Mnemonics for Medical Undergraduates

Mnemonics for Medical Undergraduates Author Shahed Yousaf
ISBN-10 1904627889
Release 2006
Pages 273
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Provides a comprehensive collection of mnemonics covering various aspects of the undergraduate syllabus. The mnemonics cover all aspects of medicine including conditions, medications, clinical chemistry and haematology.

Mnemonics for Medical Students

Mnemonics for Medical Students Author Khalid Khan
ISBN-10 0340811145
Release 2003-08-29
Pages 192
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Mnemonics for Medical Students is a fun and unique learning aid that covers the key components of medicine. Divided into 9 sections, General Practitioner and tutor, Dr Khalid Khan presents his collection of short, snappy mnemonics in a varied and user-friendly way, enabling the reader to remember vast amounts of information with ease. In addition, further learning aids such as information boxes are used throughout the text to help develop your understanding. Packed with motivational hints, study methods and last minute revision tips plus advice on how to effectively manage your study time, this book is an essential guide to revision and exam success. Key features: · Highly relevant mnemonics with the opportunity to add your own · Student-friendly format, with key diagrams and 'swot' boxes · Advice on study methods such as record cards, making notes, memory aids, association, linking, environment and mind maps. · Guidance on before, and after the exam · Fully indexed and cross-referenced This book is a rapid revision aid covering the whole of medicine with strategies based on mnemonics for remembering, and a fun and unusual learning aid that presents detailed information in an extremely user-friendly way

Mnemonics and Study Tips for Medical Students Third Edition

Mnemonics and Study Tips for Medical Students  Third Edition Author Khalid Khan
ISBN-10 9781315352329
Release 2016-08-19
Pages 224
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This fun, pocket-sized and practical guide is jam-packed with helpful tips on how to remember those all-important medical facts crucial to exam success and invaluable throughout the medical career. New to this edition are 35 additional mnemonics, more information on prescribing, a section on the use of 'smart drugs' when studying, additional SWOT boxes and an improved interior layout with more colour for added clarity. The third edition remains an essential read for every medical student.

Mnemonics for MRCP

Mnemonics for MRCP Author Timothy Nicholson
ISBN-10 1904627986
Release 2006
Pages 140
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Through repetition and association, as well as through revision mnemonics enables you to remember complex information through recalling simple phrases - making it an ideal method for learning in medicine and other complex sciences. This title presents phrases in subject chapters for targeted learning.

Pharmacology Made Insanely Easy

Pharmacology Made Insanely Easy Author Loretta Manning
ISBN-10 0984204075
Release 2013-03-01
Pages 565
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Over 1,050 drugs in just 245 images! One look at these images and you will remember the drug forever!

Dermatology Simplified

Dermatology Simplified Author Jules Lipoff
ISBN-10 9783319197319
Release 2015-08-28
Pages 561
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​This book is derived from notes taken during a dermatology residency and it represents a comprehensive yet condensed approach to a dermatology curriculum, listing every entity with only the most important and testable facts and mnemonics. There is an intimidating large amount of material for young dermatologists and other doctors with an interest in dermatology to learn, and this guide puts it all into a concise and manageable context. Further, introductions to the dermatology physical exam and dermatopathology, as well short guides describing the basics of medications, basic science, cosmetics, and surgery are included. The goal of this guide is not primarily to help with visual identification of diagnoses, but rather to help young dermatologists learn to create differential diagnoses and learn all the important facts for myriad diseases. Given its unique approach, this guide will serve new residents well in quickly adapting to a new field, and also, it will serve senior residents as quick review of all topics in preparation for in service and board examinations. In general, there are very few dermatology board review books of any kind and therefore this book will immediately have a market among dermatology students, residents, rotators, and faculty.

Principles of Forensic Medicine Toxicology

Principles of Forensic Medicine   Toxicology Author Rajesh Bardale
ISBN-10 9789350254936
Release 2011-10-01
Pages 580
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Comprehensive guide to forensic medicine and toxicology, with almost 1000 images and illustrations.

