Juice For Your Life

Juice For Your Life Author Leslie Kenton
ISBN-10 9780992257286
Release 2016-09-13
Pages 297
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Hit the juice high. It can change your life. As soon as you begin to incorporate freshly-extracted, organic raw vegetable and fruit juices into your lifestyle, something amazing starts happening to you. First, you will notice the terrific lift that just one glass of fresh juice can give you, particularly if taken first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Ten to fifteen minutes after drinking it down, you feel yourself magically perking up. Your head clears and even your vision seems sharper; your abdomen tightens and your fingertips tingle. These are the characteristics of what I call the “Raw Energy Rush”, and I never tire of initiating people to the experience. Sometimes they’re skeptical, but are persuaded to try the freshly-extracted juice because it looks so delicious. Half an hour later they’re back with a gleam in their eye, demanding to know “what is the secret ingredient?

Raw Juices Can Save Your Life

Raw Juices Can Save Your Life Author Sandra Cabot MD
ISBN-10 9781936609024
Pages 156
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The A - Z Guide to juicing and natural therapies which contains carefully designed juices by Sandra Cabot MD and Audrey Tea The A - Z Guide to juicing and natural therapies guide which contains carefully designed juices by Sandra Cabot MD and Audrey Tea. Often in this technological age where computers diagnose diseases and perform surgery, we tend to minimise natural therapies. It seems incredulous that the simple act of drinking raw juices could turn around severe diseases, however I have seen it work in otherwise hopeless cases. In this book you will learn that juices are easily digested and absorbed and are superb for those with a poor appetite, nausea, digestive problems and an inflamed stomach or intestines. It is so much easier to drink a juice than chew your way through large amounts of fibrous raw vegetables, especially if you are feeling fatigued and disinterested in food. Modern day medicine is focused on treating the symptoms of disease with suppressive drugs. Sometimes this is necessary when a disease is very aggressive and acute in onset, however raw juice therapy is something that should always be used, even in conjunction with drug use. I have seen many of my patients recover form chronic disease after they started juicing, and this has been after they have tried many other things. People of all ages can benefit from juicing, especially the very young and old, or those with serious disease such as cancer, immune dysfunction and liver problems.

Juice Guru

Juice Guru Author Steve Prussack
ISBN-10 0778805298
Release 2016-03-21
Pages 240
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To reset one's lifestyle there's no better place to start than with juicing.

The Juice Master Turbo charge Your Life in 14 Days

The Juice Master  Turbo charge Your Life in 14 Days Author Jason Vale
ISBN-10 9780007390274
Release 2010-06-10
Pages 256
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A practical 14 day diet plan with 30 raw energy recipes from leading health coach and seminar leader, Jason Vale – aka The Juice Master. A motivational read with a practical plan that will inspire you to fuel your body with the right stuff!

Juice it to Lose It

Juice it to Lose It Author Joe Cross
ISBN-10 1473613493
Release 2016-04-21
Pages 224
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The quick and easy diet plan to help you lose weight and feel great! 'Thanks to my rollercoaster ride through diet fads and failed weight-loss attempts, I found what worked for me, and it can work for you too. Along with my doctors and nutritionists, I've done the hard work for you. If you've been looking for a weight loss solution that works, you are in the right place. In these pages, you'll find a simple, foolproof plan to jumpstart a change in your life, your health and your waistline in just 5 days. By picking up this book, you've already taken the first step in getting past the road blocks that are keeping you from weight loss and a healthier life.' JOE CROSS Juice It To Lose It! is the all-new, easy juice diet from the creator of Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. Follow this step by step plan for weight loss, more energy and a lifetime of optimal health. Why Reboot? A Reboot works with your body's natural tendency to reset itself when something's not functioning properly. Because your body has become sluggish from eating too many foods that drag it down, it's often slow to reset itself the way it would if operating at peak capacity. And that's where the Reboot comes in. A Reboot enables you to continue to consume the daily calories you need, filling up on nutrient-dense, sunlight-nourished foods to help restore balance. Why Juice? But why just juice? Why not eat the fruits and vegetables? When you consume only juice, your system is flooded with an abundance of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that help your body stay strong and vibrant. Most research shows diets rich in fruits and vegetables can decrease your risk of certain diseases and one of the easiest ways to get a lot more plant food into your diet - particularly if you're not used to eating it regularly - is to juice it. *Includes NEW Juicing + Dinner option*

Juicing for Life

Juicing for Life Author Maureen Keane
ISBN-10 0895295121
Release 1992
Pages 351
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Details the nutritional, preventive, and immune-strengthening powers of fresh fruit and vegetable juices and explains how to use them to cure the symptoms of PMS, arthritis, migraine headaches, motion sickness, and more. Original. 85,000 first printing. Major ad/promo.

