We Are Three Sisters

We Are Three Sisters Author Drew Lamonica
ISBN-10 0826262686
Release 2003
Pages 260
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Shakespeare s Sisters

Shakespeare s Sisters Author Sandra M. Gilbert
ISBN-10 0253112583
Release 1979
Pages 337
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Sisters Author Claudine Gandolfi
ISBN-10 9781441302342
Release 2008-01-01
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What can be said of the bond that sisters share? It can be a closeness beyond compare, made of laughter and memory. Our shared rooms, borrowed clothes, mutual secrets, and even disagreements become threads of memory that weave our lives together. As sisters, we know that no matter what happens between us, we will always have each other. This little volume honors the joys and trials of sisterhood, bringing home its undeniable value in our lives.

Das Koreanische Kino A Tale of Two Sisters

Das Koreanische Kino    A Tale of Two Sisters   Author Viktor Gasic
ISBN-10 9783656286530
Release 2012-10-11
Pages 94
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Studienarbeit aus dem Jahr 2006 im Fachbereich Medien / Kommunikation - Film und Fernsehen, Note: 1,0, Fachhochschule Dortmund (Studiengang Kamera), Sprache: Deutsch, Abstract: „A Tale of two sisters“ ist eine Geschichte von zwei kleinen Schwestern, die gewaltsam von einander getrennt wurden. Es ist ein Horror Film, der sowohl eine psychoanalytische als auch eine politische Interpretationsebene bietet. Der psychoanalytische Prozess ist der Hauptbestandteil des Films, eine Person wird in ihre Vergangenheit versetzt und versucht diese zu verarbeiten. Eine politische Interpretationsebene von „A Tale of two sisters“ öffnet sich, wenn man in die Geschichte den anderen Teil der politisch getrennten koreanischen Halbinsel (Süd und Nord Korea) miteinbezieht. Die folgende Filmanalyse bezieht sich auf die audio-visuelle Gestaltungspolitik in Bezug auf die psychoanalytische als auch politische Interpretationsebene. Als Folge eines schweren Traumas aus ihrer Kindheit (Verlust der Mutter und der jüngeren Schwester) ist die Hauptprotagonistin Su-Mi (gespielt von Im Soo-Jung) psychisch erkrankt und befindet sich nun in einer psychiatrischen Klinik. Als der Arzt ihr ein Familienphoto zeigt, werden in Su-mi Erinnerungen wach und sie zeigt uns ihre innere Welt. Mit der Zeit wird klar, dass Su-mi an multipler Persönlichkeitsstörung leidet, denn sie kann sich mit dem Tod der Schwester nicht abfinden. Sie trägt sie weiterhin in ihrem Bewusstsein, als Teil einer eigenen gespaltenen Persönlichkeit. Auch der Elektrakomplex mit Eifersucht auf die Stiefmutter spielt dabei eine große Rolle. Mit der Hilfe von Psychoanalyse lernt sie das Trauma endlich loszulassen und ein neues Leben zu beginnen.

The Grimk Sisters from South Carolina

The Grimk   Sisters from South Carolina Author Gerda Lerner
ISBN-10 0807868094
Release 2009-11-20
Pages 400
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A landmark work of women's history originally published in 1967, Gerda Lerner's best-selling biography of Sarah and Angelina Grimke explores the lives and ideas of the only southern women to become antislavery agents in the North and pioneers for women's rights. This revised and expanded edition includes two new primary documents and an additional essay by Lerner. In a revised introduction Lerner reinterprets her own work nearly forty years later and gives new recognition to the major significance of Sarah Grimke's feminist writings.

Sisters in the Struggle

Sisters in the Struggle Author Bettye Collier-Thomas
ISBN-10 0814716032
Release 2001-08-01
Pages 363
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Tells the stories and documents the contributions of African American women involved in the struggle for racial and gender equality through the civil rights and black power movements in the United States.

Micro sisters

Micro sisters Author Ina Küller
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105009104741
Release 1988
Pages 80
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Brothers and Sisters

Brothers and Sisters Author Craig LaRon Torbenson
ISBN-10 0838641946
Release 2009
Pages 320
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The 1950s are arguably the watershed era in the civil rights movement with the landmark Supreme Court decision of Brown v. Board of Education in 1954, the Montgomery Bus Boycott in 1955, and the desegregation of Little Rock (Arkansas) High School in 1957. It was during this period--1955 to be exact--that sociologist Alfred M. Lee published his seminal work Fraternities without Brotherhood: A Study of Prejudice on the American Campus. Lee's book was the first and last book to explore diversity within college fraternal groups. More than fifty years later, Craig L. Torbenson and Gregory S. Parks revisit this issue more broadly in their edited volume Brothers and Sisters: Diversity in College Fraternities and Sororities. This volume draws from a variety of disciplines in an attempt to provide a holistic analysis of diversity within collegiate fraternal life. It also brings a wide range of scholarly approaches to the inquiry of diversity within college fraternities and sororities. It explores not only from whence these groups have come but where they are currently situated and what issues arise as they progress.

