Is Being Gay a Sin Homosexuality God Religion and Love

Is Being Gay a Sin   Homosexuality  God  Religion  and Love Author Juliet Jacky Hodge
ISBN-10 9781483402451
Release 2013-07
Pages 106
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If you learned one of your friends were gay, or you had to decide whether to let a gay person participate in your church, would you stop to ask yourself, "What would Jesus do?" Juliet Jacky Hodge was forced to ask herself that question when she discovered she belonged to a Bible study group made up of homosexuals. Shocked and conflicted, Juliet went on a soul-searching journey to explore an issue that has torn apart families and divided religious communities. After balancing arguments about homosexuality, praying for insight, and remembering that only God can judge, Juliet came to several surprising conclusions. Is Being Gay a Sin? provides readers with much spiritual food for thought. Juliet reveals what God's Word says about homosexuality, and she analyzes issues of gay people being active in the church, gay marriage, and the belief that heterosexuality is somehow "better" than homosexuality. Her answers will surprise and enlighten.


Jetzt Author Eckhart Tolle
ISBN-10 3899013018
Release 2010
Pages 269
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Jetzt has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Jetzt also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Jetzt book for free.

God vs Gay

God vs  Gay Author Jay Michaelson
ISBN-10 9780807001608
Release 2011-10-25
Pages 232
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Does the Bible prohibit homosexuality? No, says Bible scholar and activist Jay Michaelson. But not only that: Michaelson also shows that the vast majority of our shared religious traditions support the full equality and dignity of LGBT people. In this accessible, passionate, and provocative book, Michaelson argues for equality, not despite religion but because of it. From the Hardcover edition.

Washed and Waiting

Washed and Waiting Author Wesley Hill
ISBN-10 9780310591818
Release 2010-09-21
Pages 160
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This is a book written primarily for gay Christians and those who love them. Part memoir, part pastoral-theological reflection, this book wrestles with three main areas of struggle that many gay Christians face: (1) What is God’s will for sexuality? (2) If the historic Christian tradition is right and same-sex behavior is ruled out, how should gay Christians deal with their resulting loneliness? (3) How can gay Christians come to an experience of grace that rescues them from crippling feelings of shame and guilt? Author Wesley Hill is not advocating that it is possible for every gay Christian to become straight, nor is he saying that God affirms homosexuality. Instead, Hill comes alongside gay Christians and says, “You are not alone. Here is my experience; it’s like yours. And God is with us. We can share in God’s grace.” While some authors profess a deep faith in Christ and claim a powerful experience of the Holy Spirit precisely in and through their homosexual practice, Hill’s own story, by contrast, is a story of feeling spiritually hindered, rather than helped, by his homosexuality. His story testifies that homosexuality was not God’s original creative intention for humanity—that it is, on the contrary, a tragic sign of human nature and relationships being fractured by sin—and therefore that homosexual practice goes against God’s express will for all human beings, especially those who trust in Christ. This book is written mainly for those homosexual Christians who are trying to walk the narrow path of celibacy and are convinced that their discipleship to Jesus necessarily commits them to the demanding, costly obedience of choosing not to nurture their homosexual desires. With reflections from the lives of Henri Nouwen and Gerard Manley Hopkins, Wesley Hill encourages and challenges Christians with homosexual desires to live faithful to God’s plan for human sexuality.

The Gaying of America The Love of God

The Gaying of America   The Love of God Author M.A.R.
ISBN-10 9781490820880
Release 2014-01-03
Pages 148
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What does God say about homosexuality? How does this differ from what society says? Is homosexuality wrong? Does God hate gays? Rarely will you encounter a book which speaks both of the love of God and homosexuality. Homosexuality usually elicits blasts of judgment from the religious community, and not love. The Gaying of America and the Love of God reconciles these three seemingly opposing topics explaining how God views the behaviors of His most precious creation, humanity. Jesus’ response when confronted with sexual misgivings is telling of what the religious community’s attitude should be on this exploding topic. An examination of Abraham also reveals a surprising reaction from the patriarch of three of the world’s largest religions. What influence will gay marriage have on the fate of the United States of America? This book brings God’s perspective to this conversation, in an attempt to bring all communities together, including those in the LGBT community. A truly prophetic call to the church and to the modern world.

