The Siren s Beckoning Call

The Siren s Beckoning Call Author Tamara Alise Brackeen
ISBN-10 9781604774689
Release 2007-12
Pages 116
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Brackeen reveals wisdom and knowledge on how to be an intercessor and the important keys needed to be an effective vessel for God as a mighty intercessor. (Christian)

Illusions of Enlightenment

Illusions of Enlightenment Author Dusty Swift
ISBN-10 9781450290654
Release 2011-05-10
Pages 444
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Did you ever want to become a Peace Corps Volunteer? Discover the hardships, the wonder and the laughter of this volunteer’s journey of self-discovery while serving in Nepal during the 1970’s. The year 1970 arrived. The Vietnam War was almost over, and the mood of a generation began to shift. Thousands of young people from Western nations made the arduous journey to South Asia in search of a new spirituality, hoping it would bring meaning to their lives. Not only did they want to discover the truth, but to find themselves. This time, however, it would no longer be about trying to stop a war between two countries, but about stopping the war within the duality of the mind. Many went to places like India and Nepal, seeking to find an ashram, a guru, or to sit before a Buddhist master who would teach enlightenment. For others, it was just to get away from home for the first time, and to learn how other cultures lived. However, there were also those who still believed in trying to save the world. They were the ones who joined the United States Peace Corps. Arran Anderson was about to get drafted, so he joined the Peace Corps in Nepal. Little did he know that a whole new reality would await him, as he began to unlock the hidden secrets of Tibetan Buddhism.

Making Space in the Works of James Joyce

Making Space in the Works of James Joyce Author Valerie Benejam
ISBN-10 9781136699580
Release 2012-05-23
Pages 252
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James Joyce’s preoccupation with space—be it urban, geographic, stellar, geometrical or optical—is a central and idiosyncratic feature of his work. In Making Space in the Works of James Joyce, some of the most esteemed scholars in Joyce studies have come together to evaluate the perception and mental construction of space, as it is evoked through Joyce’s writing. The aim is to bring together several recent trends of literary research and criticism to bear on the notion of space in its most concrete sense. The essays move dialectically out of an immediate focus on the phenomenological and intra-psychic, into broader and wider meditations on the social, urban and collective. As Joyce’s formal experiments appear the response to the difficulty of enunciating truly the experience of lived space, this eventually leads us to textual and linguistic space. The final contribution evokes the space with which Joyce worked daily, that of his manuscripts—or what he called "paperspace." With essays addressing all of Joyce's major works, this volume is a critical contribution to our understanding of modernism, as well as of the relationship between space, language, and literature.


Voyagers Author Ben Bova
ISBN-10 9780795308444
Release 2010-02-16
Pages 400
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Ex-astronaut turned physicist Keith Stoner knows that the signals he’s picking up at his space station are anything but random. The fiery object heading toward Earth is an alien spacecraft. Yet the world may never know for Ketih is trapped in an iron cordon of secrecy: his discovery had shattered the world power balance, setting off a brutal struggle for supremacy that raged within the sacred halls of the Vatican to the corridors of the Kremlin and the Pentagon. The powers that be would use anything at their command - fear and treachery and any other weapon from mind war to sabotage to keep the world in darkness about Stoner’s discovery. With the aid of a brilliant soviet linguist and a lovely young student, Stoner planned a desperate mission, a wild, heart-stopping gamble to preserve the legacy of the star voyager for all mankind.

The Baby King Must Die

The Baby King Must Die Author Robert W. Fuller
ISBN-10 9781604770629
Release 2007-12
Pages 399
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Fuller's insightful book provides addicts, counselors, and laypeople with deeper insight into the already complicated lives of addicts whose selfish brains produce the erratic behaviors that cannot be turned off with demands, threats, or pleadings. (Motivation)

Off the Wall Imaginings

Off the Wall Imaginings Author Dennis S Martin
ISBN-10 9781329000032
Release 2015-03-18
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This double collection bounces off the wall and teases the imagination. "Off the Wall" comes from out of nowhere and leads you to anywhere you want to go, while "Imagine That..." will conjure up images from your memory that you thought were long forgotten. Come take a journey into your own mind.

Journey Into Poetry

Journey Into Poetry Author Dennis S Martin
ISBN-10 9781329002982
Release 2015-03-19
Pages 73
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This book is dedicated to young people everywhere in hope that it will spark an interest in the wonderful world of poetry.


