The Nightingale Nurses

The Nightingale Nurses Author Donna Douglas
ISBN-10 9781448165018
Release 2013-10-24
Pages 448
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‘Pay attention please, nurses. The next six months will be the most important of your lives’ It’s the final year of training for three young nurses at The Nightingale Hospital... Helen is at a crossroads in her life as she battles with her domineering mother over both her love life and her future career. Dora can't stop loving Nick, who is married to her best friend, Ruby. But Ruby is hiding a dark secret with the potential to destroy Ruby's marriage. Millie is anxious about her fiance, sent to Spain to cover the Civil War, and things only get worse when she encounters a fortune teller who gives her a sinister warning. With war looming in Europe, and the East End of London squaring up to the threat of Oswald Mosley's blackshirts, the women of the Nightingale have to face their own challenges, at work and in love. From the author of The Nightingale Girls and The Nightingale Sisters, this is the perfect read for fans of Call the Midwife.

Florence Nightingale to her Nurses A Selection from Miss Nightingale s Addresses to Probationers and Nurses of the Nightingale School at St Thomas s Hospital

Florence Nightingale to her Nurses  A Selection from Miss Nightingale s Addresses to Probationers and Nurses of the Nightingale School at St  Thomas s Hospital Author Florence Nightingale
ISBN-10 9781465609373
Release 2016-07-28
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Between 1872 and 1900 Miss Nightingale used, when she was able, to send an annual letter or address to the probationer-nurses of the Nightingale School at St. Thomas’ Hospital, “and the nurses who have been trained there.” These addresses were usually read aloud by Sir Harry Verney, the chairman of the Nightingale Fund, in the presence of the probationers and nurses, and a printed copy or a lithographed facsimile of the manuscript was given to each of the nurses present, “for private use only.” A few also were written for the Nightingale Nurses serving in Edinburgh. The letters were not meant for publication, and indeed are hardly suitable to be printed as a whole as there is naturally a good deal of repetition in them. Since Miss Nightingale’s death, however, heads of nursing institutions and others have asked for copies of the addresses to be read or given to nurses, and her family hope that the publication of a selection may do something to carry further the intention with which they were originally written. Perhaps, too, not only nurses, but others, may care to read some of these letters. There is a natural desire to understand the nature of a great man’s or woman’s influence, and we see in the addresses something at least of what constituted Miss Nightingale’s power. Her earnest care for the nurses, her intense desire that they should be “perfect,” speak in every line. They do not, of course, give full expression to the writer’s mind. They were written after she had reached middle age, as from a teacher of long and wide experience to pupils much younger than herself—pupils some of whom had had very little schooling and did not easily read or write. The want of even elementary education and of habits and traditions of discipline which grow in schools are difficulties less felt now than in 1872, when Miss Nightingale’s first letter to nurses was written. At that time it was necessary in addressing such an audience to write very simply, without learned allusions (though some such appear in disguise) and without too great severity and concentration of style. The familiar words of the Bible and hymns could appeal to the least learned among her hearers, and never lost their power with Miss Nightingale herself. But through the simple and popular style of the addresses something of a philosophical framework can be seen. When Miss Nightingale hopes that her nurses are a step further on the way to becoming “perfect as our Father in Heaven is perfect,” she has in mind the conception she had formed of a moral government of the world in which science, activity, and religion were one. In her unpublished writings these ideas are dwelt on again and again.

Nightingales on Call

Nightingales on Call Author Donna Douglas
ISBN-10 9781448165025
Release 2014-04-24
Pages 448
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From the author of The Nightingale Girls, The Nightingale Sisters and The Nightingale Nurses – perfect for fans of Call the Midwife 1937 sees new challenges for the trainee nurses Dora and her old enemy Lucy are paired up on the children’s ward for the final three months of their training. The two nurses couldn’t seem more different, but they may have more in common than they think, as each hides a secret heartache. ... and new faces at the Nightingale Jess is the feisty eldest daughter of a notorious East End family and determined to prove herself as a ward maid. And new trainee nurse Effie can’t wait to escape her small Irish village, and make her way as a nurse in London. But Effie’s sister Katie soon begins to worry that Effie’s behaviour is out of control. Nightingales on call and in crisis: have they got what it takes?

Miss Nightingale s Nurses

Miss Nightingale s Nurses Author Kate Eastham
ISBN-10 9781405935906
Release 2018-05-31
Pages 400
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*PREORDER THE HEART-WARMING FIRST NOVEL IN KATE EASTHAM'S NURSING SERIES* Liverpool 1855. Ada Houston is alone. Her grandfather has recently passed away and her brother is missing, last seen working on the Liverpool docks. Everyone assumes him to be dead. But she will not give up hope. Ada's determined search takes her to the Crimea where she joins the team of Florence Nightingale's nurses. She may have set off looking for her brother, but along the way Ada finds friends, romance and a new purpose in her own life in the most troubling and difficult of places.

