Haunted Pirates Mazes

Haunted Pirates Mazes Author Dave Phillips
ISBN-10 9780486462165
Release 2008-01-11
Pages 48
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Little buccaneers will discover a treasure trove of spooky fun with this collection of easy-to-follow mazes. Better than gold bullion, these 36 full-page puzzles will have children coming back for more! Solutions are included.

Pirate Treasure Mazes

Pirate Treasure Mazes Author Dave Phillips
ISBN-10 0486270491
Release 1992
Pages 48
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The reader must navigate a series of mazes, avoiding numerous dangers, in order to find a pirate's treasure hidden on Haunted Island.

Monster Mazes

Monster Mazes Author Dave Phillips
ISBN-10 9780486260051
Release 1989-06-01
Pages 48
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Thirty-two mazes with fantasy-adventure themes, such as finding marvelous treasures and slaying giant beasts.

Big Book of Adventure Mazes

Big Book of Adventure Mazes Author Dave Phillips
ISBN-10 9780486429007
Release 2003-03-28
Pages 128
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Thrill-seekers will love this giant book of labyrinths. More than 90 mazes await in a compilation of 3 books by a maze master: Monster Mazes, Pirate Treasure Mazes, and Wizards and Dragons Mazes. Solutions.

Maze Madness

Maze Madness Author Robert Schenk
ISBN-10 9780486293813
Release 1997-01
Pages 48
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Maze master Robert Schenk has called on all his diabolical ingenuity to create this challenging collection of maddening mazes. Puzzlists will find themselves making their way through a multitude of crazy labyrinths, from corridors of interlocking 'O's, to mazes based on crosswords, numbers, even the clues of a murder mystery.

The Haunted House On Raven s Roost

The Haunted House On Raven   s Roost Author Jim & Ann Sheridan
ISBN-10 9781481723442
Release 2013-04-22
Pages 122
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Raven’s Roost is a story about Halloween. A mother and her three children relocate to a small town on the eastern seaboard to be closer to her parents and sister who live in the small town. It is fall and Halloween is fast approaching. The relocated children become friends with the two little boys who live next door to them. The two little boys harbor a dark secret about the old house on top of a hill called Raven’s Roost. The two little boys have already discovered a secret cave and tunnel under the old house and they believe from what they have discovered that the house is haunted. There is further evidence that something mysterious is going on up at the old house and the children believe it is haunted. A mysterious floating light appears sometime after dark and there are sounds coming from the top of the hill that suggests a ghost does live at the house. The children set out to discover exactly what is going on up at the old house. On Halloween night they sneak off to go up to the old ‘haunted’ house under the guise of trick or treating the occupants of the house if there are any. Much to the dismay of the children’s parents, the children have found a gold coin in the cave beneath the old mansion. The children’s plot to trick or treat the house goes awry when a monstrous form appears at the house and an apparent ghost does appear during their Halloween night trip to the house.

The Fall of Candy Corn

The Fall of Candy Corn Author Debbie Viguié
ISBN-10 9780310567516
Release 2008-09-30
Pages 224
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They’re fun! They’re quirky! They’re Sweet Seasons—unlike any other girls’ books you’ve ever read. You could call them alternative, God-honoring chick lit. Join Candace Thompson on a sweet, lighthearted, and honest romp through the friendships, romances, family, school, faith, and values that make a girl’s life as full as it can be. Will Candace survive the shift from cotton candy to candy corn? Fall is in the air, and without completely knowing why, Candace Thompson has signed up to continue what was supposed to be a short-term summer job at the local theme park. Working with Kurt doesn’t hurt, but a surprising kink involving her youth group, as well as the shock of an unexpected setback, threaten to be more painful. Candace’s autumn holds as many surprises as her summer as her rousing romp through the seasons continues.

Explorer Mazes

Explorer Mazes Author Don-Oliver Matthies
ISBN-10 1402717571
Release 2004-09-01
Pages 40
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A butterfly collector is off on an adventure to catch the rare and beautiful blue-purple King Shoemaker. Join him on his voyage through a maze of an African jungle, filled with trees, underbrush, wild animals, and friendly villages. Finally, see the magnificent butterfly he’s set out to find.

