Good Food to Go

Good Food to Go Author Brenda Bradshaw
ISBN-10 9780307358981
Release 2011-08-02
Pages 192
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Good Food to Go is the ultimate guide to packing healthy lunch boxes with food that kids will enjoy and parents can feel good about. Back-to-school means back-to-lunch-boxes, and the daily quandary of what to put in them. With this new book, two working moms - one a teacher, one a pediatrician - offer creative ideas for balanced lunches and nutritious snacks, as well as up-to-date health tips that will make packing lunch a joy and not a chore. Given that children consume approximately one third of their daily calories at school, what goes into kids' lunch boxes is vital to their well-being. Yet it still needs to be hot enough, cold enough or crisp enough to withstand a morning in the cloakroom. (And with allergies on the rise many schools are now nut-free, eliminating that old standby: peanut butter.) Most important, the lunch needs to be kid-friendly and delicious because after all, the healthiest lunch isn't very healthy if it goes uneaten. Good Food to Go fuses the how-to's of creating wholesome, homemade lunches with the latest information on food and nutrition. Practical tips will help parents make environmentally conscious food choices and eliminate lunch-box waste to ensure children are eating for a healthier planet. Many of the recipes outline what can be done the night before, while others may be made in bulk and frozen, facilitating easy, last-minute lunches. Handy meal planners help to ensure that kids are eating a healthy variety of nutritious lunches throughout the week. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Good Food to Go

Good Food to Go Author Janice Maryan Hughes
ISBN-10 0987793519
Release 2011
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Good Food to Go has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Good Food to Go also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Good Food to Go book for free.

The Healthy Rvers Cookbook

The Healthy Rvers Cookbook Author Janice M. Hughes
ISBN-10 0987793527
Release 2011-12-01
Pages 142
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A health-conscious cookbook designed for the recreational vehicle traveler that provides tips on meal planning and preparation on the go. Recipes feature easy to find and easy to store ingredients. Useful information for the traveling cook also includes safe handling and storage of food, organizing the pantry, choosing cookware, and using propane appliances. A special section focuses on common food additives and how to avoid them. Humorous anecdotes about traveling and cooking accompany the recipes.

Good Food that Go Together

Good Food that Go Together Author Esther L. Smith
ISBN-10 0879830891
Release 1975
Pages 433
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Good Food that Go Together has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Good Food that Go Together also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Good Food that Go Together book for free.

How To Make Good Food Go Further Recipes and Tips from The New English Kitchen

How To Make Good Food Go Further  Recipes and Tips from The New English Kitchen Author Rose Prince
ISBN-10 9780007583188
Release 2014-03-13
Pages 480
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Rose Prince’s The New English Kitchen was a modern classic and a house-hold gem. Collected here are its most essential recommendations and recipes for making good food go further.

Good Food Fast

Good Food  Fast Author Jason Roberts
ISBN-10 9781493015221
Release 2014-12-02
Pages 256
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If you want to eat healthy without sacrificing flavor but are so busy that you often find yourself resorting to take-out or packaged convenience foods, this book is for you! Chef Jason Roberts shows how eating a rainbow of fruits and vegetables and other nutritious foods can fuel our bodies and minds—and still excite our palates!

Good Food For Your Soul

Good Food For Your Soul Author Latesha M. Jones
ISBN-10 9781479775576
Release 2013-01-28
Pages 72
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I was in the kitchen helping my mother cook...Not knowing that I was going to be a great cook... Peeling all those potatoes, crying from those onions,bell pepper. Washing out a pot so it can be used for those collard greens that had been picked and cleaned for cooking, while the chicken is marinating in seasonings waiting to be fryed, ooooooh weeeee That smell from those candied yams and corn bread sure is lingering high up in the kitchen, just one more entree homemade macaroni. Now that's my memories of being in the kitchen.

A Good Food Day

A Good Food Day Author Marco Canora
ISBN-10 9780385344920
Release 2014-12-30
Pages 272
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WHAT IS A GOOD FOOD DAY? A day when feeling good and eating well go hand in hand. Imagine a whole day in which every meal was full of healthy and delicious ingredients. After years of thoughtless eating that led to weight gain and poor health, chef Marco Canora knew he had to make every day a good food day—but he wasn’t willing to give up flavor for health. Instead of dieting, he decided to make simple, natural recipes fit for a food lover’s palate. Marco explains the secret powers of good-for-you ingredients (such as low-GI carbohydrates and alkaline-forming greens), and then builds them into recipes that are all about satisfaction, such as Amaranth Polenta with Tuscan Kale, Black Rice Seafood Risotto, Citrus-Spiked Hazelnut and Rosemary Granola, and Chickpea Crepe Sandwiches. He covers techniques to coax natural flavor out of dishes, including infusing seasoning into vegetable salads and pounding fresh herbs and spices into lean meats. To make a lasting change in your diet, the food you eat has to be delicious. A Good Food Day is for people who love real food, and know that healthy and flavorful can go hand in hand.

