Seattle Author Clark Humphrey
ISBN-10 0738576050
Release 2011
Pages 95
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One of America's youngest big cities, Seattle has already seen a lot of growth and change in 160 years. Stunning buildings came up (and sometimes down). Parks were built on shipping docks, oil terminals, and airspace above a freeway. And despite Seattle's nature-loving reputation, its landscape was raised, lowered, and reshaped. Explore dozens of altered places throughout the Jet City with Clark Humphrey, author of Arcadia's popular Vanishing Seattle and Seattle's Belltown.

Seattle and Beyond

Seattle and Beyond Author Patrick Grady
ISBN-10 0968621007
Release 1999
Pages 165
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The Millennium Round of multilateral negotiations was launched at the well-publicized third World Trade Organization (WTO) Ministerial Meeting in Seattle in December. Seattle & Beyond: The WTO Millennium Round is the ultimate guide to the many difficult & controversial issues that will arise during the planned three-year negotiations. Seattle & Beyond contains 15 chapters providing an in-depth look at the topics of E-commerce, agriculture, opening markets, competition policy, integrating labor standards, settling disputes, & much more. "This is a very useful summary & analysis of the major issues before the World Trade Organization, & deserves to be widely read." --Michael Moore, Director-General, World Trade Organization.

Park playgrounds and boulevards of Seattle Washington

Park playgrounds and boulevards of Seattle  Washington Author Seattle (Wash.). Park Commissioners
ISBN-10 UOM:39015070252724
Release 1909
Pages 160
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Park playgrounds and boulevards of Seattle Washington has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Park playgrounds and boulevards of Seattle Washington also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Park playgrounds and boulevards of Seattle Washington book for free.

National Trust Guide Seattle

National Trust Guide Seattle Author Walt Crowley
ISBN-10 0471180440
Release 1998-02-11
Pages 274
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Offers maps and walking tours with information on landmarks, museums, and annual events

True Stories from Seattle

True Stories from Seattle Author Lamont Cranston
ISBN-10 9781452089416
Release 2010-12
Pages 456
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Seattle is a seacoast town. With more than its share of outlaws. This book proves crime does pay if you are good at it.

Seattle s Commercial Aviation 1908 1941

Seattle s Commercial Aviation 1908 1941 Author Ed Davies
ISBN-10 0738571016
Release 2009-10
Pages 127
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Interested in aviation as early as 1910, William Boeing waited until 1914 for his first airplane ride. In 1916, he founded the airplane company that put Seattle on the aviation map. Before Boeing, Seattle featured aircraft builders like Eugene Romano, G. T. Takasou, Tom Hamilton, and Herb Munter. Boeing emerged during World War I and, by the beginning of World War II, had become a world leader. In those years, lesser known individuals like Eddie Hubbard, Percy Barnes, Vern Gorst, the Becvar brothers, Elliott Merrill, Jim Galvin, and Lana Kurtzer influenced commercial aviation around Seattle. Drawing on photographs from around the area, Seattle's Commercial Aviation: 1908-1941 illustrates the early days beginning with dirigible flights, recognizes the arrival of commercial airmail and the airlines, salutes the local operators, and marks Seattle's emergence as the aviation gateway to Alaska.


Seattle Author Benjamin Lukoff
ISBN-10 1910496006
Release 2015-05-01
Pages 144
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"This book is a revision of Seattle Then and Now first produced in 2010 by Salamander Books, a division of Pavilion Books Group."--Page facing title page.

