Glossary of Geology

Glossary of Geology Author Klaus K. E. Neuendorf
ISBN-10 0922152764
Release 2005-01-01
Pages 779
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The fifth edition of the Glossary of Geology contains nearly 40,000 entries, including 3.600 new terms and nearly 13,000 entries with revised definitions from the previous edition. In addition to definitions, many entries include background information and aids to syllabication. The Glossary draws its authority from the expertise of more than 100 geoscientists in many specialties who reviewed definitions and added new terms.

Dictionary of Geological Terms

Dictionary of Geological Terms Author Robert Latimer Bates
ISBN-10 9780385181013
Release 1984
Pages 571
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Concise definitions of all significant terms in the earth science cover the most recent advances and discoveries and include items from related fields

Numerical Geology

Numerical Geology Author N. M. S. Rock
ISBN-10 3540500707
Release 1988
Pages 427
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This sourcebook to the prodigious literature on applications of computers and statistics to geology contains over 2000 references. The glossary provides succinct explanations of most statistical and mathematical terms. Computer topics include hardware, software, programming languages, databases, and communications graphics, CAO/CAM, CAI, GIS and expert systems. Statistical topics range from elementary properties of numbers through univariate, bivariate to multivariate methods. The brief notes on each method provide a general guide to what the technique does, and are illustrated with worked examples from a wide range of geological disciplines. Students and researchers will find the book useful in coping with the explosion of information which has taken place in geology, and to make the best possible use of computers in interpreting acquired data.

A Dictionary of Geology and Earth Sciences

A Dictionary of Geology and Earth Sciences Author Michael Allaby
ISBN-10 9780199653065
Release 2013-07-04
Pages 660
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This leading dictionary - now in its fourth edition - offers wide-ranging and authoritative coverage of the earth sciences and related topics in over 7,500 clear and accessible entries. This new edition has been fully updated and 150 new entries added, with expanded coverage of geology and planetary geology terms. Over 130 line drawings accompany the definitions. It is essential for students of geography, geology, and earth sciences, and for those in relateddisciplines.

McGraw Hill Dictionary of Geology and Mineralogy

McGraw Hill Dictionary of Geology and Mineralogy Author Sybil P. Parker
ISBN-10 0070524327
Release 1997
Pages 346
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This reference contains around 7000 geological terms, some with multiple definitions. Each definition is identified by the field in which it is primarily used, and an appendix includes SI units, conversion tables, periodic table, and geological time-scale.

Soil Structure and Fabric

Soil Structure and Fabric Author R Brewer
ISBN-10 9780643106185
Release 1988-01-01
Pages 173
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Soil Structure and Fabric sets out a method of describing the structure and fabric of soils that proceeds consistently from macroscopic descriptions in the field to descriptions from standard thin sections as viewed with a light microscope. Most of the book is devoted to the description and classification of the microscopic characteristics of soils.

Environmental Hydrogeology Second Edition

Environmental Hydrogeology  Second Edition Author Philip E. LaMoreaux
ISBN-10 9781420055023
Release 2008-10-21
Pages 375
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Headlines continue to blare news of climate change, tangential catastrophic events, and dwindling energy resources. Written by respected practitioners, and geared to practitioners and students, Environmental Hydrogeology, Second Edition explores the role that hydrogeology can play in solving challenging environmental problems. New in the Second Edition: Coverage of groundwater recharging Exploration of geology of sink hole prone areas A case study of how salt-water springs were drawn down to manageable levels in the Red River Comprehensive Coverage from Trusted Experts The authors provide a complete introduction to the fast-growing and evolving field of environmental hydrogeology and its future. The second edition includes completely updated material and select new case studies. Matching the caliber of coverage found in the previous edition, the authors explore topics such as the geological aspects of disposal sites, surface water hydrogeology, groundwater hydrology and wells, environmental impacts and the hydrological system, and more. They also include types, sources, and properties of waste products, and propose waste management programs for groundwater protection. Explore Applications and Solutions Looming threats such as climate change, water pollution, acid rain, and air pollution extend beyond national boundaries and span the gaps between continents. An in-depth understanding of hydrogeology will be necessary to resolve these problems. Focusing on science rather than the regulations of any particular jurisdiction, the authors explore a variety of solutions and practical applications to issues such as groundwater recharging and protection.

Economic Geology

Economic Geology Author Walter L. Pohl
ISBN-10 9781444394863
Release 2011-03-03
Pages 680
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Humanity’s ever-increasing hunger for mineral raw materials, caused by a growing global population and ever increasing standards of living, has resulted in economic geology becoming a subject of urgent importance. This book provides a broad panorama of mineral deposits, covering their origin and geological characteristics, the principles of the search for ores and minerals, and the investigation of newly found deposits. Practical and environmental issues that arise during the life cycle of a mine and after its closure are addressed, with an emphasis on sustainable and "green" mining. The central scientific theme of the book is to place the extraordinary variability of mineral deposits in the frame of fundamental geological processes. The book is written for earth science students and practicing geologists worldwide. Professionals in administration, resource development, mining, mine reclamation, metallurgy, and mineral economics will also find the text valuable. Economic Geology is a fully revised translation of the the fifth edition of the German language text Mineralische und Energie-Rohstoffe. Additional resources for this book can be found at: The author's website can be found at:

3 D Structural Geology

3 D Structural Geology Author Richard H. Groshong
ISBN-10 9783662039120
Release 2013-03-14
Pages 324
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This is a handbook of practical techniques for making the best possible interpretation of geological structures at the map scale and for extracting the maximum amount of information from surface and subsurface maps. Quantitative methods are emphasized throughout and analytical solutions are given. Interpretation strategies are defined for GIS or CAD users, yet are simple enough to be done by hand. This book will help users produce better geological maps, judge the quality of existing maps, and locate and fix mapping errors.

