Ideas in Food

Ideas in Food Author Aki Kamozawa
ISBN-10 9780307719744
Release 2010-12-28
Pages 288
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Alex Talbot and Aki Kamozawa, husband-and-wife chefs and the forces behind the popular blog Ideas in Food, have made a living out of being inquisitive in the kitchen. Their book shares the knowledge they have gleaned from numerous cooking adventures, from why tapioca flour makes a silkier chocolate pudding than the traditional cornstarch or flour to how to cold smoke just about any ingredient you can think of to impart a new savory dimension to everyday dishes. Perfect for anyone who loves food, Ideas in Food is the ideal handbook for unleashing creativity, intensifying flavors, and pushing one’s cooking to new heights. This guide, which includes 100 recipes, explores questions both simple and complex to find the best way to make food as delicious as possible. For home cooks, Aki and Alex look at everyday ingredients and techniques in new ways—from toasting dried pasta to lend a deeper, richer taste to a simple weeknight dinner to making quick “micro stocks” or even using water to intensify the flavor of soups instead of turning to long-simmered stocks. In the book’s second part, Aki and Alex explore topics, such as working with liquid nitrogen and carbon dioxide—techniques that are geared towards professional cooks but interesting and instructive for passionate foodies as well. With primers and detailed usage guides for the pantry staples of molecular gastronomy, such as transglutaminase and hydrocolloids (from xanthan gum to gellan), Ideas in Food informs readers how these ingredients can transform food in miraculous ways when used properly. Throughout, Aki and Alex show how to apply their findings in unique and appealing recipes such as Potato Chip Pasta, Root Beer-Braised Short Ribs, and Gingerbread Soufflé. With Ideas in Food, anyone curious about food will find revelatory information, surprising techniques, and helpful tools for cooking more cleverly and creatively at home. From the Hardcover edition.

Uncovering Student Ideas in Science 25 more formative assessment probes

Uncovering Student Ideas in Science  25 more formative assessment probes Author Page Keeley
ISBN-10 9781933531731
Release 2007-01-01
Pages 208
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The popular features from Volume 1 are all here. The field-tested probes are short, easy to administer, and ready to reproduce. Teacher materials explain science content and suggest grade-appropriate ways to present information. But Volume 2 covers more life science and Earth and space science probes. Volume 2 also suggests ways to embed the probes throughout your instruction, not just when starting a unit or topic.

Uncovering Student Ideas in Life Science

Uncovering Student Ideas in Life Science Author Page Keeley
ISBN-10 9781936137510
Release 2011
Pages 185
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Author Page Keeley continues to provide KOCo12 teachers with her highly usable and popular formula for uncovering and addressing the preconceptions that students bring to the classroomOCothe formative assessment probeOCoin this first book devoted exclusively to life science in her Uncovering Student Ideas in Science series. Keeley addresses the topics of life and its diversity; structure and function; life processes and needs of living things; ecosystems and change; reproduction, life cycles, and heredity; and human biology."

Sensory and Consumer Research in Food Product Design and Development

Sensory and Consumer Research in Food Product Design and Development Author Howard R. Moskowitz
ISBN-10 9781119945956
Release 2012-01-24
Pages 436
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During the past thirty years, companies have recognized the consumer as the key driver for business and product success. This recognition has, in turn, generated its own drivers: sensory analysis and marketing research, leading first to a culture promoting the expert and then evolving into the systematic acquisition of consumer-relevant information to build businesses. Sensory and Consumer Research in Food Product Design and Development is the first book to present, from the business viewpoint, the critical issues faced by business leaders from both the research development and business development perspective. This popular volume, now in an updated and expanded second edition, presents a unique perspective afforded by the author team of Moskowitz, Beckley, and Resurreccion: three leading practitioners in the field who each possess both academic and business acumen. Newcomers to the field will be introduced to systematic experimentation at the very early stages, to newly emerging methods for data acquisition/knowledge development, and to points of view employed by successful food and beverage companies. The advanced reader will find new ideas, backed up by illustrative case histories, to provide another perspective on commonly encountered problems and their practical solutions. This book is aimed at professionals in all sectors of the food and beverage industry. Sensory and Consumer Research in Food Product Design and Development is especially important for those business and research professionals involved in the early stages of product development, where business opportunity is often the greatest.

