Retirement age policies in Massachusetts

Retirement age policies in Massachusetts Author United States. Congress. House. Select Committee on Aging
ISBN-10 UIUC:30112048975806
Release 1977
Pages 111
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Generational Shockwaves and the Implications for Higher Education

Generational Shockwaves and the Implications for Higher Education Author Donald E. Heller
ISBN-10 9781848445048
Release 2009-01-01
Pages 224
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This is a fascinating book. Higher Education Review The Baby Boom generation did much to drive the transformation of American higher education that occurred in the 1960s. That extraordinary impact has invited many to think about how succeeding generations have challenged and will continue to challenge the assumptions and practices of educational institutions. This volume explores the significance of this generational perspective through observations from a variety of practitioners and observers of higher education. With stances ranging from unbridled enthusiasm to measured skepticism about the significance of generational change, these authors are sure to provide new insights to any thoughtful reader. Michael S. McPherson, President, The Spencer Foundation, US Our industry is extremely people intensive, so that understanding generational differences may be more important for us than for other industries. This book carefully portrays these generational differences and explores their implications for higher education. Catharine Bond Hill, President, Vassar College, US Generational Shockwaves is a must read for all of us in higher education who spend so much of our time working to enhance the educational and social success of our students as well as the scholarly and teaching success of our faculty. After reviewing this volume, no one can continue to support what too many in higher education still practice a one size fits all approach to the challenges we confront. Herman A. Berliner, Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, Hofstra University, US This volume offers a sort of cultural seismography of higher education in the early 21st century. This is the most comprehensive and thoughtful treatment I have seen of an inexorable and tectonic trend that will challenge the status quo in profound and unprecedented ways. David W. Leslie, Chancellor Professor of Education Emeritus, The College of William & Mary, US This volume, part of the TIAA-CREF Institute Series on Higher Education, is based on a national conference convened by the Institute in November 2007. The generational issues that were the focus of the conference raise both risks and opportunities with the potential to profoundly affect our cultural environment, both inside and outside academe. Baby Boomers, in their roles as students, parents, professors and administrators, transformed the American higher education system. As Boomers near retirement, Generation X and the Millennials are building on those contributions and making their own impacts. This volume sheds light on a current front-burner issue in higher education: managing the melding of generations, each with its unique needs and approaches to teaching and learning. The result of discussions among presidents, provosts, and other senior-level leaders from the higher education community, as well as the scholarship of leading academics, this lucid and engaging volume addresses intergenerational shifts and their wide-ranging implications for higher education including relevant risks and opportunities for consideration by campus leaders. The type of institution represented in these discussions ranges from small teaching-focused institutions to community colleges and large comprehensive research institutions. The authors offer senior leadership a deeper understanding of these generational challenges and opportunities and provide them with new and actionable information to enhance decision-making and inform strategic planning. They offer scholars new research questions to examine and provide insights to enhance effective reporting on higher education issues. Higher education presidents, chancellors, provosts, CFOs, faculty, researchers and policymakers will find this volume to be of significant value.

American Constitutional Law

American Constitutional Law Author Donald P. Kommers
ISBN-10 0742526879
Release 2004-01-01
Pages 1095
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A course on constitutional law and civil liberties can be-and is-nothing less than an extended inquiry into the meaning of America. American Constitutional Law, newly revised by Donald P. Kommers, John E. Finn, and Gary J. Jacobsohn, is a casebook made for such an inquiry. True to the liberal arts tradition from which it emerges, it goes beyond the facts and rulings of the great Supreme Court cases to engage important issues of political theory and the nature of our democracy. Although the focus is on law in the United States, Kommers, Finn, and Jacobsohn break new ground by incorporating comparative materials that enrich the study of the American Constitution, challenging the reader to assess American values in light of other legal systems and understandings of governance. In an era of constitutional globalization, this new edition of a distinguished text is essential to an appreciation of tradition and diversity.

Making America Work

Making America Work Author Jonathan Barry Forman
ISBN-10 0877667314
Release 2006
Pages 429
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Work. Hard work! And plenty of it. That is what has made the United States into the world's foremost economic superpower. But while we Americans value and respect work, we are also concerned about economic justice. We like to see all workers earn a fair day's pay for a fair day's work. And we like having a safety net to catch those who cannot compete successfully in our labor markets. America works because of this balance between the desire to reward work and our concerns about economic justice. But according to Jon Forman, America could work even better. In Making America Work, Forman explains how current government policies influence work and work behavior and makes the case for changing government tax, welfare, Social Security, pension, and labor market policies to encourage work and promote greater economic justice. It is a clear, provocative declaration of principles and a bold prescription for policies that restore and preserve the balance of work rewards and economic justice.

