Schlafen statt Schreien

Schlafen statt Schreien Author Elizabeth Pantley
ISBN-10 9783830480051
Release 2014-03-26
Pages 176
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Schreien-Lassen war gestern! Ihr Baby macht die Nacht zum Tag, und Sie gehen auf dem Zahnfleisch? Damit sind Sie nicht alleine - Ein- und Durchschlafprobleme ihres Babys sind für fast alle Eltern das Problem Nr. 1. Wunderbar klingen da die Versprechen der Methode des "kontrollierten Schreien-Lassens". Nur: Ihnen erscheint es grausam, dass sich Ihr Kind in den Schlaf weinen soll? Es geht auch sanft und liebevoll! Elizabeth Pantley, renommierte Familienberaterin und vierfache Mutter, hat für Sie eine Vielzahl von Strategien und Tipps zusammengestellt, denn oft führen schon Kleinigkeiten zum Erfolg. Der pragmatische Ansatz und der verständnisvolle, aufmunternde Stil der Autorin haben dieses Buch in kürzester Zeit zu einem internationalen Bestseller gemacht. Das individuelle Schlafprogramm - Mit vielen Checklisten und Schlafprotokollen (auch zum Download) finden Sie ganz einfach Ihren eigenen Weg. Denn jedes Kind ist anders. - Stellen Sie sich aus den vielen Tipps und Tricks zusammen, was Ihr Baby gerade braucht und was auch Ihnen guttut. So finden Sie zu ruhigen Nächten und Ihr Kind zu einem entspannten Schlaf.

Bridget Jones Baby

Bridget Jones  Baby Author Helen Fielding
ISBN-10 9783641210830
Release 2016-11-21
Pages 256
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Bridget Jones hört sie schon seit einiger Zeit ticken: ihre biologische Uhr. Und auch ihr Bekanntenkreis wird nicht müde, sie darauf hinzuweisen, dass das Thema Nachwuchs langsam drängt. Und dann führt eine Abfolge chaotischer Ereignisse schließlich zu der großen Nachricht: Bridget ist schwanger! Allerdings nicht ganz wie geplant – und turbulent geht es prompt weiter. Bridget stolpert durch aufregende Monate voller gut gemeinter Ratschläge selbstgefälliger Mütter, voller Konfusion bei Ultraschalluntersuchungen und Geburtsvorbereitungskursen, voller Vorfreude, Verzweiflung und voller Käsekartoffeln. Und über allem schwebt die Frage: Wer ist der Vater?


Indestructible Author Cassie Miles
ISBN-10 1426850328
Release 2010-03-01
Pages 224
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Test Subject: Drew Kincaid Ability: Self-healing Weakness: Melinda Winston and the baby she's carrying. His baby. Drew Kincaid had always been in someone's crosshairs, and once again it was time to move on before his elusive tracker got too close. Only this time, he'd be leaving behind Melinda Winston. From the moment they met, Drew and Melinda shared a connection he'd never thought possible, thanks to his extraordinary—and secret—ability to self-heal. Now, with a baby on the way, Melinda needed protection, not a man trying to stay one step ahead. But after barely rescuing her from the hands of his enemies, Drew was ready to admit to his troubled past and its effect on their future. He knew self-healing was a powerful gift…but the damage would be irreparable if he lost Melinda and his baby.

Gespr ch mit dem Vampir

Gespr  ch mit dem Vampir Author Anne Rice
ISBN-10 3442410150
Release 1991
Pages 287
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Gespr ch mit dem Vampir has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Gespr ch mit dem Vampir also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Gespr ch mit dem Vampir book for free.


Indestructible Author John R Bruning
ISBN-10 9780316339391
Release 2016-10-11
Pages 544
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In this remarkable WWII story by New York Times bestselling author John R. Bruning, a renegade American pilot fights against all odds to rescue his family--imprisoned by the Japanese--and revolutionizes modern warfare along the way. From the knife fights and smuggling runs of his youth to his fiery days as a pioneering naval aviator, Paul Irving "Pappy" Gunn played by his own set of rules and always survived on his wits and fists. But when he fell for a conservative Southern belle, her love transformed him from a wild and reckless airman to a cunning entrepreneur whose homespun engineering brilliance helped launch one of the first airlines in Asia. Pappy was drafted into MacArthur's air force when war came to the Philippines; and while he carried out a top-secret mission to Australia, the Japanese seized his family. Separated from his beloved wife, Polly, and their four children, Pappy reverted to his lawless ways. He carried out rescue missions with an almost suicidal desperation. Even after he was shot down twice and forced to withdraw to Australia, he waged a one-man war against his many enemies--including the American high command and the Japanese--and fought to return to the Philippines to find his family. Without adequate planes, supplies, or tactics, the U.S. Army Air Force suffered crushing defeats by the Japanese in the Pacific. Over the course of his three-year quest to find his family, Pappy became the renegade who changed all that. With a brace of pistols and small band of loyal fol,lowers, he robbed supply dumps, stole aircraft, invented new weapons, and modified bombers to hit harder, fly farther, and deliver more destruction than anything yet seen in the air. When Pappy's modified planes were finally unleashed during the Battle of the Bismarck Sea, the United States scored one of the most decisive victories of World War II. Taking readers from the blistering skies of the Pacific to the jungles of New Guinea and the Philippines to one of the the war's most notorious prison camps, Indestructible traces one man's bare-knuckle journey to free the people he loved and the aerial revolution he sparked that continues to resonate across America's modern battlefields.

