Tracks Along the Left Coast

Tracks Along the Left Coast Author Andrew Schelling
ISBN-10 9781619029880
Release 2017-05-15
Pages 336
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California, with its scores of native languages, contains a wealth of old time stories—a bedrock literature of North America. Jaime de Angulo’s linguistic and ethnographic work, his writings, as well as the legends that cloak the Old Coyote himself, vividly reflect the particulars of the Pacific coast. Born in Paris of Spanish descent, he came to America to become a cowboy, and he did—as well as a doctor, a linguist, ethnomusicologist, and writer. His poetry and prose uniquely represented the bohemian sensibility of the twenties, thirties and forties, and he was known for his reworkings of coyote tales and shamanic mysticism. So vivid was his writing that Ezra Pound called him “the American Ovid,” and William Carlos Williams claimed that de Angulo was “one of the most outstanding writers I have ever encountered.” Jamie de Angulo arrived in San Francisco on the eve of the 1906 earthquake, and soon after he began medical school, almost on a whim. But the practical application of medicine did not interest him, and he set off on a life long career as a non-conformist cowboy-academic and keen ethnographer of the hundreds of Native Californian tribes that still lived along the Pacific coast. De Angulo spent nearly three decades in a focused effort to understand the California languages that were rapidly disappearing, carrying on their lives beneath the overlay of Spanish and English. He visited Native Americans on their lands—from sagebrush flats to redwood groves—and collected what could be salvaged of their languages, believing that to reach an understanding of a single ordinary sentence might disclose a whole method of knowing the world, a metaphysic different than an English speaker’s and equally subtle. De Angulo found the phonetic scripts used by linguists too esoteric, and the odd or specialized symbols meant that standard printing houses lacked the ability to reproduce them. His whole life he argued for a script that could be done on a regular typewriter, one that an ordinary publishing house could typeset. Using his fonetik script so much led him to cast a wry look at English too, with its obsolete spellings he considered pointless and burdensome. His letters to colleagues and friends—among them Carl Jung, D.H. Lawrence, and Ezra Pound—began to discard unpronounced letters in words: thoroly and wud. At the end of his life, broadcasting from Pacifica Radio—the world’s first listener-supported station—de Angulo brought together much of what he had gathered in his ethnographic travels and recorded roughly100 programs of Old Time Stories. He recited Native Californian stories, sang songs, and transmitted a way of looking at life that was based on medicine power and myth—putting it all into a great, singular work. A work that is very hard to come by, and even hard to define. In each retelling, through each storyteller, stories are continually revivified, and that is precisely what Andrew Schelling has done in Tracks Along the Left Coast, weaving together the story of a life with the story of the land and the people, languages, and cultures with whom it is so closely tied.

The Left Coast

The Left Coast Author Philip L. Fradkin
ISBN-10 9780520948778
Release 2011-06-21
Pages 126
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Philip L. Fradkin, one of California’s most acclaimed environmental historians, felt drawn to the coast as soon as he arrived in California in 1960. His first book, California: The Golden Coast, captured the wonder of the shoreline’s natural beauty along with the controversies it engendered. In The Left Coast, the author and his photographer son Alex Fradkin revisit some of the same places they explored together in the early 1970s. From their written and visual approaches, this father-son team brings a unique generational perspective to the subject. Mixing history, geography, interviews, personal experiences, and photographs, they find a wealth of stories and memorable sights in the multiplicity of landscapes, defined by them as the Wild, Agricultural, Residential, Tourist, Recreational, Industrial, Military, and Political coasts. Alex Fradkin’s expressive photographs add a layer of meaning, enriching the subject with their distinctive eloquence while bringing a visual dimension to his father’s words. In this way, the book becomes the story of a close relationship within a probing study of a varied and contested coastline.

Jesus of Vancouver the Left Coast Memoirs

Jesus of Vancouver  the Left Coast Memoirs Author Michael Goodliffe
ISBN-10 9781365551178
Release 2016-11-26
Pages 198
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"Jesus of Vancouver: the Left Coast Memoirs" is the fictionalized memoir of a ubiquitous, unnamed drifter the author refers to as "Jesus." His life, and the life of Mary, a young runaway that crosses Jesus' path, are followed to gain insight into their personal experiences, trials and tribulations, while growing up on the west coast of North America. This is a shared narrative many will recognize. The story moves from small towns on Vancouver Island to the streets of Vancouver, the environmental protests in Tofino, the mountains of the Slocan valley, and, finally, to the beaches of the southern Baja.

