K is for Knifeball

K is for Knifeball Author Avery Monsen
ISBN-10 9781452103310
Release 2012-09-26
Pages 80
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From the authors of the breakout bestseller All my friends are dead. (more than 175,000 copies sold) and in the humorous vein of Go the F**k to Sleep comes a laugh-out-loud collection of bad advice that turns the children's alphabet book on its head. Adorable illustrated characters lead readers down a path of poor decision-making, and alphabetical, rhyming couplets offer terrible life lessons in which O is for opening things with your teeth, F is for setting Daddy's wallet on fire, and R is for Raccoon (but definitely not for rabies). With plenty of playfully disastrous choices lurking around every corner, this compendium of black humor may be terrible for actual children, but it's perfect for the common-senseless child in all adults.

All My Friends Are Dead

All My Friends Are Dead Author Avery Monsen
ISBN-10 9781452135380
Release 2013-10-01
Pages 96
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If you're a dinosaur, all of your friends are dead. If you're a pirate, all of your friends have scurvy. If you're a tree, all of your friends are end tables. Each page of this laugh-out-loud illustrated humor book showcases the downside of being everything from a clown to a cassette tape to a zombie. Cute and dark all at once, this hilarious children's book for adults teaches valuable lessons about life while exploring each cartoon character's unique grievance and wide-eyed predicament. From the sock whose only friends have gone missing to the houseplant whose friends are being slowly killed by irresponsible plant owners (like you), All My Friends Are Dead presents a delightful primer for laughing at the inevitable.

All My Friends Are Still Dead

All My Friends Are Still Dead Author Jory John
ISBN-10 9781452114040
Release 2012-02-24
Pages 108
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From the authors of the breakout best seller All my friends are dead comes a brand-new illustrated compendium of the humorous existential ruminations of people, animals, legendary monsters, and inanimate objects.

Monsters Eat Whiny Children

Monsters Eat Whiny Children Author Bruce Eric Kaplan
ISBN-10 1442439580
Release 2011-08-23
Pages 32
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Dad has warned Henry and Eve: If you whine too much, monsters will eat you. Henry and Eve don’t listen, of course. The only problem is, when the monster comes, he can’t find the right recipe for whiny children—and neither can his monster friends! A whiny child salad doesn’t work because there’s paprika in the dressing. A whiny child cake won’t do because the flour spills all over the floor. And whiny child burgers are out of the question because the grill is too hard to light up. Arguments and hilarity ensue. And just when our persnickety monsters decide on the perfect dish…the worst thing of all happens….

If You Give a Kid a Cookie Will He Shut the F k Up

If You Give a Kid a Cookie  Will He Shut the F  k Up Author Marcy Roznick
ISBN-10 9781466801516
Release 2011-10-25
Pages 32
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Before they Go the Fuck to Sleep, they need to Shut the Fuck Up If you give a kid a cookie, will he shut the fuck up? That is the question at the heart of this hilarious, deeply honest, profanity-laced book for parents who will do whatever it takes for a moment's peace. What really happens when you give in to your child's tantrums? The events that follow this seemingly simple act will test parents to the breaking point...while entertaining the millions of us who have been there ourselves (and lived to tell). Also a cautionary and instructive tale for new parents, If You Give a Kid a Cookie, Will He Shut the F**k Up? is a must-have for every family library collection. Just keep it on the top shelf.

Pirate s Log

Pirate s Log Author Jory John
ISBN-10 0811864359
Release 2008-07-07
Pages 172
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Hoist the anchor and get ready for high seas adventure! This arrr-inspiring journal provides aspiring pirates games, puzzles, challenges, and advice on everything from swabbing the deck to walking the plank and avoiding scurvy. And for studying treasure maps after the lights go out, this journal also includes a reading light for secret journaling below deck!

I Hate Everything

I Hate Everything Author Matthew DiBenedetti
ISBN-10 9781440509582
Release 2010-09-18
Pages 400
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I hate that I'm going bald. I hate that I still make fun of bald people. I hate karma. Amateur haters, step aside. Time to learn what it really means to be miserable. Because this guy hates everything. From hating the little irks that happen now and then (like the water that squirts out of the mustard bottle) to hating the unfortunate realities of today's world (like that superheroes don't exist...but villains do), Matthew DiBenedetti tells readers how he really feels. With such a variety of miserable musings, you'll find something to laugh at—and someone to loathe with—in this book.

F U Penguin

F  U   Penguin Author Matthew Gasteier
ISBN-10 9780345518163
Release 2009
Pages 225
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A tongue-in-cheek "anti-cute" collection based on the successful blog contains one-third original photographs of cloyingly adorable animals from fluffy bunnies to baby pandas paired with bitingly sarcastic commentary. Original.