The New Penguin Dictionary of Geology

The New Penguin Dictionary of Geology Author P. Kearey
ISBN-10 0140512772
Release 1996
Pages 365
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This entirely new dictionary of current geological usage includes the latest terminology and gives over 7,500 wide-ranging and concise definitions. The entries are clearly presented and fully cross-referenced. Additionally, a full bibliography of up-to-date works on all aspects of geology is provided for readers requiring further information on particular topics. Authoritative and comprehensive, this New Penguin Dictionary of Geology will prove invaluable to researcher, student and amateur geologist.

Geology of Southeast Alaska

Geology of Southeast Alaska Author Harold Stowell
ISBN-10 9781602231337
Release 2006-03-01
Pages 152
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The most powerful forces on earth have shaped the landscape of Southeast Alaska. Scientists and visitors from around the world trek north to experience wild rivers, powerful glaciers, and breathtaking mountain peaks. Now, for the first time, a handy guide to the region is available. Complete with color illustrations revealing millions of years of geological history and in-depth descriptions of Sitka, Juneau, and Glacier Bay, Geology of Southeast Alaska is essential reading for anyone fascinated by rock and ice in motion. Written by a geologist with over twenty-five years of experience in the north, Geology of Southeast Alaska will entertain and inform with abundant photographs and detailed drawings. Whether you want to understand the forces that shaped the state of Alaska, or you want to learn the basics of glacial movement, this compact, authoritative book is for you.


ISBN-10 8120335155
Release 2008-04-22
Pages 164
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Aimed at B.Sc. students of geology, this introductory text develops a basic understanding of the Earth as a complex, evolving system of geological processes. This book will also be of immense use to those postgraduate students of geology who opt for this stream after graduating in disciplines other than geology. Geology as a science has recently gained increasing importance because of the current developments in oil and mineral exploration and also because of recent occurrences of earthquakes and tsunamis. This book covers the entire spectrum of the geologic concepts and relates them to the main processes of geomorphology, earthquakes and volcanoes. Important types of the three categories of rocks—igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic—that form the crust of the Earth are described with their characteristic mineralogy. Major structures that are born of tectonic activities are discussed. Palaeontological descriptions cover not only the plant and animal groups but also other evidences of life in the geological record and evolution. An important feature of the text is that modern stratigraphic methods of classification are outlined clearly, and the latest geologic time scale with numerical ages as approved in 2004 by the International Commission on Stratigrahy of the International Union of Geological Sciences is incorporated.

English Spanish and Spanish English Glossary of Geoscience Terms

English Spanish and Spanish English Glossary of Geoscience Terms Author Gary L. Prost
ISBN-10 9056995626
Release 1998-02-02
Pages 376
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This reference work defines 20,000 terms used in the fields of geology, petroleum exploration and production, hydrology, environmental geology, and the other earth sciences. Also includes business and banking terms used in reports and proposals, and various legal, climatic, geographic, and computer terms, and units of measure. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

The Antarctic Dictionary

The Antarctic Dictionary Author Bernadette Hince
ISBN-10 9780643102323
Release 2000-11-10
Pages 404
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The world’s most isolated continent has spawned some of the most unusual words in the English language. In the space of a mere century, a remarkable vocabulary has evolved to deal with the extraordinary environment and living organisms of the Antarctic and subantarctic. Here, for the first time, is a complete guide to the origin and definitions of Antarctic words. Like other historical dictionaries, The Antarctic Dictionary gives the reader quotations for each word. These quotations are the life-blood of the dictionary — more than 15 000 quotations from about 1000 different sources give the reader a unique insight into the way the language of Antarctica has evolved. The reader will find out what it means to be slotted, the shortcomings of homers, the joys of a donga and the hazards of a growler. The Antarctic Dictionary has been meticulously researched, and will appeal to all those who have been to the frozen continent or have ever dreamed of going there. It will also appeal to those fascinated by the development of language. With a forward by Sir Ranulph Fiennes.

Glossary of Hydrology

Glossary of Hydrology Author William E. Wilson
ISBN-10 3540012729
Release 2003-04-23
Pages 248
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The perfect glossary for anyone who must think and write concisely about hydrology. Hydrologists, environmentalists, or any professional geoscientists, engineer, or student can use it to define their research in current terminology. With more than 4,000 terms, many with background information, the Glossary of Hydrology will be an invaluable addition to your reference library. Selected terms include: hydrogeology, surface water hydrology, hydrochemistry, meteorology, oceanography, engineering geology, environmental geology, soils, and other related fields. "This handy reference is essential for all professional and student hydrologists!" (Philip E. LaMoreaux, LaMoreaux and Associates )

Volcaniclastic Rocks from Magmas to Sediments

Volcaniclastic Rocks  from Magmas to Sediments Author H Leyrit
ISBN-10 9056992783
Release 2000-08-08
Pages 270
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This volume is an excellently written and beautifully illustrated textbook compiled by a multidisciplinary group of experts examining the production, transport and deposition of volcaniclasts (tephra and epiclasts) as well as their economic geology.

Glossary of Structural Geology and Tectonics

Glossary of Structural Geology and Tectonics Author Prem S. Saklani
ISBN-10 8189304445
Release 2008-01-01
Pages 191
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Glossary of Structural Geology and Tectonics has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Glossary of Structural Geology and Tectonics also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Glossary of Structural Geology and Tectonics book for free.