Examination Paediatrics

Examination Paediatrics Author Wayne Harris
ISBN-10 9780729585989
Release 2017-08-28
Pages 752
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Examination Paediatrics is an essential guide for medical trainees undertaking paediatric clinical examinations. Aligned with current practice and examination format, this new edition provides guidance on history taking, examination procedure, relevant investigations, and management for the majority of chronic paediatric clinical problems encountered in paediatric hospital practice and community paediatric practice. Extended cardiology focus with over 50 colour images Catchy mnemonics to aid recall 5 new long cases, including hypopituitarism, neurofibromatosis type 1 and Rett syndrome 8 new short cases, including lymphadenopathy, ataxia and nystagmus Tips on body language, attitude and the motivation needed to pass your clinical exams

Surgical Talk

Surgical Talk Author Andrew Goldberg
ISBN-10 9781783263158
Release 2012-05-03
Pages 440
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This textbook is an introduction and guide to undergraduate surgery. It has been a bestseller since its first edition in 2001. The philosophy of this book is to focus on the level of knowledge and the approach that would be expected of the better students reaching the end of their undergraduate training. Avoiding a book that is too cumbersome, we have tried to make this volume readable and enjoyable, using various techniques to help the reader remember key facts: the text has been deliberately written in a tutorial-like story format as opposed to a set of lists, since this makes it easier to understand and remember. In addition to general surgery, the book contains sections on trauma, orthopaedics, urology and ENT, making it the only comprehensive textbook for medical students wishing to learn top tips in surgery. Subjects that are poorly covered in other main texts — such as fluid balance management and minor surgical procedures — are dealt with in a tutorial fashion in this book, and there is a section on how to problem-solve even in the context of areas unknown to the student. This book is useful for medical students and also for junior doctors during their day-to-day working lives, as well as those coming up to postgraduate exams. Each chapter is written by an authoritative author, alongside the book editors, and they have ensured it remains in the spirit of the bestselling previous editions. Foreword Foreword (31 KB)

Case History Data Interpretation in Medical Practice

Case History   Data Interpretation in Medical Practice Author ABM Abdullah
ISBN-10 9789351523758
Release 2014-11-30
Pages 510
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This third edition presents trainees with the latest techniques for accurate interpretation of clinical data. Divided into two sections, the first provides descriptive text and related questions. The second part provides the answers and explanations to the questions. Each section is divided into five parts, presenting more than 500 cases on specific topics – case history and interpretation, data interpretation of cardiac catheter, family tree (genetics), spirometry (lung function assessment), and pictures of multiple diseases. Topics are presented in an easy to follow format allowing trainees to learn the basics of data interpretation and to practise identifying and diagnosing diseases based on investigations and patient history. Key points Third edition describing latest techniques for accurate interpretation of clinical data More than 500 cases presented as descriptive text, questions and answers Includes more than 200 clinical photographs and illustrations Previous edition published in 2010

The Skills of History Taking For Medical Students and Practitioners

The Skills of History Taking For Medical Students and Practitioners Author Rahul Tanwani
ISBN-10 9385999443
Release 2016-03-30
Pages 244
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The Skills of History Taking For Medical Students and Practitioners has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Skills of History Taking For Medical Students and Practitioners also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Skills of History Taking For Medical Students and Practitioners book for free.

Clinical Cases Pearls in Medicine

Clinical Cases   Pearls in Medicine Author GS Sainani
ISBN-10 9789351526469
Release 2015-03-10
Pages 468
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Clinical Cases and Pearls in Medicine is a comprehensive collection of 203 clinical cases and 101 ‘pearls’ across ten major areas of medicine, as well as miscellaneous sub-specialities. The book is divided into two sections, the first covering cases in a range of medical specialities from gastroenterology to the musculoskeletal system. Cases are covered in detail for all major systems of the human bodies including the respiratory system, cardiovascular system, nervous system and endocrine system. Every aspect of each clinical case is covered in detail, including history taking, causes, investigations and treatment, followed by a Viva Voce question section, making this book ideal for medical students. The second section lists 101 pearls in medicine, with key information highlighted in tables and blue text boxes for ease of reference. Covering an extensive range of clinical cases enhanced by over 250 colour images and illustrations, and offering invaluable pearls to students, consultants and physicians, Clinical Cases and Pearls in Medicine is an essential source of reference and revision for all medical professionals. Key Points Includes 203 clinical cases and 101 pearls in medicine Covers all major systems of the human body and many medical specialities Over 250 images and illustrations