Seattle 100

Seattle 100 Author Chase Jarvis
ISBN-10 9780133085471
Release 2010-10-04
Pages 240
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Seattle 100: Portrait of a City is the culmination of a two-year personal project by renowned photographer, filmmaker, and social artist Chase Jarvis. Both a creative project and an insightful ethnography, Seattle 100 shares—via more than 300 stunning black-and-white portraits and biographies of each subject—a curated collection of leading artists, musicians, writers, scientists, restaurateurs, DJs, developers, activists, entrepreneurs, filmmakers, and more, all of whom are defining and driving culture in Seattle. Some faces you will know, other names you may have heard in passing, and others will have been unknown to you until now. With this book, Jarvis has created a snapshot of a city’s culture through its people. And it’s inclusive. Descriptive rather than prescriptive. It’s a 100, not an exclusive the 100, and it invites each of us to survey our own surroundings, our lives, our friends—and those not yet our friends—that make up the place we live, whether that’s Seattle or anywhere else. Individually, the images and words here introduce you to 100 engaging and important people. Collectively, this portrait of a city tells a fascinating, interwoven story about a unique and vibrant place. Beyond the photos and commentary by Jarvis, there are pithy musings by a select handful of subjects on the topics of art, food, community, region, culture, and film. In addition, many of the subjects share their favorite things, places, and doings in and around the Seattle that they have explored, discovered, and rediscovered time and again. Chase Jarvis is donating 100% of his artist proceeds from this book to the amazing arts and culture organization

Gay Seattle

Gay Seattle Author Gary Atkins
ISBN-10 9780295982984
Release 2003
Pages 451
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The evolution of Seattle's gay community is traced from 1893 to 1993 through stories of exile and belonging, taken from interviews and case studies of early demonstration and prosecution of gays to the public presence of gays in elected office.

Cemeteries of Seattle

Cemeteries of Seattle Author Robin Shannon
ISBN-10 0738548138
Release 2007
Pages 128
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A fascinating story exists just below Seattle's surface, buried in the city's many historic cemeteries. Founded in 1872 on land acquired from Doc Maynard, Lake View Cemetery holds the remains of one of Seattle's favorite sons, Bruce Lee, whose son Brandon Lee is buried beside him. Maynard is also buried here, along with most of the Seattle pioneers, including the Dennys, Borens, Maynards, Yeslers, and Morans. Princess Angeline, Chief Sealth's daughter, was buried here in a canoe-shaped coffin, and Madame Damnable's remains supposedly turned to stone. Evergreen-Washelli Cemetery, founded in 1884 by the Denny family, contains Judge Thomas Burke, known as "the man who built Seattle"; a Veterans' Memorial Cemetery dating from the Civil War; and two cannons from the USS Constitution, famously nicknamed "Old Ironsides." Mount Pleasant Cemetery, founded in 1883 in Queen Anne, is the final resting place of the labor martyrs of the Everett Massacre and William Bell, of Belltown fame. Remembrance benches for Nirvana's Kurt Cobain and Jimi Hendrix's memorial are also local landmarks.

Beautiful America s Seattle

Beautiful America s Seattle Author Cheryl Landes
ISBN-10 089802708X
Release 1999
Pages 80
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Seattle author, Cheryl Landes puts her talents and long time love affair with her city Seattle into a delightful, entertaining and informative text about this gem of the northwest city -- "Seattle." Skillfully guiding you through famous streets, neighborhoods and the delightful nooks and crannies, Cheryl brings the city alive in this new publication that follows a long succession of wonderful books about "Seattle." The best yet, this text is supported with stunningly beautiful photography from many of the northwest's best photographers, including Mark Windom and Rick Morley. This is a publication you don't want to miss!

Brewing in Seattle

Brewing in Seattle Author Kurt Stream
ISBN-10 9780738595238
Release 2012
Pages 127
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Brewing beer in Seattle can be traced back to 1864, when in the small, unincorporated town of under 1,000 people the first brewery opened and began manufacturing porter and cream ales. Over the next 50 years, innovation and entrepreneurship would take Seattle brewed beer to extraordinary heights. By the eve of Prohibition, powered by its popular Rainier Beer, the Seattle Brewing and Malting Company was the largest industrial institution in the state of Washington and the sixth-largest brewery in the world. Prohibition would wipe out the industry in 1916, but by 1933, new faces such as Emil Sick would emerge and bring Seattle back to the forefront of the brewing world. Images of America: Brewing in Seattle is the first book completely dedicated to the rich history of beer in Seattle and showcases just about every single brewery of this great city, from the mid-1800s to the recent craft-brewery boom. It offers a rare glimpse of photographs, advertisements, and interviews from some of the innovators who helped shape Seattle into the beer lover's paradise it is today.

