Mnemonics for Medical Undergraduates

Mnemonics for Medical Undergraduates Author Shahed Yousaf
ISBN-10 1904627889
Release 2006
Pages 273
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Provides a comprehensive collection of mnemonics covering various aspects of the undergraduate syllabus. The mnemonics cover all aspects of medicine including conditions, medications, clinical chemistry and haematology.

Mnemonics for Medical Students

Mnemonics for Medical Students Author Khalid Khan
ISBN-10 0340811145
Release 2003-08-29
Pages 192
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Mnemonics for Medical Students is a fun and unique learning aid that covers the key components of medicine. Divided into 9 sections, General Practitioner and tutor, Dr Khalid Khan presents his collection of short, snappy mnemonics in a varied and user-friendly way, enabling the reader to remember vast amounts of information with ease. In addition, further learning aids such as information boxes are used throughout the text to help develop your understanding. Packed with motivational hints, study methods and last minute revision tips plus advice on how to effectively manage your study time, this book is an essential guide to revision and exam success. Key features: · Highly relevant mnemonics with the opportunity to add your own · Student-friendly format, with key diagrams and 'swot' boxes · Advice on study methods such as record cards, making notes, memory aids, association, linking, environment and mind maps. · Guidance on before, and after the exam · Fully indexed and cross-referenced This book is a rapid revision aid covering the whole of medicine with strategies based on mnemonics for remembering, and a fun and unusual learning aid that presents detailed information in an extremely user-friendly way

Mnemonics and Study Tips for Medical Students Second Edition Two Zebras Borrowed My Car

Mnemonics and Study Tips for Medical Students  Second Edition  Two Zebras Borrowed My Car Author Khalid Khan
ISBN-10 9780340957479
Release 2008-05-30
Pages 232
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What better way to remember the branches of the facial nerve than the mnemonic Two Zebras Borrowed My Car! This is just one of the many mnemonics included by the author to help you remember facts you may need in your exams and medical career; see inside for the alternative version considered too risqué to print on the cover... A new edition of this fun pocket-sized guide featuring mnemonics and study tips to help you retain those all-important medical facts! An essential read for every medical student Mnemonics And Study Tips For Medical Students will also be invaluable to students of pharmacy, nursing and allied health subjects.

Oxford Handbuch der klinischen Medizin

Oxford Handbuch der klinischen Medizin Author
ISBN-10 3456819994
Release 1991
Pages 765
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Oxford Handbuch der klinischen Medizin has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Oxford Handbuch der klinischen Medizin also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Oxford Handbuch der klinischen Medizin book for free.

Mnemonics for Surgery

Mnemonics for Surgery Author Manoj Ramachandran
ISBN-10 1904627897
Release 2006-07-01
Pages 128
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Mnemonics have long been used as a method of learning in medicine. Through repetition and association, revision through mnemonics enables students to remember complex information through recalling simple phrases. This book presents phrases in subject chapters for targetted learning and includes expanded explanations.

Atlas der Anatomie

Atlas der Anatomie Author Frank H. Netter
ISBN-10 3437416030
Release 2011
Pages 532
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Teaches the complete human body with unsurpassed clarity and accuracy. This edition features 45 revised, 290 relabelled and 17 wholly new plates, drawn fully in the tradition of Frank Netter, and includes more imaging and clinical images.

The Easy Guide to OSCEs for Final Year Medical Students

The Easy Guide to OSCEs for Final Year Medical Students Author Nazmul Akunjee
ISBN-10 9781846191237
Release 2007
Pages 417
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Aimed at final year medical students preparing for the Objective structure Clinical Examinations, this concise work covers, in a self-test format, over 100 sample OSCE stations inclusing the standard history, examination and general skills stations.

