Everyday Thai Cooking

Everyday Thai Cooking Author Martha Stone
Release 2014-08-06
Pages 60
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This book brings together 25 of the best and delicious Thai dinners and dishes you can experience. All of the recipes are easy to make and most of them can be made in under an hour. This is perfect for someone who is on the go but wants to experience a homemade and fresh meal without hours and hours of work. The dishes in this book range from traditional Pad Thai to Fried Rice, Dumplings, and everything in between. You will love the scents and flavors that will robustly fill your home and mouth every time you cook and eat one of these dishes.

Everyday Thai Cooking

Everyday Thai Cooking Author Siripan Akvanich
ISBN-10 9781848037045
Release 2012-11-06
Pages 160
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Everyday Thai Cooking brings you the secrets of cooking delicious Thai food straight from Thailand. Author Siripan Akvanich draws on her years of experience of cooking for her restaurant customers in Thailand to enable you to create authentic Thai dishes, ranging from curries and meat and fish dishes to wonderful Thai desserts. With clear instructions and insider tips, Siripan helps you bring these dishes - many of them traditional family recipes - to life and shows you how to make them a-roi (delicious)! Everyday Thai Cooking shows you how straightforward it can be to cook wonderful Thai food, and how you can juggle the array of tasty and spicy (if you want) flavours to get just the right taste. Contents: Contents; Introduction; 1. A little history; 2. The quick and the easy; 3. Some thoughts about herbs and spices; 4. Authentic Thai Cuisine; 5. Something to drink; 6. Stir-frying and basic recipe; 7. Soups; 8. Salads; 9. Steamed dishes; 10. Stir-fried dishes; 11. Grilled and deep-fried; 12. Curries; 13. Thai Vegetarian Dishes; 14. Desserts; Conversion Charts; Index.

Everyday Thai Cooking

Everyday Thai Cooking Author Katie Chin
ISBN-10 9781462913411
Release 2013-08-06
Pages 144
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In Everyday Thai Cooking, Katie Chin—a chef hailed as the 'Asian Rachel Ray' by her many fans—shares her recipe secrets along with tips, tools, and techniques that enable you to easily bring delectable homemade Thai dishes to your table! As the daughter of award-winning restaurateur Leeann Chin, Katie's heritage has been deeply rooted in the cultivation of fine Thai cuisine. Katie has since taken the culinary world by storm as a well-respected food writer, television personality, and now published author. Katie is a success among the cooking community, however, her true reward stems from her success at home. As working mother of toddler twins, Katie realized a need for simple, easy and delicious Thai recipes that call for accessible ingredients and Everyday Thai Cooking delivers just that. This Thai cookbook offers basic recipes for staple dishes that include both homemade and store-bought options. From appetizers to desserts, each step-by-step recipe lists preparation times (most within thirty minutes) and alternates for less accessible ingredients. Illustrated with mouthwatering color photographs, Everyday Thai Cooking features more than 100 simple recipes for delicious Thai food. Favorite Thai recipes include: Crunchy Siam Spring Rolls Tom Yum Goong Crispy Mango Chicken Shaking Beef Fragrant Coconut Fish in Banana Leaves Mee Krob

Everyday Thai

Everyday Thai Author Chalongkrung Sae-ueng
ISBN-10 6162845362
Release 2014
Pages 251
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Everyday Thai has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Everyday Thai also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Everyday Thai book for free.

Quick Easy Thai

Quick   Easy Thai Author Nancie McDermott
ISBN-10 9780811872720
Release 2012-02-10
Pages 168
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Now busy home cooks can bring the fantastic flavors of Thai cuisine into the kitchen with a simple trip to the grocery store. Nancie McDermott, experienced cook, teacher, and author of the best-selling cookbook Real Thai, presents this collection of 70 delicious recipes that focus on easy-to-find ingredients and quick cooking methods to whip up traditional Thai. With recipes like Crying Tiger Grilled Beef, Grilled Shrimp and Scallops with Lemongrass, Sticky Rice with Mangoes, and Thai Iced Tea, along with McDermott's highly practical array of shortcuts, substitutions, and time-saving techniques, anyone can prepare home-cooked authentic Thai meals—as often as they like.