Seattle Meth and Car Theft

Seattle Meth and Car Theft Author Tracy Marks
ISBN-10 9781456872908
Release 2011-02-16
Pages 288
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"This is a story of how I got started on meth and how quickly things spun out of control until I was living on the streets which eventually progressed into crime while living out of stolen cars. The cycle of drugs, crime, and prison goes on for years, finally I hit treatment. After treatment I find success and a new way to live until I relapse but I look at addiction through a new set of eyes. I humanized the addict but would never ask for the reader’s sympathy because this is a story solely written to exploit the underground drug world and property crimes of addicts. This book is meant to give society a raw and uncut look into a car thief’s world. Exposing reasons of why cars are stolen, how they are stolen, and what happens to cars after they are stolen. An inside look into street crime. This story is engaging from the very first page and leaves the reader always wanting more. Targeting anyone who has had someone close to them with a meth addiction and more importantly, for those who live in cities and own a vehicle."

I 5 I 90 Construction Seattle

I 5 I 90 Construction  Seattle Author
ISBN-10 NWU:35556030782502
Release 1983
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I 5 I 90 Construction Seattle has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from I 5 I 90 Construction Seattle also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full I 5 I 90 Construction Seattle book for free.

A Seattle heritage

A Seattle heritage Author Anne H. Calhoun
ISBN-10 WISC:89056268139
Release 1942
Pages 121
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A Seattle heritage has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from A Seattle heritage also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full A Seattle heritage book for free.

Seattle s 1962 World s Fair

Seattle s 1962 World s Fair Author Bill Cotter
ISBN-10 0738581259
Release 2010
Pages 127
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When the United States entered the 1960s, the nation was swept up in the Space Race as the United States and the Soviet Union competed for supremacy in rocket and satellite technologies. Cities across the country hoped to attract new aerospace companies, but the city leaders of Seattle launched the most ambitious campaign of all. They invited the whole world to visit for the 1962 Seattle World's Fair, and more than nine million people took them up on the offer. A colorful collection of exhibits turned 74 acres of rundown buildings into a futuristic wonderland where dozens of countries and companies predicted life in the future. The entire city was transformed with the addition of the soaring Space Needle and the futuristic monorail. When the fair ended, the site became a complex of parks and museums that remains a vibrant part of Seattle city life today.

Citistate Seattle

Citistate Seattle Author Mark L. Hinshaw
ISBN-10 UOM:39015048595147
Release 1999-04
Pages 170
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Planning success depends on the support of city dwellers, builders, and workers. But few citizens understand why planning matters to the look, feel, and experience of daily city life. Most planners are at a loss to explain. Not Mark Hinshaw. He regularly brings the public face-to-face with real-life planning through his columns in the ?Seattle Times '. Now, in ?Citistate Seattle ?, this respected architect and certified planner, addresses a national audience by documenting planning's triumphs, near misses, and outright failures in one of America's most interesting boom towns. Planners looking for a way to put a planning spin on familiar issues need look no farther than Hinshaw's example. With style and humor, Hinshaw writes of special places in everyday Seattle. He takes us to popular, high-profile landmarks like Pike Place Market as well as tucked-away gems, cozy cottages, trendy pubs, gracious apartment buildings, and vibrant urban villages-that flavor and enliven the city. He shares his eye for unique, humanizing details of design, architecture, and function, bringing this colorful metropolis to life so vividly you'll practically smell the coffee they brew and sell on (almost) every street corner. Along the way, Hinshaw explains the public and private decisions that helped Seattle avoid the urban desolation that plagues other American cities. He introduces many of Seattle's movers and shakers-mayors, developers, artists, and urban pioneers-who took it upon themselves to guide metropolitan Seattle along a different path.