Inches Off Your Tummy

Inches Off  Your Tummy Author Jorge Cruise
ISBN-10 9781609614980
Release 2013-08-27
Pages 256
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Jorge Cruise unleashes his new fitness and weight-loss series with one simple piece of advice: Work smarter, not harder. With his revolutionary 5-Minute Fitness Formula and 6-Day Challenge, he shatters the conventional wisdom that rapid, lasting weight loss can only be achieved through hours and hours in the gym, day after day. In Inches Off! Your Tummy, Jorge unveils the most effective exercise formula to optimize belly-fat burn all day--using compound exercises to hit virtually every muscle in the body with each rep--while also showing readers how to avoid the hidden sugars in foods that signal their bodies to store fat. The outcome: Visible results in 6 days, exercising just 5 minutes per day. With more than 6 million books in print and 3 million online weight-loss clients via, Jorge Cruise is one of the most successful fitness and diet authors on the planet--and his newest book franchise launches now. "Jorge Cruise has answers that really work and take almost no time. I recommend them highly."--Andrew Weil, MD "Jorge Cruise sets you up to win!"--Anthony Robbins

Concerning This House

Concerning This House Author Janine Folks
ISBN-10 9781483684130
Release 2013-09-17
Pages 279
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Concerning This House is a collection of inspirational weekly columns that appeared in the Telegram Newspaper under the heading: Walking By Faith between 2001 and 2013. This second volume, Concerning This House, contains select powerful messages. These writings fulfill Janine’s mandate to ‘Go Girl’: “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature” (Mark 16:15). These articles have blessed countless readers inMichigan, across the United States and abroad. Some have been published in other periodicals, circulated via email, U.S. mail, shared Facebook posts and blogs. These powerful messages are timeless and will continue to bless readers.

The Chocolate Beach Collection

The Chocolate Beach Collection Author Julie Carobini
ISBN-10 9780986229251
Release 2015-06-15
Pages 760
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The Chocolate Beach Collection: Chocolate Beach, Truffles by the Sea, Mocha Sunrise


Dailyom Author Madisyn Taylor
ISBN-10 9781458772213
Release 2010-05
Pages 324
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This inspirational book delivers messages of healing, awareness, and well-being. A companion to the popular Daily OM Website, it is a valuable guide that will enable you to find balance and wellness through conscious awareness. As you read these passages, which touch on topics including meditation, relationships, nature, and more, you'll see that they'll make the journey of your life much more meaningful. The gentle and affirming wisdom contained within these pages is intended to make each of your days a little happier, less stressful, and more satisfying. It will introduce you to elements of Mother Nature's majesty that you may never have noticed before, guide you as you discover the inward peace you've longed for, and inspire you to embrace change in every corner of your existence. As you open your mind to the possibilities contained within, you'll discover that the power to create a fulfilling and more purposeful life was in you all along.

Blessed By Birth a Collection of Inspirational Birth Stories

Blessed By Birth  a Collection of Inspirational Birth Stories Author SK Bell
ISBN-10 9781365996634
Release 2017-06-07
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We often call it “the miracle of childbirth,” yet we rarely take the time to discuss just how many ways God was present throughout our pregnancies and during the births of our babies. In Blessed by Birth, 12 women share the intimate details of the way God blessed them, guided them, or helped them survive their pregnancies, births, and early days of motherhood. These 26 stories will make you laugh and cry. Whether you haven’t yet had your first baby or are watching your grandbabies welcome babies of their own, you’ll treasure the miracle of each individual story. They will offer you hope, facilitate healing, and inspire you to find God in your own birth story.

