The Ultimate Game Plan

The Ultimate Game Plan Author Terri Levine
ISBN-10 9781537816463
Release 2017-01-11
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If you are a current or future consultant, The Ultimate Game Plan is THE go-to resource for you to: Optimize your consulting model Deliver greater impact for your clients Attract a steady stream of clients who deeply desire your help Skyrocket your revenue. This book will help you to enjoy growing profits and a steady stream of cash flow to give you the ultimate long-term flexibility for you and your business. In the foreword by Jack Canfield, he declares: “This book is definitely the place for you to start if you want to create a booming consulting business with exceptional revenues.” There are also a number of endorsements including from Marshall Goldsmith, Brian Tracy, and many others. “The Ultimate Game Plan is exactly what practicing or future consultant shave been waiting for! Packed with practical advice, it’s a great read that will guide your launch or relaunch your consulting career!” ~Marshall Goldsmith, The Thinker’s 50 #1 Leadership Thinker in the World. “This practical book, based on years of experience, shows you how to become valuable to your clients, get greater results, and earn more money.” ~Brian Tracy, Author - Now, Build a Great Business


Foreplay Author Natalie Dell
ISBN-10 1868723399
Release 2000
Pages 96
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A mad look at the most important thing in the life of the average Souf Efrikan man: Guess it starts with a S... Sorry, wrong - we're talking Sport, we're talking Super 12, we're talking two Super authors with a wicked sense of humour.

The Brand Playbook

The Brand Playbook Author Donovan Boyd, Sr.
ISBN-10 1945993006
Release 2016-10-11
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Donovan Boyd, "The Marketing Coach," is a passionate, hardworking, attentive business man, and the CEO of The Boyd Group, LLC. Not only does Donovan hold a bachelor's degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing from Fordham University, and an MBA from South University, his professional background consist of 10 years of marketing and brand management experience in education, music, entertainment, and private consulting. Prior to starting The Boyd Group, Donovan served as an intern in the urban marketing department for Atlantic Records and served as a volunteer coordinator for Russell Simmons' Hip Hop Summit Action Network. He spent 2 years as a Marketing Director for a local charter school in Cleveland, OH while maintaining an artist management and promotional company for 4 years. Since then, he created the credible business coaching firm called, The Boyd Group, LLC, with the mission to help businesses & individuals unlock their brand potential through innovative strategies that create brand value & aid customer loyalty. Donovan's passion is to travel the country and educate people on the growth opportunities within their business. His latest book, The Brand Playbook, is the precise tool needed for new and future entrepreneurs. Through Donovan's varied background, he has set the perfect foundation for effective branding and marketing as "The Marketing Coach."

Game Plan for Life

Game Plan for Life Author Joe Gibbs
ISBN-10 1414341008
Release 2011-11-04
Pages 336
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Shows readers how to live a balanced, God-centered, purpose-filled life, using examples of Coach Gibbs's own storied championship careers as a backdrop.

Trading Without Gambling

Trading Without Gambling Author Marcel Link
ISBN-10 9780470466285
Release 2008-12-09
Pages 274
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Many people perceive trading as nothing more than a gamble. But there are still people who consistently make money trading. How do they do it? They've learned to separate gambling from trading. And the way they do this, says author Marcel Link, is by developing a proper plan. In Trading Without Gambling, Link shows how to create and use a sound game plan to improve every aspect of trading–including finding trades, timing, knowing how much to trade, where to exit, and how to adjust risk–while leaving very little to gambling.

The Procurement Game Plan

The Procurement Game Plan Author Charles Dominick
ISBN-10 9781604270679
Release 2012-01-15
Pages 264
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This valuable guide is an entertaining read due to the analogies made to various sports. It provides an easy to follow game plan and strategies for procurement and supply management professionals to improve supplier relationships, secure measurable cost reductions, achieve operational effectiveness and efficiency, and positively impact margins and competitiveness for their organizations. The authors use real-world scenarios and examples to make the procurement and supply management principles and concepts more relevant and easy to understand. They present guidelines, techniques, and tools for converting a transaction-based reactive function into a proactive and powerful strategic contributor, and include practical advice on selecting the right and effective organizational design. This book offers the guidance needed to take the procurement professionals career and department to the next level. It is ideal for self-learning, training, a classroom instruction.

