The Rugby Rebellion

The Rugby Rebellion Author Sean Fagan
ISBN-10 0975756303
Release 2007
Pages 416
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The true history of rugby league's birth in Australia and its dramatic first seasons. A revised, updated and expanded 'Centenary Edition' of The Rugby Rebellion: The Divide of League and Union. Pioneers of Rugby League is a thrilling and authoritative account of the most explosive era in Australian sport - caused by the tumultuous arrival of rugby league (our nation's first professional football code) a century ago. Using dramatic first-hand accounts, of on-field action and off-field events, the true history is revealed: of how 13-man rugby league won the support of New South Wales and Queensland footballers and fans alike, conquering the established rugby union, and thwarting the plans of Australian football.

Rugby s Great Split

Rugby s Great Split Author Tony Collins
ISBN-10 9780415396165
Release 2006
Pages 266
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Since it's first publication, Rugby's Great Split has established itself as a classic in the field of sport history. Drawing on an unprecedented range of sources, this deeply researched and highly readable book traces the social, cultural and economic divisions that led, in 1895, to schism in the game of rugby and the creation of rugby league, the sport of England's northern working class. Tony Collins' analysis challenges many of the conventional assumptions about this key event in rugby history – about class conflict, amateurism in sport, the North-South divide, violence on the pitch, the development of mass spectator sport and the rise of football. This new edition is expanded to cover parallel events in Australia and New Zealand, and to address the key question of rugby league's failure to establish itself in Wales. Rugby's Great Split is a benchmark text in the history of rugby, and an absorbing case study of wider issues – issues of class, gender, regional and national identity, and the impact of the commercialization and recent professionalization of rugby league. This insightful text is for anyone interested in Britain's social history or in the emergence of modern sport, it is vital reading.

Echoes of Dyma Dal Iesin Book I of the Rugby Player s Tale

Echoes of Dyma Dal Iesin  Book I of the Rugby Player s Tale Author Tuesday Shay
ISBN-10 9781411664005
Release 2006-04
Pages 352
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Having lost a wager on a rugby match, Gareth Lynn is obliged to tell his English friend, Matt Allcott, a tale in the tradition of an ancient Bard. Using the Welsh legend of Ceridwen, Gwion Bach, and the Cauldron of Inspiration as a framework, the wily Gareth unfolds an epic saga set in late 6th century Europe. The grisly murder of a senior Arian Christian clergyman fuels suspicion and mistrust amongst the disparate factions inhabiting the beleaguered City of Rome. As more deaths follow, a seething undercurrent of political and religious machinations spreads across the former western Roman Provinces, ensnaring pious Catholics, outraged Arians, incensed Langobards, determined Goths, ambitious Franks, arrogant Byzantines, desperate Britanni, bemused Avars, inscrutable Hebrews, stoic Angles and irascible Saxons. As the first major instalment of the tale ends, the Englishman and his wife Sarah, are left with a distinct impression that there is far more to their affable friend than meets the eye.

The Changing Face of Rugby

The Changing Face of Rugby Author Greg Ryan
ISBN-10 9781443804141
Release 2009-01-14
Pages 240
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In 1995 rugby union became the last significant international sport to sanction professionalism. To some this represented an undesirable challenge to the traditions of the game. To others the change was inevitable and overdue – an acknowledgment of both the realty of modern sport and the extent to which money had already permeated the game. While there are some commonalities in the response to professional rugby, the contributions to this book, representing almost all of the significant rugby playing countries, reveal much more that was shaped by particular local contexts both within rugby and in terms of its place within the economic, political, class and social structures of the surrounding society. The authors assess the contrasting ways in which rugby administrators at local, regional and national level grappled with the changes that were required and the demands of the corporate backers who funded the transition to professionalism. But the more contentious relationships considered are those involving the many amateur rugby players and committed fans who found that significant community and historical reference points were subtly altered or simply obliterated in the face of new commercial imperatives – and especially new competitions that separated elite players from the grassroots of the game. Some have adapted to the replacement ‘product’ with relish, others have not. Some have genuine and well articulated grievances against the processes of changes. Others have fallen victim to a nostalgia which appropriates very selective memories of the amateur past to highlight apparent problems with the professional present. Above all, these contributions provide a range of perspectives that enable the reader to take stock at a particular point in what is still a rapidly evolving game. Read in ten or twenty years, this book may confirm that many of the right paths have been taken – or it may provide pointers to crisis as yet unimagined.

The Rugby Miscellany

The Rugby Miscellany Author
Release 1846
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The Rugby Miscellany has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Rugby Miscellany also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Rugby Miscellany book for free.

