Think Like Tiger

Think Like Tiger Author John Andrisani
ISBN-10 9781101203156
Release 2003-04-01
Pages 176
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It may be true that no athlete is bigger than the game, but one thing is certain: Tiger Woods is golf. From dominating the junior ranks in his boyhood, to becoming the first player in history to hold four major championship trophies at once—the Masters, U.S. Open, British Open, and PGA—it has been his mental game that fuels his fire. For the first time ever, John Andrisani explores the mind and its expansive application to golf, using Tiger Woods as the ultimate role model. Think Like Tiger shows how the champion’s techniques can be applied to anyone’s game. Learn how to: • Use the power of concentration to let nothing disturb you • Meditate to alleviate mental stress and relax muscles • Use your imagination when planning shots • Practice shots that will stimulate your mind • Develop your own system for inducing self-confidence “I’m honored to say that I was one of the official members of ‘Team Tiger’. This latest book of Andrisani’s contains a great deal of insightful information about the mental game of Tiger Woods…You will learn to make the mental side of golf a priority. You will also learn how to play to your potential, by applying the thinking process to your setup, swing, and shot-making game.” —from the foreword by John Anselmo, former coach of Tiger Woods This book contains an independent study and analysis by John Andrisani, former senior editor of instruction at Golf Magazine; he has not consulted with or sought the participation of Tiger Woods in its preparation.

Laura Wade Plays One

Laura Wade  Plays One Author Laura Wade
ISBN-10 9781849436823
Release 2012-11-01
Pages 312
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‘If one of the problems facing new playwrights is the expectation that each of their plays should be similar in style, Wade...proved that you could radically change both form and content... Not every writer delivers on their early promise. As this collection clearly shows, Wade certainly has.’ Aleks Sierz, from his Introduction COLDER THAN HERE ‘Laura Wade’s play is a 90-minute masterpiece, a jewel, dark but translucent. It is a play of love, death and grief: the grief that is hardest to bear, because it begins before the loved one dies.’ Sunday Times BREATHING CORPSES ‘The tension, the emotions and the sense of absurdity and fear are brilliantly handled... A terrifying tour de force.’ Sunday Times OTHER HANDS ‘This is an extraordinary feat – a vicious satire with a heart of gold – wrought with peculiar subtlety and intelligence.’ The Spectator

Why Do I Have To Think Like A Man

Why Do I Have To Think Like A Man Author Shanae Hall
ISBN-10 9780757317927
Release 2014-01-28
Pages 288
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Written as a poignant response to the male-tainted advice in Steve Harvey's bestselling relationship hit Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man, this revised and updated book is a fitting rebuttal on men, sex, relationships and women getting what they really "reeeeally" want. As a current CBS Personality on Atlanta's V103 and Former Sirius Radio host on Jaime Foxx's 'Foxxhole', former NFL wife Shanae Hall does not shy away from the difficult conversations in life. In her own funny, fresh, and bold way Shanae prides herself in telling it like it is. In Why Do I Have to Think Like a Man?, which is co-written with her mother Rhonda Frost, the two women hilariously chronicle their experiences of marriage, divorce, and the dating pool, which has included bad boys, professional athletes, 'the nice guy,' the married guy, and powerful businessmen.


Stillpower Author Garret Kramer
ISBN-10 9781451688696
Release 2012-06-05
Pages 224
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Unlock the keys to happiness and freedom, fuel performance, and achieve excellence in sports and in life with the clarity of stillpower—finding the ultimate zone within. What if everything you’ve been taught about performance is wrong? When the going gets tough, stillpower—not will power—is the best response. For years, athletes, coaches, parents, and organizations have searched for the secrets to optimum mental performance. Stillpower offers a simple, revolutionary, yet dynamic, approach for the future. Stillpower uses real-life examples to explore such questions as: What is “the zone” and what must we do (or not do) to get there? Why do we need to understand the difference between insight and intellect? Is goal setting really useful? Why doesn’t willpower work? And why do the best mentors focus on a person’s state of mind and not behavior? Virtually all of us—athletes and non-athletes alike—are looking outside of ourselves, trying to find the secret to success. Stillpower encourages us to look within to finally find the answers.

Yoga Psychology

Yoga Psychology Author Robert Leslie
ISBN-10 9780595393688
Release 2006-04
Pages 152
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You are not who you think you are! Here you can begin to re-educate yourself out of spiritual blindness and recognize your True Self-nature. Yoga psychology offers a discipline for freeing yourself from life's miseries. You are invited to enter a path of meditative concentration and self-inquiry leading to deep self knowledge. This path is founded on the proposition that you can truly be yourself, but that to be yourself you must first find and know yourself. When you have learned to let go of the delusions foisted on you by social conditioning you will recognize your inherent freedom from misery. Do not, however, think that this path is easy. Spiritual freedom requires that you face and come to terms with the roots of your spiritual ignorance. You must face and master your inner "demons".

