Trigger Point Therapy for Headaches Migraines

Trigger Point Therapy for Headaches   Migraines Author Valerie DeLaune
ISBN-10 9781572245259
Release 2008
Pages 165
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I have such a bad headache! For many of us, this is an oft repeated cry of anguish. Statistics about headaches and migraines are downright astonishing: One in six people have frequent headaches, and of those, one in ten suffers from migraines. You are not alone. Headaches and migraines result in more than 10 million doctor visits each year. If you struggle frequently with headache pain, this book offers a welcome solution. Trigger point therapy is an effective self-care approach you can use to get relief from headache pain. Trigger points form in a portion of the muscle cell where blood flow is reduced and metabolic wastes are not being exchanged for oxygen and nutrients. When enough trigger points are located together, they can form palpable knots in the tissue. Trigger points can cause pain, either in the area of the trigger point, or by referral to other areas of the body. Trigger points can be treated by applying pressure to affected areas, often providing instant relief. This book explains trigger point physiology and then offers a complete program for self-care that includes detailed illustrations of all pressure and stretching techniques. In addition, it provides an in-depth look at the factors that cause and perpetuate trigger points, such as body mechanics, injuries, diet and nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, and emotional factors, and provides solutions to address each perpetuating factor.

Triggerpunkt Therapie bei Kopfschmerzen und Migr ne

Triggerpunkt Therapie bei Kopfschmerzen und Migr  ne Author Valerie DeLaune
ISBN-10 9783873879041
Release 2013-01-28
Pages 176
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Unendlich viele Menschen leiden unter Kopfschmerzen und Migräne und dennoch gibt es kein Patentrezept, diese Beschwerden zu kurieren. Das Buch gibt einen Überblick über die möglichen Ursachen von Kopfschmerzen und Migräne und bietet zahlreiche Tipps zur Selbsthilfe. Es wird erläutert, was Triggerpunkte sind: in der Regel oft nur erbsengroße verkrampfte Zonen der Muskulatur, vergleichbar einem kleinen Dauerkrampf. Der Leser erfährt, wie man Triggerpunkte behandeln kann und welche Rolle sie bei Kopfschmerzen und Migräne spielen. Auch auf die Gründe, warum und wie Triggerpunkte entstehen, wird e.

Chronic Headaches

Chronic Headaches Author Jonathan M. Borkum
ISBN-10 9781135594381
Release 2012-10-12
Pages 584
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This is the first new book in many years to provide a comprehensive review of the latest theory, research, and treatment of chronic headaches from a biopsychological perspective. It is designed to make the tools of assessment and therapy widely accessible, while placing them in the context of how the disorders arise. The physiology and psychology of pain, and each disorder, are reviewed in an accessible manner. Clinical experience, laboratory data, and illustrative vignettes aid in treatment selection. Part I introduces the major types of headaches and provides a comprehensive review of pain. Part II details the major forms of headaches—migraine, tension-type, cluster, secondary, and headaches in children. A clinical presentation introduces each type of headache, followed by the physiological and psychological underpinnings and their implications for assessing and treating patients. Part III serves as a clinical guide for practitioners. The book closes with an analysis of how well the treatments work, the mechanisms behind the efficacy, and guidelines for treatment matching. A range of practical tools is incorporated. Clinical evaluation is reviewed in depth, including the interview, psychometrics, and psychophysiological assessment. Key sections of the 2004 International Headache Society diagnostic criteria serve as a “mini” diagnostic manual. Tables allow rapid look-up of the various disorders and their distinguishing characteristics; trigger point referral patterns; and the comparative merits of migraine medications. Blank headache diaries, appropriate for various stages of treatment, serve as models. A relaxation exercise is provided, as are muscle tension and hand temperature norms. Key terms are defined in the extensive glossary to help psychologists and medical professionals share vocabulary. Medical, herbal, and behavioral therapies are discussed in terms of the underlying science. Chronic Headaches is intended for healthcare providers, pain specialists, psychologists, researchers, and clinicians who study headaches in a variety of disciplines. This accessible, student-tested text is ideal for graduate courses on the psychology of pain and/or chronic headaches. Readers will gain expertise in headaches and a clear sense of how to translate this knowledge into clinical practice.