The Ultimate Guide to Deer Hunting Skills Tactics and Techniques

The Ultimate Guide to Deer Hunting Skills  Tactics  and Techniques Author Jay Cassell
ISBN-10 9781632202352
Release 2014-10-07
Pages 640
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With deer hunting advice from a wide variety of experts, including Leonard Lee Rue, John Weiss, Peter Fiduccia, Kathy Etling, Monte Burch, and Hal Blood, The Ultimate Guide to Deer Hunting Skills, Tactics and Techniques starts from the ground up, giving you a greater insight into the senses and habits of deer in order to better understand how to successfully hunt them. With chapters on anatomy, glands, hearing and eyesight, as well as behavior before, during and after the rut, this Ultimate Guide teaches beginners and experts alike how to hunt her any conditions, with bow, rifle, muzzle loader, and shotgun. Specific tactics such as stand hunting, still hunting, stalking, putting on drives, rattling, and using decoys are all covered. There is no better collection of deer hunting knowledge out there that features such a wide range of topics, tips, and tactics than this comprehensive compendium.

Whoever Gets to Heaven First Wins

Whoever Gets to Heaven First Wins Author Brad Henry
ISBN-10 9781597818452
Release 2005-12-01
Pages 284
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With such titles as "Are You Living In The Past," Don't Talk To Me About Religion" and "No More Cheesecake" this devotional book will give you a new insight into God's forgiveness and grace.

The Ultimate Game

The Ultimate Game Author Kevin Bakko
ISBN-10 9781456713652
Release 2011-01-10
Pages 360
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Here's What Former NFL Players Think About "THE ULTIMATE GAME" “(THE ULTIMATE GAME) reads as if Tom Clancy hijacked Monday Night Football; it’s that cutting edge.” – Joe Kapp; Super Bowl Quarterback and CFL Hall of Fame Inductee “THE ULTIMATE GAME puts the sport of professional football in a futuristic setting and tells a tale of what technology could one day allow. It’s a positive, exciting thrill-ride for all ages. It’s a frightening and intriguing look at how the game could be manipulated.” – Dan Pastorini; Pro Bowl Quarterback “I cheer Kevin (Bakko) for writing a fast moving, fun, futuristic novel that thoroughly entertained me. And he found no need to load the book with the smut that has been filling most sports books to date.” – Phil Villapiano; Super Bowl Champion Linebacker “If John Grisham and Issac Asimov got together to write a novel about pro football – this is what they would write. You have to read it to believe it!” – Jeff Nixon; Former Player, and Editor / Nat’l Advocacy Committee Member of ‘Fourth and Goal Assists’ “Kevin Bakko does a great job of conveying the spirit of the players and their drive to be the World Champions of NFL football. He also points out the price that players pay to play in the NFL both mentally and physically.” – Carl Mauck; Thirty-Four Year NFL Veteran Player and Assistant Coach “THE ULTIMATE GAME is a book that honors the NFL alumnus of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.” – George Martin; Super Bowl Champion Defensive End and President of the NFL Alumni Association IMAGINE THE MOST TECHNOLOGICALLY ADVANCED VIDEO FOOTBALL GAME EVER CREATED. IMAGINE SOME OF THE GREATEST PRO PLAYERS TO EVER STEP ON THE GRIDIRON AT THE CONTROLS. NOW IMAGINE BOTH, MANIPULATING A REAL NFL FOOTBALL TEAM... WITHOUT THEIR KNOWLEDGE... WITHOUT THEIR CONSENT. 2019 is the 100th Anniversary of the National Football League, and the Houston Texans have just won their second Super Bowl in a row. Now comes their quest for an unprecedented third consecutive trip to the championship game. Yet accomplishing this extraordinary feat will not be left to either dutiful preparation or divine providence. A glory-driven head coach (Walt Griffin) and a narcissistic neuroscientist in need of human guinea pigs (Dr. John McLane) have combined forces to reach the final phase of their respective life’s ambition. But murder, mayhem, and the pursuit of answers to gut-wrenching questions are driving veteran All-Pro quarterback Rod Mackenna to make sense of the resulting toll that has been taken by his team, his teammates, and his long – but no longer – unrequited love interest. On the day of the Super Bowl – with the final piece to an unimaginable puzzle firmly in his grasp – Griffin and McLane catch Mac within the confines of the clandestine command center used by their band of former gridiron heroes to control the active players, on-the-field, like a macabre video game. Only the threat of harm to his (now) fiancée keeps Mac on the sideline with a bogus injury as the final contest of the season kicks off.

