From Pirates to Drug Lords

From Pirates to Drug Lords Author Michael C. Desch
ISBN-10 0791437507
Release 1998-04-16
Pages 161
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Examines Caribbean countries' impact on the U. S. and the world and how they have consolidated their democracies, advanced prosperity, and maintained peace through collective security and international cooperation.

Border Contraband

Border Contraband Author George T. Díaz
ISBN-10 9780292761087
Release 2015-02-28
Pages 255
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Present-day smuggling across the U.S.-Mexico border is a professional, often violent, criminal activity. However, it is only the latest chapter in a history of illicit business dealings that stretches back to 1848, when attempts by Mexico and the United States to tax commerce across the Rio Grande upset local trade and caused popular resentment. Rather than acquiesce to what they regarded as arbitrary trade regulations, borderlanders continued to cross goods and accepted many forms of smuggling as just. In Border Contraband, George T. Díaz provides the first history of the common, yet little studied, practice of smuggling across the U.S.-Mexico border. In Part I, he examines the period between 1848 and 1910, when the United States' and Mexico's trade concerns focused on tariff collection and on borderlanders' attempts to avoid paying tariffs by smuggling. Part II begins with the onset of the Mexican Revolution in 1910, when national customs and other security forces on the border shifted their emphasis to the interdiction of prohibited items (particularly guns and drugs) that threatened the state. Díaz's pioneering research explains how greater restrictions have transformed smuggling from a low-level mundane activity, widely accepted and still routinely practiced, into a highly profitable professional criminal enterprise.

Collective Preventive Diplomacy

Collective Preventive Diplomacy Author Barry H. Steiner
ISBN-10 079145987X
Release 2004-06-23
Pages 255
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Examines how and why great powers act to defuse ethnic conflict within small powers.

Thailand Deadly Destination

Thailand  Deadly Destination Author John Stapleton
ISBN-10 9780992548735
Release 2014-11-17
Pages 208
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The daily robbing, bashing, drugging, extortion and murder of foreign tourists on Thai soil, along with numerous scandals involving unsafe facilities and well established scams, has led to frequent predictions that Thailand's multi-billion dollar tourist industry will self-destruct. Instead tourist numbers more than doubled in the decade to 2014. The world might not have come to the hometowns of the many visitors fascinated by Thailand, but it certainly came to the Land of Smiles. While the Thai media is heavily censored, and bad news stories about tourists suppressed, nonetheless there is more than enough evidence to demonstrate that something has gone seriously awry with the nation's tourist industry. In 2014, just as in the years preceding it, there were train, bus, ferry, speedboat, motorbike and car accidents, murders, knifings, unexplained deaths, numerous suicides, diving accidents, robberies gone wrong, anonymous bodies washing up on the shores and a string of alcohol and drug related incidents. Thailand had a dying king and serious succession problems, weak democratic institutions, an economy slipping into recession, faced issues of corruption across many of its key services and was host to international crime syndicates, awash with despised foreigners and drifting perilously towards civil war. Tourists choose one destination over another for a number of reasons, most of which Thailand scores highly on. But on the core issue of tourist safety, Thailand scores very badly indeed.

Planning the Past

Planning the Past Author Anita M. Waters
ISBN-10 0739108794
Release 2006
Pages 125
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Planning the Past studies the way a post-colonial society reconstructs its national history and grapples with its colonial past, specifically in Port Royal, a Jamaican village with a dramatic history of pirates, naval admirals, and earthquakes. Anita M. Waters argues that the plans for Port Royal's heritage tourism development represent a chronological record of historical revisionism, and the fact that none of the plans has been realized reflects post-colonial social processes and national ambivalence about piratical and naval history. This interdisciplinary study will be valuable reading for students of historiography, piracy, Caribbean history, Caribbean politics, and heritage tourism.

Pirates Terrorists and Warlords

Pirates  Terrorists  and Warlords Author Jeffrey H. Norwitz
ISBN-10 9781602397088
Release 2009
Pages 467
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A serious look at the enemies we face in the twenty-first century.

Caribbean survival and the global challenge

Caribbean survival and the global challenge Author Ramesh Ramsaran
ISBN-10 UOM:39015056511101
Release 2002
Pages 491
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Caribbean survival and the global challenge has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Caribbean survival and the global challenge also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Caribbean survival and the global challenge book for free.

