The Pieces of Summer

The Pieces of Summer Author Wanda E. Brunstetter
ISBN-10 1410459977
Release 2013
Pages 173
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Meredith Stoltzfus finds herself leaning on Jonas Miller, an old friend who has reentered her life, for help, but worries about the gossip that could result, while Luke has come out of his coma, but is suffering from memory loss.

A Revelation in Autumn

A Revelation in Autumn Author Wanda E. Brunstetter
ISBN-10 1620291460
Release 2013
Pages 124
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"Meredith needs a new beginning. . . ." Despite the disapproval of her late husband's parents, Meredith Stoltzfus has become closer to Jonah Miller. Meredith knows he can never replace her first love, but Jonah is head-over-heels for Meredith and cares deeply for her baby. Besides, Jonah promises to be a good provider--what Meredith needs for her son's future. Just as Meredith and Jonah begin to talk of marriage, the husband Meredith thinks is dead is about to remember something from his past. . . . But can the young man called "Eddie" put the pieces of his life back together--before he loses Meredith again?

The Silence of Winter

The Silence of Winter Author Wanda E. Brunstetter
ISBN-10 1620291436
Release 2013
Pages 126
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The second in an exclusive six-consecutive-month release of an Amish serial novel, Brunstetter weaves a compelling love story brilliantly mingled with an unexpected twist.

The Hope of Spring

The Hope of Spring Author Wanda E. Brunstetter
ISBN-10 9781624160363
Release 2013-04-01
Pages 128
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Book 3 of an exclusive 6-consecutive-month release Amish serial novel. In The Hope of Spring, part three of New York Times Bestselling author, Wanda E. Brunsetter’s The Discovery--A Lancaster County Saga, Meredith Stoltzfus is trying to piece her life back together, while in a hospital miles away, a young man is fighting for his life and remains in a coma. . . . Weeks away from the baby being born, Meredith has never been so scared. She aches for Luke and knows her baby will need his father. She’s nearly out of money; can she somehow manage to provide for herself and her baby—alone? The Discovery--A Lancaster County Saga Book 1 - Goodbye to Yesterday Book 2 - The Silence of Winter Book 3 - The Hope of Spring Book 4 - The Pieces of Summer Book 5 - A Revelation in Autumn Book 6 - A Vow for Always

A Vow for Always

A Vow for Always Author Wanda E. Brunstetter
ISBN-10 1620291479
Release 2013
Pages 124
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Join Meredith and Luke Stoltzfus, an Amish couple who are faced with the greatest challenge of their young lives, in the final book of a series by a New York Times best-selling author.

The Discovery Series

The Discovery Series Author Wanda E. Brunstetter
ISBN-10 1624167519
Release 2013-11-01
Pages 768
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Enjoy the complete Discovery series of six novels in one beautifully packaged boxed set. Can a young Amish couple's love survive, against all odds?


ISBN-10 9781490747941
Release 2014-10-08
Pages 260
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It's high summer on Middle Island and there's lots of wildlife out on the lake. But officer Pete Jakes and his boss Chief Halstead aren't looking for swans and geese. As well as policing inebriated boaters and reckless jet skiers. they have to keep sightseers away from nearby South Island where the government is searching for unexploded World War Two weaponry. "Damn the danger," say curious islanders, "we know the government is hiding a spaceship!" It's all lots of typical summer fun until the first body turns up. An accidental drowning? Or could there be a connection to a smuggling ring on the lake? When a second death follows, Jakes and Halstead embark on a complicated case, with suspects as devious as the deceptive, concealing coves of the shoreline. Meanwhile, Pete's wife Ali is working with her friends to save an historic lighthouse from demolition. For over a century the old lighthouse was a beacon for travelers. Sailing ships, escaping slaves, bootleggers, pirates, drownings accidental and deliberate, the old tower has seen it all. And the skullduggery isn't over yet, as smuggling takes a modern turn and Ali has her own dark suspicions about the trouble on the lake.

Scoundrels of Summer

Scoundrels of Summer Author Caroline Linden
ISBN-10 9781537899350
Release 2017-05-15
Pages 594
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Every scoundrel meets his match…and loses his heart. Four sexy summer novellas from the award-winning authors of At the Duke’s Wedding. All stories previously published. Seducing the Single Lady by Maya Rodale Susannah Grey is enjoying life as London’s most sought-after heiress until the rogue she was supposed to marry unexpectedly returns, intent on wooing her for real. A Regency Romance inspired by the songs of Beyoncé. A Study in Scandal by Caroline Linden Lady Samantha Lennox is fleeing an arranged marriage when she finds herself lost, accosted, and almost drowned, only to be rescued by a handsome artist...who makes her start dreaming of happily-ever-after. A Scandalous novella. Duchess of Scandal by Miranda Neville The Duke and Duchess of Linton have lived apart ever since the first disastrous months of their marriage, until they accidentally visit the same property at the same time and the undeniable passion between them sparks back to life. The Scoundrel and I by Katharine Ashe Gabrielle Flood just made the worst mistake of her life. Dashing Captain Anthony Masinter came along…and made it even worse. He’s the last person on earth who can help her fix it, but disaster may be exactly what they need to fall in love.

