starcher, Partner, Broad & Cassel "This book provides clear, no-nonsense guidance on the basic issues for new nonprofit board members. Using this book for board member orientation will ensure your organization has communicated fundamental governance issues and will assist the board in determining risk management strategies." -- Dan Busby, President, ECFA *********************************** The Simple Board Member Orientation Process Using This Book: 1.Your board members read Chapters 1-9 of the book, which will provide them with insights regarding the key elements of nonprofit board service. 2.You provide the board members with copies of the documents described in Chapter 10 related to your organization. 3.You meet with your board members to discuss the unique attributes of your organization following the discussion questions provided in Chapter 10. Done!

Firing Lousy Board Members

Firing Lousy Board Members Author Simone Joyaux
ISBN-10 1938077423
Release 2014-01
Pages 136
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Every organization deserves a good board and effective board members. And every board member deserves a chance to be an effective board member. But too often, things aren't working. Board members aren't effective - and staff aren't helping them to be effective. Or, staff are doing all that is possible - but the board member is causing too many problems. This book tells you how to fix the situation. This book explains why board members are (or aren't) effective. And, this book gives you specific strategies and tools to fire the lousy board members and help the others succeed. Topics include: Distinction between board and board member. Finding the right board members. Role of the governance committee. Monitoring board members Tools include: Board job description. Performance expectations of the board member. Evaluation tools. Skills inventory. As you read Firing Lousy Board Members, you'll realize that this book is mostly about how to NOT fire people. Instead, the book focuses on finding the right board members and enabling them to be successful. Firing is only a last resort. But it's an important strategy to launch in some situations. Unfortunately, some organizations and their leadership are too afraid to do this important work. What a shame. The process is not as hard as you might think. More importantly, bad board members produce bad governance. And bad governance is a huge risk for the nonprofit sector. Bad governance can put your organization - and its board members - on the media's front page. It's just not acceptable to keep poor performers around. It's not fair to other board members. It's not fair to staff. And it isn't fair to the organization's mission. Serving on a board is serious business. Sadly, too many boards and board members (and staff, too) don't realize how serious this business is. Read Firing Lousy Board Members before you continue down the wrong paths. Read Firing Lousy Board Members - and talk about the serious business of good governance and effective and ineffective board members. This book is a quick and easy read. User friendly, fast, and sometimes pretty funny. The author, Simone Joyaux, has direct experience doing every thing described in this book. Joyaux has been an executive director, chief development officer, board chair, and chair of governance and fundraising committees. Here is some reader applause about Firing Lousy Board Members: At last! The long-overdue guide to making dreams of nonprofit organizations come true by exorcising the nightmare of lousy board members. Simone Joyaux's lifetime of thoughtful, proven experience in building strong organizations is distilled in this highly readable, how-to road map to success. Read it, then get started today on building great boards and culling bad board members. --Roger M. Craver, Editor, The Agitator Ask yourself which is the priority, the mission or the problem board member? Mission must be the answer! Simone Joyaux's concise, direct, clear guide gives you the road map to build a power board and confront problem members who jeopardize your mission. --Robbe Healey, MBA, ACFRE, Vice President for Philanthropy, Simpson Senior Services Firing a nonprofit board member? Awkward! But it may be a little easier after you read this book by the plain-talking but insightful Simone Joyaux who says that poor-performing trustees present a problem of board contamination. --Ruth McCambridge, Editor in Chief, Nonprofit Quarterly

Joan Garry s Guide to Nonprofit Leadership

Joan Garry s Guide to Nonprofit Leadership Author Joan Garry
ISBN-10 9781119293064
Release 2017-03-06
Pages 256
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Nonprofit leadership is messy Nonprofits leaders are optimistic by nature. They believe with time, energy, smarts, strategy and sheer will, they can change the world. But as staff or board leader, you know nonprofits present unique challenges. Too many cooks, not enough money, an abundance of passion. It’s enough to make you feel overwhelmed and alone. The people you help need you to be successful. But there are so many obstacles: a micromanaging board that doesn’t understand its true role; insufficient fundraising and donors who make unreasonable demands; unclear and inconsistent messaging and marketing; a leader who’s a star in her sector but a difficult boss… And yet, many nonprofits do thrive. Joan Garry’s Guide to Nonprofit Leadership will show you how to do just that. Funny, honest, intensely actionable, and based on her decades of experience, this is the book Joan Garry wishes she had when she led GLAAD out of a financial crisis in 1997. Joan will teach you how to: Build a powerhouse board Create an impressive and sustainable fundraising program Become seen as a ‘workplace of choice’ Be a compelling public face of your nonprofit This book will renew your passion for your mission and organization, and help you make a bigger difference in the world.