The Strategic Teacher

The Strategic Teacher Author Harvey F. Silver
ISBN-10 9781416606093
Release 2007
Pages 272
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Are you looking for high-impact, research-based strategies to transform your students into high-achieving and inspired learners? In The Strategic Teacher, you'll find a repertoire of strategies designed and proven to meet today's high standards and reach diverse learners. Twenty reliable, flexible strategies (along with dozens of variations) are organized into these groups of instruction: *mastery style to emphasize the development of student memory; *understanding style to expand students' capacities to reason and explain; *self-expressive style to stimulate and nourish students' imaginations and creativity; *interpersonal style to help students find meaning in the relationships they forge as partners and team members, united in the act of learning; and *four-style strategies that integrate all four styles. To guide teachers in delivering content to students, the authors started with the best research-based teaching and learning strategies and created a tool called the Strategic Dashboard. The dashboard provides information about each teaching strategy in a concise, visual profile; it is also designed to document how you incorporate current, highly respected research into your instructional plans. For each strategy, you'll find the following information: *a brief introduction to the strategy; *an example of a teacher using the strategy in the classroom; *the research base supporting the strategy and how the strategy benefits students; *how to implement the strategy using a list of clear steps; *guidance through the planning process, providing steps, examples, and suggestions for designing superior lessons; and *additional tools, strategies, and resources for adapting and expanding the use of each strategy. The authors have combined their years of research and practice to deliver reliable, high-impact, flexible teaching and learning strategies grounded in current, highly regarded research to teachers at all levels of experience.

Compare Contrast

Compare   Contrast Author Harvey F. Silver
ISBN-10 9781416610588
Release 2010
Pages 71
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You're holding a new kind of professional development tool called a Strategic Teacher PLC Guide. Designed in partnership with more than 75 schools, Strategic Teacher PLC Guides make the important work of bringing high-impact, research-based instructional practices into every classroom easier than ever before. Each guide focuses on one strategy from the best-selling ASCD book The Strategic Teacher: Selecting the Right Research-Based Strategy for Every Lesson and serves as a complete professional development resource for a team of teachers (or professional learning community) to learn, plan, and implement the strategy in their classrooms.This guide focuses on Reading for Meaning, a reading and reasoning strategy that helps students understand new ideas, make inferences, and support their thinking with evidence. The strategy is designed around research showing that proficient readers use a specific set of thinking skills to build deep understanding of the texts they read and apply those skills in three distinct phases: before reading, during reading, and after reading. Reading for Meaning gives all students the opportunity to practice this three-phase approach by* Using simple statements to preview and predict before reading.* Actively searching for relevant evidence during reading.* Reflecting on and synthesizing both their learning and their thinking process after reading.This PLC Guide takes you and your colleagues on a "guided tour" of Reading for Meaning, enabling you to* Learn how Reading for Meaning builds reading, reasoning, and problem-solving skills.* Experience a model lesson using the Reading for Meaning strategy and learn from sample lessons and planning forms designed by other teachers.* Plan a complete Reading for Meaning lesson for your classroom.* Reflect deeply on your lesson to refine and expand your use of the strategy.* Examine student work at various levels of proficiency and use your findings to plan next steps in building students' reading, thinking, and comprehension skills.Harvey F. Silver, president of Silver Strong & Associates and Thoughtful Education Press, is a nationally recognized presenter and professional development specialist. He has collaborated with Richard Strong and Matthew Perini on several best sellers in education, including ASCD's The Strategic Teacher and Thoughtful Education Press's award-winning Tools for Promoting Active, In-Depth Learning. Susan C. Morris, an experienced consultant and former classroom teacher, develops practical applications for teachers, students, and parents in the areas of differentiated instruction, brain-based research, experiential learning, and curriculum design. Victor Klein, a former building-level administrator, has been a Silver Strong & Associates trainer for 25 years. He is an expert in professional learning communities, administrative training, and unit and lesson design.

