Reluctant Disciplinarian

Reluctant Disciplinarian Author Gary Rubinstein
ISBN-10 9781618213082
Release 2010-07-01
Pages 178
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In this funny and insightful book, Gary Rubinstein relives his own truly disastrous first year of teaching. He begins his teaching career armed only with idealism and romantic visions of teachin--and absolutely no classroom management skills. By his fourth year, however, he is named his school's "Teacher of the Year." As Rubinstein details his transformation from incompetent to successful teacher, he shows what works and what doesn't work when managing a classroom. Just a few of his ideas: Develop a teacher look. The teacher look says, "There's nothing you can do that I haven't already seen, so don't even bother trying." Show students that you are a "real" teacher by doing things they expect of real teachers, at least for a while. Be prepared to utter a decisive answer to anything within two seconds. Decisive answers inspire confidence. Any teacher--experienced or not--will enjoy this honest and humorous look at the real world of teaching and will come away with some very helpful ideas for classroom management. The book is used all over the country in teacher preparation programs. Ben Guest, Program Manager for the Mississippi Teacher Corps describes the book as "That rare classroom management book that is both thoughtful and realistic. It is also a great read, with parts that are laugh-out-loud funny."


Valor Author Rogelio "Roy" Dominguez
ISBN-10 9780253005953
Release 2012-07-12
Pages 288
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The son of Hispanic immigrants, Rogelio "Roy" Dominguez grew up in gang-plagued Gary, Indiana. With strong family support, he managed to beat the odds, graduating with distinction from Indiana University, finishing law school after a rough start, and maturing into a successful attorney and officeholder. Yet there was more in store for Roy. Ready to start a family and embark on a career as a deputy prosecutor, he was stricken with Guillain-Barré syndrome. How he coped with and eventually overcame this debilitating affliction is a compelling part of his story. The experience steeled him to meet future crises with wisdom, perspective, and grit. An inspiring true story, Valor is also a significant and original contribution to the social, ethnic, and political history of Indiana.

Ethical World of British MPs

Ethical World of British MPs Author Maureen Mancuso
ISBN-10 0773512616
Release 1995-02-10
Pages 238
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Based on extensive personal interviews with more than one hundred MPs, Mancuso's is the first investigation of British legislative ethics to take a systematic approach. She identifies significant divergence in ethical attitudes and divides MPs into four types: the Puritans, who stake out the moral high ground; the Servants, who conform to the traditional ideal of the MP as public-spirited constituency advocate; the Muddlers, who are not bothered by personal conflicts of interest; and the Entrepreneurs, who use their position to achieve any end not explicitly prohibited. The implications of this unexpectedly diverse ethical ecosystem are explored along with various possibilities for reform. All those interested in the British Parliament and parliamentarians will find this book, with its unique insights into Westminster, essential reading.

I Believe In Yesterday

I Believe In Yesterday Author Tim Moore
ISBN-10 9781407021034
Release 2008-12-26
Pages 256
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In 1989, Tim Moore moved into the last house in Chiswick with an outside toilet. Intrigued by a subsequent encounter with an elderly former resident, he finds himself inspired to travel back to the land before now, experiencing the hardships and pleasures enjoyed and endured by Moores gone by. The journey that follows takes him through the world of historical re-enactment: living on bramble leaves, Johnny cake and porridge, Moore travels from the Iron Age to the Steam Age, from Roman legionary to Tudor master to Yankee spy, sharing straw beds and daft hats with period obsessives driven by socio-historical curiosity, disillusionment with the modern world, or a simple nostalgia for campfires, flatulence and brutality. I Believe in Yesterday is an odyssey through 2,000 years of filth and fury, to a time where men were men, the nights were black, the world was your outside toilet and everything tasted faintly of leeks.

