Lead From The Heart

Lead From The Heart Author Mark C. Crowley
ISBN-10 9781452535418
Release 2011-07-11
Pages 168
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Our common belief in business is that the heart has no place in workplace management. In fact, most of us were taught that the heart acts like Kryptonite in leadership: it inherently undermines a manager’s effectiveness – and lowers productivity and profitability. In this stunning and groundbreaking work, however, engagement expert, Mark C. Crowley, provides irrefutable proof that we were wrong. Crowley begins by showing us how traditional leadership practices are failing. Across the globe, employee engagement and job satisfaction scores have fallen to crisis levels. According to astonishing research from Gallup, 70% of the US workforce is now disengaged. It once was that a job and a paycheck kept workers satisfied and productive. Today, pay barely makes the list of what inspires people to put their hearts into their work and contribute to their highest capacity. Right before our eyes, human beings have evolved in what they need and want in exchange for work. 21st Century employees are seeking to find purpose, meaning and feelings of significance. What drives their engagement is feeling valued, respected, developed and cared for. Crowley’s profound insight draws upon recent medical science discoveries which prove it’s the heart, and not the mind, that drives human motivation and achievement. There’s nothing soft about Lead From The Heart. It represents the future of workplace management and a roadmap to driving uncommon engagement, productivity and profitability.

Lead with Your Heart

Lead with Your Heart Author Lorraine Carroll
ISBN-10 0373096704
Release 1991
Pages 250
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Lead with Your Heart has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Lead with Your Heart also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Lead with Your Heart book for free.

Lead with Your Heart

Lead with Your Heart Author Lewis Green
ISBN-10 9781599961200
Release 2007-11-01
Pages 234
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Introduces a business model that helps result in growth, revenues and profits and a better world in which to do business, work and live. This book helps readers learn how to meet and exceed other people's wants, needs and desires by creating great experiences for employees, customers and citizens.

A True Leader C A R E S

A True Leader C A R E S Author Dr. Wain
ISBN-10 1462840868
Release 2009-01-15
Pages 96
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Do you have a desire or calling to lead and no idea where to begin or where you are headed? Do you feel you must have a title or position to be a leader? Have you been a pastor for years but not effective in developing your leadership team? If any of this is true¡Xthis book is for you. This book was not written exclusively for church leadership. It will examine leadership principles that are pertinent in every area of life. Step by step it will guide you through the process of personal leadership development. It is guaranteed to give everyone who is serious about leadership useful tools and incentives to transform lives. In Part I it will introduce and define a new term with an old flavor¡X¡§Leadership Christianity¡ ̈. Within its pages you will see how creating change and making good sound decisions are essential in your life as a leader. Part II includes a detailed examination and application of the five most important characteristics of a leader who C.A.R.E.S. • Character • Attitude • Relationships • Effective Communications • Self-Discipline The final chapters of Part III are geared toward action. Showing you, the leader, how these principles can be utilized in your everyday life at home, in your church, and in your community. Rev. Wayne P. Bowman, DMin


Peerless Author Tom Ferguson
ISBN-10 098949960X
Release 2013-12-18
Pages 198
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Doing the right thing is not always easy. In fact, it rarely is. This is especially true when leading people-the temptation is always there to take a shortcut. But real leadership has no shortcuts. It requires time and passion and sacrifice. Peerless: Defy Convention, Lead from the Heart, Watch What Happens showcases exactly that kind of leader, one of the select few who have figured out a better way-a way of leading that not only builds a great organization, but builds great people as well. Tom Ferguson has captured the powerful stories of ten leaders who are successful in every sense of the word-men and women who are loved by their associates and who have built lasting legacies on firm foundations. The stories of purpose, trust, imagination and faith contained in these pages reveal how leading from the heart creates strong businesses, dedicated employees, and the legendary leaders of tomorrow.

Lead Heart

Lead Heart Author Jane Washington
ISBN-10 0994279566
Release 2016-09-30
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The past few months have reduced Seraph Black to a permanent state of fight, and now it is all that she knows. She is fighting her friends and family to go off on a suicide mission to rescue Silas, she is fighting the fragmented memories that clamour for recognition inside her mind, and she is fighting a guilt so magnificent? it might just force her to betray the very people that have sacrificed so much to keep her safe.She had asked for space, and it had been given to her in the most heart-rending of ways, leaving only one of the four brothers remaining by her side.Miro Quillan is her last hope.Without him, she may never get her pairs back.

