Of Rule and Revenue

Of Rule and Revenue Author Margaret Levi
ISBN-10 0520909542
Release 1989-08-03
Pages 264
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Margaret Levi's wide-ranging theoretical and historical study demonstrates the importance of political relative to economic factors in accounting for revenue production policies.

The Rule of Metaphor

The Rule of Metaphor Author Paul Ricoeur
ISBN-10 9781134381685
Release 2004-06-01
Pages 392
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First Published in 1986. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

The Rule of the Templars

The Rule of the Templars Author J. M. Upton-Ward
ISBN-10 0851157017
Release 1992
Pages 200
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Both monastic rule and military manual, the Rule is a unique document and an important historical source.

Democracy and the Rule of Law

Democracy and the Rule of Law Author Adam Przeworski
ISBN-10 0521532663
Release 2003-07-21
Pages 321
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Addresses why governments sometimes follow the law and other times choose to evade the law.

Rule of Darkness

Rule of Darkness Author Patrick Brantlinger
ISBN-10 0801497671
Release 1990-06-19
Pages 309
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A major contribution to the cultural and literary history of the Victorian age, Rule of Darkness maps the complex relationship between Victorian literary forms, genres, and theories and imperialist, racist ideology. Critics and cultural historians have usually regarded the Empire as being of marginal importance to early and mid-Victorian writers. Patrick Brantlinger asserts that the Empire was central to British culture as a source of ideological and artistic energy, both supported by and lending support to widespread belief in racial superiority, the need to transform "savagery" into "civilization," and the urgency of promoting emigration. Rule of Darkness brings together material from public records, memoirs, popular culture, and canonical literature. Brantlinger explores the influence of the novels of Captain Frederick Marryat, pioneer of British adolescent adventure fiction, and shows the importance of William Makepeace Thackeray's experience of India to his novels. He treats a number of Victorian best sellers previously ignored by literary historians, including the Anglo-Indian writer Philip Meadows Taylor's Confessions of a Thug and Seeta. Brantlinger situates explorers' narratives and travelogues by such famous author-adventurers as David Livingstone and Sir Richard Burton in relation to other forms of Victorian and Edwardian prose. Through readings of works by Arthur Conan Doyle, Joseph Conrad, H. Rider Haggard, Rudyard Kipling, John Hobson, and many others, he considers representations of Africa, India, and other non-British parts of the world in both fiction and nonfiction. The most comprehensive study yet of literature and imperialism in the early and mid-Victorian years, Rule of Darkness offers, in addition, a revisionary interpretation of imperialism as a significant factor in later British cultural history, from the 1880s to World War I. It is essential reading for anyone concerned with Victorian culture and society and, more generally, with the relationship between Victorian writers and imperialism, 'and between racist ideology and patterns of domination in modern history.

The Rule of St Benedict in English

The Rule of St  Benedict in English Author Saint Benedict (Abbot of Monte Cassino.)
ISBN-10 0814612725
Release 1982
Pages 96
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For fifteen centuries Benedictine monasticism has been governed by a Rule that is at once strong enough to instill order and yet flexible enough to have relevance fifteen hundred years later. English-only Edition.

Parlamentssuprematie und Rule of Law

Parlamentssuprematie und Rule of Law Author Gernot Sydow
ISBN-10 3161487583
Release 2005-01
Pages 127
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English summary: Since 1997/98 in particular, the traditional British constitutional system has been undergoing extensive reforms which affect the core of the constitution. Gernot Sydow studies the structural principles of this process of constitutional reform from a German point of view. He reconstructs the current constitutional debates in Great Britain, seeing them as the sum of sovereignty and legitimacy conflicts which have not been discussed and settled. According to the author, the constitutional reforms in Britain are gradually being brought into line with the constitutional traditions in continental Europe. European influences, however, appear to function as catalysts which are speeding up the process of British constitutional reforms rather than as decisive reasons for reform. German description: Die uberkommene britische Verfassungsordnung ist insbesondere seit 1997/98 Gegenstand weitreichender Reformen, die die Verfassung in ihrem Kern beruhren. Gernot Sydow arbeitet ubergreifende Strukturprinzipien dieses Verfassungsreformprozesses heraus und konstatiert eine allmahliche Ablosung der uberkommenen politischen Verfassungsordnung durch eine rechtsnormative Verfassung. Er rekonstruiert die gegenwartigen verfassungsrechtlichen Auseinandersetzungen in Grossbritannien als Summe nicht ausgetragener Souveranitats- und Legitimitatskonflikte: zwischen Westminster Parliament und Common-Law-Gerichten, zwischen Parlamentsgesetzen und common law, zwischen Parlamentssuprematie und rule of law, zwischen nationaler Souveranitat und europaischer Integration. Der Autor stellt die These auf, dass die britischen Verfassungsreformen eine gewisse Annaherung an kontinentaleuropaische Verfassungstraditionen bewirken, dass sie aber nicht primar europaische Einflusse verarbeiten. Soweit europaische Einflusse zu konstatieren sind, wirken sie als Katalysatoren, die den britischen Verfassungsreformprozess beschleunigen. Zentrale Verfassungsreformen mussen aber aus dem common law und der historisch gewachsenen britischen Verfassungsordnung selber erklart werden.

