Killer of Men

Killer of Men Author Christian Cameron
ISBN-10 9781409111924
Release 2010-08-05
Pages 400
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In the epic clash of Greece and Persia, a hero is forged - a monumental novel from the author of the Tyrant series. Arimnestos is a farm boy when war breaks out between the citizens of his native Plataea and their overbearing neighbours, Thebes. Standing in the battle line for the first time, alongside his father and brother, he shares in a famous and unlikely victory. But after being knocked unconscious in the melee, he awakes not a hero, but a slave. Betrayed by his jealous and cowardly cousin, the freedom he fought for has now vanished, and he becomes the property of a rich citizen. So begins an epic journey out of slavery that takes the young Arimnestos through a world poised on the brink of an epic confrontation, as the emerging civilization of the Greeks starts to flex its muscles against the established empire of the Persians. As he tries to make his fortune and revenge himself on the man who disinherited him, Arimnestos discovers that he has a talent that pays well in this new, violent world - for like his hero, Achilles, he is 'a killer of men'.

Alexander Killer of Men

Alexander  Killer of Men Author David J. Lonsdale
ISBN-10 UOM:39015059216518
Release 2004
Pages 251
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Alexander the Great was the most successful general in the classical era, perhaps in all of human history. His career was an unbroken run of successes from his first campaign as a cavalry commander at the age of sixteen until his death at the age of thirty-three. By the end of his career he controlled an empire that stretched from the Balkans to Northern India, he has worshipped as a god, and had become the lasting epitome of worldly success. His name is still used today to frighten children in the lands he conquered. David Lonsdale has been studying Alexander's military techniques for more than ten years, as both a lecturer at the United Services Institute and at the University of Reading. Here he explores in detail how Alexander developed and adapted the war machine created by his father Philip. He shows how Alexander supplemented Greek infantry tactics with the innovative use of the specialist and elite units and how Alexander perfected the cavalry charge as a battle-winning manoeuvre based on relentless discipline and heroic leadership. Vital reading for those interested in the history of warfare, Killer of Men reflects the latest understanding of Alexander's war fighting techn

Killer Men Mysteries Suspense 5 Book Bundle Dead in the Rose City Killer in The Woods Murdered in the Man Cave State s Evidence The Sex Slave Murders

Killer Men Mysteries   Suspense 5 Book Bundle  Dead in the Rose City Killer in The Woods Murdered in the Man Cave State s Evidence The Sex Slave Murders Author R. Barri Flowers
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Killer Men Mysteries & Suspense 5-book bundle contains four full length crime novels and a complete true crime book by award-winning criminologist and bestselling author R. Barri Flowers, including Dead in the Rose City, Killer in The Woods, Murdered in the Man Cave, State's Evidence, and The Sex Slave Murders. Dead in the Rose City (A Dean Drake Mystery)In this hard-boiled detective novel nothing is quite what it seems. Dean Jeremy Drake, nicknamed DJ, is a private investigator and ex-homicide detective for the Portland Police Bureau. He is tall, hip, tough, armed with a .40 caliber Glock, and courts danger and romance with equal abandon. These qualities are put to the test when Drake is framed for murder in the midst of two seemingly unrelated cases. The more he investigates, the more he realizes they are intricately and dangerously connected. It literally becomes a life and death issue as Drake has to use all of his detective skills, and then some, to fit all the pieces together in a deadly, high stakes whodunit and why. Killer in The Woods (A Psychological Thriller)In the town of Bluffs Bay, Washington, a serial killer dubbed by the press as "The Woods Strangler" is killing beautiful women in the affluent neighborhood of The Woods. In an effort to bring the community together to fight this terror, Selene Herrera, director of a local battered women's shelter, helps establish a neighborhood crime watch group with the help of second husband, Quinn. When he is accused of being the strangler, Selene is left to wonder if it is a cruel hoax or if she has married a brutal killer, who has now set his sights on her to join his growing list of victims. Murdered in the Man Cave (A Riley Reed Cozy Mystery)In the first book of an exciting new cozy mystery series, Riley Reed has a popular blog offering advice on home décor and renovation and does part-time consulting work in Cozy Pines, Oregon. When Riley is asked by an old flame, Brent London, a bestselling mystery writer, to help him spruce up his man cave as a newly single man, she readily accepts the assignment. But when she discovers him bludgeoned to death with a pool cue in his man cave, she finds herself thrust into the investigation to track down the killer, risking her life in the process. State's Evidence (A Beverly Mendoza Legal Thriller)In this heart-pounding legal thriller, assistant district attorney Beverly Mendoza appears to have an open and shut case when she prosecutes Rafael Santiago for the murder of a judge and the sexual assault of his wife in Eagles Landing, a town in Northern California. Santiago was recently released from prison and had a grudge against the judge. But her case against the suspect is put in jeopardy when career criminal Manuel Gonzalez, arrested for the murder of a young woman, also confesses to killing the judge. As Beverly and Wilameta County Sheriff's Homicide Detective Stone Palmer try to sort out fact from fiction, a case of mistaken identity becomes a real possibility. Or is it more likely that two violent men with close ties are trying to beat the system? The Sex Slave Murders: The True Story of Serial Killers Gerald & Charlene GallegoIn this much-more-frightening-than-fiction tale of domination, depraved lust, substance abuse, violence, and murder, top selling true crime writer R. Barri Flowers tells the whole story of a couple's twisted relationship, their ghastly crimes and ability to elude the law, how they were finally captured, and the two riveting trials that ultimately pitted wife against husband, with the stakes higher than either one imagined in their murderous bond. A killer couple bound together by secrets, lies, and dark sex slave fantasies. Barely five feet tall, sweet and innocent looking, Charlene Gallego used all of her charms to beguile pretty teenage girls and young women into the back of a van, where her lethal husband, Gerald, lay waiting. Married multiple times and still in his early 30s, Gerald Gallego found the perfect companion in Charlene. Over a grisly period of 26 months, their bloody and brutal rampage of kidnapping, rape, and murder spanned three states and claimed 11 lives before justice could be served.