The Power of Passion in Leadership

The Power of Passion in Leadership Author Hans Finzel
ISBN-10 9780692333488
Release 2014-12-25
Pages 58
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Do you do what you love and love what you do? How many of us are stuck in day jobs that really don't suit us? Has our heart left the building? It is so easy to go through the motions in leadership and management and lead with our heads, which our hearts long to be elsewhere. In this short new passion-packed book by Dr. Hans Finzel, you will learn what it means to work in your "passion zone." Hans explains from his own journey, how to find your passion zone and what action steps to take if you are far from that place of fulfillment. Specifically you will learn about how to match up your profile and wiring to just the right assignment. People love following leaders whose hearts are fueled by passion. This book will help you uncover what passion in your work really is, and how to find it, no matter what stage you are at in your career. The advice in this book is especially powerful for anyone in a role of leadership that is experiencing boredom or burn out. Life is too short to settle for less than the best—especially if we are called to lead other people. Leading from the heart is working and leading from your passion zone. Why does leading from the heart really matter? It can be natural to think, “If I am smart enough, gifted enough and work hard enough, of course people will respond to my leadership.” The more gifted you are, and the smarter you are, the more that this can be a temptation and the easy default. The problem is, that kind of leadership does not inspire people and build deep loyalty. The opposite is often true. People follow people who they know, trust and believe. That trust is built between leader and follower within their hearts. People follow leaders who are operating in their “passion zone.” There is some sort of a magnetic loyalty that grows in followers who respond to leaders who lead with passion out front. It seems that in today’s fast paced always on digital world, less is more. So that is what the author is offering up this first in a series of mini books on big leadership topics.

Lead With Your Heart

Lead With Your Heart Author Cates, Regina
ISBN-10 9781938289286
Release 2014-05-01
Pages 256
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In our left-brain dominated world of logic and ego, author Regina Cates says we have forgotten the importance of the heart. And to "right the ship," she maintains that it's not enough to just follow your heart, but you have to lead with your heart. What the reader gets here is a combination of wise advice, compelling anecdotes, and practical strategies for living a life. Each section includes meditations and exercises that lead readers to living from the heart. Among the lessons in this book are: Own your behavior Ask yourself hard questions Face your fear Have compassion Set boundaries Think differently Question your beliefs

The Most Excellent Way to Lead

The Most Excellent Way to Lead Author Perry Noble
ISBN-10 9781496412157
Release 2016-03-01
Pages 288
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Speakers often use the words vision, boldness, and influence to describe the characteristics of effective leaders. Perry Noble, in The Most Excellent Way to Lead, makes the case that the heart of great leadership lies elsewhere. Perry, despite “winning” the label “least likely to succeed” in high school, beat the odds against him. Today, he inspires thirty-five thousand people every weekend to live for something greater than themselves. He credits this achievement to the leadership principles he has learned from the Bible. Surprisingly, the essence of leadership that produces genuine growth is buried in a Bible chapter often read at weddings. In this groundbreaking book, Perry walks us through that leadership chapter, describing the fifteen qualities of an inspirational leader. Whether you are an entrepreneur or a new parent, this book will encourage you to see every opportunity in life as a chance to lead in the “most excellent way.”

Lead With Your Heart A CritterKin Tale

Lead With Your Heart  A CritterKin Tale Author Jena Ball
ISBN-10 9780996065702
Release 2014-03
Pages 110
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Told through the eyes of a goofy, fun-loving pit bull named Lance, Lead With Your Heart is the story of how one dog overcomes prejudice and fear to find his forever home. Lance's adventures involve everything from obedience training and spaghetti sauce to visits to the principal's office. But no matter what the challenge, Lance always leads with his heart. Kids and adults alike will chuckle over his struggle to understand vacuum cleaners, cell phones and shoes, and cheer as he learns to overcome his enemy's fear. Lead With the Heart is a story for all ages that will leave everyone smiling.

