Flip Houses Like Burgers

Flip Houses Like Burgers Author Nasar El-arabi
ISBN-10 1514791277
Release 2015-07-02
Pages 36
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Nasar El-arabi worked a few jobs after graduating college. He quickly found out that the 9-5 corporate life was not for him. After being fired from a job in 2012, Nasar was left with 2 options- sink or swim. He decided to sail on a yacht across rough oceans. Since then Nasar has flipped over 100 homes, most of which were done with no money nor credit. He has not only managed to flip homes like burgers, he has also been able to inspire others. Through his volunteer efforts, Nasar continues to impact many, from kids to Adults.

BACHELOR 101 Cooking Cleaning Closing

BACHELOR 101  Cooking   Cleaning   Closing Author Jamie Reidy
ISBN-10 9780578034638
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BACHELOR 101 Cooking Cleaning Closing has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from BACHELOR 101 Cooking Cleaning Closing also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full BACHELOR 101 Cooking Cleaning Closing book for free.

Young House Love

Young House Love Author Sherry Petersik
ISBN-10 9781579656768
Release 2015-07-14
Pages 336
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This New York Times bestselling book is filled with hundreds of fun, deceptively simple, budget-friendly ideas for sprucing up your home. With two home renovations under their (tool) belts and millions of hits per month on their blog YoungHouseLove.com, Sherry and John Petersik are home-improvement enthusiasts primed to pass on a slew of projects, tricks, and techniques to do-it-yourselfers of all levels. Packed with 243 tips and ideas—both classic and unexpected—and more than 400 photographs and illustrations, this is a book that readers will return to again and again for the creative projects and easy-to-follow instructions in the relatable voice the Petersiks are known for. Learn to trick out a thrift-store mirror, spice up plain old roller shades, "hack" your Ikea table to create three distinct looks, and so much more.

The Complete Guide to Buying and Selling Apartment Buildings

The Complete Guide to Buying and Selling Apartment Buildings Author Steve Berges
ISBN-10 9781118045909
Release 2011-01-06
Pages 324
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Whether you?re a first-time real estate investor or a seasoned professional, The Complete Guide to Buying and Selling Apartment Buildings helps you map out your future, find apartment buildings at a fair price, finance purchases, and manage your properties. Now revised and expanded, this Second Edition includes tax planning advice, case studies of real acquisitions, and appendixes that add detail to the big picture. Plus, it includes a handy glossary of all the terms investors need to know, helpful sample forms that make paperwork quick and easy, and updated real estate forecasts. With this comprehensive guide at hand you?ll find profits easy to come by.

Killer Routine

Killer Routine Author Alan Orloff
ISBN-10 9780738723105
Release 2011
Pages 302
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After an automobile accident kills his fiancâee, Channing Hayes puts his stand-up comedy career on hold and teaches his trade to his fiancâee's sister Heather, but when she goes missing, Channing must work to find and protect her.

Into the Wild

Into the Wild Author Jon Krakauer
ISBN-10 9780330469982
Release 2011-07-06
Pages 320
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Jon Krakauer's Into the Wild examines true story of Chris McCandless, a young man, who in 1992 walked deep into the Alaskan wilderness and whose SOS note and emaciated corpse were found four months later, internationally bestselling author Jon Krakauer explores the obsession which leads some people to explore the outer limits of self, leave civilization behind and seek enlightenment through solitude and contact with nature. A 2007 film adaptation of Into the Wild was directed by Sean Penn and starred Emile Hirsch and Kristen Stewart.

Fast Food Nation

Fast Food Nation Author Eric Schlosser
ISBN-10 0395977894
Release 2001-01
Pages 356
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A journalist explores the homogenization of American culture and the impact of the fast food industry on modern-day health, economy, politics, popular culture, entertainment, and food production.

Fast Food Vindication

Fast Food Vindication Author Lisa Tillinger Johansen
ISBN-10 9780578110431
Release 2012-10-01
Pages 246
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For years, dozens of books, documentaries, and magazine articles have targeted the fast food industry as the cause for many of society's ills, ranging from the obesity epidemic to the proliferation of dead-end jobs. Now, hospital dietitian Lisa Johansen makes the bold case that the fast food industry is actually a positive force in society. Johansen takes the reader from the industry's scrappy, entrepreneurial beginnings to its emergence as a global business generating hundreds of billions of dollars annually. Far from a blight on society, the fast food industry has distinguished itself by providing a product that meets high standards of quality and safety, often healthier than meals served at home and in sit-down restaurants. The myth of the "McJob" is debunked by true-life cases of corporate titans who succeeded by virtue of the fast-food chains' practice of promoting from within. And, relying on her years of counseling patients at one of the nation's largest health networks, Johansen shows the reader just how easily fast food can be incorporated into a healthy lifestyle. Lively and informative, FAST FOOD VINDICATION destroys the media myths and paints the true picture of an industry that touches the lives of millions.

The Eleventh Plague

The Eleventh Plague Author Jeff Hirsch
ISBN-10 9780545290142
Release 2011
Pages 278
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Twenty years after the start of the war that caused the Collapse, fifteen-year-old Stephen, his father, and grandfather travel post-Collapse America scavenging, but when his grandfather dies and his father decides to risk everything to save the lives of two strangers, Stephen's life is turned upside down.

