Welcome to Shondaland An Unauthorized Biography of Shonda Rhimes

Welcome to Shondaland  An Unauthorized Biography of Shonda Rhimes Author Marc Shapiro
ISBN-10 9781626012394
Release 2015-11-25
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Welcome to Shondaland: An Unauthorized Biography Shonda Rhimes is the reigning Queen of Network Television. On the strength of the hit television series Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder, she has turned the staid and repetitive halls of network television on its collective ear with shows that feature tough and realistic storylines, expertly drawn characters and, perhaps most importantly, have featured women in predominant lead roles. For Shonda, getting to the top has not been easy. She has met and conquered long held stereotypes of race and gender, has fought to singlehandedly raise the realistic and creative bar in media and has ultimately won over the viewing masses with her straight-forward middle-American attitude that has successfully cut through the B.S. and misconceptions like a knife through butter. In Welcome To Shondaland: The Unauthorized Biography of Shonda Rhimes, New York Times Bestselling Author Marc Shapiro follows the trail of a young idealistic girl who grew up on hopes, dreams and possibilities, would not take no for an answer, and found that success is the ultimate weapon in silencing doubters. Shonda Rhimes has proven a success story of classic proportions, a life that finally inspires and encourages, a life that tells the world to follow their passion. Welcome To Shondaland: The Unauthorized Biography Of Shonda Rhimes tells the reader that it is okay to meet life head on and to take a chance.

Hey Joe

Hey Joe Author Marc Shapiro
ISBN-10 9781626013322
Release 2016-12-17
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The song Hey Joe was a momentary blip on the pop music scene in 1965 courtesy of a Southern California band called The Leaves. It would be their only hit. But over the next 50 plus years, the quirky song about premeditated murder went on to become something special, a musical rite of passage for the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Patti Smith, Led Zeppelin and countless others. It was a perennial that any teen band worth their limited chops coveted and recorded and finally it was an entry in The Guinness Book of World Records when thousands of people got together to play the song as the ultimate jam. Part, history, part mystery and part memoir, the book Hey Joe: The Unauthorized Biography of a Rock Classic by New York Times bestselling author Marc Shapiro is, through extensive and exhaustive research that included the memories of countless well known musicians who were part of the Hey Joe odyssey, a detailed look at the history of Hey Joe, the song that few have ever thought to think deeply about and the rumors, legends and outlandish tales surrounding the song that ultimately culminate in the ultimate question… Hey Joe, where you going with that gun in your hand? In Hey Joe: The Unauthorized Biography of a Rock Classic readers will learn… The family tree of songs that spanned decades and finally spawned Hey Joe. Who actually wrote the song? How close Hendrix came to not recording Hey Joe. The mystery of who actually recorded the first version of Hey Joe. No it was not The Leaves. Would you believe Kim Fowley? Or The Surfaris? What a very young Bruce Springsteen had to do with the song. Nearly 3000 versions of Hey Joe, familiar, obscure and, in many cases, downright impossible to find, have been recorded and released.

You re Gonna Make It After All

You   re Gonna Make It After All Author Marc Shapiro
ISBN-10 9781626014107
Release 2017-10-11
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Mary Tyler Moore was a legendary television and film performer who was much loved and lauded by millions as the personification of sweetness and innocence filtered through a sanitized television world. But as fate would have it, Moore was so much more than that. Coming of age at a time when feminism and women’s rights were on the march across the land, Moore’s roles in The Mary Tyler Moore Show and The Dick Van Dyke Show proved a flashpoint and a flag bearing influence to countless women who had decided in Mary Richards there was the possibility of so much more. In You’re Gonna Make It After All: The Life, Times and Influence of Mary Tyler Moore (Riverdale Avenue Books), New York Times Bestselling Author Marc Shapiro digs deep into her much-celebrated and often turbulent life as filtered through the coming of age of women’s rights led by such luminaries as Gloria Steinem and Betty Friedan and their triumphs and historical breakthroughs which were often influenced by Moore and her culturally important sitcoms. How the actress reacted to being cast as a feminist icon, her often contrary issues with the women’s movement, how her greatest television hits often brought home important liberal points in a stealth manner and her own political and social values form the backbone of a sociological, political and, yes, traditional celebrity biography that tells more than one expected from a book on somebody the world knows so well. In this thoroughly researched and documented biography, readers will discover… The truth behind the alleged relationship between Mary Tyler Moore and Elvis Presley. What happened on the date between Mary Tyler Moore and Ed Asner Why Mary Tyler Moore’s mother’s alcoholism led to Moore’s physical appearance. How Moore got her revenge on a neighbor who molested her at age six. “Mary Tyler Moore was an important entertainment personality,” author Shapiro states. “But she was also so much deeper than that. Her life and times are already well known. I felt that putting this reluctant feminist in the ring with the coming of equal rights for women would give the picture a different and ultimately insightful twist.”

