The Flipping Blueprint

The Flipping Blueprint Author Luke Weber
ISBN-10 9781483590554
Release 2017-01-18
Pages 178
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The Flipping Blueprint is just what the title says, a blueprint on how to flip houses. Everything you need to begin or continue your journey in real estate investing is here. How to present yourself to other real estate professionals, where to find the deals, how to talk to private lenders, where to find contractors, how to maximize profits on your flips and more. This is your guide to creating your real estate investing future. If you have ever thought about getting into real estate investing, this book will show you how to do it safely and securely.

Through life Engineering Services

Through life Engineering Services Author Louis Redding
ISBN-10 9783319121116
Release 2014-12-26
Pages 457
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Demonstrating the latest research and analysis in the area of through-life engineering services (TES), this book utilizes case studies and expert analysis from an international array of practitioners and researchers – who together represent multiple manufacturing sectors: aerospace, railway and automotive – to maximize reader insights into the field of through-life engineering services. As part of the EPSRC Centre in Through-life Engineering Services program to support the academic and industrial community, this book presents an overview of non-destructive testing techniques and applications and provides the reader with the information needed to assess degradation and possible automation of through-life engineering service activities . The latest developments in maintenance-repair-overhaul (MRO) are presented with emphasis on cleaning technologies, repair and overhaul approaches and planning and digital assistance. The impact of these technologies on sustainable enterprises is also analyzed. This book will help to support the existing TES community and will provide future studies with a strong base from which to analyze and apply techn9olgical trends to real world examples.


Blueprint Author Adam Schrager
ISBN-10 9781936218103
Release 2010-05-01
Pages 280
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Through the microcosm of Colorado's stunning political transformation, this is an inside look at the rapidly-changing business of campaigns and elections. The techniques pioneered in Colorado have been recognized by both parties and pundits as the future of American politics.

40 Best Home Based Internet Businesses Under 99

40 Best Home Based Internet Businesses Under  99 Author Andre Frith
ISBN-10 9781458204769
Release 2012-08-06
Pages 118
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Inside this guide you will find businesses like: Fashion Designer - Author - Website Builder - DJ - Mobile Marketer – Salon Owner - Growing a Ministry - Apps Creator - Own internet Radio Station - Social Media Manager - Wedding MC - Home Translator - Private investigator - Wedding Decorator - Life Coach - Night Club/Concert Promoter – Website Banner Maker - Own a Software Website - Real Home Jobs - Run A Hosting Company - Trade Stocks - Photographer - eBay Seller - Game Tester – Fund Raiser - Artist (Draw or Painter) - Medical Transcriptionist - Dog Trainer – Mail Post Cards - Process Server - Talent Agency - Cosmetologist Marketer - Affiliate Marketing Company - Model - Repo Man - Collection Agency – House Cleaning/Sitting - Work with Dubai - Get Paid to Drive - Import/Export How to easily create and launch a profitable website. How to market through the ever expanding social media. How to make money on the internet without a product or website. “This is certainly the book for the times. We have no doubt that many will find this book to be just what they needed to gain financial success. God has truly used you to fulfill people's destiny. We love it; we endorse it, and will refer it to everyone.” --Rev Linus Baptiste; Founder Veronica Thawney-Baptiste: Editor-In-Chief -Co/ founder The Good News Chronicles Christian Newspaper

Blackjack Blueprint Second Edition

Blackjack Blueprint   Second Edition Author Rick Blaine
ISBN-10 9781935396536
Release 2014-06-10
Pages 400
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The most comprehensive book ever written on playing blackjack for profit, Blackjack Blueprint covers everything from basic strategy to counting cards, from maximizing potential going solo to playing on a blackjack team. Casino comps, location play, shuffle tracking, playing in disguise, outwitting the eye in the sky, and other advantage-play techniques—it’s all here. This revised edition contains new information on getting reimbursed for airline tickets, negotiating and optimizing rebates on gambling losses, hiding chips and disguising wins, security while on blackjack-related websites, protecting your personal privacy when making large cash transactions at casinos, and more.

Stream of Conscience

Stream of Conscience Author Rick Davis
ISBN-10 9781440183775
Release 2010-01
Pages 116
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Stream of conscience is a thriller that portrays the delicate balance between agricultural production and environmental protection set against the backdrop of a stream restoration. Patterns of human behavior shaped by past experience, merge with landscape evolution to illustrate the corresponding process of achieving equilibrium and growth. Steadfast rural values, viewed through a family mired in grief, guilt, and greed struggle against the influence of society evolving environmental ethic.