Craven Author Chuck Hughes
ISBN-10 9781475948783
Release 2012-12-14
Pages 224
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When a strange creature leads a band of marauders to ravage his village and kill his parents, young Craven Arneau escapes and seeks revenge. During his flight to safety, he is befriended by a reticent monk who takes him to the safety of his monastery. There he meets Danielle, a young peasant girl who tempers all thoughts of revenge. However, his contentment is short-lived when his past catches up with him in the form of a cuckold Baron who charges him with rape and murder. Craven is again forced to leave his life behind. While on the dusty, dirt road to safety, more tragedy befalls him; those he left behind at the monastery fall prey to the evil creature who fed upon his village. When his journey brings him to the French town of La Rochelle, Maurice Chassell, an ancient Vampire, convinces him that in order to destroy the horror that has tormented him all these years, he must die and become its equal. However, despite his alliance with Maurice, revenge constantly evades him. Only when he encounters Joseph, a Vampire even older than Maurice, does he come face to face with the lies and deception that have tormented him since his death and rebirth.


Plantation Author Dorothea Benton Frank
ISBN-10 1440678057
Release 2004-03-02
Pages 608
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New York Times bestselling author Dorothea Benton Frank evokes a lush plantation in the heart of modern-day South Carolina—where family ties and hidden truths run as deep and dark as the mighty Edisto River. Caroline Wimbley Levine always swore she’d never go home again. But now, at her brother’s behest, she has returned to South Carolina to see about Mother—only to find that the years have not changed the Queen of Tall Pines Plantation. Miss Lavinia is as maddeningly eccentric as ever—and absolutely will not suffer the questionable advice of her children. This does not surprise Caroline. Nor does the fact that Tall Pines is still brimming with scandals and secrets, betrayals and lies. But she soon discovers that something is different this time around. It lies somewhere in the distance between her and her mother—and in her understanding of what it means to come home…

Dialecticoma Dreaming

Dialecticoma Dreaming Author Cristina Archer
ISBN-10 9781304565143
Release 2013-10
Pages 160
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Dialecticoma Dreaming is a journey into the imagination of dreams and philosophical minefields. I am often asked the question, where does that wild imagination of yours come from? It usually follows my recounting of a curious story of a grand or mysterious adventure on earth or in outer space, of strange happenings, or of events of incredible horror. My response to the question is almost always the same - I had this really weird dream last night. For as long as I can remember, my nights (and days) have been filled with a landscape of idiosyncratic symbol-filled stories. These are the tangents of life in my mind. This book pulls together a small number of short stories that have been inspired by my dreams.

Desert Bleeds Red

Desert Bleeds Red Author Jason Hornsby
ISBN-10 9781618682710
Release 2014-05-29
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A plane crash in the desert. Doubles lurking in the shadows. A missing wife. A clairvoyant mistress. Eight demons. A thousand corpses. One savage journey through the Wastelands of China… Logan Solomon is a Southern gentleman who has lived in Beijing far too long. Aside from the shady business deals, surveillance jobs, and the often decadent lifestyle of the jaded foreigner, he has also managed to alienate his wife Li Na while associating himself with very rough characters—some who might not even be human. Following a seemingly chance encounter aboard a train, a chain of events is set in motion that will change Logan’s destiny forever, and leave a trail of dead in the wake. In response to a pleading late-night phone call from her estranged mother, Li Na and Logan embark on a dangerous trip south to a village unknown to outsiders. They are accompanied by an old friend from Georgia who may or may not be able to see the future; a hulking tattooed sociopath with glowing red eyes and a short temper; and a tall man in black who, when not turning into a spiral or effortlessly passing between impossibly tight spaces, loves waxing philosophic over milk tea and kebabs. When Li Na goes missing somewhere in the bamboo forests of Sichuan, young Solomon conjures up the darkest of forces to assist him in getting her back—a decision that may cost him not only his own life, but those of countless others along the way. On their pilgrimage west to find her and kill whoever is responsible for the abduction, these four strangers will encounter villainous doppelgangers, thugs who vomit locusts, whorehouse succubae, satanic congregations in the wilderness, secret government installations, haunted plains, ravaged outposts, forgotten ruins, and countless cities reduced to rubble. Part epic modern rendition of the King Solomon legends, part hellish travelogue, and all white-knuckle terror, Desert Bleeds Red is critically acclaimed author Jason S. Hornsby’s (Every Sigh, The End and Eleven Twenty-Three) masterpiece, a haunting vision of China and humanity unlike anything you can imagine.