The Reboot with Joe Juice Diet

The Reboot with Joe Juice Diet Author Joe Cross
ISBN-10 9781622740352
Release 2014-02-04
Pages 249
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A NEW YORK TIMES BEST-SELLER Since his documentary, Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, was released in 2010 and became a worldwide sensation, Joe Cross has become a tireless advocate for the power of juicing. The Reboot with Joe Juice Diet brings us of the plan that allowed him to overcome obesity, poor health, and bad habits, and presents success stories from others whose lives he’s touched. Joe—who managed to lose one hundred pounds and discontinue all his medication by following his own plan—walks you through his life before juicing, sharing his self-defeating attitude toward food and fitness, and brings you along on his journey from obesity and disease to fitness, a clean bill of health, and the clarity of physical wellness. In addition to sharing Joe’s inspirational story, The Reboot with Joe Juice Diet gives readers all the tools they need to embark on their own journey to health and wellness, including inspiration and encouragement, recipes, and diet plans.

Crazy Sexy Juice

Crazy Sexy Juice Author Kris Carr
ISBN-10 9781401941543
Release 2015-10-20
Pages 328
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Hello, gorgeous! Welcome to a juicing and blending adventure! If you’ve picked up this book, it’s likely that you’re looking to bring more zing into your life. Perhaps you’re feeling a little tired. Bloated. Out of sorts. Whatever it is, you’ve come to the right place. Get ready to say good-bye to feeling meh and hello to feeling fabulous! In Crazy Sexy Juice, wellness advocate and New York Times best-selling author Kris Carr teaches you everything you need to know about creating fresh, nutritious juices and smoothies, and creamy, indulgent nut and seed milks. With enough recipes to keep your juicer and blender humming through every season, she shows you how to fit them into your life, helping you make health deposits – instead of withdrawals! Cha-ching! She guides you through her wonderful world by teaching you:How to create flavor combinations that tantalize your taste budsHow to choose the best juicer, blender, and kitchen toolsWays to save money while prioritizing fresh, organic produceTroubleshooting advice for common kitchen mishapsTips for selection, storage, and preparation of ingredientsAnswers to frequently asked questions and health concernsSuggestions for juicing and blending on the goTips on how to get your family onboard and make this lifestyle stickAnd oh, so much more… Whether you’re an old pro at making liquid magic or just starting out, Kris will help you experience juicing and blending as a fun and delicious journey into the transformative powers of fruits and veggies! By simply adding these nutrient-dense beverages to your daily life, you can take control of your health – one sip at a time. With more than 100 scrumptious recipes and oodles of information, you’ll be ready to dive into a juicing paradise. Cheers to that! Includes an easy and energizing 3-day cleanse!

The Juice Lady s Guide to Juicing for Health

The Juice Lady s Guide to Juicing for Health Author Cherie Calbom
ISBN-10 0895299992
Release 1999
Pages 400
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Gain in-depth information and dietary tips targeting specific conditions. Learn juicing remedies, backed by scientific data and extensive research, to treat everything from allergies to water retention.

Spice Up Your Life

Spice Up Your Life Author Bindu Grandhi
ISBN-10 9781599552736
Release 2009-07-01
Pages 192
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THIS COOKBOOK TAKES HEALTHY, LOW-FAT RECIPES and dresses them up with savory herbs and spices. Taking a flexitarian approach to eating, it focuses primarily on grains, fruits, and vegetables, with proteins such as seafood and poultry mixed in sparingly. This diet has been proven to have numerous health benefits, and with these delicious, flavorful dishes, there is no sacrifice in taste! the mouth-watering recipes include: Spiced Cashew and Almond Sauce Mushroom Curry Pistachio Chicken Spicy Seared Chilean Sea Bass Almond Panna CottaWITH a HELPFUL SECTION ON TIPS AND TECHNIQUES, you re guaranteed a delectable, yet healthy, dish every time you cook. Spice up your Life is what all chefs need to add that little dash of something to their everyday cooking!