What Did Jesus Say

What Did Jesus Say Author K. Darnell Giles
ISBN-10 9781440478987
Release 2008-12
Pages 266
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The Bible's condemnation of homosexuality is a fallacious doctrine based on incorrect scriptural translation. This book reveals interpretative inconsistencies; provides an accurate and contextual understanding of the various 'homosexual' passages, by sharing relevant cultural, religious and historical information. It clarifies what the Bible actually teaches about homosexuality. As a black Christian minister, Rev. K. Darnell Giles has taken a deeper look at the Biblical scriptures and shares what others have not wanted to say or hear about homosexuality. 'What Did Jesus Say?' teaches people how to love, understand and respect homosexuals in a way that does not compromise their religious or personal belief the same manner that Jesus taught. It proves that a person's homosexual orientation does not make them a sinner. Once ignorance is dispelled, we will no longer be afraid to embrace and support our gay loved ones. Then we will begin to save more lives and souls.

Loving Homosexuals as Jesus Would

Loving Homosexuals as Jesus Would Author Chad W. Thompson
ISBN-10 1441201491
Release 2004-11-01
Pages 184
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Chances are you know someone who is gay--a coworker, family member, or friend. And chances are, as a Christian, you're not exactly sure how to relate to this person. While the church has been pretty good at "hating the sin," it hasn't really known how to "love the sinner" without fear of condoning a homosexual lifestyle. Chad Thompson, a man who has struggled with homosexual feelings, argues that "homosexuality needs to be solved through relationships." Drawing from the life and words of Jesus, Thompson gives readers permission to love and befriend homosexuals before they change--and radically, even if they never change--their sexual orientation. This candid book includes an appendix of additional resources. It will be a valuable tool for pastors, teachers, counselors, and any Christian who knows someone who is gay.

African American Religious Thought

African American Religious Thought Author Cornel West
ISBN-10 0664224598
Release 2003
Pages 1054
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Believing that African American religious studies has reached a crossroads, Cornel West and Eddie Glaude seek, in this landmark anthology, to steer the discipline into the future. Arguing that the complexity of beliefs, choices, and actions of African Americans need not be reduced to expressions of black religion, West and Glaude call for more careful reflection on the complex relationships of African American religious studies to conceptions of class, gender, sexual orientation, race, empire, and other values that continue to challenge our democratic ideals.

A Biblical Point of View on Homosexuality

A Biblical Point of View on Homosexuality Author Kerby Anderson
ISBN-10 9780736934817
Release 2008-03-01
Pages 144
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In the last few decades, homosexuality has moved from the margins of society to the mainstream. In response to this cultural shift, Christian apologist and radio host Kerby Anderson sorts through myths to deliver the facts on homosexuality and the social impact it has had on families, the church, schools, and traditional marriage. With a balance of God's truth found in the Bible and a desire to reach out to homosexuals, he answers key questions about homosexuality, including: What percentage of the population is homosexual? Is homosexuality the worst of all sins? Did Jesus remove God's condemnation of homosexuality? Is there a connection between gay teens and suicide? What are the causes of homosexuality? Anderson also looks at the spiritual aspects of homosexuality and offers practical suggestions for Christians seeking to reach out to gay and lesbian friends and loved ones. This book is an essential resource for anyone seeking to better understand the roots, goals, and implications of homosexuality and the pro-gay movement.