Think Like A Politician

Think Like A Politician Author Rittik Chandra
ISBN-10 9783730959640
Release 2013-11-24
Pages 16
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Politics affect everyone everywhere. Yet most people do not know how to communicate or think methodically about the issues at hand. What we need is for our thinking to be grounded in the basic framework of order, freedom, justice, and equality. This book contains political thought, covering issues about human nature and its relation to society, the extent to which the powers of the State are justified, the tension between liberty and rights, and the way resources should be distributed.

Think Like a Baby

Think Like a Baby Author Amber Ankowski
ISBN-10 9781613730669
Release 2015-04-01
Pages 224
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Raising a baby is joyful, amazing . . . and ridiculously difficult. But with some insight into what's actually going on inside your little one's head, your job as a parent can become a little bit easier—and a lot more fun. In Think Like a Baby, coauthors Amber and Andy Ankowski—The Doctor and the Dad—show parents how to re-create classic child development experiments using common household items. These simple step-by-step experiments apply from the third trimester through age seven and beyond and help parents understand their children's physical, cognitive, language, and social development. Amazed parents won't just read about how their kids are behaving, changing, and thinking at various stages, they'll actually see it for themselves while interacting and having fun with them at the same time. Each experiment is followed by a discussion of its practical implications for parents, such as why to always bring more than one toy to a restaurant, which baby gadgets to buy (and which ones to avoid), how to get kids to be perfectly happy eating just half of their dessert, and much more.

The Unstoppable Golfer

The Unstoppable Golfer Author Dr. Bob Rotella
ISBN-10 9781849837354
Release 2012-04-12
Pages 224
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It's no secret that more than two-thirds of the shots a golfer makes are short ones: putts, chips, and pitches. Long drives may garner applause, but whether a golfer wants to win the Masters or just five pounds from his mates on Saturday morning, it's the little shots that make the difference. In The Unstoppable Golfer, Dr. Rotella, who has worked with stars like Rory McIlroy, Darren Clarke and Graeme McDowell, will teach readers how to use their minds to master the short game, by achieving a calm state of mind in which the focus is only one thing-the hole. In addition to preparing players mentally, Rotella will also explain the science of memory, and how knowledge of the brain's workings-in particular how it masters physical tasks-can improve a golf game, particularly the short game. The path to greatness isn't an easy one, and a player needs inspiration, which will come from great stories about the golfers and other sports professionals that Rotella has worked with. Mastering chips, pitches, bunker shots, and putts provides one of the ultimate pleasures of the game--and this is a pleasure readers will come to know by training their minds to become unstoppable golfers.

How To Think Like a Neandertal

How To Think Like a Neandertal Author Thomas Wynn
ISBN-10 9780199912339
Release 2011-11-01
Pages 224
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There have been many books, movies, and even TV commercials featuring Neandertals--some serious, some comical. But what was it really like to be a Neandertal? How were their lives similar to or different from ours? In How to Think Like a Neandertal, archaeologist Thomas Wynn and psychologist Frederick L. Coolidge team up to provide a brilliant account of the mental life of Neandertals, drawing on the most recent fossil and archaeological remains. Indeed, some Neandertal remains are not fossilized, allowing scientists to recover samples of their genes--one specimen had the gene for red hair and, more provocatively, all had a gene called FOXP2, which is thought to be related to speech. Given the differences between their faces and ours, their voices probably sounded a bit different, and the range of consonants and vowels they could generate might have been different. But they could talk, and they had a large (perhaps huge) vocabulary--words for places, routes, techniques, individuals, and emotions. Extensive archaeological remains of stone tools and living sites (and, yes, they did often live in caves) indicate that Neandertals relied on complex technical procedures and spent most of their lives in small family groups. The authors sift the evidence that Neandertals had a symbolic culture--looking at their treatment of corpses, the use of fire, and possible body coloring--and conclude that they probably did not have a sense of the supernatural. The book explores the brutal nature of their lives, especially in northwestern Europe, where men and women with spears hunted together for mammoths and wooly rhinoceroses. They were pain tolerant, very likely taciturn, and not easy to excite. Wynn and Coolidge offer here an eye-opening portrait of Neandertals, painting a remarkable picture of these long-vanished people and providing insight, as they go along, into our own minds and culture.

Tiger in the Toilet

Tiger in the Toilet Author K. Ajayakumar
ISBN-10 9788184951370
Release 2014-12-01
Pages 199
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The easiest and best medicine available in this world for a long and happy life is ‘laughter’. This book gives plenty of this medicine to its readers along with a lot of wisdom. Tiger in the Toilet is a unique book. It educates the reader while entertaining. There would not be a single page in this book the reader will not enjoy reading. And there would not be a single page that does not communicate a life changing message. If you have to read only one book during this year, this is the one you can choose.