Tales from the Left Coast

Tales from the Left Coast Author James Hirsen
ISBN-10 9780307421739
Release 2007-12-18
Pages 336
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When Barbra Streisand sends Dick Gephardt a personal fax, it makes headline news. When international relations expert Sean Penn leads his own "tour of peace" in Baghdad, every news desk across the country reports it. It's no secret that Hollywood has a leftward tilt when it comes to politics. But what the celebrity-fawning media fail to show is how Hollywood's liberal bias affects actors, movies, and even public policy. In Tales from the Left Coast, author and political commentator James Hirsen digs deep into the liberal underbelly of Hollywood to reveal how biased politics have corrupted the entire entertainment industry. Through extensive research and scores of interviews, Hirsen uncovers some of the most ridiculous, infuriating, and damning political stunts pulled by celebrities of yesterday and today, and he traces the tangled web of influence the Hollywood elite have over politicians in Washington, D.C. From the Hardcover edition.

Musical Currents from the Left Coast

Musical Currents from the Left Coast Author Jack Boss
ISBN-10 9781443812313
Release 2009-05-27
Pages 335
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Musical Currents from the Left Coast, edited by Jack Boss and Bruce Quaglia, presents a timely snapshot of the analytical concerns and methodologies that have proliferated throughout the current moment in North American music theoretical circles. The repertoire spanned within this volume is extensive. It covers music from J.S. Bach through the late 19th Century and continues finally to the modernist, avant garde, and post-modernist repertoire of the past century. Previously neglected aspects of musical structure, such as rhythm and meter, are presented here on equal footing with the traditional preoccupations of harmony and thematic process. Meter in particular is treated in great depth here: it is explored from the perspectives of both listener and performer and treats repertoire as diverse as Bach, Chopin, traditional African music and the popular music throughout the world that has disseminated from that tradition. The music and ideas of composer Arnold Schoenberg are central to many of the essays presented here. Schoenberg’s oft remarked upon masterpiece, Klavierstuck, Op.11, No.1, forms the focus of an entire section of the book. Four notable Schoenberg scholars of the younger generation revisit this seminal work on the eve of its centenary in order to reflect not only upon the work itself, but also upon the prodigious discourse that has surrounded it since nearly the date of its composition. More broadly, Schoenberg’s compositional and analytical concerns resonate through many of the other essays presented here, too. His concepts of “The Musical Idea” and “Developing Variation” are treated extensively in relation to the music of Anton Webern and Johannes Brahms, respectively. Musical Currents from the Left Coast will be of great interest to any individuals and institutions with an investment in the contemporary discourse of music theory and will be of special interest to scholars beyond that field who are also engaged with the work of Arnold Schoenberg.

The Irish Coast to Coast Walk

The Irish Coast to Coast Walk Author Paddy Dillon
ISBN-10 9781849658034
Release 2013-06-12
Pages 224
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The Coast to Coast route through Ireland, from Dublin to the Atlantic coast, passes through glorious mountain and river country, and offers an opportunity to discover the heart of the Emerald Isle. The walk links several waymarked routes - the Wicklow Way, South Leinster Way, East Munster Way, Blackwater Way and the Kerry Way. Whether you intend to split this route into sections and enjoy the walk over a period of time, or walk it in one go, the alternative high-level routes along the way enable you to make the adventure as challenging as you like. The guide includes: the 387-mile route broken down into 24 day stages; a description of alternative high-level routes; a comprehensive introduction to walking a long-distance route in Ireland; and information on accommodation along the way.

CMJ New Music Report

CMJ New Music Report Author
Release 1999-08-30
Pages 60
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CMJ New Music Report is the primary source for exclusive charts of non-commercial and college radio airplay and independent and trend-forward retail sales. CMJ's trade publication, compiles playlists for college and non-commercial stations; often a prelude to larger success.

The Heirs of Anthony Boucher

The Heirs of Anthony Boucher Author Marvin Lachman
ISBN-10 9781615952861
Release 2005-08-30
Pages 199
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A dead partner, a murdered’s more than attorney Joe McGuinness bargained for when he signed on at one of Pinnacle Peak, Arizona’s most prestigious law firms. The ink on Joe’s bar license is barely dry when the death of his firm’s senior partner puts the young lawyer’s job in jeopardy. Soon even more is at stake. While on a date with Mia Ortiz, personal assistant to one of the firm’s wealthiest clients, Joe walks into a grisly murder scene. Mia’s boss, Cordelia Barrett, and her son lie sprawled in a pool of blood. Joe knows Cordelia has recently changed her will, turning off the flow of money to her hotheaded son. But the police don’t agree with Joe’s theory of murder/suicide and arrest Mia for murder. Meanwhile, fellow lawyer Jerry Dan Kovacs is determined to prove the death of the firm’s senior partner wasn’t an accident. While Joe works fervently to free Mia, another body turns up and he must unravel a web of secrets to discover who is using murder to claim the rights of heir apparent. Winner of the 2006 Edgar Award for Best Critical/Nonfiction.