Flipping for Success

Flipping for Success Author Paul Galland
ISBN-10 9780994365804
Release 2015-07-28
Pages 128
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Flipping for Success confronts today’s disruptive business challenges through the lens of re-examining business strategy, and in particular how to be better at strategic execution. We are seeing more business disruption than in the past three to four decades. The old ways of growing an existing market and competing on price are yesterday’s formula for success. The other form of competition, differentiation, has leap frogged into the spotlight as the preferred way to compete. This word goes by another more common name, innovation. Never has there been this level of competitive pressure on businesses for the past two generations. Those businesses that wait too long to transform themselves are doomed to the history books. Unfortunately many businesses lack the adequate instruments to make this successful transformation. To complicate matters many businesses have been internally designed around the slower, compete on price, form of competition. These existing internal structures prevent them from making this change. This book explores the question ‘why change now’ and offers up approaches to rewiring business strategy for a new consumer age. It is a must read for board members, leaders and strategists wrestling with a host of planning challenges in their organisations today.

Blueprint of a Hustler

Blueprint of a Hustler Author Mr. Mafia
ISBN-10 1467058939
Release 2010-05-28
Pages 324
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The book Blueprint of a hustler is a true story based on my life.Its about me becoming a millionaire at the age of 21years old,finding love going to prison and losing everything.

The Ultimate Real Estate Investing Blueprint

The Ultimate Real Estate Investing Blueprint Author Sean Terry
ISBN-10 9781456604738
Release 2013-02-21
Pages 129
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Discover how to quit your job in 19 weeks or less by flipping properties in your spare time even if you have NO cash, NO credit and have never bought a house before. In this book you find the key to unlocking a huge vault full of money. This key will allow you to quickly and easily flip houses in your spare time banking you $5,000 to $20,000 per deal. The beauty about this business is you don't need any money AND no one will ever ask you for you SSN to pull credit.

The Flip

The Flip Author Jared Rosen
ISBN-10 1571744746
Release 2006
Pages 241
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"Rosen and Rippe use wit and insight to highlight the transformation from an upside-down to a right-side up world. The Flip offers interviews and wisdom from leading thinkers and visionaries, including Oscar Arias, Paul Ray, John Gray, Ed Begley Jr., andDr. Christiane Northrup, who illuminate the influential shifts in our corporations, media, politics, food, medicine, and beliefs"--Provided by publisher.

The Blueprint

The Blueprint Author Christopher Price
ISBN-10 9781466856424
Release 2013-11-05
Pages 304
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For years, the New England Patriots were a certifiable joke of a franchise. They were run on the cheap and were once the very example of how not to manage a team. They hired inept coaches---one of whom (Clive Rush) was nearly electrocuted when he grabbed a microphone at his introductory press conference. In 1968 their scouting director, Ed McKeever, suggested they draft a wide receiver . . . before someone in the organization realized the player had been dead for six months. They plucked ex-players out of the stands minutes before kickoff---Bob Gladieux was enjoying a beer at the game when he heard his name called over the P.A. (The Patriots had cut a player earlier that morning and found themselves short. Gladieux, who would go on to spend four years in the league as a running back, made the tackle on the opening kickoff.) And they played in a run-down stadium that was one of the worst venues in professional sports. There were brief moments of success, but on each occasion, front-office infighting would invariably cause the franchise to slide back down to the basement again. But in the first four months of 2000, everything changed. The hiring of head coach Bill Belichick and Vice President of Player Personnel Scott Pioli and the drafting of quarterback Tom Brady turned the fortunes of the franchise around. And their nontraditional approach to acquiring personnel---remembering that it's not about collecting talent, it's about assembling a team---quickly led to three Super Bowl titles in four seasons. It's a feat that, in the salary cap era, with free agency, planned parity and balanced scheduling, is in many ways even more impressive than anything achieved by the past dynasties of Green Bay, Pittsburgh, Dallas, and San Francisco. Along the way, Christopher Price has had a front-row seat for football history, chronicling the rise to power of the NFL's unlikeliest superpower. Price takes the reader inside the franchise to give him a dynamic portrait of a mighty organization at the height of its power. Readers are immersed in the locker room during the strange and tumultuous days of 2001 and 2003, when major personnel moves involving a pair of the most popular players in franchise history---Drew Bledsoe and Lawyer Milloy---threatened to rock their championship foundation to the core. Readers get an up-close look at the team that dominated the league on the way to a record-setting winning streak in 2004. And Price analyzes what went wrong when they fell short in 2005 and 2006, and how they plan to return to Super Bowl form in 2007. The Blueprint will explore how the Patriots went from the dregs to a dynasty, becoming the gold standard for professional sports franchises everywhere. It will prompt sports fans (and those who study organizations) to acknowledge what many football insiders have believed for a long time: when it comes to building a successful system, the Patriots have the Blueprint. Praise for Christopher Price's Baseball by the Beach: A History of America's National Pastime on Cape Cod "[Price] provides anecdotes bound to amuse some, astound others, and inform all." ---Cape Cod Times "[Price] captures the true essence of the game and its people." ---Front Row, New England Sports Network "An excellent job . . . a solid, definitive story of the Cape Cod Baseball League." ---The Cape Codder

