Extraterrestrials Author E. Regis
ISBN-10 0521348528
Release 1987-04-24
Pages 278
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With current interest in extraterrestrials at a peak, this book is a collection of original and reprinted articles advancing the latest scientific ideas as to the possible existence and nature of extraterrestrial intelligent life. Usually this subject is treated only in popular media, such as science fiction novels, movies, and television. Recently, however, scientists and researchers have begun to consider in earnest whether extraterrestrials really exist, whether they have evolved from simpler forms of life, whether they have evolved intelligence, and if so whether their modes of understanding the world are comparable to and congruent with our own. The contributors to this volume cover these topics, and also consider how we might communicate with aliens, and whether we would be able to understand the alien messages we might receive. Finally the authors, who include distinguished scientists, speculate whether the aliens might have a moral code, and what might be our moral obligations in the event any extraterrestrials were ever discovered.


Extraterrestrials Author André Kukla
ISBN-10 0739142453
Release 2010
Pages 102
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The Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence, or SETI, has attracted both praise and sharp criticism from the mainstream scientific community over the years. Extraterrestrials: A Philosophical Perspective explores the important philosophical issues that are at play in this discussion. Andre Kukla closely examines several of the prominent ideas surrounding the possibility of extraterrestrial life such as the vastness of the universe argument, the argument from mediocrity and the one world, one science argument while offering innovative theories of his own. Among other things, Kukla show uses Chomsky's account of language acquisition to explain why humans will never be able to communicate with extraterrestrials. Extraterrestrials offers a close and thorough treatment of extraterrestrial life that will intrigue a wide audience, especially those who are interested in the philosophy of science."


Extraterrestrials Author Amanda Davis
ISBN-10 0823950581
Release 1997-01
Pages 24
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Briefly discusses the possibility of finding life on other planets.

The Field Guide to Extraterrestrials

The Field Guide to Extraterrestrials Author Patrick Huyghe
ISBN-10 UCSC:32106015541367
Release 1996
Pages 136
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Since the late 1800s, there have been numerous documented reports of human encounters with extraterrestrial beings. In this unique and comprehensive volume - the first field guide ever devoted to extraterrestrials reported in UFO incidents - science writer Patrick Huyghe offers a fascinating overview of alien types witnessed throughout the past century. Each event is described in detail, based on eyewitness accounts, and is accompanied by a carefully rendered likeness of the lifeform encountered. With its detailed classification of alien types, The Field Guide to Extraterrestrials is essential reading for anyone who wants to know who "they" are.

The Science of Extraterrestrials

The Science of Extraterrestrials Author Eric Julien
ISBN-10 1601771010
Release 2006-10-01
Pages 380
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Finally, here is the breakthrough work that solve the mystery of UFOs and paranormal phenomena. After more than a half century of investigation, ric Julien offers a global and scientific solution to one of the greatest challenge known to science. For Julien, the fractal nature of time and its three dimensions, led to the emergence of a revolutionary global theory: Absolute Relativity! Even though this work is of a scientific nature, the general public can easily understand it. The precise explanations in this book will highlight the mistakes of science and will furthermore ofer insight into extraterrestrial technology, which the author calls Extratemporals. Diagrams are included.The Science of Extraterrestrials explains anti-gravitation, propulsion of UFOs, alien abductions, formation of crop circles, strange luminous phenomena, poltergeists, ghosts, post-mortem survival and time travel. All these phenomena are explained by this single unique concept. This book will undoubtely create a philosophical revolution.


Extraterrestrials Author Ben Zuckerman
ISBN-10 0521448034
Release 1995-09-28
Pages 239
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Is it possible that extraterrestrial life forms exist within our Galaxy, the Milky Way? This book offers a critical analysis by leading experts in a range of sciences, of the plausibility that other intelligent lifeforms do exist. Exploration of the Solar System, and observations with telescopes that probe deep space, have come up empty handed in searches for evidence of extraterrestrial life. Many experts in the fields of astronomy, biology, chemistry and physics are now arguing that the evidence points to the conclusion that technological civilisations are rare. After ten billion years, and among hundreds of billions of stars, we may well possess the most advanced brains in the Milky Way Galaxy. This second edition contains many new and updated aspects of extraterrestrial research, especially the biological viewpoint of the question.

Illinois UFOs Extraterrestrials

Illinois UFOs   Extraterrestrials Author Carole Marsh
ISBN-10 9780793363735
Release 1997-09
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Illinois UFOs Extraterrestrials has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Illinois UFOs Extraterrestrials also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Illinois UFOs Extraterrestrials book for free.

Are Extraterrestrials a Threat to Humankind

Are Extraterrestrials a Threat to Humankind Author Toney Allman
ISBN-10 9781601523815
Release 2012
Pages 80
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This title explores opinions about the possible effects of alien contact held by those scientists and thinkers who are actively involved in the search for extraterrestrial life or are seriously considering how Earth should react if contact is ever made.

Aliens and Extraterrestrials

Aliens and Extraterrestrials Author Isaac Asimov
ISBN-10 0836812204
Release 1995
Pages 32
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Discusses the possibility of different forms of life than ours within our solar system and in other solar systems too

Aliens Among Us Would You Like to Know the Truth About Extraterrestrials

Aliens Among Us  Would You Like to Know the Truth About Extraterrestrials Author
ISBN-10 9781434939197
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Aliens Among Us Would You Like to Know the Truth About Extraterrestrials has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Aliens Among Us Would You Like to Know the Truth About Extraterrestrials also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Aliens Among Us Would You Like to Know the Truth About Extraterrestrials book for free.

