I Can Save the Ocean

I Can Save the Ocean Author Alison Inches
ISBN-10 9781416995142
Release 2010-03-09
Pages 24
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Max the Little Green Monster doesn't like cleaning up after himself, but when he learns how his carelessness and littering may have harmed the beautiful ocean, he goes on a quest to clean and protect the beach.

Das Licht zwischen den Meeren

Das Licht zwischen den Meeren Author M. L. Stedman
ISBN-10 3442384001
Release 2014-11-17
Pages 444
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Das Licht zwischen den Meeren has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Das Licht zwischen den Meeren also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Das Licht zwischen den Meeren book for free.

50 Ways to Save the Ocean

50 Ways to Save the Ocean Author David Helvarg
ISBN-10 1577317033
Release 2010-09-24
Pages 208
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The oceans, and the challenges they face, are so vast that it’s easy to feel powerless to protect them. 50 Ways to Save the Ocean, written by veteran environmental journalist David Helvarg, focuses on practical, easily-implemented actions everyone can take to protect and conserve this vital resource. Well-researched, personal, and sometimes whimsical, the book addresses daily choices that affect the ocean's health: what fish should and should not be eaten; how and where to vacation; storm drains and driveway run-off; protecting local water tables; proper diving, surfing, and tide pool etiquette; and supporting local marine education. Helvarg also looks at what can be done to stir the waters of seemingly daunting issues such as toxic pollutant runoff; protecting wetlands and sanctuaries; keeping oil rigs off shore; saving reef environments; and replenishing fish reserves.

Mein phantastischer Ozean

Mein phantastischer Ozean Author Johanna Basford
ISBN-10 3596035791
Release 2015-10-28
Pages 88
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Mein phantastischer Ozean has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Mein phantastischer Ozean also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Mein phantastischer Ozean book for free.

From the Bottom Up

From the Bottom Up Author Harold Neel
ISBN-10 9781483566252
Release 2016-04-18
Pages 200
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This is a book about dreams. It shows the faith, passion, and actions that can make them come true. It is about hope for all of us. A captain’s stories weaving together philosophies learned from a life connected to the ocean and island cultures around the world. With visions of sailing through tropical paradises, bizarre adventures, beautiful moments, and challenging struggles, you will learn what life looks like from the outside in, by someone who got away. An outlook based on the proven faith that dreams come true and a hopeful portrayal that our collective dreams can become a reality. It is a compelling call to action in our personal lives to affect the course for the future of us all. The stories about running away to follow a dream introduce ideas about passion, daring, faith, and the path to making your dreams come true. Fear — and how it affects our society and personal lives — springs from the scary storm stories. The depictions of people and tropical places show different ways of living, priorities closer to the heart, questioning common First World lifestyles. The trade-offs, struggles and hard times describe tenacity and grit, often required in a not-so-normal life. The view from the deck of a wooden schooner, verifies that how we perceive things is profoundly powerful. As crew aboard the good ship Cassiopeia you will learn lessons while on a sinking ship in the Pacific and on islands where they still use bows and arrows. You will travel the West Indies and through the Panama Canal to the exotic isles of the South Pacific. Tales about the amazing power of a single glorious moment in the hands of Mother Ocean with no land for thousands of miles, blessed evenings filled with music and song and overwhelming joy, encounters with the machines of war, and the obvious cries of our dying oceans, all lead to conversations about the nature of humanity. It seems the deck of Cassiopeia has been an international think tank for ideas on why life unfolds in a certain way and what the major influences on the path of humanity could be. There’s been input from people of all nationalities, financial levels, and walks of life. It’s very apparent, especially when seen from the deck of an old wooden schooner, that it’s time for a change in how we humans interact with our planet and each other. From out here it’s easy to see the changes in our oceans, the environment, and the cultural clash between the rich and poor. This book hopes to be slightly more than just an assortment of sailing stories; it’s also a bold assertion that it’s not too late for us to change the direction in which humankind is headed. It is a reminder of the basic ways of thinking and acting that will empower each of our dreams to come true, bringing the dreams that we all share much closer to reality. The big dreams. Peace and harmony, stopping the environmental destruction and ending the waste of our human resources are worthy dreams. If we dare to take them on in our personal lives then there is hope for us all. This is a success book for your life and for the human experience on this planet. Follow your dreams. Take action and change your life to have what you want. What your heart and your soul and your passions want. If each of us does something every day in our life to move towards the peace and harmony we all desire, then we will change the world, FROM THE BOTTOM UP!


Safari Author Dan Kainen
ISBN-10 3737350868
Release 2014-09-25
Pages 32
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Safari has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Safari also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Safari book for free.

