Mad Travelers

Mad Travelers Author Ian Hacking
ISBN-10 0674009541
Release 2002
Pages 239
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Albert Dadas suffered from a strange compulsion that led him to travel obsessively, often without identification, not knowing who he was or why he traveled. Medical reports of Dadas set off at the time a small epidemic of compulsive mad voyagers, the epicenter of which was Bordeaux but which soon spread throughout France to Italy, Germany, and Russia. Today we are besieged by mental illnesses of the moment, such as chronic fatigue syndrome and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. The debate rages about which of these conditions are affectations or cultural artifacts and which are "real." In Mad Travelers, Ian Hacking uses the Dadas case to weigh the legitimacy of cultural influences versus physical symptoms in the diagnosis of psychiatric disorders. He argues that psychological symptoms find stable homes at a given place and time, in "ecological niches" where transient illnesses flourish.

Mad at School

Mad at School Author Margaret Price
ISBN-10 9780472071388
Release 2011
Pages 279
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Explores the contested boundaries between disability, illness, and mental illness in higher education

Mad Bad And Sad

Mad  Bad And Sad Author Lisa Appignanesi
ISBN-10 9780748133529
Release 2011-10-06
Pages 608
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Mad, bad and sad. From the depression suffered by Virginia Woolf and Sylvia Plath to the mental anguish and addictions of iconic beauties Zelda Fitzgerald and Marilyn Monroe. From Freud and Jung and the radical breakthroughs of psychoanalysis to Lacan's construction of a modern movement and the new women-centred therapies. This is the story of how we have understood mental disorders and extreme states of mind in women over the last two hundred years and how we conceive of them today, when more and more of our inner life and emotions have become a matter for medics and therapists.

Bad women mad women

Bad women  mad women Author Maria Gerolemou
ISBN-10 9783823365808
Release 2011
Pages 442
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Bad women mad women has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Bad women mad women also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Bad women mad women book for free.

A Mad People s History of Madness

A Mad People   s History of Madness Author Dale Peterson
ISBN-10 9780822974253
Release 1982-03-15
Pages 384
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A man desperately tries to keep his pact with the Devil, a woman is imprisoned in an insane asylum by her husband because of religious differences, and, on the testimony of a mere stranger, “a London citizen” is sentenced to a private madhouse. This anthology of writings by mad and allegedly mad people is a comprehensive overview of the history of mental illness for the past five hundred years-from the viewpoint of the patients themselves. Dale Peterson has compiled twenty-seven selections dating from 1436 through 1976. He prefaces each excerpt with biographical information about the writer. Peterson's running commentary explains the national differences in mental health care and the historical changes that have take place in symptoms and treatment. He traces the development of the private madhouse system in England and the state-run asylum system in the United States. Included is the first comprehensive bibliography of writings by the mentally ill.

Mad Blood Stirring

Mad Blood Stirring Author Edward Muir
ISBN-10 0801858496
Release 1998-05-18
Pages 208
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Nobles were slaughtered and their castles looted or destroyed, bodies were dismembered and corpses fed to animals—the Udine carnival massacre of 1511 was the most extensive and damaging popular revolt in Renaissance Italy (and the basis for the story of Romeo and Juliet). Mad Blood Stirring is a gripping account and analysis of this event, as well as the social structures and historical conflicts preceding it and the subtle shifts in the mentality of revenge it introduced. This new reader's edition offers students and general readers an abridged version of this classic work which shifts the focus from specialized scholarly analysis to the book's main theme: the role of vendetta in city and family politics. Uncovering the many connections between the carnival motifs, hunting practices, and vendetta rituals, Muir finds that the Udine massacre occurred because, at that point in Renaissance history, violent revenge and allegiance to factions provided the best alternative to failed political institutions. But the carnival massacre also marked a crossroads: the old mentality of vendetta was soon supplanted by the emerging sense that the direct expression of anger should be suppressed—to be replaced by duels.

Getting MAD Nuclear Mutual Assured Destruction Its Origins and Practice

Getting MAD  Nuclear Mutual Assured Destruction  Its Origins and Practice Author
ISBN-10 9781428910331
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Getting MAD Nuclear Mutual Assured Destruction Its Origins and Practice has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Getting MAD Nuclear Mutual Assured Destruction Its Origins and Practice also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Getting MAD Nuclear Mutual Assured Destruction Its Origins and Practice book for free.

What Mad Pursuit

What Mad Pursuit Author Francis Crick
ISBN-10 9780786725847
Release 2008-08-06
Pages 208
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Candid, provocative, and disarming, this is the widely-praised memoir of the co-discoverer of the double helix of DNA.

Mad Toy

Mad Toy Author Roberto Arlt
ISBN-10 0822329409
Release 2002-07-18
Pages 170
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Silvio Astier falls into a life of petty crime as he grows up in 1920s Buenos Aires.

Fools and Mad

Fools and Mad Author Joseph Robins
ISBN-10 UOM:39015011755124
Release 1986-01-01
Pages 255
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Fools and Mad has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Fools and Mad also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Fools and Mad book for free.

