Jesus M D

Jesus  M D Author David Stevens
ISBN-10 9780310234333
Release 2001
Pages 255
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An intriguingly fresh glimpse of Jesus from the unique perspective of a contemporary doctor examining and learning from the Great Physician.

The Many Faces of Jesus

The Many Faces of Jesus Author Dr. Rahmat Mazaheri Seif, M. D.
ISBN-10 9781681399669
Release 2015-09-09
Pages 178
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The church’s vision of Jesus as a perfect man and a perfect God is not acceptable by all the branches of Christianity in the world. In fact, what is acceptable to one branch is sometimes an anathema to another. Today, the Catholic and the Protestant churches consider the church of the original apostles heretical! In this book, (which is the fruit of about eight years of hard work and is assiduously researched among the writings of the ante and post-Nicene fathers of the church), the author has exegetically dissected the four Canonical and several apocryphal Gospels in search of a clear vision of Jesus. The Gospels have placed the truth of the divinity of Jesus on the basis of virginal birth, the miracles, the prophecies of the Old Testament. The author by producing fresh arguments have effectively refuted the veracity of these claims. His unprecedented conversational treatment of the incomprehensible doctrine of Trinity is interesting and revealing. He has found the incomplete birth of the doctrine in the writings of one of the early fathers of the church in the second century, and has followed its gradual development by the successive fathers of the next couple of centuries, to what it is today. In the meantime, in every step of the way, he convincingly demonstrates the untenability of the doctrine.

Crucifixion and the Death Cry of Jesus Christ

Crucifixion and the Death Cry of Jesus Christ Author M. D. Geoffrey L. Phelan
ISBN-10 9781607917687
Release 2009-06-01
Pages 188
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Crucifixion and the Death Cry of Jesus Christ The synoptic gospels (Matthew, Mark and Luke) emphatically state that Jesus cried out in a loud voice just as he breathed his last. This cry caused hardened Roman soldiers to fear, praise God, and state that "truly, this man was the Son of God." All the multitudes who came together for this spectacle, when they saw what happened, began to return, beating their breast. Why were the multitudes so affected by Christ's death? In this book, Dr. Phelan combines more than thirty years of the study of medicine, ancient languages, and scripture to show the reality of the death of Jesus Christ. A clear description of the ancient times and the crucifixion process is presented. Seasoned Bible scholars will find refreshing new insight into what happened when Jesus was crucified. New believers can learn how the suffering of Jesus really happened. All will be reminded that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Dr Geoffrey Phelan is a graduate of Johns Hopkins University and Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. He has been in the private practice of Family Medicine in Southern California for more than 30 years. He and Donna, his wife of 34 years, live in Southern California, and have five grown children.

The Extended Family of Jesus

The Extended Family of Jesus Author M. D. Rev David P. Friedline
ISBN-10 1498418139
Release 2015-01-19
Pages 534
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Have you ever wondered why Jesus picked Judas Iscariot to be one of his inner circle of twelve disciples? Or why the first generation Christians picked Jesus' step-brother James to be the first head of the Jerusalem church-a man the gospel writers said was a non-believer until after the Resurrection? Or what was the real relationship between Jesus and Mary Magdalene? You will find the answers to these questions and many more in this book. Jesus interacted with some thirty men and women during his earthly ministry who became the core of the first generation church. The bible story is all about Jesus so other individuals are secondary and scant attention is given them. Here you will find the back stories about each of these individuals as gleaned from both biblical and non-biblical sources. The book is set up for both an individual read about the cast of characters and as an in depth study for church or home discussion groups. A separate section of background material includes an overview of the land and culture during the time of Jesus, helps for interpreting the often diametrically opposed conclusions arrived at by well-respected bible scholars looking at the same material, and an extensive glossary of both ecclesiastical and Hebraic terminology. The total content makes this book a "must have" reference for the serious bible student.

Jesus Christ M D

Jesus Christ  M D Author David Alsobrook
ISBN-10 0892281464
Release 1999-12-01
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A study of the underlying principles of Jesus' unique healing ministry. David Alsobrook is a scholar, gifted teacher, and a man who prays for the sick. He has witnessed a great number of healing miracles for many years. Learn more about: The Significance of Healing in Scripture, The Unchanging Christ, The Great Physician, The Emphasis on Faith, How Faith Can Be Increased, The Present Day Healing Ministry of Jesus, and more. Understand the methods and the motivations of Jesus in His numerous healing miracles. And learn how you can receive healing today.