New Good Food Pocket Guide rev

New Good Food Pocket Guide  rev Author Margaret M. Wittenberg
ISBN-10 9780307768520
Release 2010-12-08
Pages 176
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This convenient pocket guide packs the knowledgeable information of the original whole foods bible into a concise, easy-to-carry format. Focusing mainly on core food products available at large-scale supermarkets and natural foods stores, easy-reference entries help shoppers navigate their many options when choosing organic, whole, local, and sustainably and ethically produced foods. An updated pocket-size edition of the definitive guide to buying, storing, and preparing whole foods. Handy charts and tables summarize what's in season when. Organic food sales totaled nearly $17 billion in 2006, up 22 percent from the previous year, in the U.S. alone. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Good Food Great Business

Good Food  Great Business Author Susie Wyshak
ISBN-10 9781452129655
Release 2014-11-18
Pages 224
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For those ready to follow their foodie dreams (or at least start thinking about it) Good Food, Great Business is the place to get organized and decide whether creating a specialty food business is really possible. Whether the goal is selling a single product online or developing a line of gourmet foods to be sold in grocery chains, this working handbook helps readers become food entrepreneurs—from concept to production to sales to marketing. Using real life examples from more than 75 individuals and businesses that have already joined the ranks of successful enterprises, the book walks readers through the good, the bad, and the ugly of starting a food business.

Good Food Goes Bad

Good Food Goes Bad Author Douglas J. Alford
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Why does food spoil? What can be done to keep food good from going bad? Find out with another adventure with Funky Fairy.

Good Food Goes Bad English as a second language version

Good Food Goes Bad   English as a second language version Author Douglas J. Alford
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Why does food spoil? What can be done to keep food good from going bad? Find out with another adventure with Funky Fairy.

Eating Out

Eating Out Author Kim Etingoff
ISBN-10 9781422289396
Release 2014-09-02
Pages 48
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Nutrition can be complicated. How do you know what foods are healthy and what aren't? How much should you eat? How do you pick what to eat when you're looking at a menu in a restaurant? Learn how to enjoy eating out while eating healthy. Discover which kinds of restaurants are the healthiest, what to order off the menu, and how to figure out which foods will keep you strong and happy.

The Jack Russell Good Food Guide

The Jack Russell Good Food Guide Author J Sparrow
ISBN-10 9781628843019
Release 2012-10-01
Pages 17
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Feeding your Jack Russell Terrier the right food will directly effect on your Jack Russell Terrier's health giving you both a longer more rewarding relationship. This e-book is packed with fantastic information about what to... and what not to feed your Jack Russell Terrier. o Health food for your Jack Russell Terrier and what to feed a diabetic Jack Russell o Is your Jack Russell Terrier overweight ?, underweight ? o Choose the diet that is right for your Jack Russell Terrier o Learn all about BARF or how to make your own healthy treats for your Jack Russell THE IMPORTANCE OF THE RIGHT DIET A correct and balanced diet for your Jack Russell Terrier will result in an active, healthy Jack Russell Terrier with a lovely, shiny coat. The Jack Russell Terrier will have little trouble maintaining his or her ideal weight, provided he or she is given lots of opportunities for adequate exercise. An unhealthy or unbalanced diet can result in a brittle, dry coat, lack of energy, as well as overall poor health conditions, poor growth, and even permanent muscle and bone growth deficiency. What you will learn from this book o The importance of Keeping a Routine o How Much and What to Feed o Making Your Own Jack Russell Terrier Food o Foods to Avoid o Specific Feeding Advice for the Jack Russell Terrier o Weight & Dieting for Jack Russell Terrier's o Feeding Obese Jack Russell Terrier's o Diabetic Jack Russell Terrier's o BARF or Biologically Appropriate Raw Food o Health Foods for Jack Russell Terrier's o Homemade Treats Choose to live a long and rewarding life with you Jack Russell Terrier, choose to spend a little now to gain so much more later. Act now and get The Jack Russell Good Food Guide. With our No Quibble, Money Back Guarantee really have nothing to lose but everything to gain. A loving, caring, more rewarding relationship with your chosen friend. Take care of yourself and your Jack Russell