A Child is Born A Nightingales Christmas Story

A Child is Born  A Nightingales Christmas Story Author Donna Douglas
ISBN-10 9781473505100
Release 2013-11-14
Pages 50
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A Christmas short story, available only in ebook, from the author of The Nightingale Girls, The Nightingale Sisters and The Nightingale Nurses Christmas Eve, 1936 On a foggy December night, a pregnant woman walks out in front of a trolley bus and is knocked unconscious. She is rushed to the Nightingale hospital, and a healthy baby is delivered. But the mother claims to have lost her memory, and cannot believe that the child is hers. It seems that the Nightingale nurses may need to perform a Christmas miracle.

Nightingales at War

Nightingales at War Author Donna Douglas
ISBN-10 9781473517288
Release 2015-05-07
Pages 432
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As the war takes its toll, the Nightingale nurses must do their bit for king and country... Dora is the devoted mother of twin babies but, determined to help the war effort, she goes back to work at the Nightingale Hospital. More used to nights out in the West End, Jennifer and Cissy volunteer in the hope of tending to handsome soldiers. They soon find out that nursing isn’t quite what they were expecting. For shy and troubled Eve, the hospital provides an escape from the pressures of home, but the life of a nurse is never easy, especially at wartime. Can the nurses rally together while war rages all around them? And will the Nightingale Hospital survive the Blitz?

Die Nightingale Schwestern

Die Nightingale Schwestern Author Donna Douglas
ISBN-10 9783732523115
Release 2016-08-12
Pages 510
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London 1936. Die Abschlussprüfungen am Nightingale Hospital stehen unmittelbar bevor, doch Helen, Millie und Dora plagen ganz andere Sorgen. Während Helen hin- und hergerissen ist zwischen den Erwartungen ihrer Mutter und ihrer Liebe zu Charlie, steckt Millie bis über beide Ohren in den Vorbereitungen für ihre Hochzeit, bis ein Ereignis sie plötzlich an ihrer Entscheidung zweifeln lässt. Derweil muss Dora mitansehen, wie ihr geliebter Nick ihre beste Freundin Ruby heiratet. Doch Ruby hütet ein Geheimnis ...

Die Nachtigall

Die Nachtigall Author Kristin Hannah
ISBN-10 9783841211262
Release 2016-09-19
Pages 608
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Zwei Schwestern. Die eine kämpft für die Freiheit. Die andere für die Liebe. Der Weltbestseller – die Nr. 1 aus den USA. „Ich liebe dieses Buch – große Charaktere, große Geschichten, große Gefühle." Isabel Allende. Zwei Schwestern im von den Deutschen besetzten Frankreich: Während Vianne ums Überleben ihrer Familie kämpft, schließt sich die jüngere Isabelle der Résistance an und sucht die Freiheit auf dem Pfad der Nachtigall, einem geheimen Fluchtweg über die Pyrenäen. Doch wie weit darf man gehen, um zu überleben? Und wie kann man die schützen, die man liebt? In diesem epischen, kraftvollen und zutiefst berührenden Roman erzählt Kristin Hannah die Geschichte zweier Frauen, die ihr Schicksal auf ganz eigene Weise meistern. In den USA begeisterte „Die Nachtigall“ Millionen von Lesern und steht seit über einem Jahr auf der Bestsellerliste.

A Nightingale Christmas Collection

A Nightingale Christmas Collection Author Donna Douglas
ISBN-10 9781473539457
Release 2016-11-03
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An exclusive digital Christmas collection from the bestselling author Donna Douglas. Includes A Nightingale Christmas Wish and Nightingales Under the Mistletoe plus two short stories - A Child is Born and Little Girl Lost. A Child is Born: A Nightingales Christmas Story Christmas Eve, 1936 On a foggy December night, a pregnant woman walks out in front of a trolley bus and is knocked unconscious. She is rushed to the Nightingale hospital, and a healthy baby is delivered. But the mother claims to have lost her memory, and cannot believe that the child is hers. It seems that the Nightingale nurses may need to perform a Christmas miracle. A Nightingale Christmas Wish It’s Christmas at the Nightingale Hospital ... Sister Blake is revisited by a face from the past. Will buried secrets stop her from being happy? Lonely Helen Dawson has new responsibilities and trials, but is she looking for love in all the wrong places? And Matron puts the Nightingale first, even before her own health. With war looming large, will Matron and the Nightingale survive? With new hardships, new loves and new heartbreak, will anyone get their Christmas wish? A Little Girl Lost It’s Christmas time at The Nightingale Hospital and the children on Parry Ward are waiting eagerly for Father Christmas to arrive. But an unexpected arrival beats him to it and, as one discovery leads to another, the past comes back to confront the present. But will Staff Nurse Rose Chambers be able to forgive and forget? It is Christmas after all ... Nightingales Under the Mistletoe Christmas 1941 and the Nightingale nurses are facing their toughest winter yet. With shortages everywhere, and each news bulletin announcing more defeats and losses, the British people are weary and demoralised and The Nightingale Hospital is suffering too. Millie is recently widowed and dealing with the demands of her family’s estate. It’s not long before her old world of the Nightingale begins to beckon, along with a long-lost love ... Jess would rather be nursing on the front line but finds herself sent to the country. It isn’t long before the East End girl discovers there are battles to be fought on the home front too. Effie finds herself exiled to a quiet village, but the quiet doesn’t last for long as she soon finds excitement in the shape of a smooth-talking GI. As Christmas approaches, even the shelter of the countryside can’t protect the girls from heartache.

