Medieval Tales and Stories

Medieval Tales and Stories Author Stanley Appelbaum
ISBN-10 9780486143132
Release 2012-08-02
Pages 272
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Wide-ranging stories offer a glimpse into witchcraft, magic, Crusaders, astrology, alchemy, pacts with the Devil, chivalry, trial by torture, church councils, mercantile life, other elements of Middle Ages.

Medieval Tales that Kids Can Read Tell

Medieval Tales that Kids Can Read   Tell Author Lorna Czarnota
ISBN-10 0874835887
Release 2000
Pages 96
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Presents traditional stories about the Middle Ages along with tips for storytellers.

Favorite Medieval Tales

Favorite Medieval Tales Author Mary Pope Osborne
ISBN-10 0439141346
Release 2002-05-01
Pages 86
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A collection of well-known tales from medieval Europe, including "Beowulf," "The Sword in the Stone," "The Song of Roland," and "The Island of the Lost Children."

A Medieval Storybook

A Medieval Storybook Author Morris Bishop
ISBN-10 9780801468346
Release 2013-04-12
Pages 320
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From the rich store of medieval tales, Morris Bishop brings together a delightful collection of thirty-five stories. Some are romantic, some religious, some realistic, some even scurrilous. There are merry tales and moral tales, sagas, allegories, and fables. They vary widely in theme and their characters represent every class of medieval society. The tales in A Medieval Storybook vividly illustrate medieval life and thought. Above all they excel as stories, and demonstrate the high level attained by narrative art in the Middle Ages and the great gift the medieval writers had for creating lively and memorable characters. Some of the stories in the book were translated by Bishop; others were translated in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Line drawings by Alison Mason Kingsbury add considerably to the charm of this collection.

Japanese Tales

Japanese Tales Author Royall Tyler
ISBN-10 9780307784063
Release 2012-08-22
Pages 400
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Two hundred and twenty dazzling tales from medieval Japan— tales that welcome us into a fabulous, faraway world populated by saints, scoundrels, ghosts, magical healers, and a vast assortment of deities and demons. Stories of miracles, visions of hell, jokes, fables, and legends, these tales reflect the Japanese worldview during a classic period in Japanese civilization. They ably balance the lyrical and the dramatic, the ribald and the profound, offering a window into a long vanished culture. Part of the Pantheon Fairy Tale and Folklore Library

Fairy Tales from Before Fairy Tales

Fairy Tales from Before Fairy Tales Author Jan M. Ziolkowski
ISBN-10 9780472025220
Release 2010-02-01
Pages 512
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When did fairy tales begin? What qualifies as a fairy tale? Is a true fairy tale oral or literary? Or is a fairy tale determined not by style but by content? To answer these and other questions, Jan M. Ziolkowski not only provides a comprehensive overview of the theoretical debates about fairy tale origins but includes an extensive discussion of the relationship of the fairy tale to both the written and oral sources. Ziolkowski offers interpretations of a sampling of the tales in order to sketch the complex connections that existed in the Middle Ages between oral folktales and their written equivalents, the variety of uses to which the writers applied the stories, and the diverse relationships between the medieval texts and the expressions of the same tales in the "classic" fairy tale collections of the nineteenth century. In so doing, Ziolkowski explores stories that survive in both versions associated with, on the one hand, such standards of the nineteenth-century fairy tale as the Brothers Grimm, Hans Christian Andersen, and Carlo Collodi and, on the other, medieval Latin, demonstrating that the literary fairy tale owes a great debt to the Latin literature of the medieval period. Jan M. Ziolkowski is the Arthur Kingsley Porter Professor of Medieval Latin at Harvard University.

Tales of Times Now Past

Tales of Times Now Past Author Marian Ury
ISBN-10 0520038649
Release 1979-01-01
Pages 199
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Tales of Times Now Past has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Tales of Times Now Past also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Tales of Times Now Past book for free.

Medieval Tales from the Bard Iron Tongue

Medieval Tales from the Bard Iron Tongue Author Kevin Wolf
ISBN-10 1512379336
Release 2015-09-09
Pages 236
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Medieval Tales from the Bard Iron-Tongue is a collection of historical-fiction short stories concerning the adventures, battles, and conversion, or in one case, the non-conversion, of three Germanic kings (Clovis: King of the Franks, Radbod: King of the Frisians, and Harald Bluetooth: King of the Danes) and one Saxon nobleman (Widukind: Lord of the Saxons). These tales are framed by the stories of the life and death of the mysterious Bard Iron-Tongue. Each story in this collection will transport the reader in a unique way into early medieval life, telling an idea-rich, action-packed tale of Germanic tribal wars, personal ambitions, and evolving cultural and religious world-views. Medieval Tales from the Bard Iron-Tongue stands in the tradition of medieval literary works such as Beowulf and the Icelandic sagas or modern novels such as Bernard Cornwell's The Saxon Tales, Stephen Lawhead's Byzantium, and Giles Kristian's Blood Eye.

