Monster Musume

Monster Musume Author OKAYADO
ISBN-10 1626922780
Release 2016-08-30
Pages 192
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Monster Musume has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Monster Musume also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Monster Musume book for free.

Monster Musume I Heart Monster Girls

Monster Musume  I Heart Monster Girls Author OKAYADO
ISBN-10 1626924643
Release 2017-01-03
Pages 160
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"This book reads from right to left, Japanese style"--Colophon.

Monster Musume Monster Girl Papercrafts

Monster Musume  Monster Girl Papercrafts Author OKAYADO
ISBN-10 1626925720
Release 2017-12-05
Pages 180
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The bestselling Monster Musume series comes to 3D life in this original book of paper crafts! Fans of the genre-defining series, Monster Musume, can now display their favorites using this creative book of paper crafts. Never before released anywhere in the world, Monster Musume: Monster Girl Papercraft contains a dozen different designs ready to be cut out and built. The cute designs and simple instructions make this a collectible for Monster Musume fans and casual crafters alike.

Die Kleine Meerjungfrau Mit Originalen Illustrationen

Die Kleine Meerjungfrau  Mit Originalen Illustrationen Author Hans Christian Andersen
ISBN-10 0692254196
Release 2014-07-10
Pages 84
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Nach dem Speichern einen Prinzen vor dem Ertrinken, umarmt eine Meerjungfrau Prinzessin ein Leben in extremer Selbstaufopferung, die Liebe des Prinzen und eine unsterbliche Seele zu gewinnen. Mehr als ein Jahrhundert nach seiner ersten Veröffentlichung, bleibt Hans Christian Andersens Die kleine Meerjungfrau als einer der weltweit nachhaltigsten Werken der Fantasie für Kinder. Diese Edition vereint die berühmte Übersetzung von Julius Rauscher mit zwei Sätzen von klassischen Grafiken: die Kupferstiche von Vilhelm Pedersen von der dänischen Originalausgabe und den Illustrationen von Helen Stratton aus den Märchen von Hans Christian Andersen. Beide bieten eine schöne und dramatische visuelle Ergänzung zu dieser ergreifenden Geschichte der Liebe.

Die kleine Meerjungfrau

Die kleine Meerjungfrau Author Hans Christian Andersen
ISBN-10 3865662110
Release 2011-01
Pages 32
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Die kleine Meerjungfrau has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Die kleine Meerjungfrau also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Die kleine Meerjungfrau book for free.

Nurse Hitomi s Monster Infirmary

Nurse Hitomi s Monster Infirmary Author Shake-O
ISBN-10 1626924198
Release 2017-01-24
Pages 180
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Nurse Hitomi's Monster Infirmary is an ongoing manga series that provides a hilarious and fresh look at school life through the eye of its cyclops heroine. Serialized in Japan in the same manga magazine as New York Times bestseller Monster Musume , Nurse Hitomi's Monster Infirmary is sure to appeal to fans of the monster girl genre. Nurse Hitomi is not your typical school nurse. Newly-employed as a high school nurse, who just happens to be a cyclops, Nurse Hitomi must fumble her way through the many inhuman issues that arise in a school rife with monstrous characters. Welcome to the infirmary! We haven't been expecting you.

Mega Princess

Mega Princess Author Kelly Thompson
ISBN-10 9781613986783
Release 2017-08-09
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Kelly Thompson (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Pink, Jem and the Holograms) and artist Brianne Drouhard (Harpy Gee) give us a dose of princess power with a twist in Mega Princess! On Princess Maxine Titan’s 10th birthday, her fairy godmother grants her the powers of every princess, from speaking to animals to sensing a pea under a ton of mattresses. Max is more interested in being a detective than a princess, but when her baby brother goes missing, she’ll have to combine her princess powers with her sleuthing prowess to get him back! Collects the complete limited series. “...a strong champion for little girls and those who want to see them grow up to be free-thinking, challenging women.” - Comicosity