What is Hip

What is Hip Author Marc Shapiro
ISBN-10 9781626013650
Release 2017-04-20
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“The Tragically Hip… the soundtrack our lives.” – Justin Trudeau On August 20th, 2016 11.7 million Canadians stood transfixed, watching the final concert of The Tragically Hip, and the rest of the world asked, “Who is this band?” New York Times Bestselling pop journalist Marc Shapiro answers that question in the first American book about this Canadian rock band that largely shunned the spotlight but has become the standard bearer of a resurgent sense of Canadian pride and patriotism. What is Hip? The Life And Times Of The Tragically Hip delves deep beneath the surface of this rock and roll story to discover how a band that spent more than three decades in the rock and roll trenches selling millions of albums and opening for the likes of The Rolling Stones, The Who and Led Zeppelin’s Page & Plant, remained almost unknown outside their home country, even as they rose to the level of rock royalty in Canada. What Is Hip: The Life And Times Of The Tragically Hip reveals: • The behind the scenes story of how the band took over The Horseshoe Tavern and made it their own • How a high up political personality was instrumental in landing the band their manager • The day-to-day, often unforgiving, spirit-grinding days of life on the road in Canada • The ins and outs of opening for three of the biggest groups in the history of rock and roll The Tragically Hip are not cartoon rockers. They are real men who live by their creativity and their principles. Through extensive research and a couple of well-placed sources, author Marc Shapiro has put together a complete look at The Tragically Hip’s rise: from their humble Kingston, Ontario roots, to endless tours, to their internal struggles to keep their music fresh, to the fanatic loyalty they fostered in millions of Canadian fans. These fans shed more than a few tears when it was announced that singer Gord Downie had been diagnosed with brain cancer, and that The Hip were about to embark on what might be their final tour. Marc Shapiro is the author of more than 75 books. His most recent releases include Trump This! The Life And Times Of Donald Trump and Hey Joe: The Unauthorized Biography Of A Rock Classic. When he is not working, which is rare, he can usually be found mowing the lawn, taking out the trash and walking the dog.

Lost and Found

Lost and Found Author Micky Neilson
ISBN-10 9781626012844
Release 2016-06-12
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Lost and Found, the autobiography of N.Y. Times best-selling author Micky Neilson, a 20 year-veteran of the World of Warcraft franchise, is The Glass Castle meets Of Dice and Men. Lost and Found: An Autobiography of Discovering Family, is the harrowing and inspirational memoir of the successful contributor to World of Warcraft and N.Y. Times best-seller Micky Neilson, who was kidnapped by his schizophrenic father as a toddler, spending his earliest years on the run and his teenage years as a foster child. This autobiography chronicles Micky’s experience serving in the first Gulf War, the meteoric rise of Blizzard Entertainment and, most triumphantly, his reuniting with the family that was stolen from him as a child. “No one who reads my fiction today or plays the video games I've contributed to knows that I was kidnapped at eight months old, that I grew up with a schizophrenic father, that I didn't attend school until 7th grade, or that I never knew my true identity until I was reunited with my family after 38 years,” said the author. “It's such an honor to finally be able to share my life story.”

Trump This

Trump This Author Marc Shapiro
ISBN-10 9781626012639
Release 2016-02-26
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Who is Donald Trump? Even after a yearlong presidential campaign, and constant media coverage, many Americans don’t know if he’s for real or just a businessman turned showman turned politician who has become President of the United States. His path to the White House, from early childhood through the 2016 campaign and Election are laid bare in Trump This! The Life And Times of Donald Trump: An Unauthorized Biography written by New York Times Bestselling Author Marc Shapiro. Bringing insight into the psychology and motivation of Donald Trump was the equivalent of solving a mystery. What guides Trump to the decisions he makes? Is his personality real or just a caricature driven smokescreen? Is he the living embodiment of a brand or does a heart and soul lurk beneath his flamboyant and often-bullying exterior? In answering those questions many heretofore unknown facts came to life. Trump’s grandfather ran brothels during The Gold Rush years. His father allegedly ran with The Ku Klux Klan. Trump punched out a teacher in the second grade. Trump lived a wild, sexually charged life at Studio 54. The true story of how Trump avoided the draft. The affair that wrecked his first marriage. Why Trump sued a man because he had the same last name. His biggest business successes and failures. If you only discovered Donald Trump with the television show The Apprentice or with his race for President of the United States, the chances are you think you know quite a bit about Donald Trump. But the reality is that, like all larger than life personalities, Trump has cultivated his public image well. He’s been selective in what he’s let out and, when pressed, he’s been quick to deny. Trump This! The Life And Times of Donald Trump: An Unauthorized Biography has dug deep into the truth that is Donald Trump. And this is what we’ve found.