The Taste of Summer

The Taste of Summer Author Kate Lord Brown
ISBN-10 9781409160014
Release 2016-07-28
Pages 352
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Every summer, in a rambling castle in Kenmare, south west Ireland, the TV crews descend to film the nation's favourite cookery competition. For Diana, a celebrated TV chef, it's a way to keep her castle running. But this summer, it will be different. There's a lot more at stake than the perfect muffin. Bea, the cupcake queen, is determined to remind everyone why she deserves her own TV show, at whatever cost. Connor, the bad boy of the restaurant world, is determined to put his lurid past behind him and turn over a new leaf. And food blogger Darcy finds that returning home to the castle means stirring up some long-buried feelings for someone she'd never quite forgotten.

At the Edge of Summer

At the Edge of Summer Author Jessica Brockmole
ISBN-10 9780345547903
Release 2016-05-17
Pages 352
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The acclaimed author of Letters from Skye returns with an extraordinary story of a friendship born of proximity but boundless in the face of separation and war. Luc Crépet is accustomed to his mother’s bringing wounded creatures to their idyllic château in the French countryside, where healing comes naturally amid the lush wildflowers and crumbling stone walls. Yet his maman’s newest project is the most surprising: a fifteen-year-old Scottish girl grieving over her parents’ fate. A curious child with an artistic soul, Clare Ross finds solace in her connection to Luc, and she in turn inspires him in ways he never thought possible. Then, just as suddenly as Clare arrives, she is gone, whisked away by her grandfather to the farthest reaches of the globe. Devastated by her departure, Luc begins to write letters to Clare—and, even as she moves from Portugal to Africa and beyond, the memory of the summer they shared keeps her grounded. Years later, in the wake of World War I, Clare, now an artist, returns to France to help create facial prostheses for wounded soldiers. One of the wary veterans who comes to the studio seems familiar, and as his mask takes shape beneath her fingers, she recognizes Luc. But is this soldier, made bitter by battle and betrayal, the same boy who once wrote her wistful letters from Paris? After war and so many years apart, can Clare and Luc recapture how they felt at the edge of that long-ago summer? Bringing to life two unforgettable characters and the rich historical period they inhabit, Jessica Brockmole shows how love and forgiveness can redeem us. Praise for Jessica Brockmole’s Letters From Skye “A remarkable story of two women, their loves, their secrets, and two world wars [in which] the beauty of Scotland, the tragedy of war, the longings of the heart, and the struggles of a family torn apart by disloyalty are brilliantly drawn.”—Publishers Weekly (starred review) “Tantalizing . . . sure to please readers who enjoyed other epistolary novels like The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society.”—Stratford Gazette “An absorbing and rewarding saga of loss and discovery.”—Kate Alcott, author of The Dressmaker “A sweeping and sweet (but not saccharine) love story.”—USA Today “[A] dazzling little jewel.”—Richmond Times-Dispatch “A captivating love story that celebrates the power of hope.”—Vanessa Diffenbaugh, author of The Language of Flowers From the Hardcover edition.

Fires of Summer

Fires of Summer Author Catherine Spencer
ISBN-10 9781610844536
Release 2010-09-14
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Widow Susannah Boyd leaves the city which caused her such heartache, and moves with her young son to remote Cameron’s Landing. Benny will be safe there and she will find peace of mind – or so she believes until forest-fire pilot Travis O’Connor flies into town and into her heart. But something very ugly is at work in Cameron’s Landing, threatening everything she holds dear. Contemporary Romance by Catherine Spencer; originally published by Harlequin American


ISBN-10 9781490855387
Release 2014-11-04
Pages 196
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I was involved in a project called Start> Becoming a Good Samaritan. As the author of the book and curriculum, I had the honor and privilege of working with some of today's foremost Christian thinkers, authors, and pastors on the subject of what it takes to live out your faith as a modern day Good Samaritan. Imagine spending time with Philip Yancey, Chuck Colson, Desmond Tutu, John Ortberg, Eugene Peterson, Joni Eareckson Tada, Rich Stearns, and Kay Warren--just to name a few--talking about practical, real ways to live like a Good Samaritan. It was insightful, instructive and inspiring. But most of all it was approachable and real! What does my experience working with these very prominent Christians have to do with writing the forward for Jim's book? I'll use those words again--"approachable and real..." --Michael Seaton; Author--Start> Becoming a Good Samaritan (excerpt from foreword)