Taming Party Chaos

Taming Party Chaos Author Angel B. L. Elder
ISBN-10 9781598861570
Release 2007-06
Pages 87
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It's not by accident! Whether you are a first-time host or a seasoned party planner, this book has just what you need to bring the sizzle to your event. By following this easy-to-read guide on "Taming Party Chaos," you make sure that your guests walk away saying, 'Wow! What a party!

The Comparison Game

The Comparison Game Author David Claassen
ISBN-10 9781411669536
Release 2006-01
Pages 90
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When was the last time you compared yourself to someone else? A couple of days ago? More likely it was just hours ago, perhaps only minutes Most of us struggle for affirmation of our personal significance by playing the comparison game. How do we measure up to others, what they have or what they've achieved? What is our status when compared to the expectations of others? How do we measure up to our own often unrealistic expectations of ourselves? A healthy competitive spirit can quickly degenerate into addictive, self-destructive playing of the comparison game, a game that we inevitably lose The Comparison Game (How to Disqualify Yourself from Playing), honestly addresses my own struggle with an unhealthy comparison of myself to others and the unreasonable expectations I sometimes place upon myself. The book invites the reader on a personal journey of self-discovery that can result in overcoming the addictive attitudes, thoughts, and actions that keep us playing the comparison game.

Game Plan

Game Plan Author Kevin D. Freeman
ISBN-10 9781621572183
Release 2014-01-06
Pages 300
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Game Plan is the first "how to" investment handbook of its type. It will explain the emerging risks and provide a complete game plan of response for investors at all levels. Freeman will explain that there is no "one size fits all" solution as events are happening quickly and the challenges can morph suddenly. Just as a football team must plan for a variety of offensive strategies and attacks, investors must be prepared to strategically adjust. This book provides the game plan to respond and succeed. In Game Plan you'll learn… The proper use of gold in your investment strategy How stocks should be deployed in your investment portfolio The smart way to diversify your portfolio How to decrease your bond holding vulnerability How to judge a guarantor in guaranteed investments How to avoid falling into the marketing hype for Hedge Fund scams How to find a properly trained investment advisor How to advance wealth at the individual level How to win the global economic war

The Game Plan

The Game Plan Author Vic Carucci
ISBN-10 9781623688950
Release 2014-10-01
Pages 288
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As one of the most successful general managers and team presidents in NFL history, few people understand how to create the blueprint for a winning football team like Bill Polian. After building the Buffalo Bills team that went to four consecutive Super Bowls and taking the expansion Carolina Panthers to the NFC Championship just two years after the team's creation, he was responsible for the Indianapolis Colts drafting Peyton Manning with the first overall pick in 1998 and oversaw the team's victory in Super Bowl XLI. Now, Polian shares his blueprint for building a successful football team in The Game Plan. He details the decisions both a team needs to make in the regular season and the offseason to bring teams to the postseason and the NFL's ultimate test of a well-built team: the Super Bowl.