Rights of the Elderly

Rights of the Elderly Author Fred C. Pampel
ISBN-10 9781438100210
Release 2008
Pages 289
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Rights of the Elderly provides an overview of the history of this timely topic and the opinions surrounding it--from the Social Security Act of 1935 to the current activism of groups such as AARP and the Gray Panthers. Examining recent court cases such as Kathi Cooper et al. v. IBM Personal Pension Plan and IBM Corporation and documents such as The Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967, this new volume provides multiple perspectives and decisions surrounding this issue while also plotting a course for the future of legislative action. A comprehensive and up-to-date overview essay, capsule biographies, a large annotated bibliography, a chronology of significant events, organization and agency listings, and a glossary provide useful information for students, teachers, librarians, older persons, activists, policy makers, and the general reader interested in this controversial issue.

Reshaping the American Workforce in a Changing Economy

Reshaping the American Workforce in a Changing Economy Author Harry J. Holzer
ISBN-10 0877667357
Release 2007
Pages 312
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What directions should workforce policy in the U.S. take over the next few decades in light of major labor market developments that will likely occur such as the retirements of baby boomers and continuing globalization? This new volume edited by Harry J. Holzer and Demetra Smith Nightingale presents fresh thoughts on the topic. This book offers policy discussions that are firmly grounded in strong research and that address the critical workforce issues of the coming years."

Ageing and Employment Policies Vieillissement et politiques de l emploi Live Longer Work Longer

Ageing and Employment Policies Vieillissement et politiques de l emploi Live Longer  Work Longer Author OECD
ISBN-10 9789264035881
Release 2006-02-06
Pages 146
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In this concluding volume in OECD's Ageing and Employment Series, the experience of OECD countries is summarised and the main lessons are presented.

Elder Law

Elder Law Author Nina Kohn
ISBN-10 9781454843214
Release 2013-12-23
Pages 672
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The casebook is a client-focused, teaching-oriented book. It integrates narrative with cases, statutes, regulatory materials, and commentaries to create a comprehensive, tightly organized teaching tool. A key feature is that, unlike the competing casebooks, the book is replete with problems, questions, and exercises designed to help students apply what they are learning and to facilitate lively classroom discussion. Many of these are client counseling hypotheticals that ask students to advise hypothetical clients or to describe how they would approach a client meeting.

Ageing and Employment Policies Vieillissement et politiques de l emploi Ageing and Employment Policies Vieillissement et politiques de l emploi United States 2005

Ageing and Employment Policies Vieillissement et politiques de l emploi Ageing and Employment Policies Vieillissement et politiques de l emploi  United States 2005 Author OECD
ISBN-10 9789264009608
Release 2005-04-26
Pages 196
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This report contains a survey of the main barriers to employment for older workers, an assessment of measures to overcome these barriers, and a set of policy recommendations for the United States.

American Constitutional Law

American Constitutional Law Author Otis H. Stephens, Jr.
ISBN-10 9781305147133
Release 2014-02-07
Pages 672
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AMERICAN CONSTITUTIONAL LAW, Volumes I and II, combines cases, decisions, and authorial commentary to make the texts a perfect instructional choice. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

International Handbook of Population Aging

International Handbook of Population Aging Author Peter Uhlenberg
ISBN-10 1402083564
Release 2009-04-29
Pages 769
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The International Handbook of Population Aging examines research on a wide array of the profound implications of population aging. It demonstrates how the world is changing through population aging, and how demography is changing in response to it.

Recruitment Retention and Retirement in Higher Education

Recruitment  Retention  and Retirement in Higher Education Author Robert Louis Clark
ISBN-10 1845425545
Release 2005-01-01
Pages 293
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[This book] provides tools and insights for university and college administrators to use when evaluating changes in retirement policy, and it presents valuable information in the form of case studies concerning changes in retention policies and retirement policies. Lisa M. Dickson, Industrial and Labor Relations Review This volume, a collection of papers presented at the 2004 TIAA-CREF Institute conference on higher education, contains many excellent chapters. John Heuer, Journal of Pension Economics and Finance This book enlightens the reader about two important policy issues, health care provision and retirement plans, by addressing both broad macro issues and specific concerns of higher education administrators. Such content is both valuable and practical for the concerned higher education researcher and administrator. Marc Kaulisch, The Review of Higher Education Attracting and retaining highly qualified faculty is essential to maintaining productivity at institutions of higher education. Colleges and universities are at a critical juncture in their history as they attempt to achieve their teaching and research goals. This volume examines some of the most pressing employment and compensation issues confronting academic administrators. Contributors discuss topics such as: ageing of faculty, changing economic conditions and shifts in faculty employment patterns, rapid increases in health care costs and trends in retiree health insurance, and adoption of phased and early retirement programs. The volume also includes a series of case studies on how individual universities are confronting these challenges. Institutions in these case studies include: Syracuse University, the University of North Carolina, the University of California, institutions in the Association of New American Colleges, and other colleges and universities included in several surveys and research projects. This timely volume will appeal to academic administrators at colleges and universities in the US and internationally as they face the common challenges of rising employment costs, faculty aging and global competition. Researchers interested in the future of higher education, economics, and the academic labor market in general will find this a valuable addition to their library.