Mad Matters

Mad Matters Author Brenda A. LeFrançois
ISBN-10 9781551305349
Release 2013
Pages 394
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In 1981, Toronto activist Mel Starkman wrote: "An important new movement is sweeping through the western world.... The 'mad,' the oppressed, the ex-inmates of society's asylums are coming together and speaking for themselves." Mad Matters is the first Canadian book to bring together the writings of this vital movement, which has grown explosively in the years since. With contributions from scholars in numerous disciplines, as well as activists and psychiatric survivors, it presents diverse critical voices that convey the lived experiences of the psychiatrized and challenges dominant understandings of "mental illness." The connections between mad activism and other liberation struggles are stressed throughout, making the book a major contribution to the literature on human rights and anti-oppression.

The Mad Mad World of Cricket

The Mad  Mad World of Cricket Author Sudhir Dar
ISBN-10 0143101846
Release 2007
Pages 90
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He also explains what actually goes on in a huddle, what telescopic lenses on the boundary line are really used for, and why the duck is not a preferred item on the menu during the world cup.

Mad Pride

Mad Pride Author Ted Curtis
ISBN-10 9781849911740
Release 2011-06-01
Pages 180
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DescriptionBig Issue 'book of the month' when originally released in 1999 the Madpride Anthology is re-issued in the memory of Pete Shaugnessey, a leader of the survivor movement. This collection is a celebration of mad culture indicating that the Madpride movement is alive and well in the UK. Tough, uncompromising, subversive and very funny, this is an anthology of the accounts of 24 authors and the experience of madness. They boast about wild things they have done, and share their accounts of liberation through madness. It celebrates madness in all its forms and as a force for social revolution. Excellent fun but with a serious political undertone, it's one of the most important mental health books of its generation.

Our Wives Have Gone Mad Again and Other Plays

Our Wives Have Gone Mad Again  and Other Plays Author Tracie Chima Utoh
ISBN-10 IND:30000087108316
Release 2001
Pages 153
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Our Wives Have Gone Mad Again and Other Plays has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Our Wives Have Gone Mad Again and Other Plays also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Our Wives Have Gone Mad Again and Other Plays book for free.

Mad Cows and Mother s Milk

Mad Cows and Mother s Milk Author Douglas Alan Powell
ISBN-10 0773516190
Release 1997-01-01
Pages 308
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An evaluation of the role of risk communication in dealing with public controversies - this text presents a number of case studies of risk including the "mad cow crises" in 1996 and what is commonly known as hamburger disease, caused by a virulent form of the E.coli bacterium.

Laughing Mad

Laughing Mad Author Bambi Haggins
ISBN-10 0813539854
Release 2007-01
Pages 274
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Prior to the civil rights movement, comedians performed for audiences that were clearly delineated by race. Black comedians performed for black audiences and white comedians performed for whites. Yet during the past forty-five years, black comics have become progressively more central to mainstream culture. In Laughing Mad, Bambi Haggins looks at how this transition occurred in a variety of media and shows how this integration has paved the way for black comedians and their audiences to affect each other. Historically, African American performers have been able to use comedy as a pedagogic tool, interjecting astute observations about race relations while the audience is laughing. And yet, Haggins makes the convincing argument that the potential of African American comedy remains fundamentally unfulfilled as the performance of blackness continues to be made culturally digestible for mass consumption. Rather than presenting biographies of individual performers, Haggins focuses on the ways in which the comic persona is constructed and changes across media, from stand-up, to the small screen, to film. She examines the comic televisual and cinematic personae of Dick Gregory, Bill Cosby, Flip Wilson, and Richard Pryor and considers how these figures set the stage for black comedy in the next four decades. She reads Eddie Murphy and Chris Rock as emblematic of the first and second waves of postcivil rights era African American comedy, and she looks at the socio-cultural politics of Whoopi Goldbergs comic persona through the lens of gender and crossover. Laughing Mad also explores how the comedy of Dave Chappelle speaks to and for the post-soul generation. A rigorous analytic analysis, this book interrogates notions of identity, within both the African American community and mainstream popular culture. Written in engaging and accessible prose, it is also a book that will travel from the seminar room, to the barbershop, to the kitchen table, allowing readers to experience the sketches, stand-up, and film comedies with all the laughter they deserve.

Absolutely Mad Inventions

Absolutely Mad Inventions Author Alford Eugene Brown
ISBN-10 9780486225968
Release 1970
Pages 125
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Is the world ready for a tie pin that can be eaten in case of sudden hunger? Or a railroad train that avoids collisions by climbing on top of the opposing train? Or a privy seat that will throw to the ground anyone who tries to stand on it? Or a man's hat that will automatically tip itself in greeting when the wearer nods slightly? All these--and more--are inventions on which patents have actually been granted by the United States Patent Office, and which authors Brown and Jeffcott have unearthed for our edification, entertainment, wonder, and at times bewilderment.