Frank s Independence Day

Frank s Independence Day Author M. L. Buchman
ISBN-10 9781537839905
Release 2017-09-21
Pages 170
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-a Night Stalkers White House romance- Name: Frank Adams Job: Head of U.S. Secret Service Presidential Protection Detail Name: Beatrice Ann “Beat” Belfour Job: U.S. Secret Service Agent: Specialist in African Security Agent “Beat” Belfour comes under fire when a coup erupts in the West African country of Guinea-Bissau. A routine diplomatic assignment goes wrong, and the Ambassador’s life now is slipping through her fingers. Frank Adams’ only weapons to save her are: the President’s strategic skills, the dedication of the U.S. Army Night Stalkers helicopter regiment, and a past history with “Beat” that changed his life and his heart.

Chicago s Little Village

Chicago s Little Village Author Frank S. Magallon
ISBN-10 9781439624425
Release 2010-04-19
Pages 128
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Little Village has been known by several names over the past 140 years, but its rich culture and history have never been forgotten. Situated on Chicago’s southwest side, Little Village has gone from real estate promoters Millard and Decker’s affluent “suburb” Lawndale to one of the largest Bohemian enclaves in the United States. This vibrant neighborhood is known today as the largest Mexican community in the state of Illinois. Little Village has almost always been a working-class immigrant neighborhood filled with hardworking men and women who want their piece of the American dream. From residents such as martyred Chicago mayor Anton Cermak to the typical immigrant family next door, these strong-willed people have made their mark on Chicago and the rest of the world.

Morality Identity and Narrative in the Fiction of Richard Ford

Morality  Identity and Narrative in the Fiction of Richard Ford Author Brian Duffy
ISBN-10 9789042024090
Release 2008-01
Pages 368
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Morality, Identity and Narrative in the Fiction of Richard Ford is only the second monograph on the work of Richard Ford and the only one to deal with all three Frank Bascombe novels. The book offers comprehensive readings of the trilogy and the stories of Women with Men and A Multitude of Sins, thus bringing critical work on Ford up to date. It draws on the moral theories of Alasdair MacIntyre and Charles Taylor, and on the work on narrative and identity of French philosopher Paul Ricoeur. But it also explores in detail the portrait of contemporary American society and culture offered in the trilogy.

Unabh ngigkeitstag

Unabh  ngigkeitstag Author Richard Ford
ISBN-10 3423144424
Release 2015-09
Pages 608
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Unabh ngigkeitstag has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Unabh ngigkeitstag also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Unabh ngigkeitstag book for free.

Still in Print

Still in Print Author Jan Nordby Gretlund
ISBN-10 9781611172645
Release 2013-01-23
Pages 296
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In Still in Print, eighteen Southern novels published since 1997 fall under the careful scrutiny of an international cast of accomplished literary critics to identify the very best of recent writings in the genre. These essays highlight the praiseworthy efforts of a pantheon of novelists celebrating and challenging regionality, unearthing manifestations of the past in the present, and looking to the future with wit and healthy skepticism. Organized around shared themes of history, place, humor, and malaise, the novels discussed here interrogate Southern culture and explore the region's promise for the future. Four novels reconsider the Civil War and its aftermath as Charles Frazier, Kaye Gibbons, Josephine Humphreys, and Pam Durban revisit the past and add fresh insights to contemporary discussions of race and gender through their excursions into history. The novels by Steve Yarbrough, Larry Brown, Chris Offutt, Barry Hannah, and James Lee Burke demonstrate a keen sense of place, rooted in a South marked by fundamentalism, poverty, violence, and rampant prejudice but still capable of promise for some unseen future. The comic fiction of George Singleton, Clyde Edgerton, James Wilcox, Donald Harington, and Lewis Nordan shows how Southern humor still encompasses customs and speech reflected in concrete places. Ron Rash, Richard Ford, and Cormac McCarthy probe the depths of human existence, often with disturbing results, as they write about protagonists cut off from their own humanity and desperate to reconnect with the human race. Diverse in content but unified in genre, these particular novels have been nominated by the contributors to Still in Print for long-term survival as among the best modern representations of the Southern novel.

