Cognitive Aspects of Skilled Typewriting

Cognitive Aspects of Skilled Typewriting Author W. E. Cooper
ISBN-10 9781461254706
Release 2012-12-06
Pages 417
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This volume marks the 75th anniversary of the publication of William Book's 1908 The Psychology of Skill, in which typewriting received its first large-scale treatment from a psychological standpoint. As Book realized early on, this form of human behavior is particularly well suited to testing psychological theories of complex motor skill and its acquisition, present ing as it does a task that richly engages cognitive and motor components of programming, yet involves a form of response output that can be readily quantified. Now that typewriting is practiced so widely in workday circumstances, studying this activity offers the additional prospect of practical applicability. Until recently, relatively few studies had been conducted on the psychology of typewriting. One might speculate that this dearth of interest stemmed in part from the fact that researchers themselves rarely undertook the activity, delegating it instead to the secretarial pool. Psychological research on piano playing has produced a literature more sizable than the one on typewriting, yet the latter activity has probably been practiced for many more total human hours in this century. But contemporary developments in word processing technology have moved the typewriter into the researcher's office, and in recent years interest in accompanying psychological issues has grown.

Skilled Migration Expectation and Reality

Skilled Migration  Expectation and Reality Author Ying Lu
ISBN-10 9781317054528
Release 2016-04-01
Pages 220
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Many governments seek to attract skilled migrants into the top occupational groups and now have significant groups of overseas-born professionals in their workforces. Such groups are expected to contribute significantly to the economic and social development of their new countries. There has been sustained debate between those taking the view that skilled migrants are integrated without much difficulty and those concerned that a mismatch between aspirational government policies and actual organisational practice generates discontent and frustration among skilled immigrants. If the latter is correct, it seems likely that host societies will not benefit from the injection of human capital in terms of creativity and innovation. In Skilled Migration, Expectation and Reality the authors report the findings of their research into the acculturation and integration issues confronting professional Chinese immigrants in the Australian labour market. Australia serves as a good example of the phenomenon under examination, being a country where Chinese are one of the largest non-English speaking ethnic groups and where they are strongly concentrated in the top occupational groups. The authors’ rigorous quantitative and qualitative study is one of the first systematic examinations of acculturation to focus specifically on the workplace. It reveals fascinating insights regarding the strategies that professional immigrants are compelled to adopt because they are unable to find appropriate channels through which to integrate and assimilate into the host society.

Cognition and Action in Skilled Behaviour

Cognition and Action in Skilled Behaviour Author A.M. Colley
ISBN-10 008086709X
Release 1988-09-01
Pages 424
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This book contains a number of chapters on the control and execution of skilled movements, as well as more general chapters on theoretical issues in skilled performance. The contributors have summarised their most recent research, and general themes and issues are presented in discussion chapters at the end of each section, thus providing a good general summary of the kind of research and theoretical frameworks developing in this area. The first section is concerned with the theoretical issues of programming and co-ordination. Issues raised in the second section are basic to much of the research reviewed in the volume. This section summarises the various theoretical positions in the recent debates on the role of cognitive processes in motor control and the usefulness of the ``psychomotor'' approach, and contains chapters based on individual papers which present relevant empirical findings. The third section deals with the learning and performance of skilled movements, containing papers with practical implications for everyday skills. The final section contains chapters on cognitive processes in skilled performance.

Innovative People Mobility of Skilled Personnel in National Innovation Systems

Innovative People Mobility of Skilled Personnel in National Innovation Systems Author OECD
ISBN-10 9789264195585
Release 2001-09-12
Pages 308
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Based on new empirical evidence, this publication compares the rates and patterns of mobility of high-skilled labour in a sample of OECD countries.

International Mobility of the Highly Skilled

International Mobility of the Highly Skilled Author OECD
ISBN-10 9264196080
Release 2001-12-11
Pages 352
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These conference proceedings provide data on the scale and characteristics of flows and stocks of skilled and highly skilled foreign workers, assess the quality of the data available and the concepts used, and discuss how to improve their comparability.

