King Kong

King Kong Author Delos W. Lovelace
ISBN-10 9781939977489
Release 2014-02-03
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What mysteries does the world still hold? That is what the great adventurous film maker Denham seeks, as he enlists the crew of the tramp freighter the Wanderer and a young actress on his latest exploit. A journey in which only he knows where they are going. A place forgotten by time were the human inhabitants have fallen back into savagery, but still maintain a mysterious ancient wall to protect themselves from what roams the interior of Skull Mountain Island. Creatures so fantastic modern man believes them to have all past into the pages of history, but this troupe of daring adventures is about to find that it's money, and adventure, and fame, it's the thrill of a lifetime will lead to more than they ever expected in this timeless classic tale that set the standard for all that followed it, in this digital edition of the original 1932 novelization by Deloes W. Lovelace, with new cover and illustrations.

King Kong

King Kong Author Ray Morton
ISBN-10 1557836698
Release 2005
Pages 349
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Chronicling the making of all seven feature films in which King Kong has appeared - including the Peter Jackson film due for release in December 2005 - this book includes coverage of all the original films as well as the many variants and offshoots.

King Kong Theory

King Kong Theory Author Virginie Despentes
ISBN-10 9781847651709
Release 2010-07-09
Pages 122
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King Kong Theory is Despentes' candid account of how she became notorious: reviled and admired in equal measure for her rape-revenge novel turned film, Baise-Moi, she is the poster girl for modern female rebellion. Powerful, provocative and personal, King Kong Theory describes the ways her ideas have been shaped by her experiences of rape, prostitution and working in the porn industry. Feminist theory sheds its fusty image and takes on a punk mentality as Despentes claims that sisterhood explodes our belief in feminine perfection and creates a space for all those who can't or won't obey the rules. Woolf and de Beauvoir are revived and updated by the loudest, most fiercely unapologetic misfit writing in France today.

King Kong Cometh

King Kong Cometh Author Paul A. Woods
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105114526192
Release 2005-01-01
Pages 192
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Published to coincide with the release of Peter Jackson's version of King Kong, this guide to the film phenomenon takes readers back to the origins of the idea in the 1930, revealing how it emerged from jungle travel films in the 1920s and cemented itself within film legend. Original.

My Side

My Side Author Walter Wager
ISBN-10 1416583246
Release 2007-11-01
Pages 128
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A Dishy Tell-All Memoir from the Great Ape A funny thing happened on the way to the Empire State Building...and now, for the first time since his 1933 debut, King Kong, thelegendary ape of the big screen, tells his fascinating story. In My Side, he answers: What was his romantic lead Fay Wray covering up? Not much, according to the wonderful and frank creature who sneaked several good peeks. For which great power was on-screen nemesis Bruce Cabot a secret agent? Don't ask. Read. How did Kong -- a serious and trained actor -- refuse to parrot his lines, unlike some of his costars, and get into character? Kong also offers anecdotes and memories of David O. Selznick, Frank Sinatra, Bill Cosby, Stalin, and many more luminaries from his long and storied career. Gritty and powerful, this 132-foot simian's story will take you from the darkest jungle to atop the highest skyscraper of the day, but always keep you laughing with his hilarious side of the story.

Meet King Kong

Meet King Kong Author James W. Fiscus
ISBN-10 1404202706
Release 2004-10
Pages 48
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Discusses the plot and making of the movie King Kong in 1933, and how it affected the movie industry.

The Making of King Kong

The Making of King Kong Author Jenny Wake
ISBN-10 9781416505181
Release 2005
Pages 247
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Following every step of the process, this book is an on-set illustrated record of how King Kong was made. From concept to final cut - it provides a behind-the-scenes look at how the motion picture event of 2005 was made.

