Natural Health Remedies

Natural Health Remedies Author Janet Maccaro
ISBN-10 9781599796895
Release 2015-07-06
Pages 272
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Finding a natural health reference book written from a Christian perspective can be a challenge—until now. Dr. Janet Maccaro presents a “self-care manual” of remedies for conditions from acne to zoonosis, and she shows you the healthiest foods, herbs, vitamins, and minerals for good health. In this UPDATED AND EXPANDED EDITION Dr. Janet equips you with the most current, vital knowledge for good health with tips on: FAMILY HEALTH REMEDIES NATURAL BODY MAINTENANCE DETOXES AND CLEANSES SUPERFOODS AND SUPPLEMENTS SYMPTOM TRIGGERS AND MUCH MORE! If you are seeking to take more responsibility for your state of health and well-being, this book is written just for you.

The Doctor s Book of Natural Health Remedies

The Doctor s Book of Natural Health Remedies Author Peg Moline
ISBN-10 9780989594097
Release 2014-04-01
Pages 496
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The most comprehensive handbook ever written about vitamins, herbs, supplements, and holistic healing—everything you need to feel better, live longer, and look great doing it THIS BOOK MAY HELP YOU SAVE A LIFE—YOUR OWN. With health care costs rising, insurance systems in flux, doctors and hospitals overwhelmed, the only person who can really take charge of your health and the health of your family is you. This is your guide. For more than 40 years, Natural Health has been the leading authority on holistic, alternative, and natural healing. Now, for the first time ever, all that science-based, expert-driven, research-intensive information has been distilled into one must-have, authoritative guide to healing the self. In these pages, you’ll find stunning new research, unparalleled expert advice, how-to health guides, and a scientific, myth-debunking approach to natural remedies. Search for your symptoms. Find your cure. The power is yours. A clean life for you—and your family—starts now. Lose Dangerous Belly Fat, Fast: And keep it off for good. Our all-natural, 10-step program tells you what to eat, drink, and do—with immediate waist-shrinking results. Discover which probiotics help you burn more calories when you eat, which popular, “healthy” nut actually slows your metabolism, and the stealth toxin in your kitchen that activates fat cell growth (eliminate it and slash your risk of obesity by 75 percent!). Look Younger, Feel Younger: Discover the astonishing, inexpensive (and natural!) supplements that tighten skin, increase fat loss, and help build muscle. And learn some simple recipes for building anti-aging smoothies that turn fresh fruit into wrinkle-erasing superfoods. Sleep Easier Tonight: Conquer fatigue with our 9-step plan to fall asleep quickly—and stay sleeping soundly throughout the night. (Hint: A subtle scent in your bedroom could be part of the problem!) Re-energize Your Love Life. One supplement alone made a whopping 70% of women feel “more satisfied” after sex. Plus: How plant protein can re-energize your ovaries. Turn Up Your Mood Meter. This one green, leafy vegetable has been shown to improve the effects of both Prozac and talk therapy. Cure that Cold or Flu: Stop them before they start, with the newest natural options—one magical berry alone can reduce symptoms by 50 percent. Plus: A homeopathic “flu shot” that’s proven 88% effective. PLUS! THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO HERBAL REMEDIES! A-Z Guide to Healing Herbs: Cure yourself with these 30 essentials, from aloe vera to white willow bark, nature’s relief for migraines, eczema, menopause, UTIs, anxiety, depression, and many more. It’s your new medicine cabinet, fully stocked. The Get Happy Herb Guide: The serenity savers (lemon balm, kava kava) and bliss boosters (chocolate, milk thistle) guaranteed to raise your spirits. The Best Herbs for Women: These 12 will ease your mood swings, headaches, menstrual cramps, menopause, with no nasty side effects. A must-read for husbands, too. AND! Yoga, meditation and Ayurvedic therapies: The latest science on treatments and classes, with complete how-to guides for at-home use. The Doctor’s Book of Natural Health Remedies—in a world of questionable cures, it’s the one book you can trust.

Jude s Herbal Home Remedies

Jude s Herbal Home Remedies Author Jude Todd
ISBN-10 9780738716633
Release 2014-02-08
Pages 384
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Discover a simpler, more natural way of life. Pour yourself a cup of chamomile tea, find a quiet corner, and browse through the wealth of natural remedies, household tips, and beauty secrets presented in this tried and true guidebook. Now updated and expanded, Jude's Herbal Home Remedies offers more than 800 treatments, tinctures, tonics, and teas, using many easy-to-find herbs, as well as a comprehensive herbal index with over 200 illustrations.

Herbology at Home Making Herbal Remedies

Herbology at Home  Making Herbal Remedies Author Anke Bialas
ISBN-10 9780980766806
Release 2010
Pages 61
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Learn the age old methods of making herbal tea, tinctures, ointments, oils and much more. Herbology at Home is a convenient, easy to follow guide to preparing natural, chemical free herbal remedies.