The Sheikh s Baby

The Sheikh s Baby Author Penny Jordan
ISBN-10 9780373401062
Release 2015-01-20
Pages 384
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The lives of two sheikhs are changed forever…when they each meet the woman of their dreams ONE NIGHT WITH THE SHEIKH The searing attraction between Sheikh Xavier Al Agir and Mariella Sutton is instant and all consuming. When a storm leaves Mariella stranded at Xavier's desert home, desire soon takes over, leading to a night neither will soon forget—for more reasons than they can imagine! THE SHEIKH'S BLACKMAILED MISTRESS Life has taught Prince Vereham al a'Karim bin Hakar to control his emotions. But an unexpected encounter with the enchanting Samantha McLellan shakes Vere's steely reserve. Though love is not an option for the sheikh, he knows that somehow he must have Sam.

Fatima s Baby

Fatima s Baby Author Nicolai Andreyevich
ISBN-10 9781524604431
Release 2016-05-20
Pages 244
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In the year 2022, 60-year-old Fatima is a barren, aging Muslima. Her cruel husband, Azzam is senior imam at the East London Mosque, the largest in England. Fatima carries the disfiguring scars from his abuse. Despite having four wives, Azzam is still desperate for a male heir. One wife has been stoned for her sins; the others are to him, but cattle. Fatima is worthless and expendable in his eyes, so she is chosen to go to the Celebration in Jerusalem. If she dies, there is no loss. There, he tells her, she will conceive a son by receiving The Gift, promised by the mysterious and powerful creature known as The One. Fatima is shocked when she finds herself young and, yes, pregnant. With this realization comes a new kind of horror. She knows that the punishment for adultery is stoning, and Azzam always says that there must be punishment. No longer fearing for her own well-being, Fatima now fears for the fate of her child. She has Azzam to contend with, but also his brother, Hassan—a man who used to rape her cruelly until Azzam punished her with scalding water. Although, blessed by the One, Fatima feels helpless to protect her baby. After all, she is just a woman.

Creativity as Co Therapist

Creativity as Co Therapist Author Lisa Mitchell
ISBN-10 9781317527626
Release 2016-01-29
Pages 264
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In Creativity as Co-Therapist, experienced psychotherapist and creativity expert, Lisa Mitchell, bridges the gap between theoretical knowledge and therapeutic application by teaching psychotherapists of all backgrounds to see therapy as their art form. Readers are guided through the five stages of the creative process to help them understand the complexities of approaching their work creatively and to effectively identify areas in which they tend to get stuck when working with clients. Along the way workbook assignments, case studies, personal stories, and hands-on art directives will inspire the reader to think outside the box and build the creative muscles that hold the key to enlivening their work.

This Night s Foul Work

This Night s Foul Work Author Fred Vargas
ISBN-10 9781407019017
Release 2014-07-10
Pages 416
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On the outskirts of Paris, two men have been found with their throats cut. In Normandy, two stags have been killed and their hearts cut out. Meanwhile a seventy-five-year-old nurse who has murdered several of her patients has escaped from prison. Is there a connection between the three cases? In this mystery, Commissaire Adamsberg is pitted against nemeses past and present: Ariane Lagarde, France's foremost pathologist and Adamsberg's enemy since they argued over a case twenty-three years earlier, and Louis Veyrenc, a new recruit with a grudge, who has been assigned the job of protecting the Commissaire's ex-girlfriend. As the different strands of Vargas's compelling story begin to intertwine, events move towards a gripping climax... Shortlisted for the Duncan Lawrie International Dagger.

One Night with the Valkyrie

One Night with the Valkyrie Author Jane Godman
ISBN-10 9781488031267
Release 2017-09-01
Pages 304
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Falling for the immortal warrior princess… While tracking down his beloved brother, billionaire Adam Lyon is struck dumb by a vision of a beautiful woman in armor. But when this vision comes to life, she turns his entire world upside down. Adam soon discovers that valiant Valkyrie Maja is a dream come true, but their passion violates the gods' laws. Maja brings heroic souls to Valhalla, so why did she spare one mortal man's life? Not only does that violate Odin's orders, but she soon finds herself swept up in an illicit desire for sexy Adam. Battling to save their very lives, the CEO and the shield maiden find their forbidden love hangs in the balance—as does the fate of the world…

Midwife s Mistletoe Baby

Midwife s Mistletoe Baby Author
ISBN-10 9780373070084
Release 2014
Pages 255
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Christmas baby, New Year bride? It's Christmas in Lyrebird Lake, but nine months after midwife Maeve's magical night with Rayne Walters she's preparing for the birth of her baby--alone. Rayne's arrest the morning-after-the-night-before left Maeve reeling, and his refusal to reply to her letters in prison has left so many questions unanswered... On Christmas Day, Maeve is shocked by Rayne's arrival. But not as shocked as Rayne when he discovers that Maeve is heavily pregnant...with his baby! Can Rayne put right his mistakes and convince her that this time he's here to stay?