Little Bee

Little Bee Author Chris Cleave
ISBN-10 9783423416979
Release 2012-10-01
Pages 320
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Platz 1 der US-Bestsellerliste Manchmal wünscht sie sich, sie wäre eine englische Pfundmünze: dann würde sich nämlich jeder freuen, sie zu sehen. Little Bee ist 16 Jahre alt und stammt aus Afrika. In ihrer Heimat ist ihr Schreckliches zugestoßen, und seit zwei Jahren lebt sie in einem englischen Abschiebelager für Asylbewerber. Trotz allem ist sie ein Mensch voll Lebensfreude, Witz und Intelligenz. In England kennt sie außerhalb des Lagers nur zwei Menschen: Vor Jahren hat sie in Nigeria das Ehepaar Sarah und Andrew, die im englischen Kingston-upon-Thames ein privilegiertes Leben führen, kennengelernt. Ein furchtbares gemeinsames Erlebnis hat eine tragische Verbindung zwischen ihnen geschaffen. Als Little Bee aus dem Lager entlassen wird, ruft sie bei Sarah und Andrew an. Ein Anruf, der unvorhersehbare Folgen hat: Einige Tage später bringt sich Andrew um. Und kurz darauf steht Little Bee vor Sarahs Tür ...

Zwischen mir und der Welt

Zwischen mir und der Welt Author Ta-Nehisi Coates
ISBN-10 9783446251953
Release 2016-02-01
Pages 240
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Wenn in den USA schwarze Teenager von Polizisten ermordet werden, ist das nur ein Problem von individueller Verfehlung? Nein, denn rassistische Gewalt ist fest eingewebt in die amerikanische Identität – sie ist das, worauf das Land gebaut ist. Afroamerikaner besorgten als Sklaven seinen Reichtum und sterben als freie Bürger auf seinen Straßen. In seinem schmerzhaften, leidenschaftlichen Manifest verdichtet Ta-Nehisi Coates amerikanische und persönliche Geschichte zu einem Appell an sein Land, sich endlich seiner Vergangenheit zu stellen. Sein Buch wurde in den USA zum Nr.-1-Bestseller und ist schon jetzt ein Klassiker, auf den sich zukünftig alle Debatten um Rassismus beziehen werden.

Fisch kaputt

Fisch kaputt Author Charles Clover
ISBN-10 357050056X
Release 2005
Pages 446
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Fisch kaputt has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Fisch kaputt also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Fisch kaputt book for free.

Im Herzen der See

Im Herzen der See Author Nathaniel Philbrick
ISBN-10 9783641146634
Release 2015-11-09
Pages 352
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Die wahre Geschichte hinter dem Klassiker Moby Dick – verfilmt mit Starbesetzung Was jetzt als »Major Motion Picture« in die Kinos kommt – produziert von Oscar-Preisträger Ron Howard (A Beautiful Mind – Genie und Wahnsinn) –, hat schon als Buch seine Leser gefesselt. Nathaniel Philbrick erzählt die wahre Geschichte jener Ereignisse, die Herman Melville zu seinem Roman Moby Dick inspiriert haben: Im November 1820 wird der Walfänger Essex mitten auf dem Pazifik von einem Pottwal gerammt. Das Schiff kentert, doch die 20 Mann starke Besatzung kann sich auf drei kleine Beiboote retten. Knapp 4000 Kilometer westlich der südamerikanischen Küste beginnt für die Männer eine beispiellose Odyssee: Drei Monate lang segeln sie in offenen, notdürftig aufgetakelten Booten und ohne ausreichend Proviant über eine feindliche See – und stoßen dabei an die Grenzen ihrer Menschlichkeit.

New York 2140

New York 2140 Author Kim Stanley Robinson
ISBN-10 9783641216580
Release 2018-03-12
Pages 752
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New York, einhundert Jahre später. Der Meeresspiegel ist angestiegen, und die Straßen des Big Apple haben sich in Kanäle verwandelt und aus den einstigen Wolkenkratzern sind hoch aufragende Inseln geworden. Aber noch hat New York sich nicht aufgegeben. In einem Haus treffen so unterschiedliche wie ergreifende Schicksale aufeinander – Schicksale, die von der Zukunft nach dem Ökokollaps erzählen. Da ist zum Beispiel ein nimmermüder Detektiv, und da ist das Internet-Sternchen. Auf dem Dach leben die Coder. Ihr Verschwinden setzt schließlich eine Kette von Ereignissen in Gang, die das Leben aller New Yorker für immer beeinflussen werden.

Deep Sea

Deep Sea Author James Nestor
ISBN-10 9783492967358
Release 2014-10-06
Pages 320
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Ein Besuch der Apnoe-Weltmeisterschaft wird für James Nestor zum Beginn eines persönlichen Abenteuers: Fasziniert von der Kompromisslosigkeit dieses Sports, erlernt er selbst das Freitauchen. Und fortan zieht es ihn immer tiefer in die verborgene Welt der Ozeane hinab: Er besucht eine Forschungsstation 20 Meter unter der Meeresoberfläche, trifft renommierten Meeresbiologen bei ihrer Arbeit, schwimmt mit Walen und geht im U-Boot auf Tauchstation. Dabei entdeckt er einen unfassbar reichen Lebensraum, mit telepathischen Korallen, leuchtenden Fischen und rätselhaften Riesenkraken. Bis er schließlich den tiefsten Punkt der Erde erreicht – die absolute Grenze für Mensch und Technik. Eine grandiose Entdeckungsreise, die zugleich unseren Wurzeln nachspürt.