Gay Conversations with God

Gay Conversations with God Author James Alexander Langteaux
ISBN-10 9781844099795
Release 2012-04-01
Pages 176
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Representing a first in gay and Christian publishing, this provocative book presents a complete reversal of thought and action, contending that God loves homosexuals without attempting to refute scripture references. The study confronts its subject with a quirky sense of humor in the spirit of the “bedtime story,” providing a rare evangelical Christian volume addressed directly to the gay community. Unorthodox in its presentation, this guide speaks the language of those who may feel abandoned, condemned, and damned while avoiding reinterpretations of scriptural passages, making the gospel accessible to a younger, free-spirited generation. Spearheading a volatile topic with candor and grace, this consideration reframes the never-ending question, Is homosexuality a sin? and instead asks the gay community for a cease-fire—to forgive, love, and help put a stop to a cultural war being waged in the world.

Breaking the Power of Evil Expanded Edition

Breaking the Power of Evil Expanded Edition Author Rick Joyner
ISBN-10 9780768499872
Release 2011-07-28
Pages 334
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Now is the time to break free of all the things, concepts, traditions, ideologies, people, and routines that are holding you back from living the blessed life that God destined for you. Who executes justice for the oppressed...The Lord gives freedom to the prisoners (Psalm 146:7). You can break the power of evil and live now in eternal freedom, peace, and joy by recognizing: The enemy called easy. The ultimate trap Pride. The roots of bondage. The two Christian mandates. The way to break the beast's yoke. Best-selling author Rick Joyner gives you the weapons to defeat evil and triumph over satan's plan to destroy your life s potential. After Breaking the Power of Evil equips you with a biblically solid battle plan, the included study guide gives you the ammunition to surge forward into action to break the power of evil!

God and Caesar

God and Caesar Author John Eidsmoe
ISBN-10 9781579100957
Release 1997-12-05
Pages 252
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Jesus said, Render therefore to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to God the things that are God's, thereby approving (at least for this age) the idea of human government. The hard part is deciding what actually belongs to Caesar and what should be reserved exclusively for God. How Christians are to understand and apply Jesus' words has been a point of controversy since the days of the apostles. Many difficult issues that continue to trouble Christians are dealt with in this book: -Is there a biblical pattern for human government? -What should we as Christians expect from government? -Should Christians participate in government? -What does the Bible have to say about issues related to government such as wealth and poverty, left and right, crime and punishment, the family, education, censorship and pornography, civil disobedience, liberation theology, military service? -Do some systems of government follow biblical teaching more closely than others? What about American democracy - how does it measure up? Would a socialist or redistributive economic and governmental system be more biblical? John Eidsmoe brings a wealth of biblical insight, theological reflection, and practical experience to bear on the crucial issue of how biblical Christianity and politics relate. Here at last is a book that simply and clearly shows how we really can give both God and Caesar their due.

My Revision Notes Edexcel AS Religious Studies Foundations Philosophy of Religion and Ethics

My Revision Notes  Edexcel AS Religious Studies Foundations  Philosophy of Religion and Ethics Author Gordon Reid
ISBN-10 9781444182453
Release 2013-04-05
Pages 64
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Unlock your full potential with this revision guide which provides both the key content you need to know and guidance on how to apply it for better grades. My Revision Notes: Edexcel AS Religious Studies Foundations: Philosophy of Religion and Ethics helps you to stay motivated and focused during your revision - and gives you the opportunity to practise and refine your skills to achieve the best grade in your exam. Breaks down all topics into short sections - easy to read and revise from Exam-style practice questions help confidence with the exam Concise notes, clear layout and colourful features keep you engaged You can check your learning with the 'test yourself' questions and tick-box design.

Arguing with God

Arguing with God Author J. T. Hutcherson
ISBN-10 9781450295550
Release 2011-02-22
Pages 184
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The battle over the “gay question” continues, and it’s much more than a simple disagreement over sexual preference or orientation. It’s an emotionally charged issue debated by politicians and preachers alike that threatens to topple the house of Christianity. In Arguing with God, author J. T. Hutcherson addresses relevant issues that spark the debate between Christian fundamentalists and homosexuals. Through a dialogue between friends—Eli, an evangelical, fundamentalist Christian; and Jay, a religious liberal and former fundamentalist Christian—Hutcherson offers an authentic discussion about God, religion, bigotry, and homosexuality. Arguing with God presents opposing perspectives on the issue of homosexuality and gives a clear portrait of the gap dividing the body of believers. Advance Praise for Arguing with God “Hutcherson is a light in the spiritual and religious darkness. He offers an analytical offensive—a loving and informed response to Christian fundamentalism. Using weapons of theological knowledge and mature discourse, he faces the ultimate challenge of ‘The Other’ and gives answers to young Christians and adults estranged from the ordinary. He not only finds a place for himself, but becomes a model for all those disenfranchised and criticized the world around.” —Charles K. Bunch, PhD, Author and Transpersonal Therapist