Die F rderung der Rule of Law in der Entwicklungszusammenarbeit

Die F  rderung der Rule of Law in der Entwicklungszusammenarbeit Author Jacqueline Neumann
ISBN-10 9783643123237
Release 2013
Pages 887
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Die F rderung der Rule of Law in der Entwicklungszusammenarbeit has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Die F rderung der Rule of Law in der Entwicklungszusammenarbeit also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Die F rderung der Rule of Law in der Entwicklungszusammenarbeit book for free.


Governmentality Author Mitchell Dean
ISBN-10 1446242862
Release 2009-11-13
Pages 304
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"Mitchell Dean has written an outstandingly clear and scholarly introduction to the central theses and methods of the analysis of the mentalities and techniques of rule… He not only provides a guide to Foucault's own thought in this area, but he also draws upon other key thinkers in contemporary social theory to develop original and illuminating analysis of some principle formations of political power. Dean's book should become required reading not just for those interested in the work of Michel Foucault, but for all those who are concerned with the dilemmas of contemporary politics." - Nikolas Rose, Goldsmiths, Praise for the First Edition Originally published in 1999 this exceptionally clear and lucid book quickly became the standard overview of what are now called 'governmentality studies'. With its emphasis on the relationship between governmentality and other key concepts drawn from Michel Foucault, such as bio-politics and sovereignty, the first edition anticipated and defined the terms of contemporary debate and analysis. In this timely second edition Mitchell Dean engages with the full textual basis of Foucault's lectures and once again provides invaluable insights into the traditions, methods and theories of political power identifying the authoritarian as well as liberal sides of governmentality. Every chapter has been fully revised and updated to incorporate, and respond to, new theoretical, social and political developments in the field; a new introduction surveying the state of governmentality today has also been added as well as a completely new chapter on international governmentality.

Trust and Rule

Trust and Rule Author Charles Tilly
ISBN-10 052185525X
Release 2005-07-25
Pages 196
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This book provides an essential background to the explanation of democratization and de-democratization.

Rule of Experts

Rule of Experts Author Timothy Mitchell
ISBN-10 0520232623
Release 2002
Pages 413
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Drawing upon two decades of fieldwork in Egypt, a political scientist and ethnographer offers a sweeping critique of social science theory, arguing that we need to move beyond postmoderism to examine the fundemental constructs of the social sciences: the nation, the economy, and violence.

The Rule of Law

The Rule of Law Author Cheryl Saunders
ISBN-10 186287459X
Release 2003-01
Pages 202
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The rule of law is acknowledged worldwide as central to good governance. Yet there often appears a huge gap between theory and practice, the acknowledgement no more than lip service. Where are the gaps? What are the problems? What is meant by 'the rule of law'? This book brings together the views of an extraordinary range of well-known authors. It contains essays by: Chief Justice Murray Gleeson, High Court of Australia; Justice Louise Arbour, Supreme Court of Canada; Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Supreme Court of USA; Dr Radhika Coomaraswamy, the UN Special Rapporteur on Violence against Women; and Professors Saunders (Australia), Dyzenhaus (Canada) and Troper (France). Each essay is followed by a substantial comment by a distinguished Australian jurist - Justices Gaudron and Hayne, Sir Anthony Mason, Elizabeth Evatt, and Professors Saunders and McCormack - to highlight the relevance of the issues raised for Australia. The essays cover issues such as: the debate about the meaning and application of the rule of law, nationally and internationally; the gaps between the theory and practice of the rule of law; relations between governments and people; the tensions between the judiciary and the elected branches of government (for example, ouster of the jurisdiction of the Australian courts); international criminal justice; and the position of women in situations of conflict and insurrection. The analyses in the book draw on topical events ranging from the Florida appeal in the election of President Bush (Justice Ginsburg) to the indictment of Slobodan Milosevic at the War Crimes Tribunal (Justice Arbour, who was prosecutor).