The Life of Florence Nightingale Complete

The Life of Florence Nightingale  Complete Author Sir Edward Tyas Cook
ISBN-10 9781465539540
Release 1913
Pages 404
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Men and women are divided, in relation to their papers, into hoarders and scatterers. Miss Nightingale was a hoarder, and as she lived to be 90 the accumulation of papers, stored in her house at the time of her death, was very great. The papers referring to years up to 1861 had been neatly done up by herself, and it was evident that not everything had been kept. After that date, time and strength to sort and weed had been wanting, and Miss Nightingale seems to have thrown little away. Even soiled sheets of blotting-paper, on which she had made notes in pencil, were preserved. By a Will executed in 1896 she had directed that all her letters, papers, and manuscripts, with some specific exceptions, should be destroyed. By a Codicil executed in the following year she revoked this direction, and bequeathed the letters, papers, and manuscripts to her cousin, Mr. Henry Bonham Carter. After her death the papers were sorted chronologically by his direction, and they have formed the principal foundation of this Memoir. Of expressly autobiographical notes, Miss Nightingale left very few. At the date of the Codicil above mentioned she seems to have contemplated the probability of some authoritative record of her life; for in that year she wrote a short summary of what she called “My Responsibility to India,” detailing her relations with successive Secretaries of State, Governors-General, and other administrators. Her memory in these matters was still accurate, for the summary is fully borne out by letters and other papers of the several dates: it adds some personal details. In private letters she sometimes recounted, at later times, episodes or experiences in her life, but such references are few. Nor, except for a few years, did Miss Nightingale keep any formal diary; and during the Crimean episode she was too incessantly busy with her multitudinous duties to find time for many private notes. The principal authority for Miss Nightingale's Life is thus the collection of papers aforesaid, and these are very copious in information. The records, in one sort or another, of her earlier years are full. The papers relating to her work during the Crimean War are voluminous, and I have supplemented the study of these by consulting the official documents concerning Miss Nightingale's mission which are preserved, among War Office papers, in the Public Record Office. Her papers relating to public affairs during the years 1856 to 1861 are also very voluminous. After the latter date she seems, as already stated, to have kept almost everything, even every advertisement, that she received. She often made notes for important letters that she sent, and sometimes kept copies of them. Of official documents, of printed memoranda, pamphlets, reports, and returns, she accumulated an immense collection. And though she was not a regular diarist, she was in the habit of jotting down on sheets of notepaper her engagements, impressions, thoughts, meditations, as also in many cases reports of conversations.

Fundamental Concepts and Skills for Nursing 4e

Fundamental Concepts and Skills for Nursing 4e Author Susan C. deWit
ISBN-10 9788131235126
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Fundamental Concepts and Skills for Nursing 4e has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Fundamental Concepts and Skills for Nursing 4e also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Fundamental Concepts and Skills for Nursing 4e book for free.

Notes on Nightingale

Notes on Nightingale Author Sioban Nelson
ISBN-10 9780801460241
Release 2012-07-01
Pages 184
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Florence Nightingale remains an inspiration to nurses around the world for her pioneering work treating wounded British soldiers during the Crimean War; authorship of Notes on Nursing, the foundational text for nursing practice; establishment of the world's first nursing school; and advocacy for the hygienic treatment of patients and sanitary design of hospitals. In Notes on Nightingale, nursing historians and scholars offer their valuable reflections on Nightingale and analysis of her role in the profession a century after her death on 13 August 1910 and 150 years since the Nightingale School of Nursing (now the Florence Nightingale School of Nursing and Midwifery at King's College, London) opened its doors to probationers at St Thomas' Hospital. There is a great deal of controversy about Nightingale—opinions about her life and work range from blind worship to blanket denunciation. The question of Nightingale and her place in nursing history and in contemporary nursing discourse is a topic of continuing interest for nursing students, teachers, and professional associations. This book offers new scholarship on Nightingale's work in the Crimea and the British colonies and her connection to the emerging science of statistics, as well as valuable reevaluations of her evolving legacy and the surrounding myths, symbolism, and misconceptions.