Masculinity and Men s Health

Masculinity and Men s Health Author Elianne Riska
ISBN-10 0742529002
Release 2004-01-01
Pages 153
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Are men truly marked by their personality to fall victim to heart disease? This book offers a sociological analysis of medical knowledge, gender, and coronary heart disease (CHD) in post-WWII America. Using data on men's high death rates from CHD, the author illuminates contemporary thinking on how changes in the economic and social order influence men's health. Visit our website for sample chapters!

Kensuke s Kingdom

Kensuke s Kingdom Author Michael Morpurgo
ISBN-10 0439382025
Release 2003
Pages 164
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When Michael is swept off his family's yacht, he washes up on a desert island, where he struggles to survive--until he finds he is not alone.

Rosemary Gladstar s Herbal Recipes for Vibrant Health

Rosemary Gladstar s Herbal Recipes for Vibrant Health Author Rosemary Gladstar
ISBN-10 9781603426404
Release 2015-10-01
Pages 400
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Promote vibrant health and radiant beauty, soothe everyday ailments, and ease persistent stress with these simple, natural cures for everything from dry skin and infant colic to cold symptoms and insomnia. Renowned herbalist Rosemary Gladstar provides 175 proven therapies and herbal remedies that are easy to prepare and safe enough for children. Offering a potent and effective alternative to commercial pharmaceuticals, Gladstar will inspire you to nurture yourself and those you love with nature’s healing herbs.

One Bullet Beyond Justice

One Bullet Beyond Justice Author Dennis R. Miller
ISBN-10 9781312402553
Release 2014-08-25
Pages 258
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Nora Hawks must overcome her own inner demons as she battles to survive in a world where men want to kill her as a "prize." One Bullet Beyond Justice is the sequel to the highly acclaimed One Woman's Vengeance. Nora Hawks is one of the strongest, most realistic female heroes to come along in years. "She came back from the dead to kill. Now she kills to stay alive." It is a novel of fully realized characters, gritty dialogue, twists, turns, and a final epic battle. Within it is a unique love story between a strong, intelligent woman and her retired bounty hunter partner.