EAT LIVE The Power of Good Food Combinations

EAT   LIVE  The Power of Good Food Combinations Author Godspower Elishason
ISBN-10 9783739642901
Release 2016-03-13
Pages 55
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If ever there is one universal language, it would definitely be food. As the years go by, we try to understand and reconcile ourselves with the power of food over our lives. They could make us young or old, fat or slim, health or weak. Because of this, a lot of studies and discoveries were made on the topic of food. As well look at us in the mirror, most of us would almost immediately notice those lines in our faces. Suddenly we all wonder if we are too old or the environment around us is simply moving time so fast. We wonder what could be done. When we got up and stepped on that scale, we are shocked to see that line hit past the average weight. We panic as we think that we are getting fat and would mean getting slow. Mentally we relate our weight to our heavy bodies and low energy. We almost immediately sign up for that gym class. We are extremely conscious of what we look that we tend to forgot that sometimes the answer could be that simple. In our society today, we are bombarded with pollutions and fast food. These two have a tremendous effect on how we eat and look. Fast food centres offer unhealthy food that often times contribute a lot of problems. Lots of studies and experiments are being done to answer our cry for help. We want a diet that is effective. A diet that could boost our energy levels, make us feel young, look young, affordable and sustainable. One interesting and very realistic discovery is "food combining”. Correctly combining foods makes all the difference in the world to proper digestion, cholesterol and metabolism. Without complete digestion, the nutrients in even the most wholesome food cannot be fully extracted and assimilated by the body. Before we could even say or open our mouth about food combining, we must first be equipped with the basic knowledge about food, its classifications and digestion. We cannot disregard these as they are the fundamental stones of which this was based. Thus in this book we are going to fully explore the concept of food combining.

Eating as I Go

Eating as I Go Author Doris Friedensohn
ISBN-10 0813191645
Release 2006
Pages 249
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What do we learn from eating? About ourselves? Others? In this unique memoir of a life shaped by the pleasures of the table, Doris Friedensohn uses eating as an occasion for inquiry. Munching on quesadillas and kimchi in her suburban New Jersey neighborhood, she reflects on her exploration of food over fifty years and across four continents. Relishing couscous in Tunisia and khachapuri in the Republic of Georgia, she explores the ways strangers come together and maintain their differences through food. As a young woman, Friedensohn was determined not to be a provincial American. Chinese, French, Mexican, and Mediterranean cuisines beckoned to her like mysterious suitors. She responded, pursuing suckling pig, snails, baba ghanoush, tripe, jellyfish, and anything with rosemary or cumin. Each rendezvous with an unfamiliar food was a celebration of cosmopolitan living. Friedensohn's memories range from Thanksgiving at a Middle Eastern restaurant to the taste of fried grasshoppers in Oaxaca. Her wry dramas of the dining room, restaurant, market, and kitchen ripple with tensions -- political, religious, psychological, and spiritual. Eating as I Go is one woman's distinctive mélange of memoir, traveler's tale, and cultural commentary.

BURNS Weight Loss For Women

BURNS   Weight Loss For Women Author Olivia Marques
Release 2014-01-11
Pages 67
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Feel like your body is fighting against you in your quest for weight loss results? Have you tried weight loss plan after weight loss plan and nothing seems to work for you? If so, it’s time to stop fighting your body, and work with it instead. In Weight Loss For Women, you will learn what makes the female body different and what you need to do to really get fat loss moving along. Most women who seek fast weight loss make the grave mistake of jumping on the first quick-fix diet they can find that promises fast results. Maybe you saw your friend use the plan and get results or perhaps it’s the ‘hottest’ weight loss plan all the celebrities are using. But is it right for you? The first step to seeing successful weight loss is realizing that healthy weight loss is about more than just counting calories or spending hours on the treadmill. Healthy weight loss is about changing your mindset and way of thinking so that you are making permanent changes that promote a lean and fit body. You need a weight loss plan for women that works with your day to day lifestyle. It’s rare to find a weight loss book that addresses this because most just give you the quick solution and hope it’s enough to bring you temporary results and keep you busy. You don’t want the quick solution though – you want lasting results that you feel good about. That’s what our Weight Loss For Women program is all about. Throughout the course of this weight loss book, you’ll discover: • Simple yet highly effective tips to maximise your metabolic rate so that you burn fat faster all day long • How to set up a very simple meal plan that any busy woman could stick with • How to achieve healthy weight loss by choosing the right food combinations • The main factors that make weight loss for women harder than for men – and what you can do to combat these • How to incorporate your favorite foods into your diet and still see fast weight loss results • How to design an exercise weight loss plan for women that will work at home or in the gym - and still allow enough time to live your life • and much more! Weight Loss For Women is a complete approach that is going to bond together mindset, proper nutrition, and effective exercise to help you achieve lasting weight loss that not only has you looking better than you have before, but also has you feeling healthier. Without health, no amount of weight loss matters, so you need to start focusing away from quick-fix ‘diets’ and start focusing on healthy weight loss approaches. Weight Loss For Women is the only approach you need.