Letter to John Rodman M D on the Human Nature of Jesus Christ containing a reply to his observations on that subject

Letter to John Rodman  M D   on the Human Nature of     Jesus Christ  containing a reply to his observations on that subject Author Warrand CARLILE
ISBN-10 BL:A0018921934
Release 1831
Pages 39
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Letter to John Rodman M D on the Human Nature of Jesus Christ containing a reply to his observations on that subject has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Letter to John Rodman M D on the Human Nature of Jesus Christ containing a reply to his observations on that subject also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Letter to John Rodman M D on the Human Nature of Jesus Christ containing a reply to his observations on that subject book for free.


Jesus Author Andrew G. Hodges
ISBN-10 1854246399
Release 2004
Pages 384
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Dr Hodges believes the humanity of Jesus has been neglected. He has fashioned a format in which Jesus answers intimate questions about the details of his life, including some not recorded in the Gospels. For example, what would Mary have told Jesus the child about the incarnation?

A Recollection on the Development of Neurosurgery in Puerto Rico

A Recollection on the Development of Neurosurgery in Puerto Rico Author Nathan Rifkinson
ISBN-10 0847701441
Release 2002-01-01
Pages 130
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The author shares experiences and knowledge on the practice and instruction of neurosurgery in Puerto Rico.

Jesus Needs a Body

Jesus Needs a Body Author Elizabeth R. Vaughan M.D.
ISBN-10 9781483597263
Release 2017-05-01
Pages 204
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The biblical principle that Jesus needs a body to work through on this earth is a life-changing revelation. Nowhere is it more evident than in the life and ministry of Dr. Elizabeth R. Vaughan. Throughout the years of her career as an eye surgeon, medical missionary, and humanitarian, the miracles and healings have been abundant and still abound today! The miracle-working and healing power of God is still in operation today. Such are the true events related in Jesus Needs a Body. They are all miracles Dr. Vaughan has seen or participated in personally. Nothing in this book is fiction. Everything is reality and truth. Jesus Needs a Body will help encourage every believer in how they, by faith, can be used of God to facilitate His miracle-working power and share His amazing love. God wants us to realize how critical we are to His ability to function on this earth. The reality is, Jesus needs a body...your body.

Walking with Jesus in Healthcare

Walking with Jesus in Healthcare Author MD Amaryllis Sanchez Wohlever
ISBN-10 1624196942
Release 2012-11-01
Pages 290
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They asked each other, "Were not our hearts burning within us while he talked with us on the road and opened the Scriptures to us?"Luke 24:32 A simple prayer with a patient transformed this doctor's experience of caring for the sick. What had been good doctor-patient encounters turned into eaningful human interactions where hurts are shared and comfort made real. Aware of Jesus' presence, compassion, and love, patient and doctor alike have experienced a new way to relate, to heal, and to live. In the hustle and bustle of modern healthcare, Dr. Mari's reflections on the Gospel according to Luke offer a transforming message for medical professionals and caregivers. Join Dr. Mari, Dr. Luke, and the Great Physician and learn to care for people from the heart. No more ministering to people with overwhelming needs from a depleted soul and on your own strength. Learn to abide in Jesus, the Healer, and you will minister out of His abundance and in the power of the Spirit. "As you take this journey with Dr. Mari, you will sense a friend alongside of you ... sharing your struggles, lifting your spirits, reminding you of your true calling, and pointing you back toward your first love! Healthcare students, professionals, and their spouses are certain to be encouraged and inspired as they take this 120-day walk with Jesus in healthcare!" J. Scott Ries, MD, FAAFP National Director of Campus & Community Ministries Vice President, Christian Medical and Dental Associations Dr. Mari is married to a pilot-turned-preacher and is the happy mom of three terrific children. As a doctor, she strives to care for the soul and minister to the spirit while treating the body. In thanksgiving for God's love and grace, she lives to share the transforming and healing power of His Word.


Rheumatology Author Marc C. Hochberg
ISBN-10 9780702063039
Release 2014-06-24
Pages 2112
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Stay current in the ever-changing discipline of rheumatology with clear, reliable guidance from Hochberg’s Rheumatology, one of the most respected and trusted sources in the field. Designed to meet the needs of the practicing clinician, this medical reference book provides extensive, authoritative coverage of rheumatic diseases from basic scientific principles to practical points of clinical management in a lucid, logical, user-friendly manner. Track disease progression and treat patients more effectively with the information on genetic findings, imaging outcomes, cell and biologic therapies, rheumatoid arthritis, and SLE. Incorporate recent findings about pathogenesis of disease; imaging outcomes for specific diseases like RA, osteoarthritis, and spondyloarthropathies; cell and biologic therapies; and other timely topics. Remain up to date on the latest information in rheumatology through 13 brand-new chapters covering biomedical and translation science, disease and outcome assessment, new imaging modalities, early emerging disease, clinical therapeutics, patient management, and rehabilitation. Take advantage of expanded coverage of small molecule treatment, biologics, biomarkers, epigenetics, biosimilars, and cell-based therapies. Focus on the core knowledge needed for successful results with each chapter co-authored by an internationally-renowned specialist in the field. Easily find the information you need thanks to a consistent, user-friendly format with templated content and large-scale images.

