Size Matters

Size Matters Author Alison Bliss
ISBN-10 9781455568031
Release 2016-11-29
Pages 368
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The rules of (fake) engagement . . . Leah Martin has spent her life trying to avoid temptation. But she's sick of low-fat snacks, counting calories, and her hyper-critical mom. Fortunately, her popular new bakery keeps her good and distracted. But there aren't enough éclairs in the world to distract Leah from the hotness that is Sam Cooper - or the fact that he just told her mother that they're engaged . . . which is a big, fat lie. Sam sometime speaks before he thinks. So what started out as defending Leah's date-ability to her judgmental mother soon turned into having a fiancee! Now the plan is to keep up the fake engagement, stay "just friends," and make Leah's family loathe him enough to just call the whole thing off . But Sam has an insatiable sweet tooth, not only for Leah's decadent desserts but her decadent curves. Her full lips. Her bright green eyes. Yep, things aren't going quite according to plan. Now Sam has to convince Leah that he's for real . . . before their little lie turns into one big, sweet disaster.

Size Matters

Size Matters Author Harry Fisch, M.D.
ISBN-10 9780307449672
Release 2008-07-15
Pages 208
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A man’s anatomy is a lot easier to understand than his mind, and knowing what’s going on down there is just as important to a happy relationship as figuring out the deeper meaning of his every word. You can analyze your relationship with your girlfriends, but who can you turn to with the more . . . sensitive questions? In Size Matters, Dr. Harry Fisch, an expert on the male reproductive system, and writer Kara Baskin team up to introduce you, metaphorically speaking, to the penis. Clearing up mysteries about male anatomy, orgasm, masturbation, STDs, testosterone, impotence, sexual response, and much more, Size Matters is the first women’s user manual for male sexuality—a guidebook that will answer all your questions and lead you to a better sex life. For example: Can masturbation have any effect on sex? Can he do it too much . . . or too little? He always orgasms before me . . . is there any way to slow him down? Do grown men still have wet dreams? Can his weight affect our sex life? Size Matters is a fun, prescriptive, easy-to-understand troubleshooting guide for women who have questions about male sexuality or who want to have better sex. You might not always understand what’s going on in his mind, but now you can know what’s going on in his pants. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Size Matters

Size Matters Author Rita Sever
ISBN-10 9781631521041
Release 2016-11-22
Pages 136
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Supervision is a critical function of leadership that is often overlooked, and yet the quality of supervision is often what makes or breaks a leader—and an organization. Let’s Talk about Supervision is full of bite-size ideas for how to become a more effective supervisor, including advice on how to be clear about expectations, giving helpful feedback, manage yourself, and more. Each chapter is structured around how you approach a part of your work as a supervisor: how you talk, how you think about others, how you run meetings, how you lead, and more. Whether you’re a front-line supervisor or a CEO, this book will help you sharpen your skills and improve morale by transforming your supervision skills into user-friendly tactics that work.

Size Matters

Size Matters Author Joel J. Miller
ISBN-10 1418551732
Release 2006-01-01
Pages 240
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Your right to pursue happiness has been revoked by Big Government. Thousands of pages of regulations, millions of employees, and trillions of tax dollars . . . Big Government is bigger than ever, and as this bloated behemoth continues to fatten up and stretch out, it squeezes America's entrepreneurs, workers, and families - cutting our choices, limiting our opportunities, and squelching our right to pursue happiness. Every year, taxes increase, regulations pile higher, the cost of living goes up - and our quality of life suffers. So with everyone obsessing about the obesity problem in America, isn't it time we looked at the fat, flabby, overstretched, and overbloated behemoth that is American government? Size Matters shows through facts, figures, and head-spinning stories that as government increases in quantity, we all suffer a loss in life quality. Miller reveals the damning details of Big Government's impact on the lives of ordinary Americans. How it . . . reduces family income drives up the cost of housing, healthcare, and most every other consumer product or service hurts employment misdirects entrepreneurial efforts stifles vital marketplace creativity and innovation Bristling with drama and data, Size Matters reveals the real daily drawbacks of Big Government. It comes down to this . . . Big Government = Huge Problem. Size really does matter. "Miller explains how government overregulation and porkbarrelling are costing Americans money and freedom while politicians and special interests line their pockets. This book should be a political call to arms." -Glenn Reynolds,; author of An Army of Davids "Great sport! Imagine Thomas Frank if he actually told the truth. Accessible, entertaining, informative, and relevant in the best sense of the word. Read this book and you'll never lose an argument to a liberal again." -Jack Cashill, author of Hoodwinked and Sucker Punch "Miller will make you excited about the potential of America-and spitting mad that Big Government keeps tripping us up." -Star Parker, author of Uncle Sam's Plantation "Who knew that reading about rapacious government growth could be so delectable?" -Nick Gillespie, editor-in-chief, Reason

Size Matters

Size Matters Author Stephen S. Hall
ISBN-10 0618470409
Release 2006
Pages 388
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A distiguished journalist and author of Merchants of Immortality explores the issue of male body image as he examines the influence of height on male social status, psychology, relationships, and professional success and reflects on why one person's small stature leads to low status while another develops a resilience that will enrich his later life.