Independence Day

Independence Day Author Richard Ford
ISBN-10 9781408835081
Release 2012-06-04
Pages 464
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Frank Bascombe, in the aftermath of his divorce and the ruin of his career, has entered an 'Existence Period' - selling real estate in New Jersey and mastering the high-wire act of normalcy. But over one Fourth of July weekend, Frank is called into sudden, bewildering engagement with life. Independence Day is a moving, peerlessly funny odyssey through America and through the layered consciousness of one of its most compelling literary incarnations, conducted by a novelist of extraordinary empathy and perception.

Expanding Suburbia

Expanding Suburbia Author Roger Webster
ISBN-10 1571817905
Release 2000-01
Pages 200
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During the last few decades suburbia has grown enormously and become a phenomenon attracting the attention of scholars as well as practitioners by whom it is seen as an increasingly significant and complex area of modern life. The essays in this volume consider a range of representations of suburban life from the late nineteenth century to the present day, including fiction, film, and popular music, drawn from America and Australia as well as Britain. They explore and challenge traditional views of suburbia so that, rather than a location of conformity and stereotypicality, it can be viewed as a site of social conflict, division, and ambiguity as well as a source of significant creativity across a range of cultural texts. The volume takes a thematic approach, considering the rise of suburbia, imagined and real suburbias, alternative suburbias: all of the essays have a strong historical dimension and the overall approach is characterized by interdisciplinarity. Roger Webster is Professor of Literary Studies and Director of the School of Media, Critical & Creative Arts, Liverpool John Moores University, Liverpool.

The Postsouthern Sense of Place in Contemporary Fiction

The Postsouthern Sense of Place in Contemporary Fiction Author Martyn Bone
ISBN-10 0807130532
Release 2005
Pages 275
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Martyn Bone draws upon postmodern thinking to consider how late 20th century southern novelists have viewed a 'sense of place' in a modernized American South and studies writers such as William Faulkner and Eudora Welty as well as the self-declared 'international city' of Atlanta. He looks at the fate of 'place' in a national and global context.

American Unexceptionalism

American Unexceptionalism Author Kathy Knapp
ISBN-10 9781609382285
Release 2014-05-01
Pages 204
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American Unexceptionalism examines a constellation of post-9/11 novels that revolve around white middle-class male suburbanites, thus following a tradition established by writers such as John Updike and John Cheever. Focusing closely on recent works by Richard Ford, Chang-Rae Lee, Jonathan Franzen, Philip Roth, Anne Tyler, Gish Jen, A. M. Homes, and others, Kathy Knapp demonstrates that these authors revisit this well-trod turf and revive the familiar everyman character in order to reconsider and reshape American middle-class experience in the wake of the 9/11 attacks and their ongoing aftermath. The novels in question all take place in the sprawling terrain that stretches out beyond the Twin Towers—the postwar suburbs that since the end of World War II have served, like the Twin Towers themselves, as a powerful advertisement of dominance to people around the globe, by projecting an image of prosperity and family values. These suburban tales and their everyman protagonists grapple, however indirectly, with the implications of the apparent decline of the economic, geopolitical, and moral authority of the United States. In the context of perceived decay and diminishing influence, these novels actively counteract the narrative of American exceptionalism frequently peddled in the wake of 9/11. If suburban fiction has historically been faulted for its limited vision, this newest iteration has developed a depth of field that self-consciously folds the personal into the political, encompasses the have-nots along with the haves, and takes in the past when it imagines the future, all in order to forge a community of readers who are now accountable to the larger world. American Unexceptionalism traces the trajectory by which recent suburban fiction overturns the values of individualism, private property ownership, and competition that originally provided its foundation. In doing so, the novels examined here offer readers new and flexible ways to imagine being and belonging in a setting no longer characterized by stasis, but by flux.

Learning To Be American

Learning To Be American Author Rubén Peinado Abarrio
ISBN-10 9788491341581
Release 2017-07-26
Pages 234
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Pocos novelistas contemporáneos han analizado la cultura americana con el detalle con el que lo ha hecho Richard Ford en su trilogía sobre Frank Bascombe: 'The Sportswriter', 'Independence Day' y 'The Lay of the Land'. Un tríptico sobre la idiosincrasia de la sociedad norteamericana expuesto por uno de los narradores más meticulosos de la nación. Este libro se aventura en un territorio sin explorar, revelando cómo el singular sabor americano de las novelas de Frank Bascombe también surge de escenarios peculiares y de los personajes marginales, que proponen modelos de identidad alternativos. Esta obra redescubre la esencia del principal proyecto novelístico de Ford, desvelándolo como una fuente infinita de percepciones para cualquier lector interesado en la gente, los mitos y las narrativas que construyen el ser americano.