Grandmother s Tracks

Grandmother s Tracks Author Margaret Fisher
ISBN-10 9781445724867
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Grandmother s Tracks has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Grandmother s Tracks also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Grandmother s Tracks book for free.

Living Blues

Living Blues Author
ISBN-10 UOM:39015057466008
Release 2007
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Living Blues has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Living Blues also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Living Blues book for free.

The Devil s Footprints

The Devil s Footprints Author John Burnside
ISBN-10 9781446444801
Release 2011-01-18
Pages 224
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Once, on a winter's night many years ago, after a heavy snow, the devil passed through the Scottish fishing town of Coldhaven, leaving a trail of dark hoofprints across the streets and roofs of the sleeping town. Michael Gardiner has lived in Coldhaven all his life, but still feels like an outsider, a blow-in. When Moira Birnie decides that her abusive husband is the devil and then kills herself and her two young sons, a terrible chain of events begins. Michael's infatuation with Moira's teenage daughter takes him on a journey towards a defined fate, where he is forced to face his present and then, finally, his past...


Vibe Author
Release 1995-12
Pages 172
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Vibe is the lifestyle guide to urban music and culture including celebrities, fashion, beauty, consumer electronics, automotive, personal care/grooming, and, always, music. Edited for a multicultural audience Vibe creates trends as much as records them.


Skinware Author Wade Powers
ISBN-10 9781467835008
Release 2008-04-08
Pages 536
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Skinware is a thrill ride of epic proportions. Jared Cross is a man that is trying to run from his past. Trying is the operative word as Jared, ex-college professor, seeks to distance himself from his problems by working for his uncle in the last great frontier of Alaska. His uncle, Albert Hiller, is a powerful oil man at war with a conservationist as he seeks to start drilling for crude in Denali National Park. The conservationist, Joseph Daniels has his own conflicts, least among them is finding his Father's murderer. Haunted by tragedy and an impending divorce from Madeleine, the love of his life, Jared meets up with William Posely who has baggage of his own. Being a recently deposed pilot from the United States Air Force, as well as having a disgruntled personality, William is unlikely as a candidate to become Jared's best friend. However, the two share a chemistry and passion that immediately seals them as friends and brothers. Amongst a host of unforgettable characters Jared stumbles into science fiction becoming science fact: someone is cloning people in the outback of Seward's folly. Jared makes the discovery by running into a carbon copy of Madeleine and falls into the adventure of a lifetime all the while exorcising his own personal demons. The action and suspense are non-stop as the creators of life seek to end the life of Jared and his cohorts. Can the good guys get the goods on the cloners and have them exposed before it is too late?

Un orthodox

Un orthodox Author Zondervan,
ISBN-10 9780310866961
Release 2009-08-30
Pages 192
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From its roots in the South Bronx over thirty years ago, hip-hop has swept across continents and oceans, shaping the music and mores of urban culture. It is more than just music. Hip-hop is a lifestyle that encompasses attitude, fashion, and a largely counter-Christian worldview. Transcending ethnic, geographic, generational, and economic barriers, hip-hop places one of the church’s biggest mission opportunities right outside our windows.Un.orthodox equips church leaders and parents alike to understand and engage a culture that is as near as our schools, our communities, and even our homes. Author Tommy Kyllonen has seen hip-hop from the inside as a recording artist, as well as through the eyes of a pastor whose congregation has set the model for a groundswell of young urban churches focusing on hip-hop culture. Offering unique perspectives on the history, current state, and future of the hip-hop movement, Kyllonen shows what a hip-hop targeted ministry can look like in worship, outreach, evangelism, service, and discipleship.Using his own story as an example, Tommy shows how you can combine the hip-hop culture with faith.

Left coast city

Left coast city Author Richard Edward DeLeon
ISBN-10 UOM:39015028407297
Release 1992
Pages 239
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Left coast city has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Left coast city also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Left coast city book for free.

Northeast Snowstorms 2 Volume Set

Northeast Snowstorms   2 Volume Set Author Paul J. Kocin
ISBN-10 1878220640
Release 2004-01-01
Pages 818
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Northeast Snowstorms offers the most comprehensive treatment on winter storms ever compiled: more than 50 years of professional experience in the form of a two-volume compendium of insights, examples, photographs, over 200 color figures, and a DVD of added material.

American Dirt Track Racer

American Dirt Track Racer Author Joe Scalzo
ISBN-10 1610608054
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American Dirt Track Racer has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from American Dirt Track Racer also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full American Dirt Track Racer book for free.