Why Size Matters

Why Size Matters Author John Tyler Bonner
ISBN-10 9781400837557
Release 2011-12-05
Pages 176
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John Tyler Bonner, one of our most distinguished and creative biologists, here offers a completely new perspective on the role of size in biology. In his hallmark friendly style, he explores the universal impact of being the right size. By examining stories ranging from Alice in Wonderland to Gulliver's Travels, he shows that humans have always been fascinated by things big and small. Why then does size always reside on the fringes of science and never on the center stage? Why do biologists and others ponder size only when studying something else--running speed, life span, or metabolism? Why Size Matters, a pioneering book of big ideas in a compact size, gives size its due by presenting a profound yet lucid overview of what we know about its role in the living world. Bonner argues that size really does matter--that it is the supreme and universal determinant of what any organism can be and do. For example, because tiny creatures are subject primarily to forces of cohesion and larger beasts to gravity, a fly can easily walk up a wall, something we humans cannot even begin to imagine doing. Bonner introduces us to size through the giants and dwarfs of human, animal, and plant history and then explores questions including the physics of size as it affects biology, the evolution of size over geological time, and the role of size in the function and longevity of living things. As this elegantly written book shows, size affects life in its every aspect. It is a universal frame from which nothing escapes.

Size Matters Not

Size Matters Not Author Warwick Davis
ISBN-10 9781845138141
Release 2011-11-01
Pages 384
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DIV Published to coincide with his highly anticipated new sitcom – a mockumentary follow-up to Extras from the pens of Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant – Size Matters Not is the surprising and hilarious story of the world’s biggest little actor. When Nana Davis heard an advert on the radio seeking small people for the third Star Wars movie little did she know it was a moment that would transform her tiny grandson’s life. Aged only eleven and just two-feet-eleven inches in height, Warwick went on to make his screen debut as Wicket the Ewok in 1983’s box-office smash Return of the Jedi. It was the beginning of a career that would see him star in some of the biggest films of the last thirty years. Still just three-foot-six, Warwick owes his success to a boundless optimism. His one-in-a-million genetic condition may have opened doors through which other actors couldn’t fit, but it has also led to trials and tragedy – from the seemingly mundane challenge of supermarket shopping, to the sometimes heartbreaking story of his struggle to start a family. By turns funny and moving, Size Matters Not is a big story from a big man, who just happens to be very, very short. /div

When Size Matters

When Size Matters Author Carly Laine
ISBN-10 9781460370278
Release 2014-11-15
Pages 224
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Dallas hair, diamonds the size of boulders, double-D cups stacked with silicone—would these be the reasons Dylan Stone feels a jumbo attack of insecurity coming on? Considering that Texas boys equate "cheerleaders" with happily-ever-after, this computer whiz can't quite see how her own, um, all-natural gifts fit in. Which might explain why she's the last virgin standing and a teensy bit concerned that the "problem" is out of control… … Until she meets Brad, a man as elusive as he is gorgeous. She's sure he's a contender for The One…if only he would stop running at even the slightest whisper of a glimmering rock!

Size Matters

Size Matters Author Arts Council Collection
ISBN-10 1853322490
Release 2005
Pages 71
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Comprising vivid reproductions of artworks from the Arts Council Collection, this beautiful book considers the ways in which artists have experimented with scale. It accompanies the Hayward Touring exhibition Size Matters, which brings together recent sculptures and paintings of recognisable objects that have undergone a disorientating shift in size. Featuring a postage stamp enlarged to the size of a billboard and chairs of doll-house proportions, the exhibition prompts the viewer to feel gigantic and tiny in turns. Despite the playful quality of many of the works, Size Matters poses serious questions as to why scale is so important to our culture and presents new writing on the subject.

Size matters

Size matters Author Jill Mathews Yegian
ISBN-10 1840148772
Release 1999-07
Pages 171
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There is a large and growing interest among health policy and research circles on the use of purchasing alliances to leverage change in health care. This book gives detailed and useful specifics on how a leading alliance has fared in California, the most competitive health care market in the United States. Although it is generally accepted that large organizations are more effective purchasers of health insurance, little work has been done to carefully examine the reasons that underlie that phenomenon. Yet, creating interventions and designing potential solutions requires a thorough understanding of the issues. The econometric analysis adds to the limited literature on the influence of premium on choice behaviour for employees of small firms, and introduces an analysis of choice behaviour in a purchasing cooperative setting. The political section of this book presents a much more detailed historical account and analysis of California's small group market reforms, the most significant health-related legislation in the state in the prior decade, than has been previously available. The conclusions are becoming particularly relevant, both in California and elsewhere, as the issues of reform of the individual market for health insurance comes to the forefront.