Textbook of Medicine

Textbook of Medicine Author KV Krishna Das
ISBN-10 9789386056108
Release 2017-09-30
Pages 1688
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The new edition of this comprehensive two volume set has been fully revised to provide undergraduate students with the most recent information and developments in medicine. Volume One begins with an introduction to general topics, covering genetics, immunology, drug administration, imaging and more. The second part of Volume One, and Volume Two cover diseases and disorders found in different body systems, guiding students step by step through epidemiology, signs and symptoms, investigation and diagnosis, and management and complications. The book covers both theoretical and clinical aspects of medicine, and includes study aids such as chapter summaries and key points boxes to assist learning. This sixth edition is highly illustrated and features sections on new scientific equipment, biological, genetic and molecular studies, and molecular tools used in both research and in clinical practice. Key points Fully revised, new edition of comprehensive two volume set Covers diseases and disorders in all body systems Includes chapter summaries and key points boxes to assist learning Previous edition (9788184483888) published in 2008

Clinical Microbiology Made Ridiculously Simple

Clinical Microbiology Made Ridiculously Simple Author Mark Gladwin
ISBN-10 1935660152
Release 2013
Pages 403
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A brief, clear, thorough, and highly enjoyable approach to clinical microbiology, brimming with mnemonics, humor, summary charts and illustrations, from AIDS to flesh-eating bacteria to ebola, mad cow disease, hantavirus, anthrax, smallpox, botulism, etc. Significant updates. Excellent Board review.

Students With Mild Exceptionalities

Students With Mild Exceptionalities Author Sydney S. Zentall
ISBN-10 9781483314990
Release 2013-02-21
Pages 592
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This concise and practical guide thoroughly presents the characteristics of children with specific mild exceptionalities in today's diverse classroom. Using an active, problem-solving approach that reflects how today's students learn, Dr. Sydney S. Zentall identifies the characteristics of children with mild exceptionalities that can be gleaned from observations, written descriptions, and personal interactions. Unlike many texts on this topic, which overwhelm students with extraneous information, The text focuses on the characteristics of these students within general education and special class settings. With this knowledge readers will better understand the implications of characteristics for accommodations and be ready to apply this knowledge with empirically based interventions.

Focused History Taking for OSCEs

Focused History Taking for OSCEs Author David McCollum
ISBN-10 1846195810
Release 2011-12-01
Pages 229
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This straight-forward guide to taking patient history comprehensively covers all of the commonly seen OSCE scenarios within the current undergraduate medical curriculum. Focused History Taking for OSCEs includes an introductory chapter with general OSCE guidance, including tips from recently qualified doctors and highly respected physicians and surgeons who commonly examine OSCEs. It covers over 50 histories based on presenting complaints - more than any other text on the market - thoroughly testing both knowledge and examination technique. Each history is based around what the candidate is required to consider, with mnemonics and list-based breakdowns to aid prompt recall. It then concludes by outlining key aspects for each differential diagnosis as well as a list of investigations and management options. Benefits Covers over 50 histories - more than any other book in this area Simple presentation - uses mnemonics and list-based prompts to aid fast recall Comprehensive - covers all the commonly examined history-taking OSCE scenarios in the undergraduate medical curriculum Includes tips from examiners and recently qualified doctors

Manipal Manual Of Surgery 3e

Manipal Manual Of Surgery  3e Author Rajgopal K. Shenoy
ISBN-10 8123918933
Release 2000
Pages 722
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Manipal Manual Of Surgery 3e has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Manipal Manual Of Surgery 3e also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Manipal Manual Of Surgery 3e book for free.