The Skilled Helper A Problem Management and Opportunity Development Approach to Helping

The Skilled Helper  A Problem Management and Opportunity Development Approach to Helping Author Gerard Egan
ISBN-10 9780495601890
Release 2009-07-10
Pages 496
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Internationally recognized for its successful problem-management and opportunity development approach to effective helping, THE SKILLED HELPER emphasizes the collaborative nature of the therapist-client relationship and uses a practical, three-stage model that drives client problem-managing and opportunity-developing action. The author effectively guides readers through this proven step-by-step counseling process that teaches them how to become a more confident and competent helper, as well as giving them a feeling for the complexity inherent in any helping relationship. In this new ninth edition, Egan continues to build upon the positive psychology, solution-focused theme by adding insightful new discussions on evidence-based practice, research, and philosophical perspectives. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

The Working Life

The Working Life Author Nan L. Maxwell
ISBN-10 9780880992985
Release 2006
Pages 193
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Over the past few decades, the economic prospects for workers possessing relatively few skills have worsened as the demand for skills in the labor market has increased. Even in jobs that might be categorized as low-skilled, workers require a diverse set of skills to succeed. Many of these skills can only be obtained through schooling or job training. This is why workers lacking skills find it difficult to attain a foothold in the labor market and why employers have difficulty filling low-skilled jobs. While it was previously assumed that the supply of workers able to fill low-skilled jobs exceeded the demand, this book reveals that the labor market for low-skilled workers actually operates quite differently. Maxwell presents the results of her groundbreaking survey of 405 employers, which queried them about jobs requiring no more than a high school education and no more than one year of work experience. These data allow her to establish the link between skills and low-skilled jobs and to reveal the current state of the labor market facing low-skilled workers. The data also highlights the knowledge and skills that employers require in low-skilled jobs and the abilities that individuals who apply for those jobs bring to the table. Overall, the employers' responses allow Maxwell to make the following five key points: (1) Low-skilled jobs require skills. Low-skilled jobs are not no-skilled jobs. While individuals do not have to have a high level of credentials to apply for low-skilled jobs, once they are hired, employers emphasize that they must possess the requisite skills to succeed in their jobs. Among them are the so-called new basic skills: English, math, problem-solving, and communication skills. In addition, appropriate workplace behavior and the ability to follow instructions are important, and physical abilities and mechanical skills are also required, often at levels more intense than at other jobs; (2) Shortages of appropriately skilled workers in low-skilled jobs exist, even when labor markets are slack. Close to 60 percent of firms in this study report great difficulty--one-fourth of them had extreme difficulty--finding qualified workers for low-skilled jobs even when unemployment rates exceed 7.0 percent; (3) Skills are rewarded in the labor market for workers in low-skilled jobs. Low-skilled jobs requiring skills with a high relative demand in the local labor market (I.E., skills in short supply) carry increased occupational wages; (4) Low skilled jobs offer promotional opportunities. Firms report that over 90 percent of entry-level low-skilled jobs have promotional opportunities, as long as workers are willing and able to expand their skill sets. Firms also construct pipelines of appropriately skilled workers by hiring entry-level workers with skills needed in the position above entry level; and (5) Hiring requirements in low-skilled jobs are relaxed in tight labor markets. Firms match recruiting and screening methods to the skills needed in the low-skilled jobs. As labor markets loosen, these firms use less extensive recruiting methods but adopt more intensive screening methods. This suggests that, during loose labor markets, firms sort through a greater number of applicants in order to uncover workers with the skill sets needed in the job. Maxwell also defines low-skilled jobs, identifies the populations who fill these jobs and the economic realities facing them, and offers policy solutions aimed at facilitating the career development of low-skilled individuals. These solutions include building skills while attending public schools and while attending publicly-funded employment and training programs. They also include increasing the demand for low-skilled workers and refining the nation's workforce development programs to better steer individuals into jobs providing economic self-sufficiency. The following chapters are contained in this book: (1) Low Skilled Jobs: The Reality behind the Popular Perceptions; (2) Local Labor Markets and Low-Skilled Jobs: Theory and Data; (3) How Skills Matter; (4) Recruiting and Screening Workers in Low-Skilled Positions; (5) Skills, Promotions, and Low-Skilled Positions; (6) Labor Markets for Workers in Low-Skilled Positions: How Can Policies Help Workers?

Studies on Continuing Vocational Training in Germany

Studies on Continuing Vocational Training in Germany Author Anja Kuckulenz
ISBN-10 9783790819687
Release 2007-06-28
Pages 217
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This book offers a comprehensive empirical analysis of continuing vocational training in Germany. Specific issues concerning continuing training that are debated in academia as well as in public are discussed. Wage and productivity effects of training are analyzed, explicitly accounting for the heterogeneity of training participants. In addition, evidence is given on whether positive externalities of continuing training exist.