Christianity and Extraterrestrials

Christianity and Extraterrestrials Author Marie George
ISBN-10 9780595802906
Release 2005-06-22
Pages 302
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Does ETI existence spell the death of Christianity? The increasingly popular answer is "yes". Marie George argues, to the contrary, that Christian belief is compatible with ETI existence, by examining Roman Catholic teaching and Scripture. She then makes a case that while Christian belief does not exclude ETI existence, it does render it improbable. George goes on to expose the faulty reasoning behind the common opinion that science indicates that the universe surely contains other intelligent life forms. She closes with speculations on what the Catholic Church might eventually say about ETIs. Central to her analysis is the cosmic role of Christ. "I appreciate arguments like those in Christianity and Extraterrestrials?, laid out carefully and investigated thoroughly. If more writers proceeded with Dr. George's care and courtesy, there would be new hope for peace in the world." John L. Barger, Ph.D. Publisher, Sophia Institute Press "Although some of Dr. George's claims are controversial, she is clearly an author seeking the truth and open to opposing arguments. Moreover, she has sought out the best sources and used them wisely-in short, an admirable scholarly presentation." Michael J. Crowe Cavanaugh Professor Emeritus, University of Notre Dame and author of The Extraterrestrial Life Debate, 1750?1900

Alien Life

Alien Life Author Barry Parker
ISBN-10 9780786750405
Release 2009-07-21
Pages 264
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"Parker has done an outstanding job of pulling together the current scientific understanding of life on Earth and the possibilities of life elsewhere."--Christopher P. McKay, Research Scientist, NASA Ames Research Center

Wisconsin UFO s and Extraterrestrials

Wisconsin UFO s and Extraterrestrials Author Carole Marsh
ISBN-10 9780793364824
Release 1997-09
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Wisconsin UFO s and Extraterrestrials has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Wisconsin UFO s and Extraterrestrials also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Wisconsin UFO s and Extraterrestrials book for free.

Alaska UFO s and Extraterrestrials

Alaska UFO s and Extraterrestrials Author Carole Marsh
ISBN-10 9780793363384
Release 1997-09
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Alaska UFO s and Extraterrestrials has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Alaska UFO s and Extraterrestrials also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Alaska UFO s and Extraterrestrials book for free.

The Extraterrestrial Vision

The Extraterrestrial Vision Author Gina Lake
ISBN-10 9781467995726
Release 2011-11-27
Pages 194
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Have you ever wondered if Earth has been visited and is being visited by beings from elsewhere? In The Extraterrestrial Vision, you'll find out:• The origins of the human race,• What role extraterrestrials have played in Earth's history,• Who the Greys, Orions, Zetas, Lyrans, Pleiadians, and Sirians are,• What Walk-ins and Star People are and their involvement with Earth,• Why the abductions are occurring,• How extraterrestrials will make first contact with us,• How to discriminate between the positive and the negative extraterrestrials,• What we can do to combat evil on Earth,• What lies ahead,• What fourth density will be like.The Extraterrestrial Vision was first published in 1993.

Picturing Extraterrestrials

Picturing Extraterrestrials Author John Francis Moffitt
ISBN-10 UOM:39015056912812
Release 2003
Pages 595
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In this witty, erudite, and thoroughly researched book, art historian John Moffitt discusses the popular iconography depicting alleged extraterrestrial (ET) visitors and the widespread appeal of this New Age craze as a mass cultural phenomenon. A thorough skeptic, Moffitt is interested in kitschy ET portraiture, not as evidence of aliens among us, but for what this imagery reveals about contemporary culture. By brilliantly placing the present cultural moment in historical context, he demonstrates how typical portrayals of aliens reflect long-running (even ancient) cultural motifs. Whether we realize it or not, among ET's precursors are the ecstatic maenads of ancient Greek art, early depictions of Christ in Byzantine icons, the religious visions shown in 15th-century Spanish paintings, and the popular images of witches and incubi from the 18th and 19th centuries. Today, in our postmodern space age, these timeless figures of imagination and art have taken on the otherworldly trappings of alien creatures. By the same token, centuries-old beliefs, whether in nature gods and goddesses, demons, witches, Satan, or saints, have evolved into the current New Age mythology that often surrounds the stories and pictures connected with aliens. Fueled by a huge entertainment industry, mass media, and the relentless profit drive of capitalism, alien imagery has become ubiquitous, and in the process the line between fantasy and reality ever harder to discern. This sweeping and above all entertaining perusal of popular culture presents a sophisticated yet very accessible and often funny dissection of our current obsession with the possibility that "we are not alone."

The Search for Extraterrestrials

The Search for Extraterrestrials Author Monte Ross
ISBN-10 9780387740706
Release 2009-12-29
Pages 176
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Follow Monte Ross of the Laser Space Signal Observatory as he explores the challenges in searching for evidence of extraterrestrials, the programs that have failed, and those that continue. The book circumvents the failure of searches at radio frequencies by being the first to explore electromagnetic frequencies besides RF and microwave as possible signal sources, taking into consideration all the ways that extraterrestrials might try to communicate with us. Throughout the presentation, all the ideas, concepts, and approaches are explained clearly, without the use of complex math or physics.