What All Homosexuals Need to Know about God

What All Homosexuals Need to Know about God Author Louise Nixon
ISBN-10 9781597815291
Release 2005-09
Pages 80
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According to Nixon, homosexuals are beautiful people that are caught up in Satan's web of deception, separating them from God. Her book talks to the homosexuals about God and his love for them.

The Author of Love

The Author of Love Author Joc Anderson, PsyD.
ISBN-10 9781449708030
Release 2011-07-08
Pages 384
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Throughout history, God has been depicted variously as a judgmental tyrant, a grand conciliator, and even as a rather low-key comic, portrayed by the cigar-smoking George Burns in the movie “Oh God!” The question that’s begging to be answered is: Who is God? This devotional evolved out of one person’s desire to portray God in a truer light. In the Book of Job, God reprimanded Job’s friends for failing to speak truthfully about Him. They misrepresented His character. Job, on the other hand, understood His Maker and was, therefore, the single voice of truth in an otherwise corrupt world. Can you honestly say that you know your Creator? Can you speak truthfully about Him? This devotional will help you get to know the real God, who is neither the judgmental tyrant nor the light-weight movie character. He is, if nothing else, a God of love and compassion. At the conclusion of your devotionals, I have formulated a “Love Quotient” (L.Q.) test to measure the depth of your love. The questions are designed to be thought-provoking and insightful. You may also find them a bit daunting and uncomfortable. Answer each question according to your beliefs. There are no wrong or right answers. It is my hope you’ll find this little exercise revealing and instructive of how you love. The answers and Key is also included. Your heart is what you’re all about. May you understand God’s love for you.

Men Homosexuality and the Gods

Men  Homosexuality  and the Gods Author John Dececco, Phd
ISBN-10 9781136568237
Release 2013-02-01
Pages 198
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Compare worldwide religious regulations involving gay sex and masculinity! Men, Homosexuality, and the Gods: An Exploration into the Religious Significance of Male Homosexuality in World Perspective is an eye-opening look at the traditions of particular religions and their edicts concerning gay sex. This book examines the origins of holy directives involving homosexuality—whether forbidden, tolerated, or mandatory—and establishes a link between theology, sex roles, and the sensitive issue of masculinity. This text draws a parallel between homosexuality and the idea of religion, suggesting that gay rights can be understood as a freedom of religion issue. While most readers are familiar with the traditional Islamic, Christian, and Hebrew prohibitions against sex between two males, this book also reveals other historic religions from around the world that neither opposed nor looked down on homosexuality. Men, Homosexuality, and the Gods argues that masculinity is the universal theme that formed historical interpretation—warriors and men of high status could not be sexually receptive or “feminine” and still be called “men.” This intriguing text shows how the modern homophile movements are in effect redefining masculinity to obliterate the stigma of being a sexually receptive man. Men, Homosexuality, and the Gods examines the significance of homosexuality in such religions as: the Sambians of New Guinea the Taoists of Ancient China Plato and the later Stoics Islamic Sufism Native American culture Hebrew Scriptures early Christianity Buddhism Men, Homosexuality, and the Gods is an enlightening book that honors homosexual claims to moral integrity and appreciates religion and religious figures without rancor. Easy-to-read and free of technical language, this volume is for anyone who has an academic, professional, or personal interest in theology and homosexuality. The author is available for speaking engagements and can be contacted at [email protected]