Complete Book of Tarot Spreads

Complete Book of Tarot Spreads Author Evelin Burger
ISBN-10 080699505X
Release 1997
Pages 176
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122 layouts teach the methodical use of Tarot cards.

Tarot Spreads

Tarot Spreads Author Barbara Moore
ISBN-10 9780738729664
Release 2012-04-08
Pages 264
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Bring power, precision, and depth to your tarot readings with this helpful and easy-to-use tarot book. It presents techniques usually found only in workshops, plus nearly seventy different themed spreads so you can choose or create the perfect spread for any question or purpose. Tarot expert Barbara Moore explains what makes a great tarot spread and why, including how the principles of design and psychological response play a part. In addition to simple techniques that will make your readings more fun and more accurate, you will discover new ways to help you create a reading style that is all your own. Select a spread and use it effectively for guidance in important areas: love and relationships, achieving goals, spiritual journeys, financial abundance, health, and situation-specific advice Create your own spreads and modify a classic spread Perform a 78-card reading to deepen your understanding of tarot

Learning Tarot Spreads

Learning Tarot Spreads Author Joan Bunning
ISBN-10 1578632706
Release 2007-02-01
Pages 180
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Each tarot reader has a unique style that they hone over time into the fine art of divining the future. In this essential guide to arranging cards into prophetic patterns, Joan Bunning has compiled a veritable encyclopedia of tarot spreads with great appeal for accomplished readers who want to explore further as well as novices with their very first deck. What sets Joan Bunning apart from every other writer on the subject of tarot is her ability to take a rather complicated esoteric system and break it down into manageable, clear, and easily learned parts. Chapters include spreads for relationships, family, love, money, health, work, and even specific time periods. Sample spreads are comprehensive, ranging from many-card "Gypsy" spreads to quick and easy "Three Card Draws." She also gives the reader reference charts, exercises and structured tarot lessons.

365 Tarot Spreads

365 Tarot Spreads Author Sasha Graham
ISBN-10 9780738740614
Release 2014-05-08
Pages 408
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A tarot reading is a quest for answers to your greatest questions, deepest desires, and most profound needs. The power of tarot lies in the questions, and now you can discern answers to those questions with fascinating and magical results 365 days a year. Explore a tarot quest on any topic with extensive spread categories, including: Love and Romance Money and Career Health and Well-Being Home and Family Personal Growth Astrology and the Zodiac Multicultural Holidays Rituals and Occult Studies Grief and Moving Forward Spirituality Use 365 Tarot Spreads year after year with spreads you can apply anytime and in any situation. Each spread is based on a significant historical or magical occurrence on that particular day, and each one is accompanied by a detailed explanation and sample questions to focus on while reading. This wondrous guide provides a magnificent journey to achieve enlightenment every day. Praise: “What tarot needs—right now—is Sasha Graham.”—Rachel Pollack, award-winning author of 78 Degrees of Wisdom

How to Use Tarot Spreads

How to Use Tarot Spreads Author Sylvia Abraham
ISBN-10 1567180027
Release 1997
Pages 274
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Now, for the first time, there is a book of specific tarot spreads that will provide the answers to the most commonly asked questions about love and romance, home and family, business and finance, major life events, and spiritual growth and past lives. These 37 time-tested spreads help readers to see real-life readings for each spread and bring each reading into focus for the seeker. 36 illustrations.

Designing Your Own Tarot Spreads

Designing Your Own Tarot Spreads Author Teresa Michelsen
ISBN-10 0738702633
Release 2003
Pages 156
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After learning a few basic card spreads and becoming familiar with individual card meanings, one of the first things tarot readers discover is the critical importance of asking the right question. But without using the right spread, you might not be getting the most out of your tarot readings. This groundbreaking book is a part of Llewellyn's Special Topics in Tarot series. This series was created in response to an increasing demand for more tarot books on advanced and specialized topics. Designing Your Own Tarot Spreads is an invaluable resource for tarot readers of all levels of expertise. Learn how to: • Pose the perfect question • Decide how many cards to use • Clarify the meaning of each card position • Work with reversals and dignities • Use special cards such as significators, karmic lesson cards, and clarification cards • Modify existing spreads to reflect your own reading style Inspirations for spreads covering a diverse variety of topics including relationships, financial and career development, predictive readings, personal development, and special occasions. Whether you're a professional tarot reader looking for ways to better serve your clientele or a beginner looking for a way to make your readings more accurate, this book will add new dimensions to your tarot practice.