Herbal Remedies A Z

Herbal Remedies A     Z Author Infinite Ideas
ISBN-10 9781908474452
Release 2012-12-25
Pages 128
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Feel good and look great with this essential handbook of helpful herbs. Do you want to use more natural methods to treat everyday ailments but feel unsure where to start? Herbal remedies A – Z will guide you through the bewildering array of herbal remedies, explaining the most useful herbs to have in your medicine chest, how they work, and how to use them safely. For a wide range of ailments from acne and constipation to stress and sleeplessness, we suggest simple but effective remedies, and even let you in on a few herbal beauty secrets.

Doctor Homola s Natural Health Remedies

Doctor Homola s Natural Health Remedies Author Samuel Homola
ISBN-10 0132169452
Release 1973
Pages 250
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Doctor Homola s Natural Health Remedies has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Doctor Homola s Natural Health Remedies also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Doctor Homola s Natural Health Remedies book for free.

Dr Blaylock s Prescriptions for Natural Health

Dr  Blaylock s Prescriptions for Natural Health Author Russell L. Blaylock
ISBN-10 9781630060251
Release 2016-04-28
Pages 404
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HEALTH SECRETS THAT CAN SAVE YOUR LIFE Do you find your medical conditions don’t get better and prescription drugs don’t live up to expectations? No matter how you feel right now, Dr. Blaylock’s Prescriptions for Natural Health will give you the lifeline you need. In this book you will discover the key diet and lifestyle factors you must embrace to achieve peak health and wellness—right now and in the years to come. Dr. Blaylock reveals: • Specific supplement recommendations for nearly any health issue you could face • How to fight back against the diseases of aging with a simple anti-inflammatory diet • Why you must avoid specific substances in your food that can damage your brain, heart, lungs, and other organs— especially if you are over 50 • How you can drink your daily veggies without messy juicing • Safe and effective natural remedies for a full range of conditions including cancer, brain and heart disorders, diabetes, digestive illness, skin problems, pain, and prostate concerns Natural health encompasses two equally important aspects: specific remedies for what currently ails you, and the diet and lifestyle factors that enable your body to avoid disease and premature aging. This book is designed to help you address both points. A health condition, whether temporary or chronic, is a warning sign from your body that things aren’t working the way they’re supposed to, and that changes need to be made. With Dr. Blaylock’s help, you will learn how to heal 70 health conditions, and identify and correct the underlying dietary and lifestyle habits that cause and perpetuate them. The book discusses diagnosis and treatment of dozens of medical conditions plaguing men and women: cancer, skin problems, brain and heart diseases, prostate disorders, diabetes, and many more. In addition, Dr. Blaylock reveals how to relieve common troubles such as pain, ringing in the ears, constipation and other digestive issues, vision problems, mood disorders, and other ailments. You will also see how natural products are superior to many pharmaceutical drugs, and learn more about the exciting new field of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Unfortunately, mainstream medicine does not encourage or support optimal health. If you truly want to maintain a healthy body far into the future, read and follow Dr. Blaylock’s advice today.

Herbs that Heal

Herbs that Heal Author H. K. Bakhru
ISBN-10 8122201334
Release 1992
Pages 238
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The book covers 107 herbs and their medical uses in the treatment of diseases. It is divided into two parts- the first describes, in detail, 66 important herbs with strong healing powers and curative properties and the second describes, in brief, 41 herbs with comparatively milder properties. In each part herbs have been arranged alphabetically, according to their English names, as well as by trade names, where they are more popular by the trade name. While there are numerous books on herbs, the distinctive feature of this book is its reasonably comprehensive information about herbs, especially their uses in the treatment of various diseases.

Alternative Cures

Alternative Cures Author Bill Gottlieb
ISBN-10 9780345505392
Release 2008
Pages 796
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Gathers the techniques of three hundred natural healers to offer insights into alternative treatments for almost one hundred and fifty common health complaints, from acne to wrinkles.


Homeopathy Author Robin Hayfield
ISBN-10 185967626X
Release 1998-09
Pages 64
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Natural alternative therapies for minor ailments to restore the body's own natural defenses and balance is the focus of this concise authoritative guide. The book begins with an informative history of homeopathy then tells how to create a personal first-aid kit of basic remedies. Diagnosing and treating everyday ailments is simply and concisely explained. As a cross-reference, a clearly illustrated guide to 42 of the most commonly used homeopathic remedies and their sources is also provided.