The Game Plan

The Game Plan Author Daron W. Kennett
ISBN-10 9781475815177
Release 2015-12-03
Pages 370
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The Game Plan is the first professional book that gives secondary administrators, literacy coaches, and other instructional leaders a step-by-step blueprint for implementing the Common Core Literacy Standards for History/Social Studies, Science, and the Technical Subjects and other college and career readiness standards. The book provides principals, district supervisors, instructional coaches, and other leaders with a coherent, realistic plan to build a school-wide culture of literacy instruction, data use, and PLC-based cycles of reflection, planning, and action. This multi-year plan is built on a continuous cycle of improvement philosophy and is modular in nature, allowing leaders to rearrange, substitute, and modify the plan to meet the needs of any secondary school. Organized in two parts, the first section of The Game Plan lays out a semester-by-semester flexible configuration for introducing, implementing, and supporting the literacy standards over the course of six full school years; this section also includes detailed guidelines for creating a comprehensive assessment plan to gather, analyze, and act on school data. The second section includes instructional tools and strategies for reading, writing, vocabulary, and other aspects of the literacy standards that teachers in all subject areas can use.

The LoveTeam Game Plan

The LoveTeam Game Plan Author Richard Brown
ISBN-10 9780988557918
Release 2013-01-18
Pages 220
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In this groundbreaking work, authors Richard and Dede Brown offer a refreshingly original answer grounded in experience, wisdom, and common sense. Relationships thrive when members see themselves as part of a team, not just as individuals looking out for their own interests. And when a winning team rests on a foundation of real love, the result is a relationship built to stand the test of time. This book lays out a fun, easy-to-follow, and comprehensive game plan for building your LoveTeam. Fully 95 percent of couples say they aren't as happy after ten years of marriage, and about 50 percent of marriages end in divorce. Despite countless hours of counseling and an endless stream of self-help books, something isn't working. Yet there are couples whose relationships are satisfying and strong. What's their secret? Just some of what you'll learn includes: What all great personal relationships have in common How to stop clashing and start cooperating. The attitudes of a winning team that grows stronger through adversity How the strengths of one partner can balance out the weaknesses of the other The necessity of becoming best friends and how to get there How to bring fun and excitement into your relationship The unexpected effects of a LoveTeam on children and others The power of forgiveness And everything else you need to know to start a new life of love and happiness together!

The Game Plan

The Game Plan Author Steve Bull
ISBN-10 9781841127255
Release 2006-10-06
Pages 216
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"Steve Bull is a true expert in his field. Anyone interested in winning will profit from his experience and knowledge." —Andrew 'Freddie' Flintoff "Steve Bull’s ideas and techniques will equip anyone in business with a game plan for acquiring the winning edge." —From the Foreword by Michael Vaughan Mental toughness goes hand in hand with success and yet it is often misunderstood. True mental toughness is about preparation, resilience, control, risk management and above all execution. So, how do you utilise this elusive but critical attribute? By starting with a “game plan.” The Game Plan is about winning. More importantly, it’s about you winning. It’s about how you can create a personal performance environment that enables you to deliver at the crucial times. The Game Plan explores different types of mental toughness and examines how each one can give you the platform for significantly increased levels of self-confidence and resilience. Learn the easy-to-apply lessons that have created an environment of success for a host of world-beating performers in the business world and beyond. Imagine being able to apply a winning performance mindset to everyday work situations such as: Making presentations razor sharp Wowing new clients Being in control during performance appraisals Staying cool during even the most hectic and pressurized days Maintaining your self-belief even when things go wrong Making the right decision at the right time. Read and learn from The Game Plan and you will have at your fingertips a robust strategy to give you the edge over your closest competitors and the very best chance of success.

The Groom s Game Plan

The Groom s Game Plan Author Dan Jewel
ISBN-10 0760758174
Release 2004-12-04
Pages 174
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Sometimes the wedding seems all about the bride--but the groom can use a plan too, as the couple prepares for the happy event. This wise and witty resource will get him safely and successfully from the proposal through the big day. Handy checklists assure that no important detail slips by (such as applying for the marriage license in time), and there’s a head-to-toe look at wedding attire, valuable advice on buying a ring, cost-cutting tips, and sensible suggestions on how to make the best impression at the rehearsal dinner, receiving line, and reception. Guys can even earn brownie points with their sweethearts, thanks to "coupons” to give the future bride, promising such treats as a 15-minute backrub and a night on the town.