Head Pain Natural Relief

Head Pain Natural Relief Author Kathryn Merrow
ISBN-10 0615747930
Release 2013-01-15
Pages 62
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There are reasons why your head hurts. In fact, there may be several reasons. You will find them in this book and you will also discover how to get rid of them! "Your book is one for the ages. It's like having a first aid kit in the house. Something you can always refer to." - Maurice Chuka. You will also discover simple steps to get rid of your headaches and migraines naturally. Here's a testimonial from 'Fine Print': "This book is loaded with practical tips from the author's professional and personal experience with headaches. If you're suffering from a migraine headache right now, I recommend that you skip directly to the chapter called "What helps a migraine RIGHT NOW?" for some easy and effective ways to start relieving the pain right away. You may also want to take a look at the sections that start with "Trigger points which cause head pain" and use the helpful diagrams and massage tips the author includes to track down and treat the source of your headache. (An example of her massage tips: certain muscles respond better to being "lifted," "pushed up," or "unrolled front to back" rather than simply being pressed in on.) Once you're past an immediate headache crisis, go back and read the entire book to get a comprehensive look at the possible causes for your headaches and some all-natural ways to reduce or even permanently eliminate them. I picked up a number of quick and easy tips from this book that I can start using today to immediately reduce my headache frequency and intensity. Plus the author's tips on posture, exercise, diet, sleeping positions, and more are arming me with a plan for making myself less vulnerable to headaches in the future. Thanks for the pain relief, Kathryn!" Pain Relief Coach Kathryn Merrow will help you understand why your head hurts and how to get rid of your head pain. When you are done reading this book you will understand more about the causes of headaches than most doctors know. Topics include: Migraines in Children, Causes of Migraines, Muscles and Headaches, Trigger Points, How to Self-Treat Trigger Points, Headache Posture, How to Correct Your Posture, What is a Migraine? What Helps a Migraine Right Now? Yoga for Head Pain, Other Causes of Headaches, Muscle Tension Headaches, How to Get Rid of Tension Headaches, Heat Therapy or Cold Therapy, Food and Headaches, Morning Headaches, Relief without Drugs, Surgery for Headaches, Massage for Headaches, How to Sleep without Headaches, How to Feel Better, and much, much more. And when you take the steps to get rid of your headaches naturally you will have a big additional benefit: You will feel better all over!

Overcoming Headaches and Migraines

Overcoming Headaches and Migraines Author Lisa Morrone
ISBN-10 9780736932790
Release 2008-08-01
Pages 208
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As many as "45 million" Americans have chronic and severe headaches--and they're desperate for practical, clearly explained help and answers. Physical therapist Lisa Morrone extends hope. Nearly 20 years of teaching, research, and treating patients have given her a comprehensive, multidisciplinary perspective. Headache/migraine sufferers don't have to resign themselves to being pill-popping victims. Rather, they can achieve lasting changes by discovering how to... uncover the "sources" of head pain and avoid unnecessary medication eliminate pain originating from neck dysfunction or muscle tension ward off migraines and cluster headaches by pinpointing and avoiding "triggers" decide whether self-treatment, treatment by a practitioner, or a combination is best loosen the traps of stress, anger, and emotional/spiritual bondage that clamp down with head pain This multifaceted resource combines effective habits, exercises, and lifestyle adjustments to end head-pain disability and give readers back a life to enjoy and share.

Migr ne f r Dummies

Migr  ne f  r Dummies Author Diane Stafford
ISBN-10 3527702571
Release 2006
Pages 306
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Migräne ist eine Volkskrankheit, unter der über 6 Millionen Deutsche leiden. Trotzdem herrscht bei Betroffenen und deren Umfeld viel Unwissen über dieses Leiden. Dabei geht Migräne jeden etwas an! Fast jeder kennt jemanden, der betroffen ist, sei es ein Familienmitglied, ein Partner, ein Freund oder ein Arbeitskollege. "Migräne für Dummies" erklärt, was im Körper bei einem Migräneanfall vor sich geht, wann Migräne gehäuft auftritt und wie sie sich auswirkt. Das Buch lässt die Betroffenen in ihrer Not nicht allein: Die Leser erhalten Ratschläge, wie sie den richtigen Arzt finden, welche Behandlungsmethoden erfolgversprechend sind und welche nicht weiterhelfen, welches die wirksamsten Medikamente sind und wie sie den Spagat zwischen, Familie, Job und Krankheit bewältigen können.

10 Simple Solutions to Migraines

10 Simple Solutions to Migraines Author Dawn Marcus
ISBN-10 9781608827695
Release 2006-05-03
Pages 152
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Get Migraines Under Control If you're a migraine sufferer, you want to know what you can do to make the pain go away-now! This collection of straightforward tips cuts through the hype about migraine headaches to offer you the simple, scientific truth about how to get your migraines under control. It begins by helping you get a correct diagnosis, and then it guides you to track your own personal headache triggers. Medical treatment is sometimes the best way to deal with migraine pain, but you'll also learn fast and simple ways to make relaxation, stress management, and alternative therapies work for you to stop painful migraines-now! Dawn A Marcus, MD - 2007 National Headache Foundation Media Excellence Award

Myofascial Trigger Points

Myofascial Trigger Points Author Jan Dommerholt
ISBN-10 0763779741
Release 2010-10-22
Pages 294
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This book examines a special topic, JMMT. Emphasis is on the etiology of trigger points with a critical overview of current concepts. The contributing authors are the most respected myofascial pain research and practice experts. The authors address the etiology of trigger points, the epidemiology of myofascial pain, clinical management of patients, specific treatment issues, and the role of trigger points in various pain syndromes.