A Social History of English Rugby Union

A Social History of English Rugby Union Author Tony Collins
ISBN-10 9781134023356
Release 2009-01-13
Pages 296
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From the myth of William Webb Ellis to the glory of the 2003 World Cup win, this book explores the social history of rugby union in England. Ever since Tom Brown’s Schooldays the sport has seen itself as the guardian of traditional English middle-class values. In this fascinating new history, leading rugby historian Tony Collins demonstrates how these values have shaped the English game, from the public schools to mass spectator sport, from strict amateurism to global professionalism. Based on unprecedented access to the official archives of the Rugby Football Union, and drawing on an impressive array of sources from club minutes to personal memoirs and contemporary literature, the book explores in vivid detail the key events, personalities and players that have made English rugby. From an era of rapid growth at the end of the nineteenth century, through the terrible losses suffered during the First World War and the subsequent ‘rush to rugby’ in the public and grammar schools, and into the periods of disorientation and commercialisation in the 1960s through to the present day, the story of English rugby union is also the story of the making of modern England. Like all the very best writers on sport, Tony Collins uses sport as a prism through which to better understand both culture and society. A ground-breaking work of both social history and sport history, A Social History of English Rugby Union tells a fascinating story of sporting endeavour, masculine identity, imperial ideology, social consciousness and the nature of Englishness.

Rugby A New Zealand History

Rugby  A New Zealand History Author Ron Palenski
ISBN-10 9781775588122
Release 2015-08-17
Pages 400
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Rugby is New Zealand's national sport. From the grand tour by the 1888 Natives to the upcoming 2015 World Cup, from games in the North African desert in World War II to matches behind barbed wire during the 1981 Springbok tour, from grassroots club rugby to heaving crowds outside Eden Park, Lancaster Park, Athletic Park or Carisbrook, New Zealanders have made rugby their game. In this book, historian and former journalist Ron Palenski tells the full story of rugby in New Zealand for the first time. It is a story of how the game travelled from England and settled in the colony, how Maori and later Pacific players made rugby their own, how battles over amateurism and apartheid threatened the sport, how national teams, provinces and local clubs shaped it. But above all it is a story of wing forwards and fullbacks, of Don Clarke and Jonah Lomu, of the Log of Wood and Charlie Saxton's ABC, of supporters in the grandstand and crackling radios at 2 a.m. The story of rugby is New Zealand's story. Rooted in extensive research in public and private archives and newspapers, and highly illustrated with many rare photographs and ephemera, this book is the defining history of rugby in a land that has made the game its own.

Rugby World Cups 2003 and 2015

Rugby World Cups   2003 and 2015 Author Paul Tait
ISBN-10 9781783333523
Release 2013-11-20
Pages 622
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History was made on November 22 2003 - England was crowned the World Champion. Everything was ready for rugby to explode in England, for the national team to kick-on, for the level of the domestic game to continue growing and for the sport to truly become prominent nationwide. It did not eventuate. England lost far too many matches and the Aviva Premiership does not match the French Top 14. The result for Rugby World Cup 2015 is a match schedule allocating more games to Wales than to the north of England. Understanding how this came about and also how and why Wales secured matches is an important part of the puzzle and carries substantial implications for future Rugby World Cups. Local and global issues including decision making, rival sports and nationalized players are all tackled in an analysis that seeks to offer realistic and viable solutions for the benefit of English and global rugby.

Australian Sport

Australian Sport Author Kristine Toohey
ISBN-10 9781317969143
Release 2013-10-18
Pages 176
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Australia is only a small player in the world’s political and economic landscapes, yet, for many decades, it has been considered to be a global powerhouse in terms of its sporting successes. In conjunction with this notion, the nation has long been portrayed as having a preoccupation with sport. This labelling has been seen as both a blessing and a curse. Those who value a Bourdieuian view of culture bemoan sport’s centrality to the national imagination and the consequent lack of media coverage, funding and prestige accorded to the arts. Other scholars question whether the popular stereotype of the Australian sportsperson is, in fact, a myth and that instead Australians are predominantly passive sport consumers rather than active sport participants. Australian sport, through its successes on the field of play and in advancing sport coaching and management, has undergone a revolution, as both an enabler of global processes and as subject to its influences (economic, political, migratory etc.). This book will examine the shifting place of Australian sports in current global and local environs, from the perspective of spectators, players and administrators. This book was previously published as a special issue of Sport in Society.


Anglomania Author Ian Buruma
ISBN-10 9781782398677
Release 2015-09-10
Pages 320
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With its distinctive history of civil liberties and the delicate balance between social order and the free pursuit of self-interest, England has always fascinated its continental neighbours. Buruma examines the history of ideas of Englishness and what Europeans have admired (or loathed) in England across the centuries. Voltaire wondered why British laws could not be transplanted into France, or even to Serbia; Karl Marx thought the English were too stupid to start a revolution; Goethe worshipped Shakespeare; and the Kaiser was convinced that Britain was run by Jews. Combining the stories of European Anglophiles and Anglophobes with memories of his own Anglo-Dutch-German-Jewish family, this utterly original book illuminates the relationship between Britain and Europe, revealing how Englishness - and others' views of it - have shaped modern European history.