History of Addenbrooke s Hospital Cambridge

History of Addenbrooke s Hospital  Cambridge Author Arthur Rook
ISBN-10 0521405297
Release 1991
Pages 521
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An authoritative and absorbing account of one of Britain's most prestigious hospitals.

Nursing before Nightingale 1815 1899

Nursing before Nightingale  1815   1899 Author Dr Judith Godden
ISBN-10 9781409482604
Release 2013-07-28
Pages 242
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Nursing Before Nightingale is a study of the transformation of nursing in England from the beginning of the nineteenth century until the emergence of the Nightingale nurse as the standard model in the 1890s. From the nineteenth century on historians have considered Florence Nightingale, with her training school established at St. Thomas's Hospital in 1860, the founder of modern nursing. This book investigates two major earlier reforms in nursing: a doctor-driven reform which came to be called the 'ward system,' and the reforms of the Anglican Sisters, known as the 'central system' of nursing. Rather than being the beginning of nursing reform, Nightingale nursing was the culmination of these two earlier reforms. Recent historians of nursing have ascribed the nineteenth century makeover of nursing to two causes: medicalization by hospital doctors who found the old independent nurse practitioners a threat, and the inculcation of middle class values by philanthropists. By contrast this volume demonstrates that the real cause of nursing reform was the development of the new scientific medicine which emphasized supportive therapeutics and, as a result, became heavily dependent on skilled nursing for successful implementation of these treatments. The pre-industrial work ethic of the old hospital nurses could not meet the requirements of the new medicine. Recruitment and retention of working-class persons was also extremely difficult because nursing in the early nineteenth century formed the lowest rung of the occupation of domestic service and was a job of last resort. It was still more difficult to recruit educated women or 'ladies.' There were intricate interactions between the requirements of clinical nursing under hospital medicine's new regime on the one hand, and on the other, the contemporary ideal of a lady, class structure, economic realities, the reformation of manners, and the detrimental impact of violent denominational controversies in a very religious society. This book, therefore, will be of great value to those studying the history of medicine, labour, religion, gender studies and the rise of a respectable society in the nineteenth century.

Florence Nightingale

Florence Nightingale Author Lee Wyndham
ISBN-10 UOM:39015006032562
Release 1969
Pages 175
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A biography of the aristocratic woman who defied social convention in order to establish nursing as a respectable career for women and bring about great reforms in hospital conditions and nursing care.

Lucy Osburn and Her Five Nightingale Nurses

Lucy Osburn and Her Five Nightingale Nurses Author M. P. Susman
ISBN-10 OCLC:883814735
Pages 10
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Lucy Osburn and Her Five Nightingale Nurses has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Lucy Osburn and Her Five Nightingale Nurses also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Lucy Osburn and Her Five Nightingale Nurses book for free.

Collected Works of Florence Nightingale

Collected Works of Florence Nightingale Author Lynn McDonald
ISBN-10 9780889204676
Release 2009-11-17
Pages 944
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Although Florence Nightingale is famous as a nurse, her lifetime’s writing on nursing is scarcely known in the profession. Nursing professors tend to “look to the future, not to the past,” and often ignore her or rely on faulty secondary sources. Nightingale’s work on nursing is now available to scholars and general readers alike through the publication of volumes 12 and 13 in the Collected Works of Florence Nightingale. Volume 12, The Nightingale School, relates the founding of her school at St Thomas’ Hospital and her guidance of its teaching for the rest of her life. Volume 13, Extending Nursing, relates the introduction of professional training and standards outside St Thomas’, beginning with London hospitals and others in Britain, followed by hospitals in Europe, America, Australia and Canada. As medical knowledge progressed, nursing practice changed and Nightingale with it. Her evolving views on nursing, and on germ theory (typically misrepresented in the literature), are revealed. In this volume, editor Lynn McDonald brings to light much unknown material on the early years of the school. The crisis of its near breakdown in the early 1870s is covered, followed by the measures Nightingale brought in to improve instruction, including her mentoring relationships with emerging nursing leaders. Nursing historians may be surprised to learn that Nightingale was keeping up on best operating theatre practices in 1898. Struggles with cost-conscious hospital administrators are part of the story, as is the challenge to keep nurses safe at a time when hospitals were dangerous places.