Many Paths to Skilled Employment

Many Paths to Skilled Employment Author Adrian Ziderman
Release 1993
Pages 35
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Many Paths to Skilled Employment has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Many Paths to Skilled Employment also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Many Paths to Skilled Employment book for free.

Studies in Dyadic Communication

Studies in Dyadic Communication Author A. W. Siegman
ISBN-10 9781483285283
Release 2016-01-26
Pages 357
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Pergamon General Psychology Series: Studies in Dyadic Communication focuses on the mechanics, principles, methodologies, and approaches involved in dyadic communication. The selection first elaborates on experimental manipulations of interviewer variables; interview structure and interviewer style in initial interviews; and effects of ambiguity and anxiety on interviewee verbal behavior. Discussions focus on the effects of anxiety on interviewee verbal behavior, previous findings on ambiguity and productivity, influence in psychotherapy, patient reactions to interviewer style, and interview and therapy dyads. The text then takes a look at relationship and verbal behavior in the initial interview and temporal patterns of dialogue. The book ponders on interview synchrony, body movement-speech rhythm relationship as a cue to speech encoding, and analysis of movement behavior during clinical interview. Topics include communicative intent with body-focused movements, object- body-focused dichotomy as an intent to communicate, analysis of body-focused movements, movement and speech rhythm, and movement and speech output. The selection is a valuable reference for researchers interested in dyadic communication.

My Story A study on Chinese cultural Identity in Australia

My Story   A study on Chinese cultural Identity in Australia Author Hong Fan
ISBN-10 9783945021156
Release 2014-10-21
Pages 344
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This research project is a part of the Cultural Identity Research led by the Confucius Institute at the University of Western Australia which focuses on the Chinese who have migrated to Australia since China opened up to the world in the 1980s. In this book we will tell the stories of these ordinary Chinese, their happiness and sorrows, inspirations and difficulties,, and through recorded oral histories we will analyse their cultural identity, and their experience of integration with, and contribution to, this vast far away land. Most of our interviewees, even if they have been living in Australia for many years, struggle to convey their cultural identity. This project is a precursor to further research on this fascinating universal issue for immigrants.

Rethinking International Skilled Migration

Rethinking International Skilled Migration Author Micheline van Riemsdijk
ISBN-10 9781317420767
Release 2016-10-04
Pages 334
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In today’s global knowledge economy, competition for the best and brightest workers has intensified. Highly skilled workers are an asset to companies, knowledge institutions, cities, and regions as they contribute to knowledge creation, innovation, and economic growth and development. Skilled migrants cross, and many times straddle, international borders to pursue professional opportunities. These spatial relocations provide opportunities and challenges for migrants and the cities and regions they inhabit. How have international skilled migratory flows been formed, sustained, and transformed over multiple spaces and scales? How have these processes affected cities and regions? And how have multiple stakeholders responded to these processes? The contributors to this book bring together perspectives from economic, social, urban, and population geography in order to address these questions from a myriad of angles. Empirical case studies from different regions illuminate the multiscaled processes of international skilled migration. In particular, the contributions rethink skilled migration theories and provide insights into: the experiences of highly skilled labor migrants and international students; issues related to transnational activities and return migration; and policy implications for both immigrant source and destination countries. It also charts a future research agenda for international skilled migration research. Rethinking International Skilled Migration provides a comparative perspective on the experiences of skilled migrants across the local, regional, national, and/or global scale, paying particular attention to spatial and place-based dimensions of international skilled migration. It will be of interest to scholars and professionals in international migration, regional and national development policymakers, international businesses, and NGOs.

The Business Student s Handbook

The Business Student s Handbook Author Sheila Cameron
ISBN-10 0132349248
Release 2007
Pages 442
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In an increasingly competitive and rapidly changing world, graduates must be equipped with more than just knowledge of a particular subject. This book will enable students to manage their own learning and ultimately their own career.