The Strategic School

The Strategic School Author Karen Hawley Miles
ISBN-10 9781452293042
Release 2008-05-20
Pages 232
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Strategically reorganize school resources to support instructional and performance priorities! How can schools best use the resources they already have? Exploring the link between purposeful resource allocation and academic achievement, this book shows principals and administrators how to effectively use all available resources: people, time, and money. Drawing on their extensive research with urban schools and districts, the authors offer case studies, planning guides, checklists, worksheets, and strategies aligned with ISLLC standards to help leaders: Assess current resource use in new ways Organize resources more creatively and flexibly Craft a master schedule that works Connect resource allocation to student and school performance

Reading for Meaning

Reading for Meaning Author Harvey F. Silver
ISBN-10 9781416611325
Release 2010
Pages 91
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In this new guide in the Mastering the Principles of Great Teaching series, Robyn R. Jackson takes you through the process of planning rigorous instruction--what great teachers do to ensure students not only pass big tests but also become engaged learners, effective problem solvers, and critical thinkers.

Learning Strategies in Second Language Acquisition

Learning Strategies in Second Language Acquisition Author J. Michael O'Malley
ISBN-10 052135837X
Release 1990-02-23
Pages 260
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O'Malley and Chamot review the literature on learning strategies, describe and classify learning strategies in second language learning, and discuss why learning is affected in a positive manner when such strategies are used. The authors present instructional models for learning-strategy training that teachers can apply to their own classes. The material is based on current research in second language acquisition and cognitive theory.


Inference Author Harvey F. Silver
ISBN-10 9781416614425
Release 2012
Pages 113
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Part of a series of PLC Guides designed to help teams of teachers learn, plan, and implement strategies from the ASCD book The Strategic Teacher, this complete professional development resource focuses on inference, a foundational ability that underlies higher-order thinking and 21st century skills.

Educational Values and Cognitive Instruction

Educational Values and Cognitive Instruction Author Lorna Idol
ISBN-10 9781135434700
Release 2013-12-16
Pages 504
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This volume is a comprehensive guide to state-of-the-art research on thinking, cognitive instruction, social values, and reform. Cognitive instruction for at-risk students is discussed in great detail along with a thorough examination of the teaching of thinking skills from the viewpoint of educational values and school culture. The issues of thinking, learning, and cognitive instruction are linked to the educational reform movement from numerous perspectives. Specifically, the reader can better anticipate which aspects of research on thinking will conflict with existing paradigms and which aspects of schooling will be most resistant to change.

The Inspired Teacher

The Inspired Teacher Author Carol Frederick Steele
ISBN-10 9781416607427
Release 2009
Pages 255
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We all remember our inspired teachers--the ones who made learning come alive and helped us break through to better and deeper understanding. In The Inspired Teacher: How to Know One, Grow One, or Be One, National Board-certified teacher Carol Frederick Steele offers insightful advice for teachers of all levels to help build the skills essential to effective and motivating instruction. The Inspired Teacher focuses on 13 research-based skills of expertise, including * Solving instructional problems * Interpreting events in progress * Being sensitive to context * Showing passion for teaching and learning * Helping students reach higher levels of achievement Each chapter charts a growth continuum for a single skill, explaining how a teacher can progress from initial ignorance (unaware) to comprehension (aware) to competent application (capable) to great expertise (inspired). Growth paths related to each skill enable readers to identify their current level of performance and make a plan for ongoing improvement. Filled with classroom examples and practical ideas, this book guides teachers toward instructional excellence and helps them establish joyful, rewarding connections with their students and their subject.

Math Tools Grades 3 12

Math Tools  Grades 3 12 Author Harvey F. Silver
ISBN-10 1412957826
Release 2007-12-13
Pages 265
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Organized around four distinct learning styles, this resource provides 64 instructional tools linked to NCTM process standards and offers guidelines for designing powerful, differentiated lessons.

The Strategic Project Leader

The Strategic Project Leader Author Jack Ferraro
ISBN-10 9781466599772
Release 2014-09-26
Pages 367
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As executives build and nurture their organization’s strategic agility in today’s turbulent, uncertain business environment, the ability to lead strategic change has become more critical than ever. The Strategic Project Leader: Mastering Service-Based Project Leadership, Second Edition will help project managers lead with confidence in temporary, ambiguous team structures that execute risk-laden work in an increasingly agile project environment. Like the first edition, this edition encourages readers to take ownership of their leadership agenda and become disciplined in the processes of building a framework of leadership skills. Readers are introduced to a new role: the service-based project leader. This role serves the entire project organization by creating a meaningful experience for team members, customers, and critical stakeholders. The book provides practical guidance to help you move from project manager to service-based project leader. Detailing a framework for developing and refining leadership skills, it explains how to build a leadership competency pyramid and then execute a self-directed plan for building leadership competencies. The leadership competency pyramid includes an intuitive model that will be helpful to project managers at any level. The book elaborates on the components of each layer of the pyramid and how each layer relates to the others. A chapter is dedicated to each layer of the pyramid, with supporting evidence for the necessity of each of these layers, as well as practical advice on how to build and practice these component layers.