Pharmacology Prep Manual for Undergraduates

Pharmacology  Prep Manual for Undergraduates Author Tara Shanbhag
ISBN-10 9788131242391
Release 2015-11-16
Pages 452
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The Prep Manual for Undergraduates now, more aptly named as Pharmacology for Medical Graduates, Third Edition includes significant expansion and revision of the existing Second Edition. The style and presentation form has been maintained - simple diagrams, self-explanatory flow charts, tables and student friendly mnemonics. Some new topics like cognitive enhancers, CNS stimulants, Drugs for the treatment of Psoriasis and Acne vulgaris have been introduced. Definitions, treatment schedules as per WHO (for tuberculosis, leprosy, malaria, HIV), RNTCP (for TB) guidelines and classification of blood pressure as per JNC, 2003 guidelines have been included and we acknowledge the same. This extensively revised edition will be useful not only for the students of medicine but also for practicing doctors. Salient Features Format based upon the pattern which is followed by the examiners in framing questions in the exams- both theory and Practical. Updated content with addition of new drugs Addition of new flowcharts, Figures and tables to facilitate quick learning and greater retention of knowledge Specific description of drugs under short headings makes it easy to understand. Easy to understand and point-wise presentation of information, useful for exam going UG students. Supplementing text with simple diagrams, self-explanatory flow charts, tables and student friendly mnemonics.

Der Medicus

Der Medicus Author Noah Gordon
ISBN-10 9783641119201
Release 2013-04-30
Pages 864
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Der Waisenjunge Rob findet bei einem Bader Schutz und wird sein gelehriger Schüler. Nach dem Tod seines Meisters bricht er nach Persien auf, denn dort, im fernen Isfahan, lehrt Avicenna, der berühmteste aller Ärzte. Rob trotzt mutig den Gefahren seiner weiten Reise, Hunger, Pest und den Überfällen religiöser Fanatiker. Unbeirrt folgt er seiner Berufung als Arzt und Heiler.

ber das Ged chtnis

  ber das Ged  chtnis Author Hermann Ebbinghaus
ISBN-10 3956928377
Release 2015-12
Pages 180
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ber das Ged chtnis has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from ber das Ged chtnis also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full ber das Ged chtnis book for free.

4 Weeks to Finals

4 Weeks to Finals Author Andy Haden
ISBN-10 1846193257
Release 2009-03-01
Pages 84
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This refreshingly readable book with accompanying flash cards and an interactive website is ideal for all undergraduate medical students fast approaching their final exams.

Survival Guide for Medical Students

Survival Guide for Medical Students Author Saul Wischnitzer
ISBN-10 UOM:39015050478802
Release 2001
Pages 266
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A practical guide for helping medical students understand the inner workings of medical school education and postgraduate training processes. The authors advise on "what to expect" and "how to respond" to a number of issues confronting students, including educational and psychological transition to medical school, attrition, traditional and nontraditional curricula, preparing for the USMLE, and choosing a residency. Also offered is a preview of what to expect in medical practice.

House of God

House of God Author Samuel Shem
ISBN-10 9783426416747
Release 2012-05-02
Pages 496
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Sechs junge Ärzte beginnen vollen Enthusiasmus ihr erstes Klinikjahr im House of God, beseelt von dem Wunsch, Menschen zu helfen und zu heilen. Doch ihre Ideale werden schnell fortgerissen im Strudel ihres rastlosen Alltags. Sie lernen die Schattenseiten der modernen Medizin kennen, werden zynisch, verzweifelt oder gleichgültig. Das House of God wird für sie zur Hölle ... »House of God« von Samuel Shem ist ein eBook von Topkrimi – exciting eBooks. Das Zuhause für spannende, aufregende, nervenzerreißende Krimis und Thriller. Mehr eBooks findest du auf Facebook. Werde Teil unserer Community und entdecke jede Woche neue Fälle, Crime und Nervenkitzel zum Top-Preis!