Comics Graphic Novels and Manga

Comics  Graphic Novels  and Manga Author Randall Bonser
ISBN-10 9781442268401
Release 2017-09-01
Pages 326
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Interest in comic books, graphic novels, and manga has never been greater, and fans of these works continue to grow around the world. From American superheroes like Superman and Spiderman to Japanese manga like Dragon Ball, there is a rich world of graphic storytelling that appeals to a wide range of readers—from young children just beginning to read to adults of every age who are captivated by dynamic illustrations and complex characters. Once dismissed as “just” for children, comic books are now appreciated for their vibrant art and sophisticated storylines. In Comics, Graphic Novels, and Manga: The Ultimate Teen Guide, Randall Bonser explores the history, evolution, diversification, and impact of graphic storytelling. This book looks at the origins of illustrated stories and how they evolved over the decades. A celebration and exploration of the rapidly growing world of comics, this book discusses such topics as the history of graphic storytelling, from cave drawings to zombie comics the impact of American superhero comics on popular culture diversity in comics the tools comic book and graphic novel creators use to communicate easy starting points for readers new to comics Featuring reviews of more than 90 graphic novels and popular manga series, this book provides recommendations of what teens should consider reading next. The author also provides a short course on how teens can create and distribute their own comics. For those who either want to start reading comics but aren’t sure where to start, or as a gateway for the comics enthusiast to explore a different graphic novel genre, Comics, Graphic Novels, and Manga: The Ultimate Teen Guide provides a fun and fascinating introduction to these worlds.

My Monster Secret

My Monster Secret Author Eiji Masuda
ISBN-10 1626925038
Release 2017-07-25
Pages 180
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My Monster Secret is a new, ongoing manga series that combines both supernatural and extraterrestrial elements in a high school romantic comedy setting. For fans of hit series like Monster Musume and Haganai: I Don't Have Many Friends comes a fresh take on the high school romantic comedy genre quite unlike anything seen before. Published in Japan by Akita Shoten in the Weekly Shounen Champion magazine, My Monster Secret has met with critical acclaim, with each new volume ranking highly on Japanese bestseller lists. In summer 2015, My Monster Secret received a television anime adaptation. Each volume of the manga features a charmingly eccentric art style and contains color inserts. High school student Kuromine Asahi is the kind of guy who literally cannot tell a lie. Whether it's trying to maintain a poker face in a simple game of cards or keeping scurrilous gossip to himself, Asahi is a total failure when it comes to the art of deception. So what happens when he stumbles upon the most shocking secret of his life? When Asahi learns that Shiragami Youko, a beautiful girl of few words, is actually a vampire, can Asahi possibly keep his lips sealed?

Die Monster M dchen 01

Die Monster M  dchen 01 Author Okayado
ISBN-10 2889216071
Release 2014-12-04
Pages 168
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Die Monster M dchen 01 has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Die Monster M dchen 01 also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Die Monster M dchen 01 book for free.

Alfred Hitchcock s Monster Museum

Alfred Hitchcock s Monster Museum Author Alfred Hitchcock
ISBN-10 IND:30000132336508
Release 1982
Pages 213
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An anthology of twelve monster stories by such well-known authors as Benet, Bixby, Sturgeon, and Bradbury

Monster Girl Encyclopedia

Monster Girl Encyclopedia Author Kenkou Cross
ISBN-10 1626923612
Release 2016-10-25
Pages 240
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Monster Girl Encyclopedia, Volume 1 is the first in a series of highly-detailed, illustrated books that contains one hundred profiles of wickedly lascivious monster girls. Considered by many fans to be the definitive go-to source for sexy monster girls and the worlds they inhabit, Monster Girl Encyclopedia is a must-have purchase for fans of Monster Musume, Nurse Hitomi’s Monster Infirmary, and other monster titles. Including 240 pages of in-depth bios, one hundred gorgeous full-color illustrations, numerous tantalizing black and white spot illustrations, diagrams, and more, Monster Girl Encyclopedia introduces readers to over one-hundred different species. Told from the perspective of a wandering monster girl scholar, these vibrantly illustrated pages teach us about sensual elves, dwarves, succubi, centaurs, mermaids, and much, much more, like you’ve never seen them before. Monster Girl Encyclopedia will be released at a large deluxe trim size and shrink-wrapped for mature readers.