Siren s Call

Siren s Call Author Devyn Quinn
ISBN-10 1101198192
Release 2010-08-03
Pages 400
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Read Devyn Quinn's blogs and view her pictures on the Penguin Community. A new paranormal romance series that follows desire into the depths of the ocean Lighthouse keeper Tessa Lonike savors her solitude on Little Mer, an island off the coast of Maine, guarding her true identity as a mermaid. But when Tessa spots a man thrashing around in the ice cold waters during a storm, she must use her ability as a mermaid to pull him to shore. And a year later, when Kenneth meets her again, he's determined not to let Tessa slip away. But when Tessa'a archaeologist ex-lover comes back to town with a clue to her heritage, she may be forced to leave her happiness behind...

Using Voice and Song in Therapy

Using Voice and Song in Therapy Author Paul Newham
ISBN-10 1853025909
Release 1999
Pages 144
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Using Voice and Song in Therapy is a practical and imaginative guide to the way in which singing and the expressive use of the voice can facilitate therapy. Paul Newham examines how melody creation combined with story-telling in song, can alleviate certain emotional, psychosomatic and psychological symptoms.

Mask of Connor

Mask of Connor Author Jim Callahan
ISBN-10 9781503510234
Release 2014-11-15
Pages 382
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Mask of Connor is an informative and exciting fictional tale of the 1930s in remote Appalachia. The pragmatism of the thrilling scenario has been well researched and documented. The long misunderstood main character, Connor, leads the reader and his family on an enchanting yet bewildering trail of contradictions. Today’s research might even diagnose him as psychopathic. Connor is never boring as he manipulates his kin in a fairly lawless society with his cunning, unpredictability, and lack of empathy. He provides love, confusion, and hatred from his long anticipated and laborious birth to illicit moon shining, daring robberies, multiple incarcerations, and exciting chases until an unexpected and final demise.

The Sirens

The Sirens Author Stavros Stavros
ISBN-10 9780981993911
Release 2009-08
Pages 222
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"She considered her life: each aspect rested on another, was undercut by its arbitrary predecessor in a deconstructive chain leading back to the blank canvas, to defenseless impulse and unjustifiable whim. She felt seduced by despair, felt a void opening before her; what was this void? The apparition of suicide, the specter of her own death? No, it was the nothingness stretching forever beneath the seemingly concrete aspects of her existence, the eternal blank canvas upon which she had enacted her life (and to which she would eventually return)..." - from The Sirens The interconnected lives and trials of five characters - an Artist, a Seeker, a Seductress, a Dreamer, and an Academic - comprise a novel within this novel, while their author's struggle to achieve his lofty artistic vision forms the framing drama in this unconventional and experimental story of ambition, inspiration, and obsession. The novel's unnamed narrator has failed: the promise of his youth has been spent and ruined, and he fears that he will never achieve the great work of which he - and others - imagined him capable. It is only through a chance encounter with a strange and beautiful woman - a woman who seems to know more about him and his troubles than she should - that he feels himself newly inspired, capable of the ambitious work he once envisioned. But who is this muse, and towards what is she leading him? And what will he discover, when the quest for true expression lures him ever deeper into his own scarred and fractured mind? Written by Stavros Stavros Cover design by Tom Maven

Sport Aviation

Sport Aviation Author
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105016148087
Release 1994
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Sport Aviation has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Sport Aviation also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Sport Aviation book for free.

A Shadow Full Of Sapphires

A Shadow Full Of Sapphires Author Jayd Alex Ingram
ISBN-10 9781326669751
Release 2016-05-28
Pages 316
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Ivory Kane is an adolescent vagabond, completely alone in the great twenty-first century Nordic kingdom of Evolo. Her parents were killed in a fire leaving her with a great fear of the light, and her only solitude became the shadows. However, her hopes begin to arise after a visitation from a great Deity, and she discovers her bond with the darkness is far stronger than she thought: tripping shadows, causing blackouts, and even supernatural strength. To defend the meek and the misfortunate and armed with the sapphire studded sword of the Silent God, Ivory puts her skills to good use, becoming the feared shadowed face known to all only as The Pierrot. Soon her abilities are truly tested when a demonic preacher and his cult of outlaws invade the city and threaten to bring the world to a historic state of dystopia and madness, and only she has the power to send him and his demons back to The Dark Realm.