The Painted Ocean

The Painted Ocean Author Gabriel Packard
ISBN-10 9781472151155
Release 2016-03-03
Pages 416
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When I was a little girl, my dad left me and my mum, and he never came back. And you're supposed to be gutted when that happens. But secretly I preferred it without him, cos it meant I had my mum completely to myself, without having to share her with anyone. And I sort of inherited all the affection she used to give to my dad - like he'd left it behind for me as a gift, to say sorry for deserting me So says eleven year old Shruti of her broken home in suburban middle England. But hopes of her mother's affection are in vain: speaking little English, and fluent in only Hindi and Punjabi, Shruti's mother is lost, and soon falls prey to family pressure to remarry. To find another husband means returning to India and leaving Shruti behind. Meanwhile at school a new arrival, the indomitable Meena, dispenses with Shruti's bullying problems and transforms her day to day life. Desperate for companionship Shruti latches on to Meena to the point of obsession, following her through high school and on to university. But when Meena invites Shruti to join her on holiday in India, she has no idea how dangerous her obsession will turn out to be... Gabriel Packard's THE PAINTED OCEAN has been described by Colum McCann 'as fearless tour de force. It is a rare achievement - an emotionally rich work of literature, delivered in the form of a gripping, page-turning story. The depiction of a British Indian childhood and adolescence is utterly compelling, as is the allegorical exploration of the human condition.'

I Can Hear You Whisper

I Can Hear You Whisper Author Lydia Denworth
ISBN-10 9780698148642
Release 2014-04-17
Pages 400
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“A skilled science translator, Denworth makes decibels, teslas and brain plasticity understandable to all.”—Washington Post Lydia Denworth’s third son, Alex, was nearly two when he was identified with significant hearing loss that was likely to get worse. Denworth knew the importance of enrichment to the developing brain but had never contemplated the opposite: deprivation. How would a child’s brain grow outside the world of sound? How would he communicate? Would he learn to read and write? An acclaimed science journalist as well as a mother, Denworth made it her mission to find out, interviewing experts on language development, inventors of groundbreaking technology, Deaf leaders, and neuroscientists at the frontiers of brain plasticity research. I Can Hear You Whisper chronicles Denworth’s search for answers—and her new understanding of Deaf culture and the exquisite relationship between sound, language, and learning.

Both Sides Of The Ocean

Both Sides Of The Ocean Author Jane Hengtgen
ISBN-10 9781682134726
Release 2015-12-01
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Georgia O’Keeffe once wrote: “If you take a flower in your hand and really look at it, it’s your world for the moment.” Jenny held that flower in her hand, her baby girl. And it seemed just for a moment to her. Then she was gone from her, some place far across the ocean of her heart, where she could no longer be reached. The struggles she encounter, lies, deception, and painful encounters with many people and always the loss of those she loved. Gone from her, time after time. On the outside edge of everything, she held dear in life. Now the punishment begins, being denied everything she wanted and needed. Traveling and living in some many different situations and adjusting time and again. Meeting, loving and losing, this was her life. To trust one last time after so many betrayals, this was her chance to forge a new and better life, and she does succeed beyond her wildest dreams.


Oceana Author Ted Danson
ISBN-10 9781609613983
Release 2011-03-15
Pages 320
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Most people know Ted Danson as the affable bartender Sam Malone in the long-running television series Cheers. But fewer realize that over the course of the past two and a half decades, Danson has tirelessly devoted himself to the cause of heading off a looming global catastrophe--the massive destruction of our planet's oceanic biosystems and the complete collapse of the world's major commercial fisheries. In Oceana, Danson details his journey from joining a modest local protest in the mid-1980s to oppose offshore oil drilling near his Southern California neighborhood to his current status as one of the world's most influential oceanic environmental activists, testifying before congressional committees in Washington, D.C., addressing the World Trade Organization in Zurich, Switzerland, and helping found Oceana, the largest organization in the world focused solely on ocean conservation. In his incisive, conversational voice, Danson describes what has happened to our oceans in just the past half-century, ranging from the ravages of overfishing and habitat destruction to the devastating effects of ocean acidification and the wasteful horrors of fish farms. Danson also shares the stage of Oceana with some of the world's most respected authorities in the fields of marine science, commercial fishing, and environmental law, as well as with other influential activists. Combining vivid, personal prose with an array of stunning graphics, charts, and photographs, Oceana powerfully illustrates the impending crises and offers solutions that may allow us to avert them, showing you the specific courses of action you can take to become active, responsible stewards of our planet's most precious resource--its oceans.

The Ocean of Time

The Ocean of Time Author David Wingrove
ISBN-10 9781448177578
Release 2015-03-26
Pages 560
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Part Two of The Roads to Moscow The War For Time Continues. From the frozen tundra of 13th Century Russia to the battle of Paltava in 1709 and beyond, Otto Behr has waged an unquestioning, unending war across time for his people. But now a third unidentified power has joined the game across the ocean of time, and everything Otto holds dear could be unmade...