Marvelous Mazes

Marvelous Mazes Author Charles Snape
ISBN-10 0810925761
Release 1994-07-22
Pages 32
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Picture mazes feature a journey through hills, a canoe trip, mysterious cities, tree houses, a haunted house, an enchanted forest, a pirate ship, a troll world, and a formal garden.

Hidden Treasure Maze Book

Hidden Treasure Maze Book Author Dave Phillips
ISBN-10 0486245667
Release 1984
Pages 48
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Get ready for 34 intricate mazes accompanied by breathtaking tales of heroic adventure. As you journey through the mazes you'll encounter evil dragons, people-eating plants, bloodthirsty giants, fierce desert nomads, marauding pirates, sharks, ghosts, dinosaurs, and many more dangerous adversaries at every twist and turn. Solutions.

Deltora Quest 6 The Maze of the Beast

Deltora Quest  6  The Maze of the Beast Author Emily Rodda
ISBN-10 9780545529624
Release 2012-11-01
Pages 160
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The international bestselling series returns for a new generation with a fresh look and bonus content from the legends of Deltora. Deltora is a land of monsters and magic. The evil Shadow Lord has become aware that Lief, Barda, and Jasmine are searching for the seven lost gems of the magic Belt of Deltora. He knows that the Belt's power will threaten his terrifying rule if the gems can be returned to it. Five gems have already been found. The next stone lies hidden in the underwater lair of the hideous and ferocious Glus. Already pursued by the servants of the Shadow Lord, Lief, Barda, and Jasmine will need all their strength and courage to face the Maze of the Beast.

Haunted Houses Handbook

Haunted Houses Handbook Author Mónica Carretero
ISBN-10 9788415619581
Release 2013-09-05
Pages 32
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Stairs that wobble, secret passages and plenty of ghosts wait hidden within the pages of this spooky tale. Open its door! Guided Reading Level: N, Lexile Level: 860L

The Mystery of the Pirate s Map

The Mystery of the Pirate s Map Author Gertrude C. Warner
ISBN-10 9781453214251
Release 2011-05-03
Pages 128
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While at the beach Benny discovers a treasure map that alerts unwanted fortune hunters.

The Rise of the Pirate King

The Rise of the Pirate King Author Paul R. Wonning
ISBN-10 9781370348503
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Under the vicious assault of Gwaum, the Kingdom of Sylvanhaven fell. The few that fled the catastrophe barely escaped with their lives. Tarque rescued Prince Bearl, heir to the kingdom, only to fall victim to pirates.

Haunted Houses U S A

Haunted Houses U S A Author Dolores Riccio
ISBN-10 9780671662585
Release 1989-06-01
Pages 336
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A handbook that gives addresses of places where ghosts have been authenticated, with directions for getting there to see for oneself

The Pirates of Pacta Servanda

The Pirates of Pacta Servanda Author Jack Campbell
ISBN-10 9781625671363
Release 2016-04-12
Pages 306
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The world feels oddly strained, like a line pulled too taunt and apt to snap, smashing everything in its path. Master Mechanic Mari and Mage Alain have survived every attempt to stop them, but their enemies are determined to kill Mari, the only one who can save her world from a storm of destruction. As armies begin to gather and cities seethe with tension, Mari, Alain, and their friends must prepare to confront the storm in the place it first appeared: the broken kingdom of Tiae. The dangers facing them demand perilous raids, tough battles, and more than a little piracy. Beating the Mechanics Guild and the Mage Guild that have controlled the world of Dematr for centuries will require an unprecedented alliance under Mari's command of rebellious Mechanics, Mages, and common folk who know that together they can change the world, but separately they will all lose.

MTV Road Trips U S A

MTV Road Trips U S A Author John Vorwald
ISBN-10 9780764587764
Release 2007-06-05
Pages 851
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A quirky, entertaining, and insightful collection of hip travel guides for young travelers brings a fresh perspective to Old World destinations to offer helpful tips on the hottest cities and regions, accommodations, and eateries for a variety of budgets, the hottest things to see and do, detailed city maps, activities and nightlife, outdoor adventures, and no-cost museums, complementary entertainment, and free bar food.