Praying the Armor of God

Praying the Armor of God Author Rick Stedman
ISBN-10 9780736960694
Release 2015-03-01
Pages 224
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The Bible is clear: This world is a spiritual battle zone, which every day puts us and those we love in harm's way from enemy attacks. Satan is relentless, and human defenses are no match for his dark devices. What can you do to protect yourself and your family? Pastor Rick Stedman proposes the solution: You need to put on the armor of God through prayer. As you follow his easy-to-remember method, you will learn to focus on a specific piece of armor for each day of the week spend quality time with God as you pray biblically and effectively become empowered to face each day's battles and to protect those you love "Praying on the armor of God has never been so practical. Rick Stedman has provided for us a simple way to bring God's protective power into the lives of the people we love."--David Butts, chairman, America's National Prayer Committee "The hardest thing about the Christian life is that it is so daily. As a seasoned pastor, faithful disciple, and outstanding communicator, Rick Stedman has written this practical and relevant guide for daily victory. Christ's sufficient provision of spiritual armor is available to every believer. This book makes it readily applicable to your heart and your home, seven days a week."--Daniel Henderson, president, Strategic Renewal

Be Strong in the Lord

Be Strong in the Lord Author Betsy Duffey
ISBN-10 1536841048
Release 2016-09-12
Pages 72
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We long for our children to be safe and secure in a dangerous world. We invest in security systems for our homes. We buckle our children into car seats. But are they safe? Are we missing something? What if prayer could make a difference? In a world that is unsafe, God provides protection by giving us his equipment for security: the armor of God. Within the verses of Ephesians, we find everything our children need for their protection - truth, righteousness, faith, service, salvation, scripture, and prayer. Betsy Duffey and Laurie Myers will guide you as you take these powerful verses and pray for God's armor for your children.

Are You Fully Dressed A Christian s Guide to Wearing God s Armor

Are You Fully Dressed   A Christian   s Guide to Wearing God   s Armor Author Barbara Ann Laws
ISBN-10 9781483414706
Release 2014-08-29
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New Believers struggle in their spiritual lives because they do not know or understand putting on the full armor of God. In “Are You Fully Dressed? A Christian’s Guide to Wearing God’s Armor, Author Barbara Ann Laws, explains how and why we should dress daily in God’s Full Armor. Through Scriptural references and examples this guidebook provides a resource for those who desire a way to understand and apply the armor of God. Being fully dressed in God’s armor means daily giving your heart to Christ, fellowshipping with God, confessing sins, trusting God, reading the Bible, meditating on God’s Word, sharing His Word, and PRAYING. The Armor of God includes the: Helmet of Salvation Sword of the Spirit Breastplate of Righteousness Shield of Faith Shoes of the Gospel of Peace Prayer Are You Fully Dressed? A Christian’s Guide to Wearing God’s Armor discusses how there is a visible and invisible war. As soldiers for Christ; we must put on the full armor.

Have You Put on Your Armor Today

Have You Put on Your Armor Today Author Hansie Steyn
ISBN-10 9781619965508
Release 2012-02-01
Pages 138
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I would like to explain to you how we as Christians should protect our families, our marriages, homes, and churches by putting on the whole armor of God in a practical way. If what I'm going to explain to you can keep you out of a divorce court and stop the anger, strife, and evil in your house and church, will you put on the whole armor of God in a real and practical way? Well, of course! Who wouldn't want to put on the armor of God, right? Well, it's no use having the armor in your house if you don't have a workable plan for putting it on and using it. That's obvious. So let's learn to do it in a practical way that you can perform every day. In this book, I intend to explain the practical application of the armor of God. Hansie Steyn is the founder and president of Hansie Steyn Ministries, Inc. Originally from South Africa, this evangelist, singer, and author currently travels all over America with his family, ministering the Word of God in conferences, revival meetings, live preaching, music broadcasts, and church services. The rich heritage and accent from the nation of South Africa permeates this family's ministry of teaching God's Word, singing Holy Spirit-inspired original songs, prophetic utterances, and praying for the sick. Salvations, signs, wonders, deliverances, miracles, and healings are a part of the Steyns' meetings. Hansie, his wife Jeanette, and their daughter Elizabeth are now living in America.