Migraine Author Robert A. Davidoff
ISBN-10 9780198031352
Release 2002-02-14
Pages 536
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Migraine: Manifestations, Pathophysiology, and Management, Second Edition, is a much expanded, updated monograph that focuses in detail on migraine's diverse variations, its pathophysiology, and its treatment. Authored by a clinician/scientist who himself suffers from migraine, the book's premise is that the clinical significance of migraine and its treatment are intelligible only if the physician understands the anatomical, physiological, and pharmacological factors underlying both head pain and the other manifestations of migraine. The book provides clear clinical descriptions of the myriad of specific migraine syndromes, and discusses the rationale for, and elements of, a sensitive, inclusive patient history. Also covered are important but sometimes ignored topics such as environmental triggering of migraine and myofascial syndromes. The Second Edition also bridges the gap between basic science and clinical practice by explaining those substantive advances made in understanding fundamental mechanisms of head pain and aura. Recent knowledge about genetics, hormonal changes, cerebral circulation, nitric oxide, peptides, central sensitization of trigeminal neurons, and the role of periaqueductal gray matter buttress the discussion of basic mechanisms. On the treatment side, the Second Edition reflects the impressive advances in pharmacological approaches to migraine. There is a greatly expanded section on the triptans and their mechanisms of action, and rationales and practical information about the use of all other viable anti-migraine and prophylactic drugs. Psychobiological aspects of stress and stress management, elimination of environmental stimuli, the educational facets of management, and aspects of the patient/physician interaction so crucial in the treatment of migraine are all discussed. Special problems associated with the care of women, children, the elderly, patients with intractable headaches, and emergency department patients are thoroughly reviewed. In sum, this scholarly, well-referenced book offers in one volume a comprehensive scientific and clinical discussion of migraine headache.

Clinical Mastery in the Treatment of Myofascial Pain

Clinical Mastery in the Treatment of Myofascial Pain Author Lucy Whyte Ferguson
ISBN-10 9780683306200
Release 2005
Pages 428
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This concise and easily referenced clinical text brings together editors from a range of disciplines to address therapeutic approaches to common muscle and joint pain. Organized by chief complaint, each chapter follows a structured format that takes readers from overview and assessment, through a case history, to a planned program of rehabilitation, generalization to similar conditions, and a treatment protocol. (Midwest).

Trigger Point Dry Needling

Trigger Point Dry Needling Author Jan Dommerholt
ISBN-10 9780702054525
Release 2013-01-08
Pages 304
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This exciting new publication is the first authoritative resource on the market with an exclusive focus on Trigger Point ((TrP) dry needling. It provides a detailed and up-to-date scientific perspective against which TrP dry needling can be best understood. The first section of the book covers important topics such as the current understanding and neurophysiology of the TrP phenomena, safety and hygiene, the effect of needling on fascia and connective tissue, and an account on professional issues surrounding TrP dry needling. The second section includes a detailed and well-illustrated review of deep dry needling techniques of the most common muscles throughout the body. The third section of the book describes several other needling approaches, such as superficial dry needling, dry needling from a Western Acupuncture perspective, intramuscular stimulation, and Fu’s subcutaneous needling. Trigger Point Dry Needling brings together authors who are internationally recognized specialists in the field of myofascial pain and dry needling. First book of its kind to include different needling approaches (in the context of evidence) for the management of neuromuscular pain conditions Highlights both current scientific evidence and clinicians’ expertise and experience Multi-contributed by a team of top international experts Over 200 illustrations supporting the detailed description of needling techniques

Migraine and Headache

Migraine and Headache Author Alexander Mauskop
ISBN-10 9780199862047
Release 2013-01-10
Pages 90
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Migraine and Headache, Second Edition provides concise guidelines for the point-of-care diagnosis and management of all headache conditions, complete with clinically-relevant cases to help clinicians provide effective care to their headache patients.

Who Needs Headaches

Who Needs Headaches Author Cassim Igram
ISBN-10 0911119329
Release 1991
Pages 158
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WHO NEEDS HEADACHES? is a thought-provoking, easy to read book which serves as a comprehensive guide for people suffering with migraine headaches. It is the only book currently offering a systematic approach towards curing this ailment. Authored by a licensed physician with experience in treating & relieving migraines, the focus is on the food allergy connection to headaches. Much research & clinical experience are quoted in documenting the food allergy link. The dramatic relief patients experience makes a convincing argument: Numerous real-life case histories are discussed. The approach to treatment is primarily drug-free. Various natural & preventative treatment options are described including osteopathic/chiropractic treatments, trigger point therapy, allergy elimination & nutritional supplementation. An entire chapter is devoted to various natural substances which promote anti-migraine activity - vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, herbs. Other causes of migraines are also emphasized. An entire chapter is devoted to headaches resulting from hormonal disturbances, a condition particularly common in women. Also discussed are headaches due to low blood sugar, stress tension & structural disorders of the neck & back. To order: Write to: Literary Visions, P.O. Box 1451, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52401 or call (800) 243-5242.