Dead Aid

Dead Aid Author Dambisa Moyo
ISBN-10 9783942989718
Release 2014-03-08
Pages 236
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Afrika ist ein armer Kontinent. Ein Kontinent voller Hunger, blutiger Konflikte, gescheiterter Staaten, voller Korruption und Elend. Um zu helfen, adoptieren Prominente afrikanische Halbwaisen und flanieren durch Flüchtlingslager, laden die Gutmenschen unter den Popstars zu Benefiz-Konzerten, und westliche Staaten haben in den letzten 50 Jahren eine Billion Dollar an afrikanische Regierungen gezahlt. Aber trotz Jahrzehnten von billigen Darlehen, nicht rückzahlbaren Krediten, Schuldenerlassen, bilateraler und multilateraler Hilfe steht Afrika schlimmer da als je zuvor. Mit Dead Aid hat Dambisa Moyo ein provokatives Plädoyer gegen Entwicklungshilfe und für Afrika geschrieben. Knapp, faktenreich und zwingend legt sie ihre Argumente dar. Entwicklungshilfe, im Sinne von Geld-Transfers zwischen Regierungen, macht abhängig. Sie zementiert die bestehenden Gegebenheiten, fördert Korruption und finanziert sogar Kriege. Sie zerstört jeden Anreiz, gut zu wirtschaften und die Volkswirtschaft anzukurbeln. Entwicklungshilfe zu beziehen ist einfacher, als ein Land zu sanieren. Im Gegensatz zu Bono und Bob Geldoff weiß Moyo, wovon sie spricht. Die in Sambia geborene und aufgewachsene Harvard-Ökonomin arbeitete jahrelang für die Weltbank. In Dead Aid erklärt sie nicht nur, was die negativen Folgen von Entwicklungshilfe sind und warum China für Afrika eine Lösung und nicht Teil des Problems ist; sie entwirft zudem einen Weg, wie sich Afrika aus eigener Kraft und selbstbestimmt entwickeln kann. In den USA und Großbritannien löste Dead Aid eine hitzige Debatte aus. Es stand mehrere Wochen auf der New York Times Bestsellerliste und wurde vom Sunday Herald zum Buch des Jahres gewählt. Das Time Magazine wählte Dambisa Moyo 2009 zu einer der 100 wichtigsten Persönlichkeiten der Welt.

Das Mind map Buch

Das Mind map Buch Author Tony Buzan
ISBN-10 3636062433
Release 2002
Pages 319
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Das Mind map Buch has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Das Mind map Buch also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Das Mind map Buch book for free.

Clinical Medicine Key Questions Answered

Clinical Medicine  Key Questions Answered Author Wai-Ching Leung
ISBN-10 9780192628916
Release 1998-06-25
Pages 287
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The only self-assessment book to span the breadth of clinical medicine, this handy collection of questions covers the core of the undergraduate medical curriculum using over 700 MCQs. Each of these key questions comes complete with its answer and a full explanation, making it a useful learning aid.

Focused History Taking for OSCEs

Focused History Taking for OSCEs Author David McCollum
ISBN-10 1846195810
Release 2011-12-01
Pages 229
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This straight-forward guide to taking patient history comprehensively covers all of the commonly seen OSCE scenarios within the current undergraduate medical curriculum. Focused History Taking for OSCEs includes an introductory chapter with general OSCE guidance, including tips from recently qualified doctors and highly respected physicians and surgeons who commonly examine OSCEs. It covers over 50 histories based on presenting complaints - more than any other text on the market - thoroughly testing both knowledge and examination technique. Each history is based around what the candidate is required to consider, with mnemonics and list-based breakdowns to aid prompt recall. It then concludes by outlining key aspects for each differential diagnosis as well as a list of investigations and management options. Benefits Covers over 50 histories - more than any other book in this area Simple presentation - uses mnemonics and list-based prompts to aid fast recall Comprehensive - covers all the commonly examined history-taking OSCE scenarios in the undergraduate medical curriculum Includes tips from examiners and recently qualified doctors