Handbook of Physical Education

Handbook of Physical Education Author David Kirk
ISBN-10 9781446206997
Release 2006-09-18
Pages 864
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`This is simply the physical education book of its time. The editors must be congratulated on bringing together so many quality authors from so many different parts of the world. As a handbook, it represents how far the study of physical education has moved forward in recent times. What we have is a clear portrayal of physical education at the start of the 21st century' - Mike Jess, University of Edinburgh `This Handbook is a "must read" for all physical educators who are serious about understanding their subject and developing their practices. The list of authors involved reads like a "who's who"' of physical education at a global level - the editors are to be commended on bringing together such collective expertise - this is a key strength of the book. The Handbook successfully expresses a view of knowledge about physical education pedagogy which embraces different research traditions and emerging areas of interest across the global scholarly community' - Jo Harris, Loughborough University `This comprehensive and eclectic exploration into the field of physical education draws on the vast expertise of its renowned international contributors with astounding results. The Handbook of Physical Education serves to firmly reinstate physical education to its position as the core discipline of sport and exercise science. The Handbook is destined to become an indispensable academic resource for scholars, students and enthusiasts of physical education for years to come' - Pilvikki Heikinaro-Johansson, University of Jyväskylä What is the current condition of the field of physical education? How has it adapted to the rise of kinesiology, sport and exercise science and human movement studies over the last thirty years? This Handbook provides an authoritative critical overview of the field and identifies future challenges and directions. The Handbook is divided in to six parts: - Perspectives and Paradigms in Physical Education Pedagogy Research; - Cross-disciplinary Contributions to Research on Physical Education; - Learners and Learning in Physical Education; - Teachers, Teaching and Teacher Education in Physical Education; - Physical Education Curriculum; - Difference and Diversity in Physical Education. This benchmark work is essential reading for educators and students in the field of physical education.

Surgery of the Hip

Surgery of the Hip Author Daniel J. Berry
ISBN-10 9781455727056
Release 2012-12-07
Pages 1352
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Surgery of the Hip is your definitive, comprehensive reference for hip surgery, offering coverage of state-of-the-art procedures for both adults and children. Modelled after Insall & Scott Surgery of the Knee, it presents detailed guidance on the latest approaches and techniques, so you can offer your patients - both young and old - the best possible outcomes. Consult this title on your favorite e-reader, conduct rapid searches, and adjust font sizes for optimal readability. Compatible with Kindle®, nook®, and other popular devices. Master the latest methods such as the use of fixation devices for proximal femoral fractures, hip preservation surgery, and problems with metal on metal-bearing implants. Make optimal use of the latest imaging techniques, surgical procedures, equipment, and implants available. Navigate your toughest clinical challenges with vital information on total hip arthroplasty, pediatric hip surgery, trauma, and hip tumor surgery. Browse the complete contents online, view videos of select procedures, and download all the images at!

Indian Skilled Migration and Development

Indian Skilled Migration and Development Author Gabriela Tejada
ISBN-10 9788132218104
Release 2014-04-07
Pages 332
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This edited contribution explores strategies and measures for leveraging the potential of skilled diasporas and for advancing knowledge-based evidence on return skilled migration and its impact on development. By taking the example of Indian skilled migration, this study identifies ways of involving returned skilled migrants in home country development as well as proposes approaches to engage the diaspora in development. As high-skill immigration from India to mainland Europe is a rather recent phenomenon, the activities of Indian professionals in Europe are under-researched. The findings have wider application in contributing to the policy dialogue on migration and development, specifically to the advantage for developing and emerging economies. The book employs an interdisciplinary, two-fold approach: The first part of the research looks at how international exposure affects the current situation of skilled returnees in India. The second, European, part of the research examines migration policies, labour market regulations and other institutional settings that enable or hinder skilled Indians’ links with the country of origin. Structural differences between the host countries may facilitate different levels of learning opportunities; thus, this book identifies good practices to promote the involvement of Indian skilled diaspora in socio-economic development. In applying the framework of diaspora contributions as well as the return channel to study the impact on India, the book draws on qualitative and quantitative research methods consisting of policy analysis, in-depth interviews with key experts and skilled migrants and on data sets collected specifically for this study.

Handbook of Early Literacy Research

Handbook of Early Literacy Research Author David K. Dickinson
ISBN-10 9781593855772
Release 2007-05
Pages 468
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Current research increasingly highlights the role of early literacy in young children's development--and informs practices and policies that promote success among diverse learners. The Handbook of Early Literacy Research presents cutting-edge knowledge on all aspects of literacy learning in the early years. Volume 2 provides additional perspectives on important topics covered in Volume 1 and addresses critical new topics: the transition to school, the teacher-child relationship, sociodramatic play, vocabulary development, neuroimaging work, Vygotskian theory, findings from international studies, and more.