The Saga Of Harmin Race

The Saga Of Harmin Race Author Robert L. Lanese
ISBN-10 9781463441968
Release 2011-08-29
Pages 260
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One might think that a book titled Invasion would be a story of hundreds of war ships invading a Planet. In part this is true, there is a massive deployment of war ships on all the boarders of their Galaxy staging the largest invasion known. But this is only a small part of this story. The boys do battle with Pirates, Drug Lords, and Slavers. There is also the largest Wedding ever held on Lantis 4, when our hero’s get married. But the most important two words in the entire book are spoken in the last paragraph of the book. These two words determine the future of The Saga Of Harmin Race. Stay on board and learn the future...........

Political science quarterly

Political science quarterly Author
ISBN-10 UCAL:$B324393
Release 1999
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Political science quarterly has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Political science quarterly also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Political science quarterly book for free.

Africa and the War on Drugs

Africa and the War on Drugs Author Neil Carrier
ISBN-10 9781848139695
Release 2012-10-11
Pages 184
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Nigerian drug lords in UK prisons, khat-chewing Somali pirates hijacking Western ships, crystal meth-smoking gangs controlling South Africa's streets, and narco-traffickers corrupting the state in Guinea-Bissau: these are some of the vivid images surrounding drugs in Africa which have alarmed policymakers, academics and the general public in recent years. In this revealing and original book, the authors weave these aspects into a provocative argument about Africa's role in the global trade and control of drugs. In doing so, they show how foreign-inspired policies have failed to help African drug users but have strengthened the role of corrupt and brutal law enforcement officers, who are tasked with halting the export of heroin and cocaine to European and American consumer markets. A vital book on an overlooked front of the so-called war on drugs.

The Drug Lord

The Drug Lord Author Peter A. Neissa
ISBN-10 0915745526
Release 2003
Pages 325
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Based on the true life story of Gonzalo Rodriguez Gacha, the drug lord of the Bogota branch of the Colombian Drug Cartel, this historical novel offers a factual and knowledgeable Colombian perspective that well connected Colombians have known for years: the real Drug Cartel, a group consisting of over two-hundred drug traffickers, met for the first time in 1976, not to discuss drugs, but to devise a solution to the kidnapping and murders inflicted upon them by the Marxist guerrillas. This led to cooperation on other matters --like cocaine. The Drug Lord, born an outcast in 1952, during Colombia's bloody civil war, rose from poverty to multi-billionaire status in the violent world of cocaine traffic. It is the gripping story of the Drug Lord's history when at age six, he witnesses the massacre of his family by the Colombian Army. It shows his involvement with the adolescent city gang, El Centro, which controlled Colombia's lucrative emerald black market, to the Cartel's development from a national to international status. The Drug Lord is also the story of a Colombia torn apart by violence --the oligarchy against the poor, government against popular uprisings, drug massacres, social and class conflicts, kidnappings-- of business, love and myopic U.S. policy in Latin America devoted to stamp communism at any price. Mr. Neissa posits that the Colombian Drug Cartel is, like the Mafia, deeply entrenched in their native cultures. Most highly recommended.

The Santa Gabriela

The Santa Gabriela Author Clifford Lueck
ISBN-10 9781499066333
Release 2014-09-09
Pages 204
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Emily’s expensive beach properties are an attractive intermediate drop point for the drug cartel’s smuggling operations. The modified luxury yacht, the Santa Gabriela, becomes the focus of both the problem and eventually the rescue boat that brings Emily and her cohorts back safely from their adventures into the den of a drug lord. Young Susan is threatened and later is instrumental in identifying the ‘pirates’ bringing the contraband onto her beach. Emily’s mother continues her supportive and competitive relationship with her daughter and the raising of Susan.

The National Interest and the Law of the Sea

The National Interest and the Law of the Sea Author Scott Gerald Borgerson
ISBN-10 9780876094310
Release 2009
Pages 70
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"In this Council Special Report, Scott G. Borgerson explores an important element of the maritime policy regime: the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea. He examines the international negotiations that led to the convention, as well as the history of debates in the United States over whether to join it. He then analyzes the strategic importance of the oceans for U.S. foreign policy today. The report ultimately makes a strong case for the United States to accede to the Convention on the Law ofthe Sea, contending that doing so would benefit U.S. national security as well as America's economic and environmental interests. Among other things, the report argues, accession to the convention would secure rights for U.S. commercial and naval ships, boost the competitiveness of American firms in activities at sea, and increase U.S. influence in important policy decisions, such as adjudications of national claims to potentially resource-rich sections of the continental shelf" -- foreword, vii.