Tarot Author James Ricklef
ISBN-10 0738703451
Release 2004
Pages 226
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Teaches how to create Tarot spreads and how to customize new spreads for specific concerns by discussing positional meanings and dynamics between the cards, and incorporates sample readings for historical and literary figures such as Marie Antoinette, Wendy Darling from Peter Pan, Ebenezer Scrooge, and Judas Iscariot. Original.

Classic Tarot Spreads

Classic Tarot Spreads Author Sandor Konraad
ISBN-10 0914918648
Release 1985
Pages 160
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Classic Tarot Spreads presents one of the most comprehensive collections of card spreads available in one book. It includes 22 classic spreads that provide a key to the history, mythology and metaphysical meanings of the cards. The book not only covers the practice and ritual of card reading, it treats the Tarot deck as a magical tool and counseling medium that can be used to resolve basic life issues. Sandor Konraad includes spreads for opening a reading - answering questions about health, love, marriage and money - as well as spreads for ending a reading.

Illustrated Tarot Spreads

Illustrated Tarot Spreads Author Heidemarie Pielmeier
ISBN-10 9780806963457
Release 1999
Pages 96
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Embark on an enlightening journey of self-discovery with 78 new tarot spreads! From a simple 3-card layout to a complex arrangement of 34 cards, this marvelously illustrated volume shows how to gain a better understanding of yourself, your partner, your environment, and your problems. * Learn the meaning of each tarot card and how to use the Major and Minor Arcanas. * Find out your key card is based on your birthday (this card will always have personal meaning in your spreads). * Get layouts for dream interpretation, for life's turning points, to remove obstacles, on karmic development, health, partnerships, your current situation, wish fulfillment, and much more. * Extra value: a summary of each of the astrological signs and a powerful "plan of life." 96 pages, 78 b/w illus., 11 1/2 x 8 1/4.

The Ultimate Guide to Tarot Spreads

The Ultimate Guide to Tarot Spreads Author Liz Dean
ISBN-10 9781592337163
Release 2016-03-01
Pages 192
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The Ultimate Guide to Tarot Spreads helps you answer your life questions instantly, while showing you how to read your cards and create your own layouts. This ingenious guide contains spreads used hundreds of years ago by occult scholars such as Nostradamus and modern spreads inspired by today's visionaries. Expert tarot author Liz Dean has also created spreads based on the questions most often asked of professional tarot readers and teachers. The Ultimate Guide to Tarot Spreads gives you over 70 new and classic tarot card layouts for love, money, and success that can help you answer your questions accurately when reading for yourself and others. Easily learn the meanings of the cards, the major and minor arcana, as you try out dozens of spreads. Organized by question subject with layouts in stunning full-color, beginners will find they can easily begin doing readings for themselves and others. Advanced tarotists will enjoy the challenge of the more complex layouts, while every one on their tarot journey, will delight in discovering new ways to see story of their lives - and to have their important questions answered through these magical cards.

Power Tarot

Power Tarot Author Phyllis Vega
ISBN-10 9781476753065
Release 2013-05-21
Pages 288
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Reading the cards has never been easier, even if you've never done a spread before! With more than 100 spreads to choose from, Power Tarot offers experienced and novice readers alike innovative and accurate ways to get answers to their most pressing questions on romance, work, finances, health, and spiritual growth. From the single card "Yes/No" draw, to the comprehensive twenty-four card spread of the Double Horoscope, from the traditional Celtic Cross to the Past-Life Spread, you will find spreads to answer particular questions, while others describe more general situations. Writing in plain English, authors Trish MacGregor and Phyllis Vega give you information an the meaning of each card in the tarot deck (no matter which deck you use), both in general and as the card relates to specific issues. There are tips on how to determine the time frame of an event, exciting insights into traditional interpretations, and easy-to-follow diagrams for the position and meaning of the cards in each spread.