The Atlantis Blueprint

The Atlantis Blueprint Author Colin Wilson
ISBN-10 9780307481757
Release 2008-12-10
Pages 448
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A spellbinding blend of history and science, scholarship and speculation, this landmark work presents startling new evidence that traces archaeology's most enduring mysteries back to the lost civilization of Atlantis.... The Great Pyramid. Stonehenge. Machu Picchu. For centuries, these and other sacred sites have inspired wonder among those who ponder their origins. Conventional science tells us they were constructed by local peoples working with the primitive tools of a fledgling civilization. But these megaliths nonetheless continue to attract pilgrims, scholars, and adventurers drawn by the possibility that their true spiritual and technological secrets remain hidden. Who could have built these elaborate monuments? How did they do it? And what were their incomprehensible efforts and sacrifices designed to accomplish? Now comes a revolutionary theory that connects these mysteries to reveal a hidden global pattern -- the ancient work of an advanced civilization whose warnings of planetary cataclysm now reverberate across one hundred millennia. International bestselling author Colin Wilson and Canadian researcher Rand Flem-Ath join forces to share startling evidence of a fiercely intelligent society dating back as much as 100,000 years -- one that sailed the oceans of the world, building monuments to preserve and communicate its remarkable wisdom. The Atlantis Blueprint is their term for a sophisticated network of connections between these sacred sites that they trace to Atlantis: a sophisticated maritime society that charted the globe from its home base in Antarctica ... until it was obliterated by the devastating global changes it anticipated but could not escape. Here is adventure to realms beyond our imaginings ... to shifting poles, changing latitudes ... into the world of ancient mariners who recharted the globe ... to astonishing discoveries about our ancestors. Here are the great mysteries ... the incredibly complex geography of the Temple of Luxor ... the startling sophistication of Egyptian science and math ... and tantalizing similarities among the Hebrew, Greek, and Mayan alphabets to the Chinese lunar zodiac. The Atlantis Blueprint opens up a Pandora's box of ancient mysteries, lost worlds, and millennial riddles. It is a story as controversial, fascinating, dangerous -- and inspiring -- as any ever told. From the Hardcover edition.

Blueprint Promise

Blueprint Promise Author Orville Gilmore Jr.
ISBN-10 9781491749609
Release 2014-10-16
Pages 120
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Many act as if the battle is against the system. Moreover, it will last as long as life. I see it differently. The fight is lifelong, but with yourself. How you prepare to meet these hurdles I call weeds and the upcoming future events, in my opinion, relies on understanding the playing field and your design. Discerning this information places you above time. This cornerstone of change predicts new thinking, alone with a different level of faith, practice, and discernment, leading to a pattern of success. This process on paper is your preliminary Blueprint to a Promise. The playing field and the lifecycle work together as change agents. To enhance a feature, one must reach into the spiritual realm and bring the promises, provisions, and authority of God’s will into the natural realm to be seen by all. This book features two parts. The first thirteen chapters cover preparation; the next fifteen cover the action needed on the playing field. The strategy is simple: Make a decision, believe in that decision, act as if you already have it, give thanks and praise to your God. The unconscious purpose is to tell time what time it is. We turn learning into discerning. The skim-through feature in the first four chapters will get you started.

Flipping the Nursing Classroom Where Active Learning Meets Technology

Flipping the Nursing Classroom  Where Active Learning Meets Technology Author Karen Hessler
ISBN-10 9781284101577
Release 2016-02-29
Pages 294
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Flipping the Nursing Classroom: Where Active Learning Meets Technology focuses on the flipped learning model in the framework of nursing education.