Tales in Context

Tales in Context Author Rella Kushelevsky
ISBN-10 9780814342725
Release 2017-11-13
Pages 816
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In the thirteenth century, an anonymous scribe compiled sixty-nine tales that became Sefer ha-ma’asim, the earliest compilation of Hebrew tales known to us in Western Europe. The author writes that the stories encompass “descriptions of herbs that cure leprosy, a fairy princess with golden tresses using magic charms to heal her lover’s wounds and restore him to life; a fire-breathing dragon . . . a two-headed creature and a giant’s daughter for whom the rind of a watermelon containing twelve spies is no more than a speck of dust.” In Tales in Context: Sefer ha-ma’asim in Medieval Northern France, Rella Kushelevsky enlightens the stories’ meanings and reflects the circumstances and environment for Jewish lives in medieval France. Although a selection of tales was previously published, this is the first publication of a Hebrew-English annotated edition in its entirety, revealing fresh insight. The first part of Kushelevsky’s work, “Cultural, Literary and Comparative Perspectives,” presents the thesis that Sefer ha-ma’asim is a product of its time and place, and should therefore be studied within its literary and cultural surroundings, Jewish and vernacular, in northern France. An investigation of the scribe's techniques in reworking his Jewish and non-Jewish sources into a medieval discourse supports this claim. The second part of the manuscript consists of the tales themselves, in Hebrew and English translation, including brief comparative comments or citations. The third part, “An Analytical and Comparative Overview,” offers an analysis of each tale as an individual unit, contextualized within its medieval framework and against the background of its parallels. Elisheva Baumgarten's epilogue adds social and historical background to Sefer ha-ma’asim and discusses new ways in which it and other story compilations may be used by historians for an inquiry into the everyday life of medieval Jews. The tales in Sefer ha-ma’asim will be of special value to scholars of folklore and medieval European history and literature, as well as those looking to enrich their studies and shelves.

Great Tales of Terror

Great Tales of Terror Author S. T. Joshi
ISBN-10 9780486148762
Release 2013-02-20
Pages 192
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These 23 chilling tales tell of the returning dead, haunted places, and weird creatures by such masters of the genre as Lafcadio Hearn, Algernon Blackwood, and J. Sheridan LeFanu.

Tales of Tears and Laughter

Tales of Tears and Laughter Author
ISBN-10 0824815696
Release 1991-01
Pages 222
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Thirteen colorful stories, selected and translated by Shord and enhanced by illustrations from the original texts, are engaging in themselves and also offer illuminating glimpses into early Japanese society and culture. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Mary Shelley

Mary Shelley Author Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
ISBN-10 0801840627
Release 1990-08-01
Pages 400
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"Beyond question Shelley scholars and 19th-century specialists will value this usefully annotated and carefully produced edition." -- Washington Post

Medieval Tales

Medieval Tales Author Henry Morley
ISBN-10 PKEY:6610000019465
Release 2017-07-10
Pages 114
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This volume of "Mediæval Tales" is in four parts, containing severally, (1) Turpin's "History of Charles the Great and Orlando," which is an old source of Charlemagne romance; (2) Spanish Ballads, relating chiefly to the romance of Charlemagne, these being taken from the spirited translations of Spanish ballads published in 1823 by John Gibson Lockhart; (3) a selection of stories from the "Gesta Romanorum;" and (4) the old translation of the original story of Faustus, on which Marlowe founded his play, and which is the first source of the Faust legend in literature.

The Mabinogi and Other Medieval Welsh Tales

The Mabinogi and Other Medieval Welsh Tales Author Patrick K. Ford
ISBN-10 0520253965
Release 2008
Pages 205
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Tales about Pwyll, Branwen, Manawydan, Math, Lludd and Lleuelys, and Culhwch and Olwen, comprising the core of the ancient Welsh mythological cycle, are presented in readable, modern English translations.

Gentile Tales

Gentile Tales Author Miri Rubin
ISBN-10 0812218809
Release 2004-04-05
Pages 280
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Beginning in Paris in the year 1290, Jews were accused of abusing Christ by desecrating the eucharist—the manifestation of Christ's body in the communion service. Over the next two centuries this tale of desecration spread throughout Europe and led to violent anti-Jewish activity in areas from Catalonia to Bohemia, particularly in some German-speaking regions, where at times it produced regionwide massacres and "cleansings." Drawing on sources ranging from religious tales and poems to Jews' confessions made under torture, Miri Rubin explores the frightening power of one of the most persistent anti-Jewish stories of the Middle Ages and the violence that it bred. She looks not just at the occasions on which massacres occurred but also at those times when the story failed to set off violence. She investigates as well the ways these tales were commemorated in rituals, altarpieces, and legends and were enshrined in local traditions. In exploring the character, nature, development, and eventual decay of this fantasy of host desecration, Rubin presents a vivid picture of the mental world of late medieval Europe and of the culture of anti-Judaism.

A Dictionary of Medieval Heroes

A Dictionary of Medieval Heroes Author Willem Pieter Gerritsen
ISBN-10 0851157807
Release 2000
Pages 336
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A guide to both familiar and not-so-familiar heroes from the middle ages and their stories.

Terrible Tales of the Middle Ages

Terrible Tales of the Middle Ages Author Clare Hibbert
ISBN-10 9781482401929
Release 2013-12-15
Pages 32
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Many medieval tales are chock full of dragons, knights, and magic. These exciting elements are why they have endured over hundreds of years. This book showcases some of the most thrilling stories of King Arthur and his knights as well as the famous heroes Beowulf and Robin Hood. Engaging text, comic illustrations, and fun fact boxes add interest to these fascinating legends.