I Feel Relatively Neutral About New York

I Feel Relatively Neutral About New York Author Avery Monsen
ISBN-10 9780811874564
Release 2011-06-01
Pages 96
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Monsen and Jory deliver an affectionate skewering of the cult of New York as the center of everything--from fashion to baseball to finance to soft pretzels.


Tragidoodles Author Ben Cameron
ISBN-10 9781783523092
Release 2016-11-10
Pages 120
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WARNING: Ben Cameron’s Tragidoodles contains 101 drawings that will break your heart. Ben Cameron’s tragidoodles have been hailed as “the most upsetting doodles in the world” (Mirror) and as the work of “an artist with a knack for pulling on the internet’s heartstrings” (Buzzfeed). This first-ever printed collection brings together Ben’s most popular, heartbreaking, bittersweet and endlessly witty cartoons, combining his viral creations with brand new, never-before-shared illustrations. Flip through and witness the dinosaurs’ final moments on Earth, a melting candle facing its all but certain demise, a hedgehog who’s just looking for love, an existential bear and a host of other creatures who are just trying to make it through the day. Packed with 101 illustrations that will make you sad, make you laugh, and then make you feel bad for laughing, Tragidoodles is a must-have collection and the perfect Christmas gift.

I Think I Am In Friend Love With You

I Think I Am In Friend Love With You Author Yumi Sakugawa
ISBN-10 9781440573033
Release 2013-11-08
Pages 128
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I have a confession to make. I think I am in friend-love with you. What's friend-love? It's that super-awesome bond you share with someone who makes you happy every time you text each other, or meet up for an epic outing. It's not love-love. You don't want to swap saliva; you want to swap favorite books. But it's just as intense and just as amazing. And it's this search for that connection that comic-book artist Yumi Sakugawa captures in I Think I Am in Friend-Love with You. It's perfect if you've ever fallen in friend-love and want to show that person how much you love them...in a platonic way, of course.

Nobody Likes a Cockblock

Nobody Likes a Cockblock Author R. Swanson
ISBN-10 0692636757
Release 2016-03-30
Pages 38
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Nobody Likes A Cockblock is a full color paperback children's book for adults about woodland creature moms and dads just trying to get their swerve on. It's 32-pages of inappropriate prose that will leave you laughing about your sad life. It's perfect for birthday parties, baby showers, baptisms, and of course, wedding presents.

The Very Inappropriate Word

The Very Inappropriate Word Author Jim Tobin
ISBN-10 9781466844735
Release 2013-08-20
Pages 36
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Michael loves interesting words (hard words like ELASTIC, little words like VAST, and big words like SMITHEREENS) and is always on the lookout for words to collect. Then one day, he picks up a new word. A bad word. An inappropriate word. At least, that's what his friend says. But Michael kind of likes the word. He thinks he might try it out. At school. Bad idea.

Ten Little Zombies

Ten Little Zombies Author Andy Rash
ISBN-10 9781452100876
Release 2012-07-27
Pages 48
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When being chased by ten little zombies (no matter how cute they are), your only option is to systematically destroy them one by one, or else become zombie number eleven. In this love story wrapped in a tale of zombie mayhem, a resourceful couple flees from and picks off their undead pursuers with fast-paced ingenuity and an entertaining range of zombie-thwarting tools. As the zombies shuffle and stumble their way toward a variety of gruesome ends, our heroes must come up with new ways to escape sticky situations and stay together. This darkly funny illustrated tale—think Bunny Suicides meets Edward Gorey meets Hallmark—celebrates the romantic side of a zombie plague, with plenty of BRAINS and a lot of heart.

I Would Really Like to Eat a Child

I Would Really Like to Eat a Child Author Sylviane Donnio
ISBN-10 9780375837616
Release 2007
Pages 32
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One morning Achilles, a young crocodile, insists that he will eat a child that day and refuses all other food, but when he actually finds a little girl, she puts him in his place.

The Taking Tree

The Taking Tree Author Shrill Travesty
ISBN-10 9781442440661
Release 2011-05-24
Pages 48
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We all know the story of the “selfless” tree that gave all she had just to make sure a young boy was “happy.” This is a different tree. This is a different boy. This is a very different book. The Taking Tree is not pleased when the boy takes her twigs to pick on his sister, or when he cuts off her branches to build a house that he burns for insurance money. And the boy is not sorry at all. Ever. In fact, he’s kind of a jerk. So what happens when the tree finally gets fed up? Let’s just say the story doesn’t end sweetly with an old man sitting on a stump.

The Night Dad Went to Jail

The Night Dad Went to Jail Author Melissa Higgins
ISBN-10 9781479521425
Release 2013-07-01
Pages 24
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"When someone you love goes to jail, you might feel lost, scared, and even mad. What do you do? No matter who your loved one is, this story can help you through the tough times."--from cover, p. [4]