The Bean Trees

The Bean Trees Author Barbara Kingsolver
ISBN-10 185381038X
Release 1990
Pages 232
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Plucky Taylor Greer grows up poor in rural Kentucky with two goals: to avoid pregnancy and to get away. She succeeds on both counts when she buys an old car and heads west. But midway across the country motherhood catches up with her when she becomes the guardian of an abandoned baby girl she calls Turtle. In Tuscon they encounter an extraordinary array of people, and with their help, Taylor builds herself and her sweet, stunned child a life.

Fast Food Nation

Fast Food Nation Author Eric Schlosser
ISBN-10 9780547750330
Release 2012
Pages 362
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Explores the homogenization of American culture and the impact of the fast food industry on modern-day health, economy, politics, popular culture, entertainment, and food production.

House of Coates

House of Coates Author Brad Zellar
ISBN-10 1566893704
Release 2014-10-21
Pages 140
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The life and photographs of Lester B. Morrison, legendary recluse. Can a man living in the shadows find redemption?

Home by Novogratz

Home by Novogratz Author Robert Novogratz
ISBN-10 9781579654993
Release 2012
Pages 320
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Presents twenty of the authors' favorite design projects, revealing how to achieve the eclectic and vintage modern styles that characterize their work in home decoration endeavors.

Point of Retreat

Point of Retreat Author Colleen Hoover
ISBN-10 9781471125560
Release 2012-08-10
Pages 320
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From the bestselling author of Slammed, comes Colleen Hoover's next big hit. Layken and Will have managed to overcome the obstacles that threatened to destroy their love, proving that they are destined for one another. What they are about to learn, however, is that the things that have brought them together may be the very things that ruin their connection forever… Layken is left second-guessing the relationship whilst Will is jumping over hurdles to prove his love for her. What the young lovers discover about themselves along this journey may change their entire world and the lives of those who depend upon them the most... Praise for Colleen Hoover: 'As brilliant and entertaining as Slammed, Point of Retreatis absolute poetry.' - JAMIE MCGUIRE, New York Times bestselling author of Beautiful Disaster 'I finished reading Slammed at 1am on Sunday... I couldn't wait to start reading Point of Retreatso I bought it right then and there!' - Amazon Review

Broken Piano for President

Broken Piano for President Author Patrick Wensink
ISBN-10 1621050521
Release 2012-09-01
Pages 372
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The greatest political allegory since Animal Farm, written by the most fantastic-smelling author of our time. Ever drank too much and forgot what happened? Don't be embarrassed. Deshler Dean faces this problem every day of his life. Dean is far more brilliant and productive when he's blackout drunk. In the last few months alone, he has invented a hamburger more addictive than crystal meth, scored a six-figure record contract for his terrible art rock band, and started dating a woman he doesn't even recognize. Worse yet, he has become entangled in the biggest war since the Allies took on Germany. When rival fast food chains duke it out for control over Dean's burger-inventing genius, Dean and his band mates plunge into the absurd world of corporate paranoia and greed. As the violence of the burger wars spills out onto the streets, it's up to them to win over the hearts (and stomachs) of the American people and save the country from the equivalent of a deep-fried nuclear warhead.

Memphis Nights

Memphis Nights Author Orlando Trevino
ISBN-10 9781462054190
Release 2011-10-12
Pages 372
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Memphis, Tennessee, is the home of rock and roll, blues and gospel, Graceland and Elvis. It’s also the city that revitalizes Trey Williams’s life. For Trey, Memphis is the perfect fit. After years of taking care of so many others, Trey realizes that he hasn’t really done anything to make himself happy. When he and his longtime partner split, he decides that there’s no time like the present to shake things up. He knows it’s time to shake off the “comforts of home” and pursue the dreams that he has placed on the back burner for so long. With over a dozen friends who already called the Land of the Delta Blues home, Trey knows his move to the South holds promise for him to go in the direction he envisions—and find a good man to love. Starting over is never easy, but when you have a little help from your friends, it’s never too late to be what you might have been. In Memphis, Trey discovers an entirely different way of life. From the unique Southern culture to the mind-entrancing music, Trey absorbs all of the new experiences that await him in his new home. Over the course of a year filled with trials and errors, Trey eventually learns how to live, laugh, and—finally—love.

Eat Right Now

Eat Right  Now Author Chef Wendell
ISBN-10 9781438977379
Release 2009-06
Pages 252
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'Eat Right, Now!; Holy Temple Maintenance Guide', is a loving, sustainable maintenance guide for healthy minds, energetic bodies and tender souls. The Holy Temple is a biochemical factory which reacts to foods as profoundly as 'deadly' pharmaceuticals. The instructive manual dishes up an eating philosophy which feeds, not depletes family health equity. A sensible, simple, preventive lifestyle which can abate the American pandemic of preventable chronic disease caused from the relentless assault of 'dead' processed foods. Savvy Americans are transcending failed allopathic medical models. Instead, they're employing the Universal Apothecary; the way our Cosmos intended. Cooking is one way we take care of the people we love. 'Eat Right, Now' brims with truthful, science-based information, shocking 'Machine Cuisine' facts, humorous food essays and loving portions of economical, environmentally friendly, chronic disease-subduing recipes for the entire family. 'Eat Right, Now!' is an evergreen kitchen staple; a keeper. The entertaning manual will serve your loving clan for years to come. Your mood is in the food!