The Phenomenon of Torture

The Phenomenon of Torture Author William F. Schulz
ISBN-10 9780812203394
Release 2013-07-17
Pages 408
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Torture is the most widespread human rights crime in the modern world, practiced in more than one hundred countries, including the United States. How could something so brutal, almost unthinkable, be so prevalent? The Phenomenon of Torture: Readings and Commentary is designed to answer that question and many others. Beginning with a sweeping view of torture in Western history, the book examines questions such as these: Can anyone be turned into a torturer? What exactly is the psychological relationship between a torturer and his victim? Are certain societies more prone to use torture? Are there any circumstances under which torture is justified—to procure critical information in order to save innocent lives, for example? How can torture be stopped or at least its incidence be reduced? Edited and with an introduction by the former Executive Director of Amnesty International USA, The Phenomenon of Torture draws on the writings of torture victims themselves, such as the Argentinian journalist Jacobo Timerman, as well as leading scholars like Elaine Scarry, author of The Body in Pain. It includes classical works by Voltaire, Jeremy Bentham, Hannah Arendt, and Stanley Milgram, as well as recent works by historian Adam Hochschild and psychotherapist Joan Golston. And it addresses new developments in efforts to combat torture, such as the designation of rape as a war crime and the use of the doctrine of universal jurisdiction to prosecute perpetrators. Designed for the student and scholar alike, it is, in sum, an anthology of the best and most insightful writing about this most curious and common form of abuse. Juan E. Méndez, Special Advisor to the United Nations Secretary General on the Prevention of Genocide and himself a victim of torture, provides a foreword.

Virginia journal of international law

Virginia journal of international law Author
ISBN-10 UCAL:B5128288
Release 1991
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Virginia journal of international law has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Virginia journal of international law also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Virginia journal of international law book for free.

Southeast Asian Affairs

Southeast Asian Affairs Author
ISBN-10 9812302174
Release 2003
Pages 338
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Southeast Asian Affairs, of which there are now thirty in the series, is an annual review of significant developments and trends in the region. The contributions can be divided into two braod categories. There are those which provide an analysis of major developments during 2002 in individual Southeast Asian countries and in the region generally. Then there are the theme articles of a more specialised nature which deal with topical problems of concern.

Attempting Normal Enhanced Edition

Attempting Normal  Enhanced Edition Author Marc Maron
ISBN-10 9780812994551
Release 2013-04-30
Pages 240
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This enhanced eBook edition contains six specially recorded audio segments in the style of the WTF podcast, with more than thirty-five minutes of brand-new, never-before-heard stories and reflections from Marc Maron.* NATIONAL BESTSELLER Marc Maron is “a master of spinning humor out of anguish” (Bookforum), even when that anguish is pretty clearly self-inflicted. In Attempting Normal, he threads together twenty-five stories from his life and near-death, from his first comedy road trips (with a fugitive junkie comic with a missing tooth) to his love affair with feral animals (his cat rescues are bloody epics) to his surprisingly moving tales of lust, heartbreak, and hope. The stories are united by Maron’s thrilling storytelling style—intensely smart, disarmingly honest, and explosively funny. Together, they add up to a hilarious and moving tale of failing, flailing, and finding a way. Praise for Attempting Normal “I laughed so hard reading this book.”—David Sedaris “Funny . . . surprisingly deep . . . laced with revelatory insights.”—Los Angeles Times “Superb . . . A reason that [it] is a superior example of an overcrowded genre—the comedian memoir—is Mr. Maron’s hardheaded approach to his history, the wisdom of experience.”—The New York Times “Marc Maron is a legend because he is both a great comic and a brilliant mind. Attempting Normal is a deep, hilarious megashot of feeling and truth as only this man can administer.”—Sam Lipsyte Praise for Marc Maron and WTF “The stuff of comedy legend.”—Rolling Stone “Marc Maron is a startlingly honest, compelling, and hilarious comedian-poet. Truly one of the greatest of all time.”—Louis C.K. “I’ve known Marc for years and I can tell you first hand that he’s passionate, fearless, honest, self-absorbed, neurotic, and screamingly funny.”—David Cross “Revered among his peers . . . raw and unflinchingly honest.”—Entertainment Weekly “Devastatingly funny.”—Los Angeles Times “For a comedy nerd, this show is nirvana.”—Judd Apatow *Audio may not play on all readers. Please check your user manual for details.