How To Catch Big Pike

How To Catch Big Pike Author Paul Gustafson
ISBN-10 9781845286064
Release 2016-06-09
Pages 336
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Now in its third, revised and extended edition, this book - a landmark on the subject - shows how you can consistently catch specimen pike when fishing rivers, lakes, gravel pits and lochs throughout the northern hemisphere. Distinguished pike fisherman Paul Gustafson, an experienced biologist as well as a gifted angler and researcher, shows how you can develop techniques that will catch bigger pike when fishing any location. He describes how to locate the biggest fish in a fishery, the best way of catching it, and how to apply various clever techniques and the most effective tackle to achieve greater success. His full-colour new edition includes new photographs and new, specially commissioned artwork. It covers the very latest scientific discoveries about how pike detect their prey through dedicated olfactory organs; how they use their specialised sense of smell; and what it is exactly that pike see - with obvious relevance to choice of lures. The author has also included new material on the fishing of loughs, lakes and rivers in Ireland; on fly fishing for pike; and on how to locate record pike in a new chapter written by Fred Buller.

Fly Fishing for Big Pike

Fly Fishing for Big Pike Author Alan Hanna
ISBN-10 095336481X
Release 1999-03-01
Pages 109
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The author specialises in catching good pike in the loughs of Northern Ireland. His principal method involves the use of a large buoyant fly (the Ballydoolagh Bomber) with a sinking line. Discusses tactics and tackle, pike in rivers and stillwaters, and describes the tying of Hanna's most effective fly patterns. This was the first British book on this increasingly popular subject.

Northern Pike

Northern Pike Author Will Ryan
ISBN-10 IND:30000120050764
Release 2000
Pages 200
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Northern Pike is the first complete book to cover all aspects of this exciting sport fish - and all methods of fishing for it. Ryan begins by examining the habits, habitat, and life cycles of pike as they vary from winter through to early spring, summer, and fall. He also thoroughly explores every successful pike-fishing technique, including fishing with bait, lures, and flies - and there is a special chapter on ice fishing.Northern Pike not only gives detailed information on how to catch this fish at every time of year, but also gives practical advice and tips on all aspects of equipment. Ryan traces the history of pike fishing - showing how the fishing methods that were popular in the past have evolved into the techniques used today. This book is filled with entertaining anecdotes about the author's lifetime of fishing, over eighty illustrations, and a color insert. It is the perfect companion for all anglers of this highly sought-after North American sport fish. (71/4 X 91/2, 216 pages, color photos, b&w photos, illustrations, diagrams, charts)

Pro TacticsTM Northern Pike

Pro TacticsTM  Northern Pike Author John Penny
ISBN-10 159921766X
Release 2008-05-01
Pages 136
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Successful angling for northern pike requires specialized equipment and techniques, as well as an understanding of this predatory game fish's seasonal movements and changes in behavior. Eight-time world record holder Jack Penny presents a complete course of instruction in fishing for northern pike, which can reach lengths of over 4 feet and weigh in excess of 40 pounds, and in North America ranges from New England through the northern plains to the Rocky Mountains, and all across Canada. This book covers tackle and equipment, lures and baits, pike behavior, fishing strategies by season, and techniques for safely releasing fish or keeping them for the table. All the information a beginner will need plus valuable tips and techniques for even the most experienced pike angler.

Big Water Pike Fishing

Big Water Pike Fishing Author James Holgate
ISBN-10 9781870162029
Release 1989
Pages 130
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Big Water Pike Fishing has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Big Water Pike Fishing also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Big Water Pike Fishing book for free.

Northern Pike Fishing

Northern Pike Fishing Author Steve Pease
ISBN-10 1534935894
Release 2016-06-24
Pages 46
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Why you should read this book This book is not made to cover every aspect of Pike fishing. I wrote this book so you can take it with you or read it the night before hitting the water. This is so you can have all the best tips and techniques fresh in your mind. Its an easy read, which will help you remember all the best ways to catch Pike when you get in the boat. I read a saying that makes me think of catching Pike. It said, "God let me catch a fish today so big that when I talk about it later, I don't even have to exaggerate its size. This is a possibility when fishing for Pike almost anywhere they roam. Every cast you throw in Pike waters could get you hooked on the biggest freshwater fish you will ever catch. They are aggressive and a lot of fun to catch. Even the smaller ones will give you a good fight. Finding and catching pike is like finding and catching most predatory fish.The key is you need to find the food they are eating. For pike that could be any smaller fish, even smaller pike. They will eat almost anything, dead or alive. What you will learn from this book. Where to find Pike Where they got their name Spawning Popularity How to catch them Best bait and lures to catch them How to clean them to make them great to eat WHY FISH FOR PIKE They are: Easy to catch Taste good Great fighters They are bigger fish in general Bite good year round Not affected as much by weather changes BAIT AND LURES Baits to use Top water Crankbaits Spinnerbaits Spoons Special considerations Northern Pike are one of the best eating and most fun gamefish to catch over many parts of the world in the northern hemisphere. Check out this book and learn how to be a success at pike fishing. Also have the best tips at the ready every time you need them.

Pike on the Fly

Pike on the Fly Author Barry Reynolds
ISBN-10 1555661130
Release 1993-01
Pages 164
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There are chapters on seasonal tactics, flies for pike, equipment, Canadian fishing, trophy pike fishing, and even fishing for pike in rivers. A state-by-state compendium of pike waters will guide you to lakes and reservoirs recommended by state wildlife officers.