Food Biotechnology in Ethical Perspective

Food Biotechnology in Ethical Perspective Author Paul B. Thompson
ISBN-10 0412783800
Release 1997-09-30
Pages 267
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Developments in food technology are not just the concern of scientists & manufacturers. Media attention has increased public awareness & demands for more regulations. This text covers the debate on the moral implications of developments in human food.

Introduction to Food Engineering

Introduction to Food Engineering Author R Paul Singh
ISBN-10 0080919626
Release 2008-10-15
Pages 864
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This fourth edition of this successful textbook succinctly presents the engineering concepts and unit operations used in food processing, in a unique blend of principles with applications. Depth of coverage is very high. The authors use their many years of teaching to present food engineering concepts in a logical progression that covers the standard course curriculum. Both are specialists in engineering and world-renowned. Chapters describe the application of a particular principle followed by the quantitative relationships that define the related processes, solved examples and problems to test understanding. New chapters on: -Supplemental processes including filtration, sedimentation, centrifugation, and mixing -Extrusion processes for foods -Packaging concepts and shelf life of foods Expanded information on Emerging technologies, such as high pressure and pulsed electric field Transport of granular foods and powders Process controls and measurements Design of plate heat exchangers Impact of fouling in heat transfer processes Use of dimensional analysis in understanding physical phenomena

Basic ideas in biology

Basic ideas in biology Author Edwin Allen Phillips
ISBN-10 UOM:39015031886115
Release 1971
Pages 717
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Basic ideas in biology has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Basic ideas in biology also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Basic ideas in biology book for free.

From New Public Management to New Political Governance

From New Public Management to New Political Governance Author Herman Bakvis
ISBN-10 9780773539594
Release 2012-06-26
Pages 412
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A festchrift in honour of Peter C. Aucoin, professor emeritus of political science and public administration.

Food and Health Science and Technology

Food and Health  Science and Technology Author G. G. Birch
ISBN-10 9789400987180
Release 2012-12-06
Pages 532
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The Control and Standardisation of National Food Quality. There must be very many different opinions as to what this title means. To some people it will mean the control by legislation of additive and contaminant levels in food, to others it may mean the laying down of compositional standards for different food commodities, yet again some may consider that it covers the nutritional quality of the food and the maintenance of an adequate satisfactory diet for the population of the country. I think certainly that it could be all of these things and a glance at the variety of titles of papers which other speakers will be giving later in this symposium illustrates the very wide area which is covered by food quality in its many aspects. I will try only to present to you some of those aspects which are the concern of government in the control of food quality. I will not concern myself with those aspects which are the concern only of the manufacturer and his customer, and here I am thinking of flavour, appearance and physical state, such as whether canned, fresh or frozen. These aspects, which affect the type of products to be marketed, and also the aspects of quality control which set out to maintain the standard that the manufacturer has set himself, are I think outside my province.

Becoming a Food Scientist

Becoming a Food Scientist Author Robert L. Shewfelt
ISBN-10 9781461432999
Release 2012-04-23
Pages 168
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Becoming a Food Scientist is designed as a reservoir of ideas for those beginning a graduate education in food science or beginning a professional career in the field. Although at times it may read as a how-to manual for success in graduate school, it is meant to encourage each reader to study the research process, to challenge conventional wisdom, and to develop a career path that maximizes the probability of success both in school and beyond. The author has viewed food science graduate programs through the lenses of programs at four universities and service in numerous activities with the Institute of Food Technologists. This book is thus focused on the field of food science, but it may have relevance to other scientific disciplines. The book introduces the concept of research as process in the first chapter. Subsequent chapters focus on individual unit operations of research: idea generation, problem definition, critical evaluation of the literature, method selection, experimental design, data collection, processing and analysis, and knowledge dissemination. Successful graduate students in food science must master each of these operations. The final section of the book pushes the reader beyond graduate school into its practice in the real world. Topics covered in the maturation of a food scientist include the scientific meeting, critical thinking, science and philosophy, ethics, finding and managing the literature, planning, grantsmanship, laboratory setup and management, and career development. This book should be a meaningful companion for any graduate student in the field and those transitioning from graduate school to the food science profession.