Naked in 30 Days

Naked in 30 Days Author Theresa Roemer
ISBN-10 9781626012523
Release 2016-03-13
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All you need is one month and the determination to change your life Naked in 30 Days is a day-by-day guide to getting yourself in shape through the insider secrets the author has learned in her decades as a fitness expert and award-winning body builder, as well as through diet and exercise and life experience. Theresa’s passion for health inspired her to write Naked in 30 Days to empower women to feel as vibrant and healthy at 45 and beyond as they did at 25. Anyone can do anything for a period of 30 days, and if you put yourself on this plan, you will find that you change your approach to food and exercise, as well as your relationship to both. Before you know it, you’ll be standing naked with yourself…and proud of who you are and how you got there.

Das Messie Syndrom

Das Messie Syndrom Author Alfred Pritz
ISBN-10 9783211765203
Release 2009-09-30
Pages 324
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Messies (von mess, engl., Unordnung) werden Menschen genannt, die ihren Lebensbereich drastisch einschränken, indem sie zum Beispiel ihre Wohnungen mit Dingen überfüllen. Mit diesem Buch wird das Phänomen erstmals wissenschaftlich und klinisch beschrieben. Die dahinter liegenden psychodynamischen Prozesse werden ebenso behandelt wie die Gruppenpsychoanalyse für Messies oder die Wirkung von Selbsthilfegruppen. Ziel ist es, das Messie-Phänomen besser zu verstehen, um dann Konsequenzen für die psychotherapeutische Arbeit abzuleiten.

Haftung und Entsch digung nach Tankerunf llen auf See

Haftung und Entsch  digung nach Tankerunf  llen auf See Author Rainer Altfuldisch
ISBN-10 9783540472155
Release 2007-03-20
Pages 244
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Kritischer Beitrag zur aktuellen Diskussion um die Änderung des internationalen Haftungs- und Entschädigungssystems bei Tankerunfällen auf See. Das seit 1969 bestehende und 1992 nur gering überarbeitete System geriet nach den Unfällen der "Erika" (1999) und "Prestige" (2002) zunehmend in die Kritik. Der Autor analysiert das internationale Haftungs- und Entschädigungssystem, die aktuelle Rechtsprechung und setzt sich hiermit auseinander.

Neuropsychologische Gutachten

Neuropsychologische Gutachten Author Rupert Roschmann
ISBN-10 9783170265967
Release 2007-07-19
Pages 186
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Dieses Buch bietet (Neuro-)Psychologen, Ärzten, Juristen und Studierenden dieser Fachrichtungen einen umfassenden und anschaulichen Leitfaden zur Erstellung neuropsychologischer Gutachten. Es werden u.a. die berufsrechtlichen Richtlinien für Gutachter, der Begutachtungsprozess, die Vorgehensweise bei schwierigen Fragestellungen sowie Besonderheiten der Begutachtung von Kindern und Jugendlichen erläutert. Auch Auftraggeber neuropsychologischer Gutachten erhalten einen Überblick über die Thematik und Relevanz. Ein realistischer Erwartungshorizont und wichtige Qualitätsmerkmale werden vermittelt.

Praxis der interkulturellen Psychiatrie und Psychotherapie

Praxis der interkulturellen Psychiatrie und Psychotherapie Author Wielant Machleidt
ISBN-10 9783437597848
Release 2011-04-26
Pages 640
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Das Buch bietet Ihnen eine Vielzahl von praxisbezogenen interkulturellen Behandlungs- und Versorgungsstrategien. Es beleuchtet kulturelle und religiöse Hintergründe und zeigt, wie Sie Diagnostik und Therapie an die spezifischen Bedürfnisse von Patienten mit Migrationshintergrund anpassen können. Der Schwerpunkt liegt auf Patienten aus den Mittelmeerstaaten, der Türkei, Ost- und Südeuropa, den GUS-Staaten.