100 Years

100 Years Author John Oliver Coffey
ISBN-10 9781869693312
Release 2008-01-01
Pages 358
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100 Years: Maori Rugby League 1908-2008 tells the story of the New Zealand Maori Rugby League Team from its origins in 1908 to the present day. The book covers major matches, along with biographies of prominent players and administrators. A rich collection of stories and interviews with former players tells the reader what really happened off and on the field. The book has been thoroughly researched with information coming from England, France, Australia and throughout New Zealand, and it is illustrated with over 200 images. There have been no books specifically written on Maori involvement with rugby league, until now. 100 Years: Maori Rugby League 1908-2008 is about players, administrators and whanau. It's about the fabulous moments, the glories of victory and the agonies of defeat, and it gives a comprehensive story of Maori participation in rugby league.

A Companion to the Rugby School Register from 1675 to 1870 Inclusive

A Companion to the Rugby School Register from 1675 to 1870 Inclusive Author
ISBN-10 UIUC:30112069719133
Release 1871
Pages 127
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A Companion to the Rugby School Register from 1675 to 1870 Inclusive has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from A Companion to the Rugby School Register from 1675 to 1870 Inclusive also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full A Companion to the Rugby School Register from 1675 to 1870 Inclusive book for free.

The Master

The Master Author Sean Fagan
ISBN-10 9780733628993
Release 2011-09-01
Pages 388
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Dally Messenger was an Australian sporting superstar in the early years of the 20th century - a rugby league icon, rugby union champion, and the most popular sporting personality of this day. He was courted by all codes in that heady period of the early 1900s, when rugby league and Australian rules were fighting to become the dominant winter sport. He represented Australia in rugby league and rugby union and also represented New Zealand in rugby league. Thousands flocked to the grounds when he was playing, and he his revered as an icon in rugby league to this very day. The Master is a popular and authoritative account of the life and times of a superlative sportsman, a tribute to a rugby league player without peer, and an inspiring story for all those who would marvel at this sporting excellence and outstanding achievements.

Planung und Implementierung integrierter Marketingkommunikation mit den Leitinstrumenten Werbung und Sportsponsoring

Planung und Implementierung integrierter Marketingkommunikation mit den Leitinstrumenten Werbung und Sportsponsoring Author Philip Stockmann
ISBN-10 9783835055407
Release 2008-02-01
Pages 406
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Philip Stockmann erarbeitet ein Planungs- und Implementierungsmodell, das die schrittweise, prozessuale Gegenstrom- sowie Integrationsplanung und -implementierung ermöglicht. Der Autor schließt damit eine wichtige Lücke im Konzept der integrierten Marketingkommunikation.

Making Men Rugby and Masculine Identity

Making Men  Rugby and Masculine Identity Author Timothy J.L. Chandler
ISBN-10 9781136303647
Release 2013-01-11
Pages 272
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This text looks at how an understanding of rugby can provide insight into what it has meant to "be a man" in societies influenced by the ideals of Victorian upper and middle classes. It shows that rugby has been a means of promoting male exclusivity, but also been a means of cultural incorporation.

Australia s Asian Sporting Context 1920s 30s

Australia s Asian Sporting Context  1920s     30s Author Sean Brawley
ISBN-10 9781317966326
Release 2013-10-18
Pages 168
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This book examines Australia’s sporting relationships with the Asian region during the interwar period. Until now, Australia’s sporting relationships with the Asian region have been neglected by scholars of Australian and Asian sports history, and the broader field of Australia’s Asian context. Concentrating on the period of the 1920s and 1930s – when sporting relationships between Australia and a number of Asian nations emerged in a variety of sports – this book demonstrates the depth of these previously under-examined connections. The book challenges, and complicates, the broader historiography of Australia’s Asian context – a historiography that has been strongly influenced by the White Australia Policy and the Pacific War. Why, for example, did white Australia so warmly welcome visiting Japanese sportsmen at a time when the Pacific region appeared to be inexorably sliding into a war that was informed by racial antagonisms? This book examines sporting relations between Australia and seven Asian countries (China, Japan, India, Netherlands East Indies, Philippines, Malaya and Singapore) and a range of sports including rugby, football, swimming, hockey, boxing, cricket and tennis. This book was published as a special issue of Sport in Society.

The St James s Magazine and United Empire Review

The St  James s Magazine and United Empire Review Author
ISBN-10 UIUC:30112108240455
Release 1875
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The St James s Magazine and United Empire Review has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The St James s Magazine and United Empire Review also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The St James s Magazine and United Empire Review book for free.