The Good Mother Myth

The Good Mother Myth Author Avital Norman Nathman
ISBN-10 9781580055031
Release 2013-12-31
Pages 224
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In an era of mommy blogs, Pinterest, and Facebook, The Good Mother Myth dismantles the social media–fed notion of what it means to be a “good mother.” This collection of essays takes a realistic look at motherhood and provides a platform for real voices and raw stories, each adding to the narrative of motherhood we don’t tend to see in the headlines or on the news. From tales of mind-bending, panic-inducing overwhelm to a reflection on using weed instead of wine to deal with the terrible twos, the honesty of the essays creates a community of mothers who refuse to feel like they’re in competition with others, or with the notion of the ideal mom—they’re just trying to find a way to make it work. With a foreword by Christy Turlington Burns and a contributor list that includes Jessica Valenti, Sharon Lerner, Soraya Chemaly, Amber Dusick, and many more, this remarkable collection seeks to debunk the myth and offer honest perspectives on what it means to be a mother.

Breaking the Good Mom Myth

Breaking the Good Mom Myth Author Alyson Schafer
ISBN-10 9780470675410
Release 2010-01-28
Pages 224
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As a psychotherapist, parent educator and parent coach, Alyson Schäfer has worked with a great many mothers who, in the quest to be a "good mother" have ended up on the door step of despair. Alyson is a forty-something, suburbanite, working-mother of two and can speak to these issues both personally and professionally. This book explains the psycho-social phenomena of how each person creates their own unique "good mother myth" and then examines why these myths are not only faulty, but could in fact lead to poor parenting, marital disaster and individual crisis. Her years of educating parents around these concepts afford Alyson the skill to take complex ideas and explain them to a lay audience in a compelling and easy to understand way. Capitalizing on the need to present parents with information in an easy to digest format, the book is presented as a series of personal stories, each highlighting a common parenting myth. This format will appeal to tired parents who have little time and energy for "academia". Instead, readers learn by taking a voyeuristic peek into the private family lives of the book's characters. Readers can identify with the fictitious parents and coaching clients in the stories and see first hand how the characters ’ life experiences shaped their unique "good mother myths" and how these myths create conflict in their lives. The author offers up ideas for how the character can reject her current thinking and adopt a more useful outlook to improve her situation. The story arc allows readers to identify and then project how their parenting may be unknowingly going off the rails. The goal of this book is to provide parents with some basic education and a means of self-discovery. Readers uncover their own good mother myths and are given an eye-opening glimpse into potential issues to challenge their thinking. A great sense of empowerment is restored as mothers become better able to resist the pulls of their personal and cultural myths, and instead begin parenting with greater intention and in ways that are more suitable to proper child guidance.

The Politics of Parenthood

The Politics of Parenthood Author Mary Frances Berry
ISBN-10 9781101651452
Release 1994-03-01
Pages 320
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A distinguished scholar presents a landmark historical perspective on parenthood in America. This trailblazing book suggests that behind the rhetoric of maternal responsibility are issues of power, resources, and control. "Berry's book could be a significant impetus for corporate executives and political leaders, conservatives and liberals, and mothers and fathers to support parental involvement that is gender-free."--The Washington Post Book World.

The Good Mother Myth in Selected Fiction of Doris Lessing

The Good Mother Myth in Selected Fiction of Doris Lessing Author Sharon Evelyn Small
ISBN-10 OCLC:4735106
Release 1979
Pages 102
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The Good Mother Myth in Selected Fiction of Doris Lessing has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Good Mother Myth in Selected Fiction of Doris Lessing also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Good Mother Myth in Selected Fiction of Doris Lessing book for free.

The myths of motherhood

The myths of motherhood Author Shari Thurer
ISBN-10 0395584159
Release 1994-05-01
Pages 381
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A groundbreaking examination of the historical myth of motherhood looks at how different cultures have viewed motherhood, showing how our current idea of the "good mother" reflects a reaction to burgeoning women's rights. 25,000 first printing. National ad/promo. Tour.

The Mommy Myth

The Mommy Myth Author Susan Douglas
ISBN-10 0743260465
Release 2005-02-08
Pages 383
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Challenges idealized concepts about motherhood that the author believes compromise women's rights and empowerment without benefiting children, citing such factors as unrealistic parenting standards, media scare tactics, Reprint. 500,000 first printing.

