God Knows

God Knows Author Joseph Heller
ISBN-10 9780684841250
Release 1997-11-12
Pages 356
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Joseph Heller's powerful, wonderfully funny, deeply moving novel is the story of David -- yes, King David -- but as you've never seen him before. You already know David as the legendary warrior king of Israel, husband of Bathsheba, and father of Solomon; now meet David as he really was: the cocky Jewish kid, the plagiarized poet, and the Jewish father. Listen as David tells his own story, a story both relentlessly ancient and surprisingly modern, about growing up and growing old, about men and women, and about man and God. It is quintessential Heller.

God Knows

God Knows Author Blayney Colmore
ISBN-10 9781462809127
Release 2005-08-12
Pages 164
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God Knows, an odyssey, charting the erratic adventures of OH as he probes the mysteries of being here, will challenge, embarrass, entertain and puzzle you. OH plunges full-bodied into life’s ripe compost. He explores the swamps from which we emerged, delighting in the nitrogen-decay that feeds our future, and to which we one day return. In the end he arrives at the miraculous conviction that, however that end works out, being here was enough.

What God Knows

What God Knows Author Harry Lee Poe
ISBN-10 9781932792126
Release 2005
Pages 205
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When Einstein destroyed the old view of the universe, he destroyed the old notion of time with it. His new theory explained that time is a dimension of the physical cosmos like space, and like space it is relative. This collection of essays by theologians, physicists, and philosophers explores the theoretical aspects of the problem of time and its implications for faith and the understanding of God.

Searching for God Knows What

Searching for God Knows What Author Donald Miller
ISBN-10 9781418529956
Release 2010-05-24
Pages 272
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In Searching for God Knows What, best-selling author Donald Miller invites you to reconnect with a faith worth believing. With humor, intelligence, and his trademark writing style, he shows that relationship is God’s way of leading us to redemption. And our need for redemption drives us to relationship with God. “Being a Christian,” Miller writes, “is more like falling in love than understanding a series of ideas.” Maybe you are a Christian wondering what faith you signed up for. Or maybe you don’t believe anything and are daring someone—anyone—to show you a genuine example of authentic faith. Somewhere beyond the self-help formulas, fancy marketing, and easy promises there is a life-changing experience with God waiting. Searching for God Knows What weaves together beautiful stories and fresh perspectives on the Bible to show one man’s journey to find it. “Like a shaken snow globe, Donald Miller’s newest collection of essays creates a swirl of ideas about the Christian life that eventually crystallize into a lovely landscape . . . [He] is one of the evangelical book market’s most creative writers.” —Christianity Today “If you have felt that Jesus is someone you respect and admire—but Christianity is something that repels you—Searching for God Knows What will give you hope that you still can follow Jesus and be part of a church without the trappings of organized religion.” —Dan Kimball Author of The Emerging Church and Pastor of Vintage Faith Church, Santa Cruz, CA “For fans of Blue Like Jazz, I doubt you will be disappointed. Donald Miller writes with the wit and vulnerability that you expect. He perfectly illustrates important themes in a genuine and humorous manner . . . For those who would be reading Miller for the first time, this would be a great start.” —Relevant

God Knows Your Name

God Knows Your Name Author Catherine Campbell
ISBN-10 9780857211903
Release 2012-07-25
Pages 224
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The idea that God is interested in us as individuals is an unfamiliar concept to many, while rejection has become a fact of life. This book encourages the reader to embrace the truth of a personal God; one with whom we do not need to struggle to gain recognition, who intervenes and acts on our behalf. A God who knows our name! Each of the six chapters contains two sections, dealing with situations of rejection. Each tells the story of an individual from the Bible narrative, explaining how God stepped in to change their situation, thus revealing how important they were to Him. The second, connecting story, tells of a present day individual in similar circumstances and how God also positively intervened in their lives. These are true stories, using carefully researched material for authenticity and accuracy. The stories are told with remarkable power and conviction.

From Gulf to God knows where

From Gulf to God knows where Author Marion Houldsworth
ISBN-10 9781921920769
Release 2012
Pages 197
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Charlie and Pauline Rayment wouldn't live anywhere but the Outback. Charlie brought Pauline as a bride to 'Kurran, in the ranges of the Diamantina catchment. Pauline faced the wilderness while Charlie carved a property from the harsh environment. Their story typifies this new collection by Marion Houldsworth. Readers share the Outback experience at one remove; wake face-to-face with a rock-python, are sucked down in a whirlpool, trapped inside a water-tank, help a neighbour bury a dead child. They swim cattle across the flooded Burdekin, and, like Clancy of old, tail 'twelve-fifty fats down the Cooper. Brumby hunts, droughts, floods and fires,even a trip by Cobb and Co. Told with compassion and humour this more than a valuable addition to the social history of the Outback. These are Australia's stories at their liveliest and best.