Headache and Migraine Biology and Management

Headache and Migraine Biology and Management Author Seymour Diamond
ISBN-10 9780128011621
Release 2015-03-13
Pages 334
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There are two crucial issues in the treatment and management of headache patients: More than 50% of individuals experiencing headache have only been treated symptomatically, with no appropriate diagnosis established; and history and neurologic examination are essential to establishing a diagnosis, and thus selecting appropriate therapy. Headache and Migraine Biology and Management is a practical text that addresses these issues, featuring contributions from expert clinical authors. The book covers in detail topics including chronic and episodic migraine, post-traumatic headache, sinus headache, cluster headache, tension headache, and others. Chapters are also dedicated to treatment subjects, including psychiatric and psychological approaches, medication overuse, inpatient treatment, and pediatric issues. This book is an ideal resource for researchers and clinicians, uniting practical discussion of headache biology, current ideas on etiology, future research, and genetic significance and breakthroughs. This resource is useful to those who want to understand headache biology, treat and manage symptoms, and for those performing research in the headache field. A practical discussion of headache biology, current ideas on etiology, future research, and genetic significance and breakthroughs Features chapters from leading physicians and researchers in headache medicine Full-color text that includes both an overview of multiple disciplines and discusses the measures that can be used to treat headaches

Tennis Fitness for the Love of It A Mindful Approach to Fitness for Injury Free Tennis

Tennis Fitness for the Love of It  A Mindful Approach to Fitness for Injury Free Tennis Author Suzanna McGee M. S.
ISBN-10 9780982949962
Release 2010-08
Pages 180
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Practical advice for suiting your training to your body's requirements and improving your tennis performance while preventing injury.

Multidisciplinary Management of Migraine

Multidisciplinary Management of Migraine Author César Fernández-de-las-Peñas
ISBN-10 9781449600518
Release 2012-02-03
Pages 442
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Another selection of the Jones and Bartlett Series: Contemporary Issues in Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Medicine Multidisciplinary Management of Migraine: Pharmacological, Manual, and Other Therapies is the first textbook focused on the multidisciplinary treatment of migraine including pharmacological and non-pharmacological approaches. This comprehensive text discusses epidemiology, pathophysiology, diagnosis, and management of patients with migraine headache integrating clinical experience and expertise with current evidence-based best practices. The authors are worldwide experts recognized in migraine and headache with experience in academic, research, and practice settings. Multidisciplinary Management of Migraine: Pharmacological, Manual, and Other Therapies reviews the options for medical management of patients with migraine by way of: pharmacological interventions; musculoskeletal interventions including muscle and joint centered interventions, manual therapy, and dry needling; and complementary and alternative medicine techniques including naturopathy, acupuncture, and placebo. With a multimodal and multidisciplinary approach, this comprehensive resource provides a variety of therapeutic tools for students and practitioners to provide excellent care and medical management of patients with migraine headache. Key Topics: Theories of migraine pathophysiology Sensitization mechanisms Migraine triggers Examination of the cervical and thoracic spinal joints Pharmacological interventions Musculoskeletal interventions Alternative medicine techniques This textbook is perfect for completing a headache library combined with tension-type and cervicogenic headache. Browse additional titles in the Jones & Bartlett Learning Series Contemporary Issues in Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Medicine, at: http: //"

What Nurses Know Headaches

What Nurses Know   Headaches Author Wendy Cohan
ISBN-10 9781935281320
Release 2012-07-18
Pages 80
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Headaches are one of the most common medical complaints. Nearly everyone gets one at some point in their lives and over 45 million Americans suffer with chronic headaches each year. Headache disorders are a major contributing factor to disability and lost-work time world-wide. Altogether, diagnosis and treatment of headaches make up 20% of all visits to neurologists. What Nurses Know...Headaches is written by a nurse who has experienced having headaches all of her life. There are risk factors that are not changeable like genetics, for example. But others, such as stress, diet, or the overuse of medications, are much more easily changed through education. Other preventive strategies include following specialized diets and using mind-body techniques such as deep relaxation, visualization, and biofeedback to help people put an end to their headaches. What Nurses Know...Headache includes: Headache basics Discusses over a dozen headache types based the upon American Headache Society classifications Headache care, including coping measures, support strategies,and future treatments onthe horizon A list of proven headache prevention diets