Hockey Night Fever

Hockey Night Fever Author Stephen Cole
ISBN-10 9780385682138
Release 2015-10-20
Pages 320
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A wildly evocative chronicle of the decade that changed hockey forever. "Lady Byng died in Boston" read a sign in the Garden arena in 1970, a cheery dismissal of the NHL trophy awarded the game's most gentlemanly player. A new age of hockey was dawning. For 30 years, hockey was an orderly and (relatively) well-behaved sport. There was one Commissioner, six teams and five colours--red, white, black, blue and yellow. Oh, and one nationality. Until 1967, every player, coach, referee and GM in the NHL had been a Canadian. And then came NHL expansion, the founding of the WHA, and garish new uniforms. The Seventies had arrived: the era that gave us not only disco, polyester suits, lava lamps and mullets but also the movie Slap Shot and the arrest of ten NHL players for on-ice mayhem. But it also gave us hockey's greatest encounter (the 1972 Canada-Russia Summit), its most splendid team, the 1976-77 Montreal Canadiens, and the most aesthetically satisfying game--the three-all tie on New Year's Eve, 1975, between the Canadiens and the Soviet Red Army. Modern hockey was born in the sport's wild, sensational, sometimes ugly Seventies growth spurt. The forces at play in the decade's battle for hockey supremacy--dazzling speed vs. brute force--are now, for better or worse, part of hockey's DNA. This book is a welcome reappraisal of the ten years that changed how the sport was played and experienced. Informed by first-hand interviews with players and game officials, and sprinkled with sidebars on the art and artifacts that defined Seventies hockey, the book brings dramatically alive hockey's most eventful, exciting decade.

The New Teacher s Idea Book

The New Teacher s Idea Book Author Bennett Daviss
ISBN-10 9780595289974
Release 2003-08-01
Pages 108
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"A winner ideas worthy of doing and trying." -Seymour Sarason, author of Teaching as a Performing Art The New Teacher's Idea Book First Edition Practical wisdom from more than 40 veteran teachers to help you: establish and maintain discipline manage your classroom manage your time choose the right teaching strategies and materials connect with students assess and improve your own performance overcome discouragement Dozens of insights and techniques to apply right away in your classroom-and to use to begin ongoing conversations with mentors and other teachers who can help you learn and improve. Use The New Teacher's Idea Book Visit us on the web at

The Road to Independence

The Road to Independence Author Svanborg Rannveig Jónsdóttir
ISBN-10 9789463008006
Release 2017-03-23
Pages 20
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People throughout the world have creative minds with unlimited potential for change. The Road to Independence: Emancipatory Pedagogy offers ways to empower people through education so that we can live and prosper together in a sustainable world. The emancipatory pedagogy of innovation and entrepreneurial education is presented as a road to independence: as a way to enable everyone to reach their inherent potential. This book presents case studies, stories, and research findings from innovation and entrepreneurial education that illuminate the real lives and work of teachers and students from different cultures. “Over 40 years of direct experience informs this text. You will find innovative things to think about from the authors, and come to understand how they are able to develop such innovative thinking in their learners. Educational forms such as these are much needed as we move from learning about how things work as observers, towards learning to be able to do things for ourselves. Importantly, all too often the term ‘joining the dots’ references looking backwards and understanding the past, but this book is all about the future; it proactively responds to what are becoming known as ‘entrepreneurial 21st Century skills, so start connecting them now.” – Andy Penaluna, Director, International Institute for Creative Entrepreneurial Development “This fascinating, inspiring, and insightful book on how to actualize and develop an innovation potential of every child is a must-read for teachers, parents, and researchers alike. Svanborg R. Jónsdóttir and Rósa Gunnarsdóttir began an innovation revolution by introducing Innovation and Entrepreneurial Education in Icelandic schools. What the whole world needs today is to maximize revolutionary innovation in all fields of human endeavour and The Road to Independence provides a myriad of incredibly useful approaches to nurture that innovation.” – Larisa V. Shavinina, Editor of The Routledge International Handbook of Innovation Education

The Kinesthetic Classroom

The Kinesthetic Classroom Author Traci Lengel
ISBN-10 9781412979542
Release 2010-01-26
Pages 156
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Drawing on cutting-edge research, this inspiring book shows how to integrate movement with classroom instruction, providing hundreds of activities that improve attention spans and student learning.

The King and the Gentleman

The King and the Gentleman Author Derek Wilson
ISBN-10 9781466876118
Release 2014-07-22
Pages 448
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For all the myth surrounding Oliver Cromwell and King Charles I, there is no detailed account of any meeting between them. Yet they were almost exact contemporaries, embodying virtually everything for which politicians, bishops, preachers and generals contended. The paths of these two men gradually converged until a frosty morning in 1649, when the executioner's axe ended one man's life and raised the other to the brink of absolute power in England. In his moving history The King and the Gentleman, Derek Wilson brings to life the politics and the personalities that once shook an empire.