Merman in My Tub

Merman in My Tub Author Itokichi
ISBN-10 162692502X
Release 2018-05-29
Pages 138
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An all new take on the monster genre! Merman in My Tub is an uproarious supernatural comedy manga that turns the popular "monster girl" genre on its tail by focusing on monster boys. Fans of Monster Musume and A Centaur's Life are sure to enjoy the odd couple relationship between a young man and a merman who has invaded his bathtub. Merman in My Tub is an ongoing manga series that received an anime adaptation in 2014. The anime is currently being streamed on Crunchyroll with English subtitles. Each volume of Merman in My Tub contains color inserts and features eye-catching character designs and artwork. What happens when an intruder from the sea stakes claim to your bathtub? A cool yet demure teenage boy named Tatsumi must learn to live with the self-obsessed and playful merman Wakasa in a small Tokyo apartment. These two dissimilar young men will learn what it takes to deal with one another in their everyday lives. Of course, impromptu visits by Wakasa’s anthropomorphic ocean friends—an octopus, jelly fish, and hermit crab—do not make things easier. Welcome to Tatsumi’s bathtub. It’s getting crowded!

Species Domain

Species Domain Author Noro Shunsuke
ISBN-10 1626924961
Release 2017-06-13
Pages 180
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Species Domain is an all-new series for fans of supernatural comedic hijinks in the monster girl genre. Offering a fresh twist on monster girls, Species Domain is chock-full of elves, dwarves, demons, and more. It's a hilarious tale of beings born into the modern world with familiar mythological features--but without any of the magical quirks and powers that come with it. It's not easy being pointy-eared or sprouting wings when your classmates are still predominantly humans, all awaiting your big magical debut, which will never come! With expressive artwork and a unique cast of fantastical characters, Species Domain is an ongoing manga series that fans of titles like Monster Musume won't want to miss. Each hilarious volume contains full-color inserts. Every so often, a child is born with the features of a legendary being. From long, graceful elvish ears, to burly dwarven muscles, or an oni's horns, you never quite know who, or what, you'll see walking down the street these days. However, none of these individuals are born with the inherent traits their species are known for, and no one is more painfully aware of this than Kazamori. Born with the appearance of an elf, everyone expects her to wield magic, but she just can't do it! Kazamori has managed to hide this fact until now, but when an ordinary human who can use his own science-based version of magic learns the truth about her, what's a young elf girl in high school to do?

Science Fiction Film Directors 1895 1998

Science Fiction Film Directors  1895 1998 Author Dennis Fischer
ISBN-10 9780786485055
Release 2011-06-17
Pages 767
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This enormous and exhaustive reference book has entries on every major and minor director of science fiction films from the inception of cinema (circa 1895) through 1998. For each director there is a complete filmography including television work, a career summary, a critical assessment, and behind-the-scenes production information. Seventy-nine directors are covered in especially lengthy entries and a short history of the science fiction film genre is also included.

12 Beast

12 Beast Author OKAYADO
ISBN-10 1626924457
Release 2017-09-26
Pages 176
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The newest monster girl series from the New York Times best selling author! There are three things you should know about Touga Eita, second-year high school student and heir to the Touga-style ninjutsu dojo. First, he really, really loves video games. Second, when given a choice between heroics and saving his own skin, he will always choose the latter. Third, he’s never so much as kissed a girl. All this changes when a voluptuous girl with wings and taloned feet named Aero appears and calls on Eita to help save her people—the harpies of Re-Verse—from a merciless onslaught of giant robot monsters known as Gigas. Eita will follow his newfound harpy friend into a whole new world, filled with monster girls and fantastical creatures beyond his wildest dreams.

Miss Kobayashi s Dragon Maid

Miss Kobayashi s Dragon Maid Author Coolkyoushinja
ISBN-10 1626924856
Release 2017-05-09
Pages 180
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For fans of Nichijou and Monster Musume comes a comedic tale of a young woman's relationship with a magical transformation dragon maid--now with an anime adaptation! Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid is a delightful, ongoing comedy manga series about a young lady who, after saving a dragon’s life, finds herself the object of its indebtedness and undying affection. Miss Kobayashi is your average office worker who lives a boring life alone in her small apartment—until she saves the life of a female dragon in distress. The dragon, named Tohru, has the ability to magically transform into an adorable human girl (albeit with horns and a long tail!), who will do anything to pay off her debt of gratitude, whether Miss Kobayashi likes it or not. With a very persistent and amorous dragon as a roommate, nothing comes easy, and Miss Kobayashi's normal life is about to go off the deep end!