Killer Elite

Killer Elite Author Ranulph Fiennes
ISBN-10 9781444707939
Release 2011-05-26
Pages 300
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The deaths of four British soldiers, two of them ex SAS, appear at first to be accidental. In fact, they have been targeted by a group of hired assassins, known as the Clinic. This group of contract killers is systematically tracking down elite servicemen and killing them one by one... Desperate to stop the murders, a group of four men, the Feather Men, are recruited to hunt down the Clinic and avenge the soldiers' deaths. But will they get to them in time and what's driving the Clinic's own brutal form of justice? Ranulph Fiennes, himself a former SAS officer, uses his unique knowledge to craft this amazing thriller, now a major film, featuring Robert De Niro, Jason Statham and Clive Owen.

Of Men and Monsters

Of Men and Monsters Author Richard Tithecott
ISBN-10 0299156834
Release 1997-11-01
Pages 208
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Of Men and Monsters examines the serial killer as an American cultural icon, one that both attracts and repels. Richard Tithecott suggests that the stories we tell and the images we conjure of serial killers—real and fictional—reveal as much about mainstream culture and its values, desires, and anxieties as they do about the killers themselves.

Very Bad Men

Very Bad Men Author Harry Dolan
ISBN-10 9781407078977
Release 2012-08-30
Pages 432
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Anthony Lark has a list of names: Terry Dawtrey Sutton Bell Henry Kormoran He is hunting them down, and he won’t stop until every one of them is dead. But this is a killer with a conscience and crime editor David Loogan is about to find out that his latest manuscript is no work of fiction but a serial killer’s confession of what he’s done – or is about to do – to some very bad men...

AHNENERBE Your Killer Is Under Your Skin

AHNENERBE  Your Killer Is Under Your Skin Author Andrey Davydov
ISBN-10 9781311266682
Release 2014-08-27
Pages 31
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You do not know anything about the world and about your selves because you were ordered to believe. You do not know how to think, analyze, and all your "thoughts" are just a walk to the internal "cinema," where you will be told and shown how to live and what to be. And, you will have nothing left other than to do that, what your "inner voice" told you, and reinforced with corresponding sensations. A human and a computer have a similarity: both do not work without software. A computer without software is a pile of useless metal. A human without software is a body, in which automatic physiological processes support life, but he cannot function, he is “a vegetable.” Today many people are familiar with computer software, but no one is familiar with “software” of a human. Although human software is actually the “soul” that throughout many centuries people are looking for so hard and cannot find. Software and psyche (soul) are synonyms. The role of human software is enormous: it is the basis of functioning of human psychophysiology. This civilization has come up with a lot of modifications of artificial software without coming close to even approaching the question of every person having natural software, given by nature at the time of birth. People had to live somehow. Humans differ from animals: software of animals works automatically since the moment birth, it is not necessary to comprehend and study it, it just works. This is different with humans. So, artificial software was invented instead of natural. Although it differs from natural like papier-mâché or plastic apples differ from natural apples. This civilization in fact forced humanity to eat plastic apples by creating artificial software. The outcome is easy to predict: such diet leads to imminent death. This is exactly what is happening. People of this civilization live for seventy to ninety years on average. Meanwhile physiologists state that the human body is designed by nature to live a healthy (and youthful!) life of several hundred of years. Instead, we have colossally rapid wear of psychophysiology, premature aging and death. Due to these “apples,” inborn human potential is realized by one to two percent at best. Just imagine: everyday people eat only plastic apples. The result, however, is extended through time, and it is similar to the effect of a person taking daily micro dozes of poison. What about the natural software? And, why no one knows about it? To know there needs to be a source of information. The source of knowledge about software of Homo sapiens as a textbook, from which each person can learn his or her natural program is not available in this civilization. Uncovering it without a source of information by means of “diving deep within oneself” does not work. Instead of knowledge there is only imagination. Without a “textbook” or, better said, instructions, a human simply cannot comprehend him or her self. The intellect of modern Homo sapiens does not work. He is blocked by artificial software. Completely! You do not believe this, are filled with outrage, protest, wondering what do people think with then? The answer is: with nothing because people do not think. Instead of intellect people have ancestors’ heritage, “Ahnenerbe.” And, the word called “thought” is a file from this “Golden collection.” People do not even have imagination. All imagination is the fruit of the “great inheritance,” and that is all. So, getting to know his own self is not the only challenge that modern human intellect failed to achieve.