Food Magic

Food Magic Author Carol Pastor
ISBN-10 PSU:000026570372
Release 1996-01
Pages 112
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Offers creative ideas for food presentation and includes recipes for dishes with high visual appeal

Food safety current challenges and new ideas to safeguard consumers hearing

Food safety   current challenges and new ideas to safeguard consumers   hearing Author
ISBN-10 1422321355
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Food safety current challenges and new ideas to safeguard consumers hearing has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Food safety current challenges and new ideas to safeguard consumers hearing also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Food safety current challenges and new ideas to safeguard consumers hearing book for free.

Food Hunger Studies

Food Hunger Studies Author Institute for World Order
ISBN-10 0878557652
Release 1977-01-01
Pages 229
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Food Hunger Studies has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Food Hunger Studies also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Food Hunger Studies book for free.

Homemade for Sale

Homemade for Sale Author John D. Ivanko
ISBN-10 9781550925821
Release 2015-03-02
Pages 240
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The authoritative guide for launching a successful home-based food enterprise, from idea and recipe to final product.

Interpreting Food at Museums and Historic Sites

Interpreting Food at Museums and Historic Sites Author Michelle Moon
ISBN-10 9781442257221
Release 2015-11-19
Pages 220
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Food is such a friendly topic that it’s often thought of as a “hook” for engaging visitors – a familiar way into other topics, or a sensory element to round out a living history interpretation. But it’s more than just a hook – it’s a topic all its own, with its own history and its own uncertain future, deserving of a central place in historic interpretation. With audiences more interested in food than ever before, and new research in food studies bringing interdisciplinary approaches to this complicated but compelling subject, museums and historic sites have an opportunity to draw new audiences and infuse new meaning into their food presentations. You’ll find: A comprehensive, thematic framework of key concepts that will help you contextualize food history interpretations; A concise, evaluative review of the historiography of food interpretation; Case studies featuring the expression of these themes in the real world of museum interpretation; and Best practices for interpreting food. Interpreting Food offers a framework for understanding the big ideas in food history, suggesting best practices for linking objects, exhibits and demonstrations with the larger story of change in food production and consumption over the past two centuries – a story in which your visitors can see themselves, and explore their own relationships to food. This book can help you develop food interpretation with depth and significance, making relevant connections to contemporary issues and visitor interests.

Chemistry and Safety of Acrylamide in Food

Chemistry and Safety of Acrylamide in Food Author Mendel Friedman
ISBN-10 9780387249803
Release 2006-07-18
Pages 466
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Interest in the chemistry, biochemistry, and safety of acrylamide is running high. These proceedings contain presentations by experts from eight countries on the chemistry, analysis, metabolism, pharmacology, and toxicology of the compound.

Water Soluble Polymer Applications in Foods

Water Soluble Polymer Applications in Foods Author Amos Nussinovitch
ISBN-10 9781405173520
Release 2008-04-15
Pages 240
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Water-soluble polymers or hydrocolloids are widely used in many fields, including food, agriculture, ceramics, paper and ink technology, explosives and the textile industry. This important new book provides a comprehensive overview of novel aspects of their use in food products. Interest in the science and technology of water-soluble polymers is rapidly increasing and this book provides a much-needed and up-to-date overview. Chapters review important new food applications, giving short historical overviews, the latest information on uses and possible future applications. Topics covered include the use of hydrocolloids for texturization, as adhesives within food products, as coatings in products such as fruit, vegetables, cheese, meat and dried foods, and for flavour encapsulation.