God Knows My Name

God Knows My Name Author AVALEE
ISBN-10 1453560025
Release 2010-09-15
Pages 102
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Only God Knows Why

Only God Knows Why Author Amy Lyon
ISBN-10 9780827227538
Release 2012-09-30
Pages 207
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"I heard a choking, gasping sound and looked around, then realized it was coming from me. This was a kind of horrid scene from a television show, but this couldn't be real life. Our real life. My body went numb again and the doctor's voice grew farther and farther away. My baby was going to die. And nothing would be the same ever again." Losing a child isn't the end of the world. It could be, but it isn't. So what happens to a mother during and after such a life-altering tragedy? Author Amy Lyon invites readers on her journey as she shuffles (less than perfectly) through the ruins of loss to find that, buried beneath the thick layers of sorrow, hope and joy can exist...even if you refuse to believe.

God Knows Where I Am

God Knows Where I Am Author Lynn Cartwright
ISBN-10 9781600342974
Release 2006-06-01
Pages 120
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True story of love and learning between people of different cultures. It inspires courage, and trust in God much as Corrie Ten Boom does in "The Hiding Place."

God Knows My House Number

God Knows My House Number Author Innocent Ononiwu
ISBN-10 9781450055802
Release 2010-03-11
Pages 146
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The book documents testimonies of God?s miraculous interventions in my life - financial, family and ministry.

God Knows All Your Names

God Knows All Your Names Author Paul N. Herbert
ISBN-10 9781438945132
Release 2009-08
Pages 452
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People with only a slight interest in history will enjoy these fascinating, short and easy to understand stories. Serious history buffs will like these lesser-known episodes, not the stories we've heard a million times. For example: try to find anyone who knows about the attempted slave insurrection in Fairfax County, Virginia. With Mary Lincoln's spending habits, who knew that Abraham Lincoln actually saved an enormous percentage of his presidential salary? A slave honored in Virginia with a monument; the history of Lee Highway which 'opened' with great fanfare in 1923 as a 3,000 mile road from Washington, DC to San Diego; a story about the Little River Turnpike, the second oldest turnpike in America, built partly by slaves and captured Hessian soldiers. You'll read about two Civil War ships that collided in the Potomac River. Victims included wounded soldiers' wives and one soldier's six-year-old son. You'll read a great account of the massive Civil War corruption. You'll learn about the disastrous condition of the treasury (sound familiar?) during the Revolutionary War. The government tried everything, including a lottery to get the country afloat in a sea of red ink. But the most fascinating story may be about the Revolutionary War soldier who faked his own desertion to defect to the enemy with the highly secretive mission of going behind enemy lines to capture and return for trial the worst traitor in American history: Benedict Arnold. Bet you never heard of this story. There are many other stories in this eclectic, heavily-researched manuscript. There's a story about the Christmas Truce in World War One, about long-forgotten holidays in Virginia, about the retrocession which sent an area of Washington back to Virginia in 1846, and about the impeachment of a Supreme Court justice (it happened only once). And more

God Knows You re Stressed

God Knows You re Stressed Author Anne Bryan Smollin
ISBN-10 1893732355
Release 2001-01-01
Pages 160
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This book demonstrates that it is not the things that happen in life that causes stress, but that it's a person's reaction to those things that causes stress. With inspiring stories, wisdom and helpful activities that keep trials and tribulations in proper perspective, the author offers proven ways to help avoid pitfalls and maintain a feeling of control over potentially stressful situations.

God Knows My Name

God Knows My Name Author Beth Redman
ISBN-10 0781404894
Release 2010-07-01
Pages 192
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Do you know how much you matter to God? In this powerful and deeply vulnerable book, Beth Redman writes to pass along a message that changed her life—that the God who made us also understands us intimately and proclaims our worth by naming us and calling our name. He hears our cries and reaches out to help us and fight for us. He knows our past but is already hard at work shaping our future—helping us, defending us, and restoring the damage life has done. And no matter what others do, our heavenly Father will never, ever leave or forget us. Drawing on Scripture and her own experience, Redman invites us to explore the revolutionary implications of being loved by a God who knows our name. And she invites us to call on His name as well—to respond to His heart and love Him as He has loved us from the beginning.

God Knows All about Me

God Knows All about Me Author Kate Toms
ISBN-10 1400312752
Release 2008
Pages 26
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This padded board book with beautiful, hand-stitched illustrations whispers an endearing message of God's love for each of His children.

God Knows No Heroes

God Knows No Heroes Author Norman Shabel
ISBN-10 0971271003
Release 2000
Pages 357
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Authentic murder trail with world wide chase and novel ending. A celebrated Rabbi is suspected of killing his wife: trial is now on.

God Knows Life Gets Hard

God Knows Life Gets Hard Author Marilyn Kielbasa
ISBN-10 1893732681
Release 2004
Pages 139
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With practical suggestions and the shared stories of others who have experienced tough times, Kielbasa shows how readers can have faith in what the future may hold.

God Knows There s Need

God Knows There s Need Author Susan R. Holman
ISBN-10 9780199888818
Release 2009-06-02
Pages 216
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In this insightful volume, Susan R. Holman blends personal memoir and deep research into ancient writings to illuminate the age-old issues of need, poverty, and social justice in the history of the Christian tradition. Holman explores, for instance, the stories of fourth- and fifth-century bishops, showing how these early Christian writers can be allies for those who want to influence our contemporary dialogue about social justice. Throughout this deeply personal and richly scholarly work, Holman connects the ancient and the modern, helping readers understand more fully these age-old issues.