A Rule of Property for Bengal

A Rule of Property for Bengal Author Ranajit Guha
ISBN-10 0861312899
Release 1982
Pages 222
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A Rule of Property for Bengal has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from A Rule of Property for Bengal also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full A Rule of Property for Bengal book for free.

The Rule of Women in Early Modern Europe

The Rule of Women in Early Modern Europe Author Anne J. Cruz
ISBN-10 9780252076169
Release 2009
Pages 224
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A transnational comparison of women rulers and women's sovereignty throughout Europe

State Theory and Andean Politics

State Theory and Andean Politics Author Christopher Krupa
ISBN-10 9780812246940
Release 2015-03-17
Pages 352
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In the last few decades, Andean states have seen major restructuring of the organization, leadership, and reach of their governments. With these political tremors come major aftershocks, regarding both definitions and expectations: What is a state? Who or what makes it up, and where does it reside? In what capacity can the state be expected to right wrongs, raise people up, protect them from harm, maintain order, or provide public services? What are its powers and responsibilities? State Theory and Andean Politics attempts to answer these questions and more through an examination of the ongoing process of state-creation in Andean nations. Focusing on the everyday, extra-official, and frequently invisible or partially concealed permutations of rule in the lives of Andean people, the essays explore the material and cultural processes by which states come to appear as real and tangible parts of everyday life. In particular, they focus on the critical role of emotion, imagination, and fantasy in generating belief in the state, among the governed and the governing alike. This approach pushes beyond the limits of the state as conventionally understood to consider how "non-state" acts of governance intersect with official institutions of government, while never being entirely determined by them or bound to their authorizing agendas. State Theory and Andean Politics asserts that the state is not simply an institutional-bureaucratic apparatus but one of many forces vying for a claim to legitimate political dominion. Featuring an impressive array of Andeanist scholars as well as eminent state theorists Akhil Gupta and Gyanendra Pandey, State Theory and Andean Politics makes a bold and novel claim about the nature of states and state-making that deepens understanding not only of the Andes and Global South but of the world at large. Contributors: Kim Clark, Nicole Fabricant, Lesley Gill, Akhil Gupta, Christopher Krupa, David Nugent, Gyanendra Pandey, Mercedes Prieto, Maria Clemencia Ramírez, Irene Silverblatt, Karen Spalding, Winifred Tate.

The Rule of Freedom

The Rule of Freedom Author Patrick Joyce
ISBN-10 1859845207
Release 2003
Pages 276
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The liberal governance of the nineteenth-century state and city depended on the "rule of freedom". As a form of rule it relied on the production of certain kinds of citizens and patterns of social life, which in turn depended on transforming both the material form of the city (its layout, architecture, infrastructure) and the ways it was inhabited and imagined by its leaders, citizens and custodians. Focusing mainly on London and Manchester, but with reference also to Glasgow, Dublin, Paris, Vienna, colonial India, and even contemporary Los Angeles, Patrick Joyce creatively and originally develops Foucauldian approaches to historiography to reflect on the nature of modern liberal society. His consideration of such "artifacts" as maps and censuses, sewers and markets, public libraries and parks, and of civic governments and city planning, are intertwined with theoretical interpretations to examine both the impersonal, often invisible forms of social direction and control built into the infrastructure of modern life and the ways in which these mechanisms both shape culture and social life and engender popular resistance.

The Rule of Peace

The Rule of Peace Author Christopher Derrick
ISBN-10 0932506011
Release 1980
Pages 141
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St. Benedict has been called the Father of Western Monasticism and Patron of Europe. In this masterful work, Christopher Derrick brings forward the relevance of the values in the Rule of St. Benedict for the temporal as well as the spiritual future of the Western world.