The Gift of Spiritual Direction

The Gift of Spiritual Direction Author Wilfried Stinissen
ISBN-10 0764803859
Release 1999
Pages 116
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It is a truism that we live in a time of renewed spiritual self-search and reflection -- the response, some suggest, to a feeling of meaninglessness or superficiality in one's spiritual life. Many people search for someone who will listen, guide, and encourage them -- but entrusting one's very soulcare to another calls for a gifted guide. Written for all those who in any way are involved in spiritual direction and pastoral care, or wish to prepare for the same, Stinissen's book discusses the qualities essential for such counselors/advisers and is meant to renew and strengthen the Church's role as a primary source for meaningful spiritual "therapy." Among the themes explored are listening; dialogue; false and real feelings of guilt; difficulties in prayer; discerning God's will. "Every person longs to be able to expose himself to another human being in his full reality, " writes Stinissen, "with his light and his darkness, and to be accepted and loved just as he is." To that end he emphasizes the important role and responsibility of a spiritual director or "soul friend." In addition to reflecting on specific qualities or qualifications of the director, Stinissen discusses some of the specific questions a director is likely to be asked by the directae and helpful ways of responding in various situations.

Spiritual Friend

Spiritual Friend Author Tilden Edwards
ISBN-10 080912288X
Release 1980
Pages 264
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A practical guide to reviving the ancient Christian tradition of the spiritual guide.

Sacred Companions

Sacred Companions Author David G. Benner
ISBN-10 9780830876808
Release 2009-09-20
Pages 242
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ECPA 2003 Gold Medallion Finalist We need companions on our spiritual journey. The modern world has taught us to value autonomy and individualism. Our churches often see spirituality as personal and private. But we cannot go long in our Christian pilgrimage before realizing that isolation leads to spiritual barrenness. We soon discover that our souls long for accompaniment, intimacy and spiritual friendship. As a result, many Christians today are rediscovering the ancient practice of spiritual direction. In this inviting guide, David G. Benner introduces readers to the riches of spiritual friendship and direction, explaining what they are and how they are practiced. Spiritual direction moves beyond mere moral lifestyle accountability and goes deeper than popular notions of mentoring or discipling. Through prayerful, guided attunement to God's activity, sacred companions provide care for the soul. If we are to experience significant spiritual formation and growth, our souls must be nurtured through spiritual companions. Benner, well-accustomed to God's work through relationships, models the kind of traveling companion who can move us toward deeper intimacy with God.

Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction Author Gordon T. Smith
ISBN-10 9780830864706
Release 2014-04-07
Pages 102
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We are not alone. God is present with us. And God gives us companions on the journey. A spiritual director is one such companion, offering spiritual guidance to help make sense of the faith journey interpret the significant markers on the road encourage us, particularly through the more difficult transitions and valleys of our pilgrimage and, most of all, to notice the ministry of the Spirit in our lives Gordon Smith writes: Even if we have been Christians and maturing in our faith for many years, we still need the encouragement and guidance that might come through spiritual direction. . . . Genuine humility is evident in our realization that we need a companion, a fellow pilgrim and Christian, who can help us discern and foster an attentiveness to God's presence in our lives. This is the gift of spiritual direction. Whether you are a director, a directee or simply someone who wants to learn more about this ancient ministry, you will find this book to be a helpful guide.

Spiritual Direction The Gay Person

Spiritual Direction   The Gay Person Author James Empereur
ISBN-10 9780225668315
Release 2001-01-01
Pages 194
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Intended for counsellors and spiritual directors, this text aims to assist gay men and lesbian women in relationships, prayer, liturgy, and in the problems produced by their commitment to, or rejection of, institutional religion.

Spiritual Direction in Context

Spiritual Direction in Context Author Nick Wagner
ISBN-10 9780819222091
Release 2006-03-01
Pages 180
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Essays drawn from Presence, the journal of Spiritual Directors International, examine spiritual direction in different social contexts: in the workplace, with the aging, in hospitals, with women's groups, with youth, with the homeless, and with those in m

Thomas Merton Spiritual Direction and Meditation

Thomas Merton   Spiritual Direction and Meditation Author Thomas Merton,
ISBN-10 9781447483519
Release 2013-04-16
Pages 110
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This early work by Anglo-American Catholic writer Thomas Merton is both expensive and hard to find in its first edition. It contains a wealth of information on spiritual direction and how to learn the art of meditation. This fascinating work is thoroughly recommended for anyone with an interest in spiritual life. Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now extremely scarce. We are republishing these classic works in affordable, high quality, modern editions, using the original text and artwork.