Rantings of an Insomniac Or I Wish Jesus Hadn t Said That

Rantings of an Insomniac   Or I Wish Jesus Hadn t Said That Author Stephen H. Smith, M.D.
ISBN-10 9781462802562
Release 2009-05-19
Pages 50
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Book summary Rantings Of An Insomniac was meant to be a lever that would take your chair and tip it back to the point where it almost tips over but not quite. It’s cautiously dangerous at examining our persistent flawed thinking as a culture that inevitably ends with two wheels mired in the mud. And we keep doing it over and over. How absolutely entertaining can one era be? It started with my personal experience with the events in the spring of 2008 that involved the FLDS in El Dorado, Texas and went from there. It’s quite possible that if too many people in my hometown read this, my family and I will have to pack up and leave.

Ecce Homo

Ecce Homo Author Enrico Nicoló, M.D
ISBN-10 9781457543852
Release 2016-04-25
Pages 102
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In Ecce Homo: Jesus the Man, Enrico Nicoló, MD, has created a critical reading of the New Testament that not only brings revolutionary discoveries as to how and why the text was written, but also unveils the true history of Jesus: the one integrated and concealed within the superficial story most are familiar with. Through sophisticated literary techniques, Nicoló delves into the literary and philological aspects of the writing of the Gospel to cement two objectives—the story and the history—into one narrative. It becomes both a beautiful story and a historical account, delivering a clear conclusion about the true human life of Jesus and his subjection to the march of time. Ecce Homo—behold the man.

The Followers of Jesus as the Servant

The Followers of Jesus as the  Servant Author Holly Beers
ISBN-10 9780567656537
Release 2015-02-26
Pages 208
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Luke models his portrayal both of Jesus and his disciples in Luke-Acts after the human agent of the Isaianic New Exodus in Isaiah 40-66, the servant. In the Isaianic New Exodus the servant is integral to the restoration; the servant's mission being embodied is, to a great extent, how the New Exodus comes to fruition. The servant connection is at times explicit, as Jesus is identified with the servant in Luke 4:18-19 (quoting Isa 61:1-2 [with 58:6]); Luke 22:37 (citing Isa 53:12); and Acts 8:32-33 (Isa 53:7-8). Regarding the disciples, Isa 49:6 is quoted by Paul in Acts 13:47 in reference to himself and Barnabas, though a focus only on quotations is too limiting. Allusions to servant passages abound. This work argues that Luke sees Jesus fulfilling the servant role in an ultimate sense, but that his followers, modelled after him in Acts, also embody it. This can be seen in Luke's use of Isaianic servant imagery, including suffering, lack of violent response (to unjust treatment) and language in the disciples' characterization.

Jesus Was Thin So You Can Be Thin Too

Jesus Was Thin So You Can Be Thin Too Author Elvin Adams, MD, MPH
ISBN-10 9781462005741
Release 2011-03-18
Pages 244
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This is a verse-by-verse exploration of what the Bible has to say about foods, nutrition, gluttony and obesity. The Bible contains the formula for lasting behavior change through the power supplied by Jesus Christ. Jesus struggled with appetite in the wilderness and successfully resisted the temptations of the devil. Jesus enables you to resist temptations to overeat. Jesus can give you the same victory that he had. With Jesus’s help you can reach your ideal weight. Additionally, this book is enriched with 200 quotations on appetite and nutrition from the writings of the 19th chentury health reformer, Ellen G. White. This practical counsel seconds and makes practical application of the principles found in the Bible.

The Brightwell Family of Alabama

The Brightwell Family of Alabama Author L.anette Hill
ISBN-10 9781435736740
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The Brightwell Family of Alabama has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Brightwell Family of Alabama also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Brightwell Family of Alabama book for free.

The New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ

The New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ Author
ISBN-10 BSB:BSB11117440
Release 1836
Pages 428
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The New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ book for free.