Emotion The Juice of Life eBook

Emotion  The Juice of Life  eBook Author Sadhguru
Pages 184
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Emotion The Juice of Life eBook has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Emotion The Juice of Life eBook also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Emotion The Juice of Life eBook book for free.

The Juice Lady s Weekend Weight Loss Diet

The Juice Lady s Weekend Weight Loss Diet Author Cherie Calbom
ISBN-10 9781616386566
Release 2011
Pages 211
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This pocket-sized book provides everything readers need to know to embark on a revolutionary two-day eating program that detoxifies their system and helps them lose weight quickly.

Life Meds Breakfast Orange Juice A Heartfelt Collection of Poems and Words of Wisdom

Life Meds   Breakfast   Orange Juice  A Heartfelt Collection of Poems and Words of Wisdom Author Sergio J.L.H. Sanders
ISBN-10 9781465323538
Release 2010-05-21
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With the belief that the pharmaceutical business has the human race enslaved to become dependent upon taking medications everyday to feel ?good? and operate, author Sergio J.L.H Sanders has designed Life Meds?, Breakfast & Orange Juice: A Heartfelt Collection of Poems and Words of Wisdom to help everyone realize that people don?t have to drown themselves in medications that can have negative long term effects. Released through Xlibris, this book offers new mindsets to a life worth living. Life Meds ?, Breakfast & Orange Juice: a Heartfelt Collection of Poems and Words of Wisdom is a collection of poems and words of wisdom?the invisible, spirit-moving meds to get anyone started on their day. Throughout this book, readers will find Meds for Life that will help give their lives substance, provide them with motivation, inspire self-respect, and supply knowledge on how to look at life in a more positive light. The Breakfast and Orange Juice part comes in because normally people take their meds and eat breakfast to start their day off. This collection will give readers a chance to help renew their lives, invigorate it with new mindsets, and make it meaningful through the essential wisdom, poems and thoughts this book offers. Readers will find this book revitalizing, substantial, and life-changing. Life Meds ?, Breakfast & Orange Juice: a Heartfelt Collection of Poems and Words of Wisdom is enrolled in Xlibris? Bookstore Returnability Program, which gives booksellers the convenient option of returning excess stocks through Ingram Distribution.

Life MedsTM Breakfast Orange Juice

Life MedsTM  Breakfast   Orange Juice Author Sergio J.L.H. Sanders
ISBN-10 1456857401
Release 2011-02-09
Pages 100
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gGet this Book. Yes, You need It, there, I said it. Also, buy Vol 1 if You haven ft yet read It. Dive Deep in these Pages, let Them Ruminate in Your Core. This World is a Journey, so grab a copy of this Book and Go Explore. The Youth need Our Help and they search for a Leader. But they must Lead from Within, if they knew that, they fd take a Breather. Let the Past just wash down the drain with the Rain. This is the Year that God turns the bad to Good and Heals the People fs pain. So dissolve Your pride and Go Hunt Your Dreams. We only get 1LIFE2LIVE to find out what It Truly means c h -SunChaser YoungKing Sanders ‡ Start Your Day with with Mental and Spiritual Food for Thought. ‡ No side effects, overdosages or expiration dates. ‡ Daily Questions and Personal Journal Entries to help You Keep Track of Your Inner Progression. ‡ Gain a Better Understanding of Self and Your Personal Needs. ‡ Acquire Different Lenses as to Help You View Life in a more Multi- Benificial Light.

The Juicing Book

The Juicing Book Author Stephen Blauer
ISBN-10 089529253X
Release 1989
Pages 164
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Gives recipes and advocates the use of the juice of fruits and vegetables for reliving certain physical ailments

The Juice Fasting Bible

The Juice Fasting Bible Author Sandra Cabot
ISBN-10 9781569754429
Release 2009-06-01
Pages 260
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The Juice Fasting Bible has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Juice Fasting Bible also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Juice Fasting Bible book for free.

7lbs in 7 Days Super Juice Diet

7lbs in 7 Days Super Juice Diet Author Jason Vale
ISBN-10 9780007348565
Release 2009-10-01
Pages 224
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Lose up to 7lbs in 7 days with The Juice Master Jason Vale's ultra-fast 1-week super juice cleanse. The man who helped Jordan to get her post-baby body back has designed a healthy and effective diet and exercise programme to reshape your body in just one week, but with lasting results.