Deceptive Men

Deceptive Men Author Alina
ISBN-10 9780578001890
Release 2009-03
Pages 318
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Inspired by the author's life story; comes an intriguingly twisted tale of betrayal, lies, and murder - with an artistic edge. A spellbinding story of how four women's lives are unsuspectingly interwined; as unnerving family secrets unveil; daunting memories emerge; and an unsolved murder soon evolves. Asking the question: How far would you go to hide a secret? Evelyn thought she escaped her past long ago, but one woman, in the summer of 2006, brought back the daunting memories she desperately tried to bury. Melissa Contour, an Irish bred woman, born into the life of power, privilege, and corruption was somehow linked to a brutal slaying from Evelyn's past. Stumbling upon the anwers for Melissa, lead Evelyn onto a road untraveled. She discovers that finding her way to redemption would not be through the stories of the women she consoled, but through the afflictions she tried to bury, deep within herself.

Laws of Early Iceland

Laws of Early Iceland Author
ISBN-10 9780887553332
Release 1980-08-01
Pages 279
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The laws of Medieval Iceland provide detailed and fascinating insight into the society that produced the Icelandic sagas. Known collectively as Gragas (Greygoose), this great legal code offers a wealth of information about early European legal systems and the society of the Middles Ages. This first translation of Gragas is in two volumes.

CliffsNotes on Shaara s The Killer Angels

CliffsNotes on Shaara s The Killer Angels Author Debra A. Bailey
ISBN-10 9780544182431
Release 2007-08-20
Pages 128
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The original CliffsNotes study guides offer expert commentary on major themes, plots, characters, literary devices, and historical background. The latest generation of titles in this series also feature glossaries and visual elements that complement the classic, familiar format. With CliffsNotes on The Killer Angels, you gain insight into the novel, which tells the story of the Battle of Gettysburg from the points of view of four main characters. Get a glimpse of the realities of war, with its losses and tragedies, and the motivations and deep emotions of the men there. This study guide carries you through this terrible and bloody event by providing chapter summaries and critical analyses. You'll also gain insight into life on the battlefield, the problems that officers and soldiers faced, how decisions were made, and the effect of those decisions. Other features that help you study include Character analyses of major players A character map that graphically illustrates the relationships among the characters Critical essays and theme discussions A review section that tests your knowledge Glossaries of key words and terms Classic literature or modern modern-day treasure—you'll understand it all with expert information and insight from CliffsNotes study guides.

Inequalities in Health in the 1980 s

Inequalities in Health in the 1980 s Author Alison J. Elliot
ISBN-10 9781870126045
Release 1988
Pages 44
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Inequalities in Health in the 1980 s has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Inequalities in Health in the 1980 s also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Inequalities in Health in the 1980 s book for free.

Up from Invisibility

Up from Invisibility Author Larry Gross
ISBN-10 9780231529327
Release 2012-07-24
Pages 320
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A half century ago gay men and lesbians were all but invisible in the media and, in turn, popular culture. With the lesbian and gay liberation movement came a profoundly new sense of homosexual community and empowerment and the emergence of gay people onto the media's stage. And yet even as the mass media have been shifting the terms of our public conversation toward a greater acknowledgment of diversity, does the emerging "visibility" of gay men and women do justice to the complexity and variety of their experience? Or is gay identity manipulated and contrived by media that are unwilling—and perhaps unable—to fully comprehend and honor it? While positive representations of gays and lesbians are a cautious step in the right direction, media expert Larry Gross argues that the entertainment and news media betray a lingering inability to break free from proscribed limitations in order to embrace the complex reality of gay identity. While noting major advances, like the opening of the Oscar Wilde Memorial Bookstore—the first gay bookstore in the country—or the rise of The Advocate from small newsletter to influential national paper, Gross takes the measure of somewhat more ambiguous milestones, like the first lesbian kiss on television or the first gay character in a newspaper comic strip.

The Pleasures of Men

The Pleasures of Men Author Kate Williams
ISBN-10 9780141966502
Release 2012-01-19
Pages 416
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Spitalfields, 1840. Catherine Sorgeiul lives with her Uncle in a rambling house in London's East End. When a murderer strikes, ripping open the chests of young girls and stuffing hair into their mouths to resemble a beak, Catherine is both horrified and fascinated. As the murders continue to panic the city, however, she gradually realizes she is snared in a deadly trap, where nothing is as it first appears -- for lurking behind the lies Catherine has been told are secrets more deadly and devastating than anything her imagination can conjure.