Death in the Night

Death in the Night Author J.M. Schubert
ISBN-10 9781450094627
Release 2010-05-14
Pages 251
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Taylor Thorn, formally Taylor Simon, finally has all she has ever dreamed of and is living the life of a wife and mother. Although she has wealth beyond anyone?s imagination, being a wife and mother is all she ever wanted. A friend calls asking for help. The friend is the president of the United States, and he has trouble in the mountains of Colorado. She is the only person who may stop a panic and save the people there. She was able to stop them in Texas. Some people have taken the drug that alters the DNA of a person and causes a metamorphosis into an extremely dangerous killing machine that is hard to stop and harder to kill. How can Taylor, who has everything to lose, take the chance and risk it all to help a friend and save lives at the same time put her own life at risk, stopping these very dangerous creatures? In her quest to stop these monsters, she must face something in her past she doesn?t remember because it is too painful. Then she must deal with the betrayal and of her whole life being a lie then and the danger of someone who loves her too much, and that twisted love can ruin her. Taylor must enlist the help of the only people that can possibly save them all, and these people are part monsters themselves.

The Chorus Effect

The Chorus Effect Author Russell Boyd
ISBN-10 9781478750321
Release 2015-06-26
Pages 459
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Chintz was shocked. “You discovered time travel?” The Doctor shook his head. “That’s not really possible. This is more like re-writing your memory. It will seem like it’s happening in real time, but really we are just changing your brain to make it seem like it did.” Chintz frowned. Changing my brain? “And this will tell you if I have free will?” The Doctor shrugged. Chintz followed him down the hall. “Why do you need explosives?” The man shrugged again. “I’m sure we can find a use for them.” “And where did the baby go?” “No idea.” “What kind of place is this?” Quickening his pace and redoubling his cheerfulness, the Doctor said, “We’ve created our own universe. I told you, I’ll explain everything later.”

Any God Given Night

Any God Given Night Author Annegret Werner Shaw
ISBN-10 9781462083770
Release 2012-05
Pages 374
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When seventy-nine-year-old Anton Watson enters Serenity Haven, an Alzheimer's facility in Tomball, Texas, he seems like an ordinary, frail, old man. No one would guess that Anton has lived a double life since he was a boy of thirteen growing up on a small farm in the south Texas valley. In a short period of time when he is a teen, Anton loses his mother, his father, and the family's farm. It's on this farm that evil takes hold of the young boy. Anton's rage is at first directed toward the farm's animals; he knows that acting on his other fantasies and thoughts will lead him straight to prison and even death row. But one stormy night, he can't control his urges, and a serial murderer is born. Neither his wife, Doris, nor his son, Victor, knew they were living with a killer. His motto-be patient, be wise, and be fast-served him well, and he has gone unnoticed by the police for over fifty years. Old age and a frail body put a stop to his malevolent behavior more than a decade ago. Now living in an Alzheimer's facility, his horrible deeds come to the forefront as he loses his short-term memory and dives deeper and deeper into his horror-filled past.

Weisst du eigentlich wie lieb ich dich hab

Weisst du eigentlich  wie lieb ich dich hab Author Sam McBratney
ISBN-10 PSU:000058854808
Release 2006
Pages 24
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During a bedtime game, very little Nutbrown Hare demostrates how much he loves his father, Big Nutbrown Hare gently shows him that the love is returned even more.

Indestructible Truth

Indestructible Truth Author Reginald A. Ray
ISBN-10 9780834824386
Release 2002-07-23
Pages 512
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Indestructible Truth is one of the most thorough introductions to the Tibetan Buddhist world view ever published; at the same time it is also one of the most accessible. The author presents complex and sophisticated teachings and practices in nontechnical language, using engaging stories and personal anecdotes to illustrate his points. Indestructible Truth presents Tibetan Buddhism in its traditional form but also shows how the Tibetan traditions are applicable to the problems and challenges of modern life in the West. In Indestructible Truth, Tibetan Buddhism is introduced not as an exotic religion, but rather as an expression of human spirituality that is having a profound impact on the modern world. In addition, it presents the point of view of meditation and the practice of the spiritual life, paying special attention to contemplative practice and meditation as taught in the Kagyu and Nyingma schools.

Night Watch

Night Watch Author Suzanne Brockmann
ISBN-10 9781426851049
Release 2009-12-01
Pages 256
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