Work Rules

Work Rules Author Laszlo Bock
ISBN-10 9783800650941
Release 2016-02-24
Pages 370
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Die Arbeitswelt ändert sich. Sind Sie bereit dafür? Warum Sie ausschließlich Leute einstellen sollten, die besser sind als Sie. Was Sie von Ihren besten und schwächsten Mitarbeitern lernen können. Warum Sie den Managern Macht entziehen sollten. Weshalb Sie Entwicklung nicht mit Leistungsmanagement verwechseln dürfen. Warum Sie unfair entlohnen sollten. „Google schreibt an unserer Kulturgeschichte. Work Rules zeigt mit verblüffender Offenheit, wie eines der innovativsten Biotope funktioniert. Auf Basis einer nicht hintergehbaren Mission präsentiert Laszlo Bock ein experimentelles und evidenzbasiertes People Management. Am Ende sehen wir einige unverrückbare Regeln, aber vor allem eine Fülle über die Eigenverantwortung des Einzelnen herausreichenden Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten. Hierauf kann und muss nun jeder selbst aufsetzen.“ Prof. Dr. Jürgen Weibler, Autor des Standardwerkes „Personalführung“ „Wer verbringen die meiste Zeit unseres Lebens am Arbeitsplatz. Es kann deshalb nicht richtig sein, wenn hier unsere Erfahrungen von Demotivation, Unfreundlichkeit und Menschenverachtung geprägt sind“, sagt Laszlo Bock. Damit beschreibt er den Kern seines Buches „Work Rules!“, ein fesselndes Manifest mit dem Potenzial, die Art und Weise, wie wir arbeiten, zu verändern. Google gehört zu den attraktivsten Arbeitgebern weltweit und erhält jährlich etwa zwei Millionen Bewerbungen für wenige Tausend offener Stellen. Was macht Google so attraktiv? Die Personalauswahl ist härter als an den Universitäten Harvard, Yale oder Princeton, und doch zieht das Unternehmen die talentiertesten Menschen an. Warum bekommen einige Mitarbeiter bestimmte Sozialleistungen, andere aber wiederum nicht? Warum verbringt das Unternehmen so viel Zeit mit der Einstellung eines Mitarbeiters? Und stimmt es, dass die Mitarbeiter mit 20 % ihrer Arbeitszeit tun können, was sie wollen? Work Rules! zeigt, wie eine Balance zwischen Kreativität und Struktur in Organisationen hergestellt werden kann, die zu nachweisbarem Erfolg führt – und zwar in der Lebensqualität der Mitarbeiter und den Marktanteilen des Unternehmens. Das Erfolgsgeheimnis von Google im Umgang mit seinen Mitarbeitern lässt sich kopieren – in großen wie in kleinen Organisationen, von einzelnen Mitarbeitern wie von Managern. Nicht in jeder Firma ist es möglich, Vergünstigungen wie kostenlose Mahlzeiten zu gewähren, aber buchstäblich jeder kann nachmachen, was Google ganz besonders auszeichnet. Laszlo Bock leitet das Personalressort bei Google, einschließlich aller Bereiche, die mit der Anwerbung, Entwicklung und Mitarbeiterbindung zu tun haben, von denen es weltweit über 50.000 an mehr als 70 Standorten gibt. Während seiner Zeit bei Google wurde das Unternehmen über 100 Mal zum herausragenden Arbeitgeber erklärt, darunter auch die Auszeichnung als „#1 Best Company to Work for“ in den USA, Argentinien, Australien, Brasilien, Kanada, Frankreich, Indien, Irland, Italien, Japan, Korea, Mexiko, den Niederlanden, Polen, Russland, der Schweiz und Großbritannien. 2010 wurde er vom Magazin Human Resource Executive als „Human Resources Executive of the Year“ ausgezeichnet. 2014 gelangte Laszlo als einziger HR-Executive auf der Liste der „zehn einflussreichsten Menschen im Bereich HR“ des Jahrzehnts.

Lead with Your Heart

Lead with Your Heart Author Cindy Tansin
ISBN-10 1492289566
Release 2014-01-25
Pages 84
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Are you looking to develop your leadership effectiveness and potential? Have you ever asked yourself, “Am I doing the right things to make an impact?” Have you been at the game for awhile and asked yourself, “Is this all there is?” These are just some of the questions plaguing leaders today. LEAD WITH YOUR HEART offers groundbreaking leadership guidance from the perspective of personal satisfaction. You will have the greatest impact by unleashing your personal power. Today's leader knows that the old school management style doesn't work anymore. Today we have to be more connected and nurturing. We have to grow, influence, and develop free thinkers. We have to be nimble, creative, and collaborative. This book breaks the rules of conformity and offers commonsense, step-by-step guidelines on how to develop yourself as a strong leader. Here is what you will learn: Chapter 1: Taking Stock.How do I begin to become a great leader? Two critical elements make it much more attainable than you think. There are 6 steps that lay the groundwork for you to focus inward in order to create positive change outward. Chapter 2: Your Own Worst Enemy.How can I stop myself from sabotaging my growth? What are the subconscious beliefs that get in my way time and again, and how do I overcome them? Chapter 3: Conquering Leadership Fears.What if I can't deliver? What if I'm perceived as weak or rebellious? What if I say the wrong thing? This chapter gets you unstuck and past these roadblocks with four easy questions that put you back on the right path. Chapter 4: Leading People.Am I getting through or is it lip service? This chapter opens with 5 mistakes that many leaders make without even realizing it. It discusses thought-provoking approaches to common management dilemmas and suggests six ways to be the leader that everyone deserves to have as their boss. Chapter 5: Leading Causes.How can I stand out, make a difference, and be noticed? Learn how to make a name for yourself and set yourself apart by leading a cause. This compelling and critical concept allows you to add value, enhance your business and marketability, and feel terrific about yourself. Chapter 6: Leading your Business.What's the best way to drive my business to new heights without huge effort, time or money? Here you will learn how to use existing resources to make transformational changes in your business. You will see how little changes can translate into big WOWs. Chapter 7: Troubleshooting.How can I become more productive without burning myself out? Riding the crest of the wave is not difficult, but trying to get to the top can be exhausting. Here I address what to do when symptoms of trouble start to show. Chapter 8: Getting your Mojo Back – Motivating Yourself.I'm just not feeling it any more - now what? The way through this blue period is not as hard as you think, and it is very much within your control. Here I offer a 3-step practical approach to getting yourself out of the funk and back to the land of the living. Chapter 9: Reinventing Yourself.Occasionally you hit upon a problem that you cannot tolerate or fix. Recognize this, and take decisive action. I will address what to do in this Big Gulp moment when faced with the prospect of big change. Chapter 10: The Balancing Act.How do I sustain my success long term? I give you four key ingredients to make lasting change and lasting success and help you avoid relapsing into bad habits. I show you how your continued success is inspirational and critical to community and global development, and I encourage you to pass it along, sharing your learnings along the way. If you take it, use it, and pay it forward, we will all benefit.