A Study Guide for Richard Ford s Independence Day

A Study Guide for Richard Ford s  Independence Day Author Gale, Cengage Learning
ISBN-10 9781410349668
Release 2016-06-29
Pages 24
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A Study Guide for Richard Ford's "Independence Day," excerpted from Gale's acclaimed Novels for Students. This concise study guide includes plot summary; character analysis; author biography; study questions; historical context; suggestions for further reading; and much more. For any literature project, trust Novels for Students for all of your research needs.

Robert Frank s The Americans

Robert Frank s The Americans Author Jonathan Day
ISBN-10 9781841503158
Release 2011
Pages 186
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In the mid-1950s, Swiss-born New Yorker Robert Frank embarked on a ten-thousand-mile road trip across America, capturing thousands of photographs of all levels of a rapidly changing society. The resultant photo book, The Americans, represents a seminal moment in both photography and in America's understanding of itself. To mark the book’s fiftieth anniversary, Jonathan Day revisits this pivotal work and contributes a thoughtful and revealing critical commentary. Though the importance of The Americans has been widely acknowledged, it still retains much of its mystery. This comprehensive analysis places it thoroughly in the context of contemporary photography, literature, music, and advertising from its own period through the present.

Roy s Independence Day

Roy s Independence Day Author M. L. Buchman
ISBN-10 9781537839868
Release 2017-09-21
Pages 214
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-a Night Stalkers White House romance- NAME: Roy Beaumont JOB: Secret Service Counter Sniper NAME: Sienna Arnson JOB: National Security Advisor When Sienna Arnson joins President Peter Matthews‘ senior staff, she feels supercharged by the challenge. If she could fly, she would. Succeeding as the best NSA ever strikes her as a good start with. Roy Beaumont views D.C. from his sniper station atop the White House roof and has never looked further. When Senior Agent Frank Adams drags him from his high perch to protect the new NSA, he discovers a new target centered in his sights. Together they discover the true meaning of Roy’s Independence Day.

B nai B rith National Jewish Monthly

B nai B rith National Jewish Monthly Author
ISBN-10 UOM:39015048731692
Release 1938
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B nai B rith National Jewish Monthly has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from B nai B rith National Jewish Monthly also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full B nai B rith National Jewish Monthly book for free.

Writing the 9 11 Decade

Writing the 9 11 Decade Author Charlie Lee-Potter
ISBN-10 9781501313219
Release 2016-11-03
Pages 240
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Writing the 9/11 Decade investigates the relation of the novel to reportage, and the role of both in shaping culture, by looking at novelists' journalistic responses to the September 11 attacks. Journalist and academic Charlie Lee-Potter argues that novelists were entrapped by the expectation that they would provide an immediate non-fiction response to 9/11. Beginning with an examination of the sometimes mawkish writing that emerged in the days after the attacks, Writing the 9/11 Decade traces the evolution of literary journalism – in writers such as Ian McEwan, Paul Auster, Don DeLillo, Mohsin Hamid and Nadeem Aslam – into new methods of subsuming the disaster, while attempting to stand apart from it. It includes interviews with novelists such as Richard Ford, Amy Waldman and Kamila Shamsie, as well as the only longform interview granted by the former Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, who is himself a 9/11 survivor. In assessing the novel's capacity to respond to and contain an unimagined traumatic event, Writing the 9/11 Decade stands as a contemporary history of the form.

Richard Ford and the Ends of Realism

Richard Ford and the Ends of Realism Author Ian McGuire
ISBN-10 9781609383435
Release 2015-06-01
Pages 170
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"An original exploration of the work of writer Richard Ford in the context of its place within contemporary debates about the possible role, meaning of, and value of literary realism in a postmodern age"--

David Franks

David Franks Author Mark Abbott Stern
ISBN-10 9780271030982
Release 2010-01-01
Pages 263
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"A biography of David Franks, an American Jewish merchant in Philadelphia during the colonial period and the War for Independence. A supplier to the British Army since the French and Indian War, Franks, though acquitted of treason, was forced out of Pennsylvania"--Provided by publisher.