Shame and Its Sisters

Shame and Its Sisters Author Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick
ISBN-10 0822316943
Release 1995
Pages 268
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The question of affect is central to critical theory, psychology, politics, and the entire range of the humanities; but no discipline, including psychoanalysis, has offered a theory of affect that would be rich enough to account for the delicacy and power, the evanescence and durability, the bodily rootedness and the cultural variability of human emotion. Silvan Tomkins (1911–1991) was one of the most radical and imaginative psychologists of the twentieth century. In Affect, Imagery, Consciousness, a four-volume work published over the last thirty years of his life, Tomkins developed an ambitious theory of affect steeped in cybernetics and systems theory as well as in psychoanalysis, ethology, and neuroscience. The implications of his conceptually daring and phenomenologically suggestive theory are only now—in the context of postmodernism—beginning to be understood. With Shame and Its Sisters, editors Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick and Adam Frank make available for the first time an engaging and accessible selection of Tomkins's work. Featuring intensive examination of several key affects, particularly shame and anger, this volume contains many of Tomkins's most haunting, diagnostically incisive, and theoretically challenging discussions. An introductory essay by the editors places Tomkins's work in the context of postwar information technologies and will prompt a reexamination of some of the underlying assumptions of recent critical work in cultural studies and other areas of the humanities. The text is also accompanied by a biographical sketch of Tomkins by noted psychologist Irving E. Alexander, Tomkins's longtime friend and collaborator.

Band of Sisters

Band of Sisters Author Kirsten A. Holmstedt
ISBN-10 0811702677
Release 2007
Pages 327
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Profiles twelve women soldiers who have served in the Iraq War, describing their experiences in the war, discussing the pressures of the job, and touching on the difficulties of being a woman in the military.


Sisters Author Carol Saline
ISBN-10 0762400897
Release 1997-01
Pages 136
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Featuring original essays and photographs, a portrayal of the profound relationship between sisters includes writers, athletes, painters, socialites, and teachers telling about the special bond and unique experiences they share with their sisters


Smile Author Raina Telgemeier
ISBN-10 3833226544
Release 2013-05
Pages 213
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Moon Sisters Krishna Mothers Rajneesh Lovers

Moon Sisters  Krishna Mothers  Rajneesh Lovers Author Susan J. Palmer
ISBN-10 0815602979
Release 1994
Pages 287
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Explores the role of women in seven unorthodox religious movements in Western culture. Based on interviews and first-hand data, the study illustrates a range of roles: celibate sister, devoted Hindu wife, sexually expressive lover, veiled Nubian bride in polygamy, and asexual shaman.

Voice Lessons

Voice Lessons Author Cara Mentzel
ISBN-10 9781250105257
Release 2017-10-10
Pages 256
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Voice Lessons is the story of one younger sister growing up in the shadow of a larger-than-life older sister—looking up to her, wondering how they were alike and how they were different and, ultimately, learning how to live her own life and speak in her own voice on her own terms. As Cara Mentzel, studied, explored, married, gave birth (twice) and eventually became an elementary school teacher, she watched her sister, Idina Menzel, from the wings and gives readers a front row seat to opening night of Rent and Wicked, a seat at the Tonys, and a place on the red carpet when her sister taught millions more, as the voice of Queen Elsa in the animated musical Frozen, to “Let It Go.” Voice Lessons is the story of sisters—sisters with pig tails, sisters with boyfriends and broken hearts, sisters as mothers and aunts, sisters as teachers and ice-queens, sisters as allies and confidantes. As Cara puts it, “My big sister is Tony-Award-Winning, Gravity-Defying, Let-It-Go-Singing Idina Menzel who has received top billing on Broadway marquees, who has performed for Barbra Streisand and President Obama, at the Super Bowl and at the Academy Awards. The world knows her as 'Idina Menzel', but I call her 'Dee'.” Voice Lessons is their story.

Cinderella s Sisters

Cinderella s Sisters Author Dorothy Ko
ISBN-10 9780520253902
Release 2007-12-17
Pages 332
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Footbinding is widely condemned as perverse & as symbolic of male domination over women. This study offers a more complex explanation of a thousand year practice, contending that the binding of women's feet in China was sustained by the interests of both women and men.

Sisters or Strangers

Sisters or Strangers Author Marlene Epp
ISBN-10 9781442629134
Release 2016-08-16
Pages 624
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Spanning more than two hundred years of history, from the eighteenth century to the twenty-first, Sisters or Strangers? explores the complex lives of immigrant, ethnic, and racialized women in Canada. Among the themes examined in this new edition are the intersection of race, crime, and justice, the creation of white settler societies, letters and oral histories, domestic labour, the body, political activism, food studies, gender and ethnic identity, and trauma, violence, and memory. The second edition of this influential essay collection expands its chronological and conceptual scope with fifteen new essays that reflect the latest cutting-edge research in Canadian women's history. Introductions to each thematic section include discussion questions and suggestions for further reading, making the book an even more valuable classroom resource than before.

Poetic Sisters

Poetic Sisters Author Deborah Kennedy
ISBN-10 9781611484854
Release 2013
Pages 303
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Poetic Sisters explores the personal and literary connections among five eighteenth-century women poets. Anchored in the work of Anne Finch, author of “A Nocturnal Reverie,” this book explores a female literary network, and emphasizes the range and extent of these writers' poetic achievement and its resonance for the twenty-first-century reader.