Brutal Intimacy

Brutal Intimacy Author Tim Palmer
ISBN-10 9780819570000
Release 2011-03-01
Pages 304
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Brutal Intimacy is the first book to explore the fascinating films of contemporary France, ranging from mainstream genre spectaculars to arthouse experiments, and from wildly popular hits to films that deliberately alienate the viewer. Twenty-first-century France is a major source of international cinema—diverse and dynamic, embattled yet prosperous—a national cinema offering something for everyone. Tim Palmer investigates France’s growing population of women filmmakers, its buoyant vanguard of first-time filmmakers, the rise of the controversial cinema du corps, and France’s cinema icons: auteurs like Olivier Assayas, Claire Denis, Bruno Dumont, Gaspar Noé, and stars such as Vincent Cassel and Jean Dujardin. Analyzing dozens of breakthrough films, Brutal Intimacy situates infamous titles alongside many yet to be studied in the English language. Drawing on interviews and the testimony of leading film artists, Brutal Intimacy promises to be an influential treatment of French cinema today, its evolving rivalry with Hollywood, and its ambitious pursuits of audiences in Europe, North America, and around the world.

Al Capp

Al Capp Author Michael Schumacher
ISBN-10 9781608197859
Release 2013-02-26
Pages 368
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More than thirty years have passed since Al Capp's death, and he may no longer be a household name. But at the height of his career, his groundbreaking comic strip, Li'l Abner, reached ninety million readers. The strip ran for forty-three years, spawned two movies and a Broadway musical, and originated such expressions as "hogwash" and "double-whammy." Capp himself was a familiar personality on TV and radio; as a satirist, he was frequently compared to Mark Twain. Though Li'l Abner brought millions joy, the man behind the strip was a complicated and often unpleasant person. A childhood accident cost him a leg-leading him to art as a means of distinguishing himself. His apprenticeship with Ham Fisher, creator of Joe Palooka, started a twenty-year feud that ended in Fisher's suicide. Capp enjoyed outsized publicity for a cartoonist, but his status abetted sexual misconduct and protected him from the severest repercussions. Late in life, his politics became extremely conservative; he counted Richard Nixon as a friend, and his gift for satire was redirected at targets like John Lennon, Joan Baez, and anti-war protesters on campuses across the country. With unprecedented access to Capp's archives and a wealth of new material, Michael Schumacher and Denis Kitchen have written a probing biography. Capp's story is one of incredible highs and lows, of popularity and villainy, of success and failure-told here with authority and heart.

Organizing Empire

Organizing Empire Author Purnima Bose
ISBN-10 9780822384885
Release 2003-08-18
Pages 292
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Organizing Empire critically examines how concepts of individualism functioned to support and resist British imperialism in India. Through readings of British colonial and Indian nationalist narratives that emerged in parliamentary debates, popular colonial histories, newsletters, memoirs, biographies, and novels, Purnima Bose investigates the ramifications of reducing collective activism to individual intentions. Paying particular attention to the construction of gender, she shows that ideas of individualism rhetorically and theoretically bind colonials, feminists, nationalists, and neocolonials to one another. She demonstrates how reliance on ideas of the individual—as scapegoat or hero—enabled colonial and neocolonial powers to deny the violence that they perpetrated. At the same time, she shows how analyses of the role of the individual provide a window into the dynamics and limitations of state formations and feminist and nationalist resistance movements. From a historically grounded, feminist perspective, Bose offers four case studies, each of which illuminates a distinct individualizing rhetorical strategy. She looks at the parliamentary debates on the Amritsar Massacre of 1919, in which several hundred unarmed Indian protesters were killed; Margaret Cousins’s firsthand account of feminist organizing in Ireland and India; Kalpana Dutt’s memoir of the Bengali terrorist movement of the 1930s, which was modeled in part on Irish anticolonial activity; and the popular histories generated by ex-colonial officials and their wives. Bringing to the fore the constraints that colonial domination placed upon agency and activism, Organizing Empire highlights the complexity of the multiple narratives that constitute British colonial history.

This Is Not A Test

This Is Not A Test Author José Vilson
ISBN-10 9781608464289
Release 2014-05-05
Pages 220
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José Vilson writes about race, class, and education through stories from the classroom and researched essays. His rise from rookie math teacher to prominent teacher leader takes a twist when he takes on education reform through his now-blocked eponymous blog, He calls for the reclaiming of the education profession while seeking social justice. José Vilson is a middle school math educator for in the Inwood/Washington Heights neighborhood of New York City. He writes for Edutopia, GOOD, and TransformED / Future of Teaching, and his work has appeared in Education Week,, Huffington Post, and El Diario / La Prensa.