Inspiring IVF Stories

Inspiring IVF Stories Author Carolyn Martinez
ISBN-10 9781620958650
Release 2011-10-22
Pages 216
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The Stories – Sally & Dean - met in their early twenties. It never occurred to them that falling pregnant would be difficult. Their thirties bring them tragedy and joy. Wendy- 39 and single, Wendy decided to have a baby on her own. A wishing well answered her prayers. Vicki, Shane & Rachael - Vicki and Shane underwent IVF in its formative years. They share a twelve-year journey. Rachael tells us what it’s like to be an IVF child born to an ‘older’ couple. Beth & Ben - at the early stages of their IVF journey, they relate the challenges of trying to fall pregnant after the age of 35. Clarissa & Shayne - Shayne already had children and a vasectomy. When he fell in love with fellow cop Clarissa, big decisions had to be made. Stacey & Leigh - even though it wasn’t easy, after successfully having her own children thanks to IVF, Stacey did it all again to donate her eggs to another couple. Rachel & Antony – talk about coming to terms with using a donor after their first child, AJ, was born with Down Syndrome. AJ’s Down Syndrome is a blessing in disguise. Paula & Paul - abdominal cramping starts a chain of events that changes their lives and propels them down a path they never imagined. Kristy- an extraordinary lady shares how she came to donate her eggs to a family member, and then to a complete stranger. Carolyn & Saul – six unsuccessful IVF cycles brings them to a crossroads. What are the options? Is there any hope? Lisa & Richard - Richard already had four kids when he and Lisa fell in love. Love or madness? They candidly share their love story as three more little ones join their brood. Alana & Jasson - one of the youngest couples in this book, they struggled with the isolation of IVF because nobody they knew had experienced fertility issues. They discuss the strain, and how they plan to re-group. Krystal & Matt - young and unable to afford IVF, an entire family rallies together to make dreams happen. An Open Letter to Mums-to-be from a Birth Doula – The next stage in the IVF journey is completely different. Pregnancy is not a medical condition, it’s a natural, beautiful experience – enjoy!

Poems of Praise and Inspiration

Poems of Praise and Inspiration Author Carrie B. Harris
ISBN-10 9781490862446
Release 2015-01-16
Pages 198
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Human beings have many issues and problems in life, which are normal, and need encouragement, love, and inspiration. These poems were written with much love, thought, and prayer, and strive to help those who need it.

Creative Yoga for Children

Creative Yoga for Children Author Adrienne Rawlinson
ISBN-10 9781583945728
Release 2013-01-08
Pages 232
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Creative Yoga for Children offers a simple, ready-to-teach Montessori-based yoga program for children age twelve and under. Following age-appropriate classroom themes, the book's forty detailed, one-hour lessons are designed to supplement any learning environment and are accessible to parents and teachers alike--no special training is required. In a recent study by California State University, Los Angeles, yoga was found to improve students' behavior, physical health, academic performance, and attitudes toward themselves. Research also shows that the benefits of yoga are particularly strong among children with special needs. This book demonstrates how yoga can become a fun daily practice inside or outside the school classroom. Enhanced with over 100 black and white photos, the book's themes, or lessons, are divided by age range (ages four to six, seven to nine, and ten to twelve) and explore topics based on the child's developmental level. For four- to six-year-olds there are twenty hour-long lessons on subjects ranging from colors and the holiday seasons to sounds and words. Ten hour-long lessons for seven- to nine-year-olds introduce such topics as the body, countries of the world, botany, zoology, and the universe. For ten- to twelve-year-olds, ten hour-long lessons cover the environment, geometry, the Earth, fractions, the food chain, and more. Following the structure of a classroom lesson plan, each lesson incorporates elements of yoga including poses, breath work, meditation, and mindfulness. A discussion of the theme and intention of the lesson is followed by a warm-up of yoga poses. The children then engage in a cooperative "connecting" activity designed to bring them together, and a fun and lively theme-oriented activity that involves movement and awareness. The class winds down with breath work, a craft, and often a story. Finally, there is relaxation time and a guided meditation. With this preset structure, the children feel safe while being challenged and inspired. Derived from the educational philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori and the author's own experience in the classroom and yoga studio, Creative Yoga for Children allows children to move at their own pace and to be free to learn and grow within a non-competitive, nurturing setting. An essential resource for the 4,000 certified Montessori schools in the U.S., this book will appeal to yoga teachers, classroom teachers, parents, and anyone who works with children. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Twelve Inspirational Quotes to Keep Romance in Your Love Life

Twelve Inspirational Quotes to Keep Romance in Your Love Life Author Faith James
ISBN-10 9781304025036
Release 2013-05-17
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Twelve Inspirational Quotes to Keep Romance in Your Life offers 12 daily quotations based on The Song of Solomon, a love song written by King David, to his beloved Shulamite bride. They will inspire and create more intimacy in your love life.