The Complete Idiot s Guide to Natural Remedies

The Complete Idiot s Guide to Natural Remedies Author Chrystle Fiedler
ISBN-10 9781101022092
Release 2009-01-06
Pages 464
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It's amazing what a little peppermint and a couple of walnuts can do. The health conditions? Everything from heart disease, cancer, and migraines to insomnia, PMS, and allergies. The remedies? Fish oils, peppermint, lavender, blueberry yogurt, and old-fashioned vitamin C. This is a complete reference book for readers who want scientifically researched recommendations for the best all-natural treatments for specific conditions presented in an easy-to-follow format. - Covers complaints and ailments from high blood pressure to bug bites - Each treatment based on the latest scientific research - Includes natural remedies from herbs and supplements to traditional Chinese Medicine - Arranged by specific ailment or disorder

Your Older Cat

Your Older Cat Author Susan Easterly
ISBN-10 9780743233965
Release 2010-05-11
Pages 144
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Your Older Cat shows how to extend your cat's active years and explains the special health issues for an aging cat. Safe preventive care for a long and healthy life You probably feel that you know everything your cat needs—plenty of food, frequent naps, and lots of love! Cats heal quickly and take excellent care of themselves, but as they age, they do need owners to pay special attention to their health and behavior. Creating a balanced diet, encouraging regular exercise, and providing good health care will ensure that your cat enjoys every one of his nine lives. Your Older Cat shows how to extend your cat's active years and explains the special health issues for an aging cat. Divided into five sections, this practical guide discusses: HOW TO RECOGNIZE THE ONSET OF OLD AGE READING YOUR CAT FOR SIGNS OF ILLNESS BECOMING A PARTNER IN YOUR CAT'S HEALTH CARE—FROM VETERINARY CARE TO PET HEALTH INSURANCE PREVENTION 101: TIPS ON DIET, GROOMING, NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS, AND EXERCISE AFFORDABLE AND EFFECTIVE NATURAL TREATMENTS FOR AGING CATS, INCLUDING ACUPUNCTURE, MASSAGE, HERBS, AND HOMEOPATHY Plus, readers will find handsome color photos, informative sidebars for quick reference, and an extensive resource section.

The Essential Herbal for Natural Health

The Essential Herbal for Natural Health Author Holly Bellebuono
ISBN-10 9780834827714
Release 2012-03-13
Pages 336
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From tinctures to ease tummy aches to elixirs to enhance energy, making your own remedies from easy-to-find herbs can be a satisfying and pleasurable way to connect with nature and your family's health. While entering the "herb world" can be intimidating—many of today's herb books are filled with cultivation tables, harvest techniques, dye charts, and aromatherapy guidelines—The Essential Herbal for Natural Health provides a welcome entry point for those wishing to experience the beauty and simplicity of natural herbal remedies safely. By focusing on just thirteen foundation herbs, you can easily jump into the world of herbs while still creating a wide range of remedies and recipes. With something for everyone in the family—men, women, and children—these simple recipes can be made to cure coughs, calm anxiety, moisturize skin, and more.

User s Guide Natural Remedies for Depression

User s Guide Natural Remedies for Depression Author Linda Knittel
ISBN-10 1591200466
Release 2003
Pages 92
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User's Guide Natural Remedies For Depression is a Basic Health Books publication.

Natural Solutions for Cleaning Wellness

Natural Solutions for Cleaning   Wellness Author Halle Cottis
ISBN-10 9781624143359
Release 2017-02-07
Pages 192
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The Ultimate Guide for a Naturally Clean Home and Healthy Body Transform your house into a toxin-free home with this valuable and practical guide. Halle Cottis goes beyond using vinegar and baking soda and provides powerful recipes to clean your entire house from the inside out. With ingredients such as salt, rubbing alcohol and castile soap, you can create indoor cleaners like the All-Purpose Disinfectant Cleaner, Powder and Liquid Laundry Detergent and Streak-Free Window Cleaner; and outdoor solutions, like Natural Garden Pesticide, Heavy-Duty Grill Cleaner and Screen Cleaner. Halle uses turmeric, coconut oil and epsom salt to create concoctions that alleviate common ailments such as headaches and migraines, swimmer’s ear, cough and sore throat, and ease even the more difficult-to-treat health conditions such as eczema, poison ivy and poison oak, digestive system troubles and emotional issues like PMS, anxiety and seasonal depression. Aside from reducing the amount of harsh and toxic cleaners and medicines in your home, you can rest easier knowing you’re saving both time and money with this wide range of 140 natural solutions.

Natural Remedies For Pigs Health

Natural Remedies For Pigs Health Author
ISBN-10 9780977533015
Release 2005
Pages 57
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Natural Remedies For Pigs Health has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Natural Remedies For Pigs Health also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Natural Remedies For Pigs Health book for free.

Natural Remedies for a Healthy Heart

Natural Remedies for a Healthy Heart Author David Heber
ISBN-10 0895299011
Release 1998-12-01
Pages 208
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-- Here are strategies for reducing dietary fat, exercises for reducing stress and strengthening the heart, and information on the proven natural therapies