In Finance Size Matters

In Finance  Size Matters Author Mr. Jong-Kun Lee
ISBN-10 9781451899122
Release 2002-06-01
Pages 48
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This study investigates the relationship between production efficiency in financial intermediation and financial system size. The study predicts and tests for the existence of "systemic scale economies" (SSEs), whereby value-maximizing intermediaries operating in large systems are expected to have lower production costs and lower costs of risk absorption and reputation signaling than intermediaries operating in small systems. The study investigates different channels through which the SSEs work their effects through the intermediaries and estimates such effects using a large banking data panel. The study shows strongly supporting evidence in favor of SSEs. It also finds that the institutional environment, the risk environment, and market concentration affect significantly the production efficiency of financial intermediaries.

Size Matters

Size Matters Author Judy Astley
ISBN-10 9781446437865
Release 2011-07-31
Pages 272
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Big and beautiful? Or thin and miserable? Jay has always envied her cousin Delphine. While Jay was brought up in a large, noisy and chaotic family, Delphine was indulged, perfectly dressed with a co-ordinated bedroom, an immaculate wardrobe, dancing lessons and monogrammed silver-backed hairbrushes. Now Jay lives happily with her architect husband and their three teenage children, running a successful cleaning company and trying to keep some kind of order on her disorderly household, while Delphine has long since disappeared to Australia with her second husband. But Jay does sometimes wonder whether she should be more like her cousin - utterly well-organised and with a size ten figure. So Jay decides to diet. But what should it be? High carb, no protein? High protein, no carb? High fibre? Wheat free? Fat free? Food free? She tries them all, with a variety of successes and failures. But then Delphine reappears, with a third husband in prospect and the same old air of apparently effortless superiority. Jay never considers that perhaps Delphine is the envious one...

Size Matters

Size Matters Author Johann S. Ach
ISBN-10 9783825815943
Release 2008
Pages 252
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Nanotechnologies and nanobiotechnologies will come to be the key technologies of the 21st century. The possibility to study, understand and control features of materials at the nanoscale promises developments in different areas ranging from material sciences to electronics and communication technologies or life sciences and medicine. If one wants to make good use of nanotechnological research and development one has to create an environment that meets the various ethical, legal and social challenges as well.

Size Matters

Size Matters  Author Georgina Cronin
ISBN-10 1905597029
Release 2006
Pages 205
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Size Matters has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Size Matters also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Size Matters book for free.

Size Matters

Size Matters Author Mimi Paris
ISBN-10 9780967851426
Release 2001-06-01
Pages 88
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21 Truths you should know to enjoy a lifetime of “Effortless Success.” Synopsis Success is not difficult…All you have to do is tell the truth. We use untruths to make ourselves feel okay with how we navigate our way through life. Unfortunately, the untruths we tell ourselves actually keep us from living the life we really want. By learning the truth and living the truth, you will… Attract success effortlessly. Discover an endless supply of energy. Rid yourself of the draining episodes of your life. Eliminate hindering patterns in your life. Enjoy abundance–financially and socially. Have more quality time. So let’s begin by telling the truth: Size Matters!

Size Matters

Size Matters Author Robyn Peterman
ISBN-10 9781601830630
Release 2013-12-19
Pages 297
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"For a good time, read Robyn Peterman!" —Michelle Rowen, national bestselling author A few hard truths. . .Don't bet on Hasselhoff, Bigfoot might actually exist, and searching for the impossible may lead you to your heart's desire. . . It's a big fat hairy deal when I lose yet another bet to my best friend, Rena. Not only do I end up attending Bigfoot meetings with her kooky Aunt Phyllis, I find myself traveling with a band of reality TV, Sasquatch-hunting nut-jobs! Not to mention a suspiciously shady film crew. As if those little nuggets weren't enough to send me on the express-train to Crazytown. . .I stupidly swore off men! Clearly all this would mess up any gal's social life, but the worst part of the story? The minute I send my libido on vacation, I meet Mitch. Yep, Mitch, the sexiest cop ev-ah. The hottest, best kissing, finest tushied, SINGLE guy I've ever laid eyes on. I'd rather be hot on his trail than anything that involves the word Big or Foot. But sometimes what you're hunting for has been right in front of you all along . . . "A zany over-the-top rompfest." —Lexi George on How Hard Can It Be? 97,400 Words

Real Vampires Know Size Matters

Real Vampires Know Size Matters Author Gerry Bartlett
ISBN-10 9781101619971
Release 2013-12-03
Pages 352
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In the latest novel from national bestselling author Gerry Bartlett, curvaceous vampire Glory St. Clair has to figure how to compete with the wiles of a witchy woman... Just when Glory has her life semi–on track, a woman from her longtime lover Jeremiah Campbell’s past steamrolls into town on a mission to win him back. Normally Glory wouldn’t feel threatened by a mortal with amorous intentions, but Jerry’s ex just happens to be a beautiful voodoo priestess with evil spirits at her beck and call—and a serious lack of conscience when it comes to getting what she wants. And then there’s Glory’s family. After a lifetime of being MIA, Glory’s mom wants to go on a mother-daughter bonding trip to Olympus, home of the gods. And though Glory doesn’t trust her, her mother is offering to help with her pesky voodoo-woman problem. But with no guarantee of a return trip, can Glory dare leave Jerry alone while she visits a place where her less-than-perfect figure won’t be appreciated and time has no meaning? But size and the bonds of time are the least of her worries when love is on the line…