When Technology Fails

When Technology Fails Author Matthew Stein
ISBN-10 9781933392455
Release 2008
Pages 493
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"Matthew Stein's comprehensive guide to sustainable living skills gives you the tools you need to fend for yourself and your family in times of emergency or disaster. It also goes a step further, giving sound instructions on how to become self-reliant in seemingly stable times and for the long term by adopting a sustainable lifestyle"--Cover, p. 4.

The Daily Word for Anybody and Everybody

The Daily Word for Anybody and Everybody Author Cynthia Marta Small
ISBN-10 9781469105222
Release 2010-05-20
Pages 520
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This book is about living at the highest level of ones existence.

Inspirational Thoughts to Warm the Soul

Inspirational Thoughts to Warm the Soul Author Doris E. Curtis
ISBN-10 9781462069682
Release 2011-12-12
Pages 360
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This book is chock full of religious quotations that are intended to inspire, convict, and challenge as well as to comfort, encourage, and console the reader. Whether you read these quotations casually or study them diligently, may they provoke insightful thought. As a bonus, the abbreviated life stories of selected authors have been included in the appendix. Doris Curtis, a retired English teacher and now in her 80's, first developed a keen interest in laconic quotations in the 1960's when she began posting them on the blackboard of her classroom. In the 1980's she began scribbling quotations down in her journals and daily planners. For many years her friends suggested that she compile her quotations in a book. However, it wasn't until April 2010, that she and her son Bryan (co-author) began the arduous task of compiling the quotations as well as identifying the source of each quotation. During the compilation exercise Bryan also found additional insightful quotations which have been included as well. This is Doris' first book. Bryan has also authored the book, "Combating Bible Illiteracy."


HEARTMIND WISDOM Collection  1 Author Kindness Is Key Training Inc.
ISBN-10 9781452567198
Release 2013-03-08
Pages 320
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Reading the 21 true and inspiring accounts of the Heartmind Wisdom coauthors’ triumphs over various challenges—body weight, personal missteps, depression, emptiness, self-devaluing, illness, and loss—will lift you emotionally; however, it will also equip you with practical knowledge.21 HEARTMIND WISDOM True Inspirational Stories Heartmind Wisdom offers more than sweet platitudes and anecdotes. Each chapter, in this collection of 21 authentic stories, details how a particular coauthor overcame his or her shadows to live the life we are each meant to love. To assist you in finding the wisdom that will speak to your soul, we have created five restorative categories: Bouncing Back, Divine Connection, Healing from Loss, Hope, and Self-Actualization. Our combined Heartmind Wisdom wish is that by reading our personal journeys you will find your way to the life you are meant to love.

Short Messages of Inspiration and Prayers

Short Messages of Inspiration and Prayers Author Joselyn Champ
ISBN-10 9781612159232
Release 2011-03
Pages 452
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If you have a love for the Word of God and His promises, you will enjoy this book, because it is full of God's Word. Whatever circumstances you are facing don't take your eyes off of God and His Word. And you will experience His Word that says, Weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning. These short messages speak on every area of our life, and there is a scripture that you can stand on with each one. If we don't give up in the battle the Lord promises that joy is coming in the morning. There are messages that you can worship the Lord with, along with His Word and find peace as you worship, and praise the Living God. These short messages with The Word of God will speak to you for it will be His Word. So be inspired by the Word.

253 Inspirational Poems with a Message

253 Inspirational Poems with a Message Author Pastor Bob Ruegsegger Sr
ISBN-10 9781503568976
Release 2015-06-12
Pages 806
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God has used me to be able to write down thoughts He has brought to my thinking. All I ever want to do is to please him. He has been so go to me, and sometimes even at night, I have to get up and start writing.