Overcoming the Adversary

Overcoming the Adversary Author Mark I. Bubeck
ISBN-10 1575676907
Release 1984-03-05
Pages 144
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Though Satan has no right to rule in a believer's life, he can subtly build a stronghold-brick by brick, layer by layer-until he is a dominating force in your life. Mark Bubeck asserts that spiritual warfare requires careful preparation, biblical obedience, and persistent prayer. The Adversary prowls, but he's already been beaten. This book is an essential follow-up to the bestselling The Adversary, in which Bubeck helps Christians grasp prayer practices that enable a victorious walk. Building on the practical instruction of The Adversary, this book shares examples of demonic activity and carries you through the perils and challenges of spiritual warfare. The author focuses on four weapons needed to wage the battle against the enemy.

The 7 Day Prayer Warrior Experience Free One Week Devotional

The 7 Day Prayer Warrior Experience  Free One Week Devotional Author Stormie Omartian
ISBN-10 9780736959551
Release 2013-09-01
Pages 27
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The 7-Day Prayer Warrior Experience is a free eBook from bestselling author Stormie Omartian, developed using excerpts from Prayer Warrior and Prayer Warrior Prayer and Study Guide. Are you equipped for spiritual battle? Take the next seven days to "put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil" (Ephesians 6:11). Join Stormie as she explains the pieces of armor, what they mean, and how they can help you be a prayer warrior in your spiritual battle. With devotional thoughts, suggested prayers, ways to dig deeper, and opportunities to connect with Stormie and a whole community of prayer warriors, The 7-Day Prayer Warrior Experience will empower you with the truth that "He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world" (1 John 4:4).

The Armor of God Junior High Group Study

The Armor of God  Junior High Group Study Author Kara Powell
ISBN-10 0830758984
Release 2011-12-01
Pages 192
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Take your younger teens into Ephesians, where the apostle Paul reveals the secret to being strong in the Lord: spiritual armor! Help teens put on every piece of God’s armor, including the belt of truth, the breastplate of righteousness, the shield of faith, the helmet of salvation and the footreadiness that comes with knowing the gospel of peace. In the second half of The Armor of God Uncommon Junior High Group Study, students will learn how to use their offensive weapon—the sword of the Spirit, God’s Word. Twelve sessions of active and engaging Bible lessons will equip young Christians to stand strong in their faith and march forward in confidence!

Warfare Praying

Warfare Praying Author Mark I. Bubeck
ISBN-10 9780802494153
Release 2016-07-15
Pages 240
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You know there’s a battle, but do you know how to fight it? In this follow-up to his bestselling book The Adversary, Mark Bubeck combines pastoral heart, biblical wisdom, and many personal stories for a compelling guide to walking in spiritual triumph. An “old warrior” of prayer, Bubeck shares his time-tested tactics for victory with a sincere desire for your spiritual welfare. Learn how to: Live out your union with Christ Be filled with the Holy Spirit Wear the whole armor of God Pray mightily amid spiritual warfare Help others stand strong in the faith Updated and revised version of Overcoming the Adversary—over 250,000 copies sold!

Prayers for New Brides

Prayers for New Brides Author Jennifer White
ISBN-10 9781614584360
Release 2015-02-01
Pages 240
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A new wife is seldom aware of the intense spiritual battle threatening her dreams of happily ever after. Often, she enters the marriage without the benefit of great examples, biblical knowledge, and mentors offering godly wisdom. The battle begins and she is unarmed. Can she survive? Will her marriage become another divorce statistic? Marriage is God’s design. He has a battle plan, the power and the resources to win. When a wife knows who God is and what He can do, she can trust Him to sustain her and her marriage. Her joy will be complete as she allows Him to empower her to do more for her union than she can imagine.

Spiritual Warfare Prayers

Spiritual Warfare Prayers Author Mark I. Bubeck
ISBN-10 9780802484222
Release 2013-05-01
Pages 18
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"Lord, teach us to pray" (Luke 11:1). During Jesus' earthly ministry, the disciples made this request of Him. He answered them with what has become known as the Lord's Prayer. Today, nearly 2,000 years later, do we as followers of Jesus Christ have a passion for prayer? Do we desire to speak with our heavenly Father? And are the prayers we utter effective? In this handy pamphlet, perfectly sized to slide into your Bible or notebook, Mark Bubeck offers twenty prayers, rich in doctrine, to help Christians triumph in their spiritual battles. Model prayers include those for revival, repentance, intercession, protection from the Enemy, unity in the Body, and wearing the Armor of God. Learn to pray like the disciples did—by example.