Northern Pike and Muskie

Northern Pike and Muskie Author Dick Sternberg
ISBN-10 1610590023
Release 1992-01-01
Pages 160
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Like most fish species, the key to catching muskie and northern pike consistently is to understand their habits and master your own techniques. Unlike other species, however, these popular gamefish will require some unique tactics and equipment. This book includes a wealth of information on pike and muskies, along with hundreds of spectacular color photos, that will help you catch them more consistently. Learn how these fish act, where to find them, what baits and lures work best, and how to land a trophy fish in special weather situations. A unique portion of this book even breaks down different regions of the United States and Canada and shows you some hot-spots that may be close to home. Read this book and you'll be on the way to catching more and bigger fish than ever before.

Mastering Pike on the Fly

Mastering Pike on the Fly Author Barry Reynolds
ISBN-10 1555662919
Release 2004
Pages 254
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Barry Reynolds brings the art and science of flyfishing for northern pike to a new level of sophistication, giving pike anglers a true appreciation of pike and their environment and a full complement of strategies, tactics, and tools needed to locate and catch pike under nearly any circumstance.

How to Catch Bigger Pike

How to Catch Bigger Pike Author Paul Gustafson
ISBN-10 1904057845
Release 2006-06-30
Pages 231
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Completely revised and updated edition with two new chapters How to choose and use the most effective tackle plus fascinating insight into how a pike lives, moves, and seizes its prey The definitive reference for all pike anglers Few pike anglers can claim to be equally at home when fishing rivers, lakes, gravel pits, and lochs. Many can boast a mastery of one type of water, but only someone who has fished as widely and exhaustively as Paul Gustafson has the ability to catch specimen fish consistently from all four. With unique rigs of his own devising, items of tackle of his own invention, and scientific discoveries about what pike see and how they can detect without using their eyesight, the author has opened the door to new techniques. A pioneer of night fishing for pike, with remarkable success, he is a firm believer that barometric pressure with light levels play an important part in determining their movements, even to the point where success and failure on a given water can be predicted by studying the weather. This book gives fishers the techniques that will enable them to catch bigger pike when fishing in any location.

Fish Fishing and the Meaning of Life

Fish  Fishing and the Meaning of Life Author Jeremy Paxman
ISBN-10 9780141911274
Release 1995-11-02
Pages 576
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Jeremy Paxman has created the perfect literary catch for fellow angling enthusiasts in this rich and varied anthology. Ten thoroughly entertaining themed chapters include 'Ones That Got Away', 'Ones That Didn’t Get Away' and 'Fish That Bit Back'. Each is introduced by Paxman’s own sharp, humorous observations and features both contemporary and historical writing about fishing in prose and verse, covering everything from tench tickling to piranha attacks. Some pieces are well known favourites, others are obscure, every one is a delight. 'A superb compilation because it roams from carp to cod, trout to tarpon and does not regurgitate the same old clippings. Paxman has clearly read widely and wisely in putting this together ... probably the definitive anthology of angling writing.' Keith Elliott, Independent on Sunday.

Tactical Pike Fishing

Tactical Pike Fishing Author Mike Ladle
ISBN-10 1847971393
Release 2009
Pages 144
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There are few angling encounters more exciting than the heart-stopping, golden-green flash of a big pike as it lunges, like lightning, to seize the bait. Describing the essential facts of pike behavior and biology, this fascinating book provides important facts and plenty of original ideas to help catch more fish.

Catching More Muskie and Great Northern Pike

Catching More Muskie and Great Northern Pike Author
ISBN-10 069277906X
Release 2016-09-20
Pages 65
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Freshwater Hall of Fame Fisherman, "Muskie Bob" Brunner is a 92 year old living legend around Lake St. Clair, Michigan. Bob knows more about Muskie and Great Northern Pike fishing than anyone in the world today.Fishing 100's of lakes around the world, Bob shares his decades of experience to help you understand every aspect of fishing for these fresh water predators so you too will feel like an expert. Are you ready to make that big catch you'll remember the rest of your life?


Pike Author Al Lindner
ISBN-10 0960525424
Release 1983
Pages 232
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Pike has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Pike also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Pike book for free.

Toothy Critters Love Flies

Toothy Critters Love Flies Author George A. Bernstein
ISBN-10 1439240612
Release 2009-07-06
Pages 152
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Toothy Critters Love Flies brings a new world to the fly-fisher. Pike and musky gobble flies with gusto, providing anglers great fun catching lots of big fish (think twenty pounds and up!)

The Total Fishing Manual Revised Edition

The Total Fishing Manual  Revised Edition Author Joe Cermele
ISBN-10 9781681881003
Release 2017-05-09
Pages 256
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Updated and expanded for 2017, with new expert information on everything the modern fisherman needs to know—from picking the right gear and kitting out your boat, to the best techniques and tactics for seeking, locating, and snaring your catch. This revamped edition of the best-selling 2013 title brings readers all the information they need before they hit the water: Gear Up Find the best of what’s out there, and what isn’t worth the money. Including lures, baits, flies and tackle for any situation in any style of water. Hit the Water From streams and ponds to big lakes and the open ocean, get all the info and field-tested strategies you need be successful where you’re fishing Hook a Prize The experts at Field and Stream and professional fishing guides around the country lay out the do’s and don’t’s, where those sneaky fish are hiding, and how to put yourself in best position for the catch and much more. Whether Bobber fishing with newbies or looking to reel in a prize white marlin in the open ocean these are the tricks, tips and techniques to get the job done. This book also highlights some of the author's favorite fishing spots as well as some dream destinations. For amateur fisherman of all skill levels, this is a must-have book.

Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing Author Michael Jensen
ISBN-10 0954211790
Release 2003-11-01
Pages 126
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Fly Fishing has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Fly Fishing also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Fly Fishing book for free.