Missing Tiger

Missing Tiger Author John Campo
ISBN-10 1598990128
Release 2005-08-01
Pages 136
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Missing Tiger has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Missing Tiger also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Missing Tiger book for free.

1 Step to Swinging Like Tiger

1 Step to Swinging Like Tiger Author Thomas Smith
ISBN-10 9780972016339
Release 2013-06-01
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Through all his swing changes, there is still one thing that is the same in Tiger Woods' swing. In 1 Step to Swinging Like Tiger, learn the swing secret that has made Tiger dominant for so long. This highly-acclaimed new book contains 70 illustrations and images, in-depth analysis of Tiger's swings (the Amateur Swing, the Harmon Swing, the Haney Swing, the Foley Swing), 4 amazing drills, and the 1 key swing secret that has made Tiger Woods arguably the greatest to ever play the game.

Play Like Sergio Garcia

Play Like Sergio Garcia Author John Andrisani
ISBN-10 0399530835
Release 2006-01
Pages 162
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Utilizes the championship skills of PGA superstar Sergio Garcia to demonstrate how golfers can improve their own golfing techniques, using detailed instruction, practical advice, and black-and-white photographs to follow Garcia's tee-to-green game and reveal the basics of his swing, setup, and putting shots. Reprint.

The Awakening and Other Writings

The Awakening and Other Writings Author Kate Chopin
ISBN-10 9781460400463
Release 2011-04-21
Pages 296
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Critically acclaimed as Kate Chopin’s most influential work of fiction, The Awakening has assumed a place in the American literary canon. This new edition places the novel in the context of the cultural and regional influences that shape Chopin’s narrative. With extensive contemporary readings that examine historical events, including the hurricanes that frequently disrupt life in Louisiana, this edition will contextualize The Awakening for a new generation of readers.

Chenian Booklet Series

Chenian Booklet Series Author Chien-min Chʻen
ISBN-10 UVA:X030289865
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Chenian Booklet Series has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Chenian Booklet Series also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Chenian Booklet Series book for free.

Its All In Your Mind

Its All In Your Mind Author Dr. Stephen S. Lomax
ISBN-10 9781456760373
Release 2011-04-13
Pages 204
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WHY INVEST IN READING THIS BOOK? Every word written in this book was specifically chosen to make you better: A better spouse: a better sibling: better member, choir, deacon, preacher, etc; better professional and certainly a better child of God. You need to deal with this subject because it is the will of God for you to be the best you can be (which is one of the subtopics of the book). Reading this book will greatly enhance your thinking ability and convince you that you can be better: But not only can be better, you are better. In fact, it will motivate you into acknowledging that “You are what you are because of what you think you are. You achieve what you achieve because you think you can achieve. You fail what you fail because you think failure and thereby fail to plan. And failing to plan is planning to fail.” It will increase your awareness, capability, and motivation to always think before you act. Also, it will teach you how to apply your new found capabilities, philosophies and ideologies to everyday life. There are ten great chapters to help you think like Christ and act like God. “And nothing shall be impossible unto you.” THE AUTHOR OF THE BOOK The Reverend Doctor Stephen Samuel Lomax is the youngest son of nine children born of the late Luther and Ola Mae Henderson Lomax. He is the organizer and senior pastor of the New Life in Christ Missionary Baptist Church, 307 Fairview St, Fountain Inn, S. C. He is a graduate of the North Greenville College; the University of S. C; the Erskine College and Seminary. He holds AA; BA; M. Div; D. Min. degrees. For the last 33 years, he has pastured many churches in the South Carolina area. Reverend Doctor Stephen S. Lomax has written three books. His first two books, “Did the Devil Make Me Do it?” and “What You Don’t Know Can Not Only Hurt You, But Destroy You are still available through Author House Publishers. “It’s All In Your Mind” is his current book. He is married to the former Mrs. Frances Delores Shaw and they have four children; Africa Lomax Mccomb; Kenya J. Lomax; Stephanie Lomax Roux and Jerrell Lanier. Lomax. They have three grand children: Stephen S. Lomax II and Zhain Mckenzie and Zion Madison Roux. They have two sons in Law: Todd Mccomb and Jarone Roux. All of the family members listed above are involved in some capacity with the ministry. (Family Picture)

Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo

Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo Author Rajiv Joseph
ISBN-10 9780822225652
Release 2013-09-12
Pages 71
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THE STORY: The lives of two American Marines and an Iraqi translator are forever changed by an encounter with a quick-witted tiger who haunts the streets of war-torn Baghdad attempting to find meaning, forgiveness and redemption amidst the city's ruins. R