Prayers That Avail Much for New Believers

Prayers That Avail Much for New Believers Author Germaine Copeland
ISBN-10 9781577949565
Release 2009-01-01
Pages 30
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Prayers That Avail Much has sold over 4 million copies and now pastors and small groups have a resource just for new believers! This little book contains the most important scriptural prayers for beginning their life in Christ.

Prayer Is Simply Talking to God

Prayer Is Simply Talking to God Author Pauline Adongo
ISBN-10 9781512766998
Release 2016-12-20
Pages 108
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A good number of Christians shy away from praying because of misconceptions and fears they have about prayer. Most are inundated with misinformation and false beliefs about what qualifies as a good prayer. This book was birthed out of a deeper desire and hunger for each believer to recognize the power of prayer that they can institute and practice independently. Prayer itself, as well as the approach to prayer and attitude towards prayer, are simplified in this book, granting readers the freedom to pray. Prayer, when rendered to the Holy Spirit, produces more. Among the key topics that are discussed in this book are: —Aspects of prayers —Common misconceptions about prayer —Benefits of prayer —Holy Spirit led prayer (the role of the Holy Spirit in prayer) —Praying from a victorious position in spiritual warfare —How to pray while waiting for the answer —How to incorporate prayer in daily routine All of these have been shared so as to free the reader to simply talk to God.

How to Pray and Communicate with God

How to Pray and Communicate with God Author Walter L. Banks
ISBN-10 0940955067
Release 1988-01-01
Pages 140
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Find out how to pray with power and effectiveness! Explore different types of prayer from private and intercessory to praying within a group. 12 lessons. Leader's Guide available.

The Armor of God

The Armor of God Author David Skeba
ISBN-10 9780768498165
Release 2011-07-28
Pages 781
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There is a mighty spiritual war raging all around us.You have sensed it, felt it, and hoped it wasnt quite so real. It s all happening; right here, right now, in YOUR life. David Skeba reveals why your life is the way it is and how you can change it for the better.We are born into a world where we find ourselves caught in the midst of Satan s war against God s kingdom. The battle is for our very souls and for the glory of God!We have become the targets.We are the prize.Open your eyes and discover an invisible world you never knew existed. What you don t know can hurt you. Learn how to fight enemies you cannot see so you can victoriously finish your journey on earth, and then live with God forever.

Putting on the Armor of God

Putting on the Armor of God Author Steven A. Cramer
ISBN-10 1555170919
Release 2011-10-08
Pages 302
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Putting on the Armor of God discusses these and many more adversarial whisperings, their origins, effects and defenses.

Winning Your Daily Spiritual Battles

Winning Your Daily Spiritual Battles Author Linda Evans Shepherd
ISBN-10 9781493405268
Release 2016-10-18
Pages 208
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Unpacks the Armor of God and Shows Christians How to Break Free from the Chains That Hold Them Back God has created each person with purpose and potential, so why are so many of us fighting the same old battles instead of living the life he intends for us? God has already provided all of the weapons we need in order to find success in every area of life. It's time to learn how to use them. Linda Evans Shepherd shows readers how to break the chains of the enemy by putting on the full armor of God described in Ephesians 6. Shepherd explains the function of each piece of armor and offers readers deep insight into why they feel resistance when they try to find and follow their purpose. She shows readers how using the full armor of God will help them win their spiritual battles to live a victorious life now.

Lessons from A Virtuous Woman A Tribute To Fedencia Castillo Morales

Lessons from A Virtuous Woman  A Tribute To Fedencia Castillo Morales Author
ISBN-10 0970079826
Release 2005
Pages 47
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Lessons from A Virtuous Woman A Tribute To Fedencia Castillo Morales has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Lessons from A Virtuous Woman A Tribute To Fedencia Castillo Morales also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Lessons from A Virtuous Woman A Tribute To Fedencia Castillo Morales book for free.