2 Corinthians MacArthur New Testament Commentary

2 Corinthians MacArthur New Testament Commentary Author John F. MacArthur
ISBN-10 1575676419
Release 2003-11-01
Pages 512
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The Corinthian church required Paul's repeated care. In 2 Corinthians, he continues his attempt to correct errors of unchristian practice, worship, and doctrine. Concerned with false apostles who were leading the church astray, Paul defended his own authority as God's apostle and sought reconciliation within the church. Respected preacher and Bible teacher John MacArthur presents yet another comprehensive and compelling commentary in his New Testament series.

Institutional Culture in Early Modern Society

Institutional Culture in Early Modern Society Author Anne Goldgar
ISBN-10 9789004138803
Release 2004-01
Pages 370
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This volume offers new insights into the self-perceptions, strategies, and rituals through which early modern institutions functioned. Its wide range and its comparative vision of the nature of institutions prompts a new interpretation of the role of institutions in society. With contributions by Florence Hsia, Ian Anders Gadd, Gayle K. Brunelle, Christopher Carlsmith, Susan E. Brown, Victor Morgan, Steve Hindle, Janelle Day Jenstad, Eve Rosenhaft, Reed Benhamou, James Shaw, Kristine Haugen.

The End of the Cold War

The End of the Cold War Author Robert Service
ISBN-10 9781447287285
Release 2015-10-08
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The Cold War had seemed like a permanent fixture in global politics, and until its denouement, no Western or Soviet politician foresaw that the stand-off between the two superpowers - after decades of struggle over every aspect of security, politics, economics and ideas - would end in their lifetimes. Even after March 1985 when Mikhail Gorbachëv became the leader of the Soviet Union it was not preordained that global nuclear Armageddon could or would be averted peaceably. But just four years later, the Berlin Wall was dismantled and perestroika spread throughout the former Soviet bloc. It was a sea change in world history, which resulted in the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Drawing on pioneering archival research, Robert Service's gripping new investigation of the final years of the Cold War pinpoints the astonishing relationships among President Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachëv, Secretary of State George Shultz and the USSR's last Foreign Affairs Minister, Eduard Shevardnadze, who found a way to cooperate during times of extraordinary change around the world. The story is of American pressure and Soviet long-term decline and over-stretch. The End of the Cold War shows how that small, skillful group of statesmen were determined to end the Cold War on their watch. In the process, they irreversibly transformed the global geopolitical landscape. Authoritative, compelling and meticulously researched, this is political history at its best.

One Shaker Life

One Shaker Life Author Glendyne R. Wergland
ISBN-10 1558495223
Release 2006
Pages 247
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A member of the United Society of Believers, better known as the Shakers, Isaac Newton Youngs spent most of his life in New Lebanon, New York, home of the society's central Ministry. As both a private diarist and the official village scribe, he kept meticulous records throughout those years of both his own experience and that of the community. All told, more than four thousand pages of Brother Isaac's journals have survived, documenting the history of the Shakers during the period of their greatest success and providing a revealing view of the daily life of a rank-and-file Believer. In this deeply researched biography, Glendyne R. Wergland draws on Youngs's writings to tell his story and to explore "the tension between desire and discipline" at the center of his life. She follows Youngs from childhood and adolescence to maturity, through years of demanding responsibility into his fatal decline. In each of these stages, he remained a talented and committed yet independent Shaker, one who chose to stay with the community but often struggled to abide by its stringent rules, including the vow of celibacy. Perhaps above all, he was a man who spent most of his waking hours working diligently at a succession of tasks, making clocks, sewing clothes, fixing roofs, writing poetry, chronicling his daily acts and thoughts. In his journals, Brother Isaac writes at length of his efforts to control his lust as a young man, and he complains repeatedly about overwork as he grows older. He defines the rules of his community and identifies transgressors, while enciphering his critical entries (and those chronicling his own sexual desires) to avoid detection and uphold the demand for conformity. At times he admits doubt, but without ever relinquishing the belief that he is on the straight and narrow path to salvation. What emerges in the end is the complex portrait of an ordinary man striving to live up to the imperatives of his faith.