Candlelight Author Susan S. Phillips
ISBN-10 9780819222978
Release 2008-03-01
Pages 253
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Candlelight offers an intimate view of spiritual direction through written re-enactments of actual spiritual direction sessions. The experiential practice is accompanied by theoretical and theological foundations guiding it. The book includes the stories of nine men and women whose stories illustrate how the journey of Christian discipleship is helped by spiritual direction. The Spiritual Directors International Series – This book is part of a special series produced by Morehouse Publishing in cooperation with Spiritual Directors International (SDI), a global network of some 6,000 spiritual directors and members.

An Open Place

An Open Place Author Marlene Kropf
ISBN-10 9780819228161
Release 2012-11-01
Pages 211
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This book responds to that challenge. It outlines ways that a diverse and ecumenical group of spiritual directors worked to initiate groups in multiple contexts. It examines the many variables—among directors, directees, even meeting spaces—that affect an

Spiritual Director Spiritual Companion

Spiritual Director  Spiritual Companion Author Tilden Edwards
ISBN-10 080914011X
Release 2001
Pages 219
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Spiritual direction pioneer Tilden Edwards here shares the wealth of twenty years of experience he's gained since his classic book, Spiritual Friend. The fresh and insightful result covers both spiritual and practical sides of the art, from the nature of the soul to recommendations on payment rates. Both directors and directees benefit from this wholistic look that considers all of the person and not just his or her prayer life.At the book's heart, though, is spiritual direction at its best. Edwards examines new methods to nurture the soul, ways to recognize a true spiritual experience, and suggestions for being truly present during the process. Practical guidelines are also given for getting started with new directees, running group spiritual direction, evaluating sessions, and setting up a spiritual director peer group. In addition, Edwards gives a brief history of this special ministry and a view of its future. He also considers spiritual companionship in other religious traditions and their relation to a Christian framework. This new title offers enormous insight and support for both spiritual directors and directees, anyone considering entering spiritual direction, and all those ministers--from pastors to Christian counselors--who so often unexpectedly find themselves in the role of spiritual director..

Seeking God Together

Seeking God Together Author Alice Fryling
ISBN-10 9780830878154
Release 2009-11-20
Pages 154
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The Spirit is speaking. Can you hear him? If you're longing to become more attentive to God--to listen to him, know his voice and experience his love, spiritual direction can point the way. In Seeking God Together, experienced spiritual director Alice Fryling offers a unique introduction specifically for group spiritual direction: a place where individuals can experience what it means to be listened to and loved by others, so that they can learn to listen more attentively to God in their daily lives and be used by God. Out of her years of being both director and directee, Fryling offers practical, step-by-step guidance for those who would like to start, lead or participate in group spiritual direction. Her book will help you know what to expect and fully equip you for the different aspects of the group experience, including learning to listen to God, using Scripture in a group, navigating different personalities, setting group expectations and asking life-giving questions. She also provides an appendix with opening exercises for use in your meetings together. "The intentional goal of group spiritual direction," Alice writes, "is to help each participant become more aware of God in their lives, for the sake of others. Spiritual direction leads you to an awakening of the soul." The Spirit is speaking to you and to others. Here is a book to help you and a group of soul friends listen for and with each other as you seek God together.

Holy Listening

Holy Listening Author Margaret Guenther
ISBN-10 9781561010561
Release 1992-01-01
Pages 146
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Margaret Guenther shares with the reader a loving and evocative meditation on the experience of spiritual direction from the perspective of a wise and hospitable spiritual director, who is also a woman, wife, mother, teacher, and priest.

Inviting the Mystic Supporting the Prophet

Inviting the Mystic  Supporting the Prophet Author Katherine Marie Dyckman
ISBN-10 0809123789
Release 1981-01
Pages 92
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Inviting the Mystic, Supporting the Prophet is written to encourage lay people, sisters and priests to confidently use their gifts to become spiritual directors to others. This book offers encouragement to those already involved in the task, builds upon the natural gifts of those who feel called to begin and hopes to increase the number of hearts willing to hear others in this way.

Holy Invitations

Holy Invitations Author Jeannette A. Bakke
ISBN-10 9781585582600
Release 2000-10-01
Pages 288
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Learn how to nurture your awareness of and response to God's love and guidance through the historical practice of spiritual direction.

Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction Author Henri J. M. Nouwen
ISBN-10 0281064229
Release 2011
Pages 172
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This book will provide readers with an experience in spiritual direction with Nouwen, well-known author, priest, and guide. Readings, stories, questions for personal reflection and guided journal inquiry as articulated by Nouwen in his courses are gathered to provide an unparalleled resource on a thoughtful spiritual life.

Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction Author Sue Pickering
ISBN-10 9781853118852
Release 2008
Pages 221
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Seeking Spiritual Direction

Seeking Spiritual Direction Author Thomas Dubay
ISBN-10 0892838108
Release 1993
Pages 301
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A guide for Christians who are considering spiritual direction or who are already engaged in the process. It explains what spiritual direction is, the qualities to look for in a director, the process of finding a director and ways to develop a deeper prayer life.