Lead with Your Heart Lessons from a Life with Horses

Lead with Your Heart       Lessons from a Life with Horses Author Allan J. Hamilton
ISBN-10 9781612127354
Release 2016-09-06
Pages 232
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Award-winning author and celebrated neurosurgeon Allan J. Hamilton combines his understanding of the human brain with nearly 30 years’ experience training horses to offer wisdom on such universal themes as leadership, motivation, ambition, and humility. The results are showcased in more than 100 thoughtful essays that treat working with horses as a metaphor for personal, professional, and spiritual growth. Whether you’re searching for greater spiritual depth or simply want to better understand your four-legged partner, this wise and important collection has something for you.

Anything Is Possible When You Lead With Your Heart

Anything Is Possible When You Lead With Your Heart Author Vic Pynn
ISBN-10 0984977139
Release 2012-06-01
Pages 150
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Anything is Possible! When you Lead with your Heart, is more than just a business book. It's a book that could change your life. Author Vic Pynn deliver experiences from his career as an executive, as well as his earliest position as a prison guard, about the critical value of leading with the heart. In a prison setting, where the inmates outnumber the leaders who guard them, leadership traits like empathy matter. You're only a leader if people follow. If you have a false illusion of power, you might be putting yourself in danger. In the corporate world with the new generation of rightsized, downsized, and displaced employees from various organizations now must work together, leading with the heart matters more than ever. This is a book that shows you how. Like the Tipping Point, this is a book that will make you reevaluate everything you do. In each chapter, Pynn offers step by step exercises, and team binding and life changing strategies that anyone can use. Throw out everything you've ever been taught about leadership. In this new decade of technological explosion and change, executives are not only adventurers, but explorers. It's a brave new world. Is your organization, family, and team, prepared?

5 Habits of the Heart

5 Habits of the Heart Author Johnny Covey
ISBN-10 1613399022
Release 2016-06-15
Pages 210
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Reinvent yourself with a 5-Step process of inner discovery with Johnny Covey, the nephew of the late great Stephen R. Covey. 5 Habits of the Heart is a playbook of how to shed the burdens of your past and shape an amazing future.

The Strategic Heart

The Strategic Heart Author Michael H. Shenkman
ISBN-10 0275956202
Release 1996
Pages 181
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When people focus on a mission they believe is important and are guided by values they believe in, they put their hearts into making their work and company a success. Using the new science of Complexity and actual case histories, The Strategic Heart offers managers the keys to leading the high-performance and flexible organizations that create today's most successful companies.

Sensible Analysis of the 12 lead ECG

Sensible Analysis of the 12 lead ECG Author Kathryn Monica Lewis
ISBN-10 0766805247
Release 2000
Pages 241
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This text provides in-depth introduction to the analysis of the 12-lead electrocardiogram. It offers comprehensive review of cardiac anatomy and relates pathology to the ECG findings. Pathology of cardiac conduction as seen in 3-lead and 12-lead monitoring systems are presented in a practical manner to build confidence in this valuable diagnostic tool. There are self-assessment exercise for each chapter and an overall review section. An instructor supplement will accompany the text. The text reflects the U.S. DOT Paramedic and Intermediate Curricula.(ECG, EKG, 12-lead, electrocardiography, cardiac function, EMS, nursing, arrhythmia, dysrhythmia, cardiac conduction, 12-lead electrocardiogram, DOT Paramedic and Intermediate Curricula, Paramedic)