Retirement on the Rocks

Retirement on the Rocks Author Christian E. Weller
ISBN-10 9781137575142
Release 2016-04-29
Pages 223
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In the US, retirement savings are low while risk exposure is high, thus dooming many retirees to a low standard of living. This book offers straightforward solutions to build real retirement security for American families.

Handbook of Aging and the Social Sciences

Handbook of Aging and the Social Sciences Author Linda George
ISBN-10 9780124172852
Release 2015-08-18
Pages 552
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Handbook of Aging and the Social Sciences, Eighth Edition, presents the extraordinary growth of research on aging individuals, populations, and the dynamic culmination of the life course, providing a comprehensive synthesis and review of the latest research findings in the social sciences of aging. As the complexities of population dynamics, cohort succession, and policy changes modify the world and its inhabitants in ways that must be vigilantly monitored so that aging research remains relevant and accurate, this completely revised edition not only includes the foundational, classic themes of aging research, but also a rich array of emerging topics and perspectives that advance the field in exciting ways. New topics include families, immigration, social factors, and cognition, caregiving, neighborhoods, and built environments, natural disasters, religion and health, and sexual behavior, amongst others. Covers the key areas in sociological gerontology research in one volume, with an 80% update of the material Headed up by returning editor Linda K. George, and new editor Kenneth Ferraro, highly respected voices and researchers within the sociology of aging discipline Assists basic researchers in keeping abreast of research and clinical findings Includes theory and methods, aging and social structure, social factors and social institutions, and aging and society Serves as a useful resource—an inspiration to those searching for ways to contribute to the aging enterprise, and a tribute to the rich bodies of scholarship that comprise aging research in the social sciences

Elder Law Cases and Materials

Elder Law  Cases and Materials Author Lawrence A. Frolik
ISBN-10 9780327174561
Release 2001-09-07
Pages 610
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Elder Law: Cases and Materials, Fifth Edition, continues the broad coverage of many elder law topics including Social Security, employer provided pensions, age discrimination in employment, provision of acute and chronic health care, paying for health care including Medicare and Medicaid, housing, mental capacity and guardianship, abuse, and the ethical issues that arise when dealing with older clients. Because many use the book as a "jumping off point" for more extensive reading or discussion, the authors have clarified and expanded the explanatory material so that the student can understand the framework of complex programs such as Medicare and Social Security. In recognition of the importance of the extraordinary cost of long-term care, the authors created a new chapter, "Paying for Long-Term Care," that lays out how Medicaid operates, explains basic Medicaid "planning," the advantages and drawbacks of long-term care insurance, and discusses the other means, such as residence in a continuing care retirement community, that some use to pay for long-term care. In the chapter dealing with the ADEA, the new Fifth Edition features the latest cases that attempt to apply the statute to the complex world of employment. The reforms to Medicare in the last few years are fully covered, and the coverage of Medicaid has been rewritten to make it clearer. The authors have updated and added statistics that illuminate what life is like for older Americans and have expanded the "Questions" that will stimulate students to think carefully about the policies that underlie elder law. This eBook features links to Lexis Advance for further legal research options.

Life Assurance Contracts

Life Assurance Contracts Author Andrew McGee
ISBN-10 9781135333997
Release 2016-04-29
Pages 296
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Life assurance continues to be a topic of great practical significance, given the popularity of endowment mortgages and pensions, which contain an element of insurance, as well as the need for families to protect against the loss of their breadwinners. Since the first edition of this book in 1995 much has changed, with a fundamentally new regulatory structure under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000, changes in divorce and bankruptcy law, as well as continued developments in areas such as insurable interest and utmost good faith. All these developments are covered in this new edition, which at the same time retains the extensive coverage of the well-established principles of this area of law. Areas dealt with include insurable interest, disclosure, cancellation, intermediaries, marketing, assignment, surrender and pension policies. This new edition has been comprehensively revised and updated to take account of changes since the last edition was published.

OECD Reviews of Labour Market and Social Policies OECD Reviews of Labour Market and Social Policies Slovenia 2009

OECD Reviews of Labour Market and Social Policies OECD Reviews of Labour Market and Social Policies  Slovenia 2009 Author OECD
ISBN-10 9789264068995
Release 2009-07-09
Pages 152
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This report analyses the main challenges for labour market and social policies in Slovenia and considers the available policy options from the perspective of OECD countries' experience.