Cosmic Blueprint

Cosmic Blueprint Author Paul Davies
ISBN-10 9781932031669
Release 2004
Pages 234
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In this critically acclaimed book, first published in 1988 and now reprinted in paperback, scientist and author Paul Davies explains how recent scientific advances are transforming our understanding of the emergence of complexity and organization in the universe. Melding a variety of ideas and disciplines from biology, fundamental physics, computer science, mathematics, genetics, and neurology, Davies presents his provocative theory on the source of the universe's creative potency. He explores the new paradigm (replacing the centuries-old Newtonian view of the universe) that recognizes the collective and holistic properties of physical systems and the power of self-organization. He casts the laws in physics in the role of a "blueprint," embodying a grand cosmic scheme that progressively unfolds as the universe develops. Challenging the viewpoint that the physical universe is a meaningless collection particles, he finds overwhelming evidence for an underlying purpose: "Science may explain all the processes whereby the universe evolves its own destiny, but that still leaves room for there to be a meaning behind existence."

The Blueprint

The Blueprint Author Tranett T. Brooks
ISBN-10 9781483529516
Release 2014-06-02
Pages 40
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“A Strategic Plan for Brand New, First Year and Struggling Real Estate Agents” Tranett started her career as a part-time Real Estate Agent. She had a full-time 9-5 job; with no room for growth or advancement. She was maxed out on the salary cap. She really needed to make more money and wanted to become a full-time Realtor. And, of course, she desired to be her own boss. During her first year of real estate, she searched for a real opportunity. She desperately needed a way to anchor her career, so that, she could transition safely into full-time. Almost by chance, she found the BLUEPRINT...easily the best decision she ever made. Seven years and over 100 transactions later, she is a full-time multi-million dollar producer. The BLUEPRINT offers a dynamic and strategic plan for Brand New Real Estate Agents, First Year Real Estate Agents and Struggling Real Estate Agents. Tranett Brooks, multi-million dollar producer shares her personal journey on what she did to “position” herself during her first year of real estate. She has personally lived and fully executed this same, exact plan. It’s not just something she read about in someone else’s book, and thought, “This sounds good to re-write.” This BLUEPRINT is her life. If you are a Brand New Real Estate Agent (with zero deals), a First Year Real Estate Agent (just getting started) or have been struggling for a year or two to make your business work; The BLUEPRINT is essential. It is a detailed and honest plan that will help you to: • Get into production immediately • Make money faster • Establish credibility instantly Plus, The BLUEPRINT doesn’t require that you spend any of your own money! The BLUEPRINT is all laid out for duplication. The author chose to make deliberate and sacrificial moves during her first year. As a result, she is an accomplished, full-time Realtor seven years later. Allow her to share with you exactly what she did to anchor her career right from the beginning. You will cut your learning curve in half; and it will catapult your career 3 to 5 years ahead of those that started with you. Many Real Estate Agents have MISSED these strategies, because they were not exposed to them. Or, they simply ignored them due to pride. The BLUEPRINT is fresh and relevant to today’s real estate market with proven results. These time-tested strategies will enable you to fulfill your vision of becoming a highly successful Real Estate Agent NOW versus years from now.

Not a Blueprint It s the Shoeprints That Matter

Not a Blueprint  It s the Shoeprints That Matter Author Nina Norstrom
ISBN-10 9781939371485
Release 2016-04-07
Pages 190
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Allowing us to learn lessons, let go of toxicity, and gain insight, relationship can play a powerful role in our lives. They are formed with people, alcohol, animals, battlefields, diseases, drugs, environments, and even our emotions. Whether toxic or nontoxic, relationships are an integral component of daily living. Author Nina Norstrom lost her child to a disease, but that wasn't the only toxic relationship she endured. In this book, she explores the effects that her relationships with grief, pain, trauma, and forgiveness have had on her life. This tale exposes a mother's struggle to escape her world of toxicity, her journey out of the clutches of diseased relationships, and the shoe prints the experiences have left on her family's history. This story in its raw form projects a remarkable voice to the heroic fight, courage, and bravery gained when striking back to wipe out toxic relationships. Its message reveals that life brings many challenges and that each challenge provides lessons to be learned. This book is not intended to be a blueprint for dealing with diseased relationships. It's about the shoe prints: those symbols of life's journey that are left by our experiences. "Not a Blueprint: It's the Shoe Prints that Matter" is an insightful and inspiring personal story of one family's journey through toxic relationships.