The Ultimate Guide to Tarot

The Ultimate Guide to Tarot Author Liz Dean
ISBN-10 9781592336579
Release 2015-05-15
Pages 240
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Discover the facts, myth, history, and mystery of the spiritual art of Tarot-reading. Whether you want to learn to read the cards or deepen your Tarot interpretation skills,The Ultimate Guide to Tarot honors the deep heritage of Tarot, while guiding you through practical techniques. Tarot expert Liz Dean offers an overview to all of the important elements of each card from symbols, to links with astrology, kabbala and numerology. The Ultimate Guide to Tarot also includes all the classic tarot spreads – Celtic Cross, Horseshoe, Star and Astrological Year Ahead – plus, a mini-layout to try for each of the 22 major cards. Learn how to combine the three essential ingredients of a great tarot reading: knowing the meaning of the cards, how to lay them out, and trusting the intuitive messages the images often spark within us during a reading. This synthesis is the true magic of tarot. With the authority and confidence this book offers, The Ultimate Guide to Tarot will be the must-have companion for beginner readers and tarot aficionados alike.

101 Tarot Spreads

101 Tarot Spreads Author Sheilaa Hite
ISBN-10 0991655303
Release 2014-04
Pages 260
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101 Tarot Spreads is a rich and varied collection of maps-some light and whimsical, some profound and intense, some mundane and practical and some eclectic and conceptual. The purpose of this collection of Tarot spreads is to give you a clearer, more powerful way of accessing the vital information that is important to you and your well-being as you continue to live and evolve. Spreads that you've never seen before - on all areas: relationship, money, personal growth, past lives and karma. Spreads include ones like "why did this relationship end," "the moneybags spread" and "what is my life's purpose." By using the spreads in this book, your relationship with the Tarot will become a personal, intuitive one in which the cards speak to you. As you learn to listen to them and trust what they tell you through the device of the Tarot spreads, you'll appreciate how well they help you find your way. In the process of learning to establish a relationship with the cards and with the spreads, you'll learn so much more about yourself, others and life.

The Tarot Bible

The Tarot Bible Author Sarah Bartlett
ISBN-10 1841813656
Release 2009-01-01
Pages 400
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The Tarot Bible teaches you everything you need to know about tarot, including how to choose the right pack of cards and how to ask questions. It features interpretations for every card of the Major and Minor Arcana, practical advice on how to give readings and how you can use tarot in combination with other divination techniques such as numerology, astrology and crystals. The book also features over 30 tarot layouts that you can use to gain insights into yourself, your relationships and your future.

Just Real Useable TAROT SPREADS

Just Real Useable TAROT SPREADS Author Anne-Marie Bond
ISBN-10 9781470973285
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Just Real Useable TAROT SPREADS has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Just Real Useable TAROT SPREADS also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Just Real Useable TAROT SPREADS book for free.

The Complete Idiot s Guide to Tarot Spreads Illustrated

The Complete Idiot s Guide to Tarot Spreads  Illustrated Author Arlene Tognetti
ISBN-10 1592575501
Release 2006
Pages 304
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Does he love me? Is she Ms. Right? What kind of work will bring me bliss? And could you just show me, please, where the money is? Every day is full of choices: new opportunities, new friends, and new loves. But how to make the most of them? And how to deal with life's little roadblocks? These are the kinds of problems people bring to Tarot for practical solutions when they do readings to interpret Tarot spreads. More and more people turn to Tarot for answers in the here and now. A little insight here, a little insight there - and suddenly the road of life isn't so challenging. Tarot provides that nudge to your intuition, and you make choices. And besides all that, it's a fun way to gain insight about yourself, your loves, and your friends.

The Essential Book of Tarot Spreads

The Essential Book of Tarot Spreads Author A. Wallace
ISBN-10 1520746539
Release 2017-03-03
Pages 49
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This is the perfect book whether you do online tarot reading, face to face readings or readings for yourself and your friends.It contains 21 essential Tarot spreads that will take you from beginner spreads to expert level spreads.You will learn love spreads, career spreads, spiritual spreads and general spreads as well as spreads that range from the very simple to the more advanced. Learn to love Tarot reading all over again.And don't forget these spreads can be used for Tarot decks, Oracle decks or playing cards (cartomancy).This is the only book of Card Spreads you will ever need.