The SuperMom Myth

The SuperMom Myth Author Becky Kopitzke
ISBN-10 9781634096478
Release 2015-12-01
Pages 224
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"This book isn't about raising kids. It's about raising Moms. . ." says author, speaker, blogger, lunch packer, and sidewalk chalk artist Becky Kopitzke. In a Pinterest-perfect culture, moms sense an accelerated pressure to measure up. Then they either weigh themselves down with guilt or become resigned--desensitized, even--to this so-called failure. The Supermom Myth--with humor and grace, yet all the while maintaining a firm grasp on reality--aims to empower women to become the moms God created them to be. With 8 chapters, each personifying a "dirty villain" of motherhood, including The Grouch on the Couch (Anger), Worry Woman (Fear), and The Calendar Queen (Busyness), Kopitzke gently reminds moms to rest in the super power of our grace-filled God.

The Myth of the Perfect Mother

The Myth of the Perfect Mother Author Carla Barnhill
ISBN-10 080106466X
Release 2004
Pages 190
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Barnhill asserts that much of what people understand to be God's ideal is actually based on secular culture. Barnhill addresses several issues mothers struggle with and offers a positive view of motherhood based on biblical principles.

Mediated Moms

Mediated Moms Author Heather L. Hundley
ISBN-10 1433131668
Release 2015-11-29
Pages 288
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Images of «good mothers» saturate the media, yet so too do images of mothers who do not fit this mold. Numerous scholars have addressed «bad mothers» in the media, arguing that these images are a necessary counterpoint that serves to buttress the «good mother» myth. While mediated images of women who fail to enact good motherhood may promote good mothering as an ideal, the essays in Mediated Moms: Contemporary Challenges to the Motherhood Myth, suggest that this is not all that is occurring in contemporary portrayals of maternity. The authors in this volume explore how images of mothers have expanded beyond the good/bad dichotomy, simultaneously and sometimes paradoxically serving to reinforce, fracture, and/or transcend the ideology of good motherhood.

The Myth of the Perfect Mother

The Myth of the Perfect Mother Author Jane Swigart
ISBN-10 0809229382
Release 1998-01-01
Pages 260
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The Myth of the Perfect Mother explodes today's popular "good mother/bad mother" myth and helps the reader both rethink the cultural roles of motherhood and understand the deeper issues that underlie the experience of child rearing. Dr. Swigart's discussions of what it means to nurture include the complexities of parental guilt, maternal clinging, and maintaining one's individuality. She is honest -- sometimes painfully so -- but provides the strength for every mother to revel in her unique, ever-changing role.

Mother Russia

Mother Russia Author Joanna Hubbs
ISBN-10 0253115787
Release 1993-09-22
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"Joanna Hubbs has found the trace of Baba Yaga and the rusalki and Moist Mother Earth and other fascinating feminine myths in Russian culture, and has added richly to the growing interest in popular culture." -- New York Times Book Review "... brave... fascinating... immensely enjoyable... " -- Times Higher Education Supplement "... a stimulating and original study... vivid and readable." -- Russian Review "An immensely stimulating, beautifully written work of scholarship." -- Francine du Plessix Gray "Joanna Hubbs has provided scholars... with a wealth of significant interpretive material to inform if not reform views of both Russian and women's cultures." -- Journal of American Folklore A ground-breaking interpretation of Russian culture from prehistory to the present, dealing with the feminine myth as a central cultural force.

Honey I Wrecked the Kids

Honey  I Wrecked the Kids Author Alyson Schafer
ISBN-10 9780470156032
Release 2009-02-12
Pages 256
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More life-saving parenting advice from the bestselling author of Breaking the Good Mom Myth Bringing the same perceptive and actionable advice that made Breaking the Good Mom Myth an international bestseller, TV host and psychotherapist Alyson Schafer again comes to the rescue of desperate parents everywhere. For those who've tried just about everything to discipline their kids, Honey, I Wrecked the Kids explains why children today really are resistant to traditional parenting methods and how only a new model for winning cooperation really works. Full of real-life examples, the book gives parents a deeper understanding of misbehavior and their role in it, shies away from traditional behavioral models of parenting, and offers humane, good-humored advice that will make parenting a manageable and, finally, rewarding task. Alyson Schafer (Toronto, ON) is the host of The Parenting Show and a media expert on parenting. She has appeared on The Montel Williams Show and been featured in Cosmopolitan, Parenting, Reader's Digest, and more.