Seven Strategies of Highly Effective Readers

Seven Strategies of Highly Effective Readers Author Elaine K. McEwan
ISBN-10 9781483360836
Release 2004-03-15
Pages 224
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This essential reading instruction teaching tool offers hard evidence to show how effective readers use specific strategies to extract and comprehend information.

The Strategic Managing of Human Resources

The Strategic Managing of Human Resources Author John Leopold
ISBN-10 0273713868
Release 2009
Pages 587
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In order to be successful an organisation must be able to mange the relationship between the overall business strategy and the strategies in different resource areas such as HR, finance, information or technology. Managing these resource areas in line with the overall business strategy is key to making those strategies deliverable. Human resources (the knowledge, competencies and behaviours that people bring with them to work) are central to successful implementation of strategy and as both HR managers and Line managers are essential to leading and motivating individuals, both must be involved in the formulation and implementation of HR strategy.

The Thoughtful Education Guide to Reading for Meaning

The Thoughtful Education Guide to Reading for Meaning Author Harvey F. Silver
ISBN-10 9781412968393
Release 2009-07-10
Pages 96
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Presenting a proven, step-by-step approach to improving reading comprehension, this powerful book provides classroom-ready tools and applications for a wide variety of ages and subjects.

Raising reading achievement in middle and high school

Raising reading achievement in middle and high school Author Elaine K. McEwan
ISBN-10 UOM:39015049738365
Release 2001-02-22
Pages 177
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McEwan offers middle and high school principals the tools to lead their schools to reading excellence.

Strategic Reading Level 2 Teacher s Manual

Strategic Reading Level 2 Teacher s Manual Author Kathleen O'Reilly
ISBN-10 9780521281157
Release 2012-06-11
Pages 64
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Strategic Reading is a three-level series designed to develop reading, vocabulary-building, and critical-thinking skills. The Teacher's Manual provides an overview of the series and an explanation of the structure of each unit. It includes teaching tips, a complete answer key for each unit, and unit quizzes and answers. The Teacher's Manual also offers cultural notes and optional activities where appropriate.

Task Rotation

Task Rotation Author Harvey F. Silver
ISBN-10 9781416611882
Release 2011
Pages 98
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"A Guide for Professional Learning Communities."

Cultivating the Strategic Mind

Cultivating the Strategic Mind Author Dr. Blake Leath
ISBN-10 9781622879229
Release 2015-05-20
Pages 310
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For such a common word, strategy is often misunderstood, misinterpreted, and misapplied. Given the complex challenges facing organizations -- and entire societies -- we must grow more and better strategists. Tackling three simple yet sweeping questions, Cultivating the Strategic Mind delivers the goods: (1)What is strategy, and why aren't more leaders better strategists? (2)While strategy is as foundational as DNA within the most exemplary companies, why are so many organizations missing it altogether? (3)How can I apply strategy in palpable, pragmatic ways to the benefit of those around me? As a result of demonstrating a more Strategic Mind, leaders will employ a robust language and methodology for crafting, communicating, and implementing strategic aspirations and commitments. Contemporary business is screaming for equally creative and critical thinkers capable of leading teams and entire organizations. Blake Leath's breezy writing style, intuitive models, research-based solutions, and sticky storytelling make Cultivating the Strategic Mind a stimulating, fun, and immensely credible approach toward developing strategists for our evolving world of work. If you believe in the fundamental importance of thinking as a differentiating competency for exemplary leaders, it's time you treat yourself to the book you'll want to share with your colleagues -- the one written with you in mind and designed to guide leaders on the journey to visionary, creator, and architect of strategy. Keywords: leadership, strategy, training, strategic planning, critical thinking, business