King Kong Vs Tarzan

King Kong Vs  Tarzan Author Will Murray
ISBN-10 9781365743207
Release 2017-02-08
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The year was 1933. Filmmaker Carl Denham had captured the stupendous monster he had dubbed “King” Kong. But that was only the beginning. Denham was determined to get the dethroned ruler of Skull Mountain Island back to America, and cash in on the greatest wild animal capture in human history. The saga of how Kong was taken in chains from his Indian Ocean kingdom to New York City has never been told. In order for the cargo freighter Wanderer to make the long transit to the Atlantic, she is forced to circumnavigate Africa––jungle home of the legendary Tarzan of the Apes! Here is the long-anticipated clash between the Monarch of Skull Island and Lord of the Jungle. When the largest anthropoid who ever lived encounters the savage superman raised by the great apes, will they make peace––or war?

Inside King Kong

Inside King Kong Author Will Shephard
ISBN-10 9781909183582
Release 2014-07-01
Pages 146
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When actor Will Shephard turned up at the Beverley Hills offices of Dino De Laurentiis, he expected to be interviewed for a modest role in the great man’s next production. “My agent told me on the phone that you were looking for actors who could do animal movements, but she didn’t tell me what the film was about,” said Will. “It’s King Kong,” said the producer. “You mean a remake of the 1933 film?” “Yes.” “What’s the role I’m being considered for?” “It’s Kong.” And so began an extraordinary few months in Will’s life as he joined fellow actor and make-up artist Rick Baker to become the one of the ‘guys in the ape suit’, striding through miniature jungles, wrestling a giant rubber snake, running amok in Manhattan and scaling the World Trade Center. Inside the suit it was fearsomely hot, the special contact lenses made him dizzy and he frequently had to insert a tube through the gorilla mask in order to breathe. But the illusion was perfect: audiences never knew that the highly publicized, forty-foot tall, mechanical Kong that had cost millions of dollars to develop only got a few seconds of exposure, and that on screen for the rest of the movie were Rick and Will, clad in rubber and bear-hide. Inside King Kong is Will’s journal of his experiences on the set in 1976. This delightful, engaging and funny account is accompanied by behind-the-scenes photographs that are being published for the first time.

Tracking King Kong

Tracking King Kong Author Cynthia Marie Erb
ISBN-10 081433430X
Release 2009
Pages 315
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Studies the cultural impact and audience reception of King Kong from the 1933 release of the original film until today.

Drawing King Kong

Drawing King Kong Author Greg Roza
ISBN-10 9781615331505
Release 2010-01-07
Pages 24
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This book guides readers through step-by-step instructions for drawing King Kong, the classic movie monster. Starting with basic pencil sketches and progressing toward finished colored drawings, aspiring artists will explore the use of shape, form, and shading, as well as important concepts such as proportion and perspective. Additional photographs and text give historical and cultural context to the films and characters.

Merian C Cooper s King Kong

Merian C  Cooper s King Kong Author Joe Devito
ISBN-10 0312349157
Release 2005-10-01
Pages 203
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A giant ape is captured and brought from his remote island home by an ambitious promoter who hopes to use King Kong as the ultimate attraction, in an authorized reworking of the classic novel. Original.

King Kong

King Kong Author Matt Costello
ISBN-10 1416516697
Release 2005
Pages 324
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An official prequel to the film King Kong describes how entrepreneur, filmmaker, and adventurer Carl Denham discovers the existence of a mysterious, uncharted island that he hopes may hold the key to the fame and fortune he so desperately seeks. Original. (A prequel to the Universal Pictures film, directed by Peter Jackson, releasing December 2005, starring Adrien Brody, Naomi Watts, & Jack Black) (Science Fiction)

Peter Jackson s King Kong

Peter Jackson s King Kong Author Michael Lummis
ISBN-10 0744005485
Release 2005
Pages 126
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Provides information on missions, skills, equipment, characters, strategy, and tactics.

King Kong s Underwear

King Kong s Underwear Author Mike Thaler
ISBN-10 0380898233
Release 1986-11-01
Pages 96
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Gathers riddles and visual puns about detectives, noses, the moon, lightbulbs, cowboys, pigs, snakes, and waiters.

The Soap Opera Life of King Kong

The Soap Opera Life of King Kong Author
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King Kong

King Kong Author
ISBN-10 9835004072
Release 1995
Pages 31
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King Kong has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from King Kong also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full King Kong book for free.