Maiden Mother Crone

Maiden  Mother  Crone Author D. J. Conway
ISBN-10 0875421717
Release 1994
Pages 229
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The Triple Goddess is with every one of us each day of our lives. In our inner journeys toward spiritual evolution, each woman and man goes through the stages of Maiden (infant to puberty), Mother (adult and parent), and Crone (aging elder). Maiden, Mother, Crone is a guide to the myths and interpretations of the Great Goddess archetype and her three faces-so that we may better understand and

Regretting Motherhood

Regretting Motherhood Author Orna Donath
ISBN-10 9781623171384
Release 2017-07-11
Pages 272
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Women who opt not to be mothers are frequently warned that they will regret their decision later in life, yet we rarely talk about the possibility that the opposite might also be true—that women who have children might regret it. Drawing on years of research interviewing women from a variety of socioeconomic, educational, and professional backgrounds, sociologist Orna Donath treats regret as a feminist issue: as regret marks the road not taken, we need to consider whether alternative paths for women currently are blocked off. She asks that we pay attention to what is forbidden by rules governing motherhood, time, and emotion, including the cultural assumption that motherhood is a “natural” role for women—for the sake of all women, not just those who regret becoming mothers. If we are disturbed by the idea that a woman might regret becoming a mother, Donath says, our response should not be to silence and shame these women; rather, we need to ask honest and difficult questions about how society pushes women into motherhood and why those who reconsider it are still seen as a danger to the status quo. Groundbreaking, thoughtful, and provocative, this is an especially needed book in our current political climate, as women's reproductive rights continue to be at the forefront of national debates.

No Kids

No Kids Author Corinne Maier
ISBN-10 1551992973
Release 2009-08-04
Pages 150
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The shocking treatise that was a bestselling international media sensation upon its 2007 publication in France now makes its eagerly anticipated English-language debut. A mother of two herself, Maier makes her deadly serious, if at times laugh-out-loud-funny, argument with all the unbridled force of her famously wicked intellect. In forty to-the-point, impressively erudite chapters drawing on the realms of history, child psychology, politics, and the environment, Maier effortlessly skewers the idealized notion of parenthood as a natural and beautiful endeavour. Enough with this “baby-mania” that is plaguing modern society, says Maier, it’s nothing but brainwashing. Are you prepared to give up your free time, dinners with friends, spontaneous romantic getaways, and even the luxury of uninterrupted thought for the “vicious little dwarves” that will treat you like their servant, cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars, and end up resenting you? Speaking to the still “child-free”, to fellow suffering parents, and to adamant procreationists alike, No Kids is a controversial, thought-provoking, and undeniably entertaining read. Reasons to avoid having kids: •You will lose touch with your friends •Your sex life will be over •Children cost a fortune •Child-rearing is endless drudgery •Vacations will be nightmares •You’ll lose your identity and become just “mom” or “dad” •Your children will become mindless drones of capitalism •The planet’s already overcrowded •Your children will inevitably disappoint you From the Trade Paperback edition.

The Mother Knot

The Mother Knot Author Jane Lazarre
ISBN-10 0822320398
Release 1976
Pages 150
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When Jane Lazarre's The Mother Knot was first published in 1976, literature about motherhood written by mothers themselves was scarce. Since then, Lazarre's memoir has become a modern feminist classic - as relevant today as it was twenty years ago. Chronicling the early years of her eldest son's life, Lazarre presents a compelling, intimate portrait of early motherhood as a time of profound crisis, both physical and emotional. She writes honestly about the shock and pain of giving birth, the total exhaustion of caring for a demanding newborn, the struggle to reclaim a sense of self, the altered state of her marriage, and her chaotic feelings of fear, joy, helplessness, resentment, guilt, and love. Interwoven into Lazarre's struggle to become a 'good mother' are her memories of her own mother, who died when she was seven years old; the need to claim her professional identity as a writer; and the complexities of being part of an interracial family.

Mother Love

Mother Love Author Elisabeth Badinter
ISBN-10 UVA:X000321891
Release 1981
Pages 360
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Mother Love has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Mother Love also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Mother Love book for free.