A Spear of Summer Grass

A Spear of Summer Grass Author Deanna Raybourn
ISBN-10 9781460311905
Release 2013-05-01
Pages 400
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Paris, 1923 The daughter of a scandalous mother, Delilah Drummond is already notorious, even among Paris society. But her latest scandal is big enough to make even her oft-married mother blanch. Delilah is exiled to Kenya and her favorite stepfather's savanna manor house until gossip subsides. Fairlight is the crumbling, sun-bleached skeleton of a faded African dream, a world where dissolute expats are bolstered by gin and jazz records, cigarettes and safaris. As mistress of this wasted estate, Delilah falls into the decadent pleasures of society. Against the frivolity of her peers, Ryder White stands in sharp contrast. As foreign to Delilah as Africa, Ryder becomes her guide to the complex beauty of this unknown world. Giraffes, buffalo, lions and elephants roam the shores of Lake Wanyama amid swirls of red dust. Here, life is lush and teeming—yet fleeting and often cheap. Amidst the wonders—and dangers—of Africa, Delilah awakes to a land out of all proportion: extremes of heat, darkness, beauty and joy that cut to her very heart. Only when this sacred place is profaned by bloodshed does Delilah discover what is truly worth fighting for—and what she can no longer live without.

The Seasons of the Italian Kitchen

The Seasons of the Italian Kitchen Author Diane Darrow
ISBN-10 9780802193414
Release 2012-08-27
Pages 480
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Italian cooking draws its inspiration from the roll call of seasonal ingredients that pass through its kitchens, and in this splendid volume Diane Darrow and Tom Maresca share the simple secrets of making the most of the best fresh, top-of-the-season foods from farm and woodland, lake and sea. The Seasons of the Italian Kitchen presents two hundred recipes according to the four seasons and the traditional courses of the Italian meal: antipasto, primo, secondo, contorno, dolce. All are wed (as they always are in Italy) to the wines that best match them, and the recipes have been tested and adapted to seasonal ingredients readily available in the United States. Richly stocked with delightful anecdotes and culinary lore gathered from the authors’ long love affair with Italy, they invite both amateur and expert to experience the Italian genius for making the most of the moment. To make 1 pound of fresh pasta, as called for in most of the recipes in this book: 2 cups all-purpose flour 3 eggs º teaspoon salt (or to taste) 1teaspoon olive (omit if you’re a purist) 1tablespoon or more water (depending on the dryness of your flour, the size of your eggs, and the humidity of the day) In a large bowl, combine all of the ingredients and knead by hand 10 minutes, however long your machine’s instructions say, until you’ve achieved a fine, smooth, unsticky dough. Set aside, covered—we just bury ours in the flour bin—for 1/2 hour to relax the gluten and make the dough easier to roll. Then roll it out to the desired thinness and cut and shape it according to your needs and equipment.

The Boys of Summer

The Boys of Summer Author Richard Cox
ISBN-10 9781597806008
Release 2016-09-06
Pages 436
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Both a haunting coming-of-age story set in North Texas against the backdrop of a deadly tornado, and a character-driven, deeply-affecting supernatural thriller. In 1979, a massive tornado devastates the city of Wichita Falls, Texas, leaving scores dead, thousands homeless, and nine-year-old Todd Willis in a coma, fighting for his life. Four years later, Todd awakens to a world that looks the same but feels different in a way he can't quite grasp. For Todd, it's a struggle to separate fact from fiction as he battles lingering hallucinations from his long sleep. The new friends Todd makes in 1983 are fascinated with his experience and become mesmerized by his strange relationship with the world. Together the five boys come of age during a dark, fiery summer where they find first love, betrayal, and a secret so terrible they agree to never speak of it again. But darkness returns to Wichita Falls twenty-five years later, and the boys--now men--are forced to reunite and confront the wounds from their past. When their memories of that childhood summer refuse to align with reality, the friends embark upon a search for truth that will threaten their lives, and transform their understanding of each other--and the world itself--forever.

The Voyage of Captain Bellingshausen to the Antarctic Seas 1819 1821

The Voyage of Captain Bellingshausen to the Antarctic Seas  1819 1821 Author Frank Debenham
ISBN-10 9781351539586
Release 2017-07-05
Pages 256
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Follows on with continuous main pagination from Second Series 91. An additional section entitled 'Short notes on the colonies of New South Wales' is included. This is a new print-on-demand hardback edition of the volume first published in 1945. Owing to technical constraints it has not been possible to reproduce the map which was included in a pocket at the end of the first edition of the work.

Eat Like a Wild Man

Eat Like a Wild Man Author
ISBN-10 9781623435974
Release 2014-07-12
Pages 320
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Eat Like a Wildman is a collection of the most delicious wild game and fish recipes that Sports Afield magazine has published over the last 110 years. Lifelong food connossieur and cookbook author, Rebecca Gray selects and infuses a wonderful-tasting standards with her own culinary wizardry and provides meticulous instruction on the best methods for cooking fish and game, redefining how to "eat like a wild man."