Corepower Leadership from your Core

Corepower  Leadership from your Core Author Baud Vandenbemden
ISBN-10 9783955777470
Release 2014-01-28
Pages 190
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COREPOWER SUMMARY INTRODUCTION This Corepower book can be seen as a guide for connection and integrity. It allows you to lead yourself on the path to your core and to a deeper connection with yourself and your environment. The inner (personal) changes spurred on by the tools provided will likely also instigate a broader transformation that may be reflected in more meaningful societal contribution, anchored by a clearer sense of personal responsibility. This book can provide you with insight about what you need in order to live a balanced life. The exercises and techniques detailed in this book can help you transform negative and destructive patterns of thought and behavior into attitudes that facilitate growth for yourself and your environment. Among the benefits you might experience are a deeper inner calmness, a higher stress tolerance, emotional stability, a healthy way of dealing with physical and emotional boundaries, focus and singleness of purpose, and a higher awareness of your goals on earth. Each chapter of the book works with a specific dimension; power, love, wisdom, spirit and earth. You can go through all of them in order or skip to a chapter that appeals to you. When you work through the whole book you will be centered on different levels and experience a cycle of deep transformation. You will be confronted with knots that must be untied so that your energy can flow through freely. In that sense you can see the book as a journey through your kundalini, the central energy channel of your body. 1.COREPOWER: POWER (physical aspect) The essence of this chapter is to learn how to be in your power here and now, and how to reconnect to your power each time the connection breaks. It is like being a little flower that gets trodden down but sucks energy into its system through its roots in order to bloom again. Living in your own power goes hand in hand with respecting other people’s power, without competition, without dominance over one another. Your connection to your power can be expressed in your daily life through a lot of small acts such as stating your opinion when you know it will not be applauded or intervening when a person is insulted in your presence. 2.COREPOWER: LOVE (emotional aspect) This chapter is about living lovingly and connectedly with yourself and others. If you don’t express your emotions, you live in a disconnected way, which can easily lead to destructive behavior and alienation. It is like building a wall around yourself, closing yourself off so that you are the only left capable of coming near. If you develop a deep connection with your emotions and a healthy way of dealing with them you will benefit from it. The exercises and techniques in this chapter will guide you to open your heart, transform your emotions, communicate in a loving way, conquer old and destructive emotional patterns and build new constructive ones based on love. 3.COREPOWER: WISDOM (mental aspect) In this chapter, you are provided with tools in order to use your head in a useful way: to focus, let go, think positively, co-create and find your life’s mission. It also introduces you to the Corepower compass, the Corepower conceptual, and Coki, the healing energy of Corepower. These form the book’s core. They provide insight and can be used to achieve deep personal leadership; acting ethically from your core. 4.COREPOWER: SPIRIT (spiritual aspect) This chapter is about connecting with your spirit. This has to do everything with letting your ego die and transforming at a higher level. To succeed in this mission you have to let go of false ideas about your identity, such as a certain standard of life, a specific clothing style or a certain amount of work that you tell yourself you need to do.

The Guiding Helper Main Text and Explanatory Notes

The Guiding Helper  Main Text and Explanatory Notes Author Abu Qanit al-Sharif al-Hasani
ISBN-10 9781445237916
Release 2009-11-24
Pages 353
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The Guiding Helper is a practical guide to the Din that the Prophet Muhammad (May Allah bless him and give him peace) brought.The Guiding Helper is based on a famous metered verse song written by a scholar named Ahmad ibn 'Ali ibn 'Abd al-Wahid ibn 'Ashir born in Spain and raised in Fez, Morocco about seven hundred years ago. This scholar divided his song into three books: (1) one about Islamic beliefs, (2) one about Islamic law, and (3) one about Islamic spirituality. He based the first book on a famous text of beliefs called The Mother of Proofs for the Tenets of Belief written by Muhammad ibn Yusuf al-Sunusi al-Husayni. He based his second book on a renown text of Maliki law called The Concise Text written by Khalil Ibn Ishaq ibn Ya'qub. He based his third book on a popular text on spirituality called The Letter of Qushayri written by 'Abd al-Karim al-Qushayri.The Maliki Fiqh is used to describe the practices of Islam.