Simple Thai Cooking

Simple Thai Cooking Author Duen Na Korat
ISBN-10 150270627X
Release 2014-10-03
Pages 76
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Learn How To Cook Real Authentic Thai Dishes In This Easy To Follow Step By Step Cooking Guide Sent With Love From Krabi, Thailand. Get this Amazon #1 bestseller paperback cookbook. Sawadee kha from Thailand, My name's Duen. I was born in Nakhon Ratchasima (Korat) in the Northeast (Isaan) of Thailand, hence the author name Duen Na Korat . I grew up in a very large family, about 30 family members, all living and working as farmers on the same area of land. This is how a lot Thai people traditional lived and the role of Thai women was to do the cooking. I started cooking at 7 years old and I have been cooking for almost 30 years now. My mom and grandmother taught me to do things for myself at a young age. They also taught me a lot of things about cooking and I didn't know back then that it would become such a huge part of my life and business in the future. Now at 35, I have a very popular Thai restaurant and a Thai cooking school here in Krabi, Thailand, I cook for parties and events, and now I have written this Thai cookbook. Cooking is in my soul, I love it. I feel so happy when I cook and I see people enjoy my food. I have written this Thai cookbook to share my knowledge and what I have learned from my experience with anyone who wants to know and wants to cook Thai food. I write about traditional Thai cooking and use authentic Thai recipes and techniques but you can make these Thai dishes too and it's easier than you may think. Just download this Thai recipe eBook today and have fun, you are going to do a great job and your meals will taste delicious, just follow me step by step and I will also tell you some tips you probably have never heard of before. If you do have any questions about anything, no problem, just email me or message me on Facebook. Kob khun kha Duen Na Korat Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn In Simple Thai Cooking: Everyday, Healthy, Quick and Easy Thai Food Recipes for cooking at home... Common Ingredients Used In Thai Cuisine Cooking Equipment Useful For Cooking Thai Food Standard Thai Condiments Used For Thai Dishes How To Make A Good Stock (An Essential Skill For Any Thai Chef) How To Make Curry Paste Thai Soup Recipes Thai Stir Fry Recipes Thai Rice Dishes Thai Curry Recipes Thai Dessert Recipes Thai Drinks Recipes Thai To English Translation Of Ingredients and Cooking Terms Used In Thai Restaurant Menus Exclusive Membership To A Weekly Newsletter In Which You Will Receive Free Thai Food Recipes, Cooking Tips and Other Goodies and Freebies Customer Reviews on Amazon.com Delicious by Greg Mercer This is an excellent cook book! The author provides a great introduction and mouth watering recipes. The Chicken Red Curry is delicious but if you were to only choose one recipes out of the whole book you MUST make the Tom Kha Gai soup. It is to die for. I have a few much longer Thai cookbooks on my kindle but I must say I find myself opening this one up the most. Customer Reviews on Amazon.co.uk Make Simple Thai Recipes At Home by ZaiJen Thai cooking is something that I have only eaten in a restaurant. This book has given me the knowledge to make delicious meals at home, of a cuisine that I enjoy. The recipes were simple with translations of Thai phrases that I was unfamiliar with. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys Thai food, but doesn't want to pay expensive restaurant prices. Buy your copy today! Take action today and buy this book and you will impress your loved ones with amazing authentic Thai dishes any day of the week. Tags: Thai cooking, Thai food, Thai cookbook

Fermenting Food for Healthy Eating

Fermenting Food for Healthy Eating Author Catherine Atkinson
ISBN-10 9781472140500
Release 2017-11-23
Pages 176
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Fermented foods - kefir, kimchi and kombucha, to name just a few - are flooding the supermarket shelves but can be costly to buy. Whether you are new to fermented foods or looking to expand your repertoire, with Fermenting Food for Healthy Eating you'll discover the astonishing nutritional benefits of fermented foods and drinks, how easy they are to make at home and how to incorporate them into everyday eating. It includes: · A comprehensive introduction explaining how fermentation works to preserve food, make it more digestible and increase its vitamin and mineral availability. · All the basic and more advanced techniques, with step-by-step recipes, foolproof advice and handy hints. · Individual chapters on fermented vegetables such as sauerkraut and dill pickles, dairy products, including kefir, yogurt and cheeses (and many non-dairy versions), a selection of fermented drinks such as rejuvelec and kvass, plus how to make sourdough and other fermented breads. Fermenting Food for Healthy Eating is the ultimate guide to fermenting. The book contains a total of 40 recipes for making fermented foods and drinks, and over 40 more nutrient-packed recipes showing how these fermented foods and drinks can be used to create delicious and healthy meals for everyone to enjoy.

Step by Step Cooking Thai

Step by Step Cooking Thai Author
ISBN-10 9789814435185
Release 2008-08-15
Pages 121
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Step by Step Cooking Thai has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Step by Step Cooking Thai also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Step by Step Cooking Thai book for free.

Everyday Asian

Everyday Asian Author Marnie Henricksson
ISBN-10 9780062032706
Release 2012-12-26
Pages 336
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Love Asian food but too intimidated to make it at home? Do you find yourself flipping through an Asian cookbook, and then going out for Thai noodles or Korean Barbecue, rather than going into your kitchen? When Marnie Henricksson gave up her noodle shop in Greenwich Village, and settled down to raise her kids in the 'burbs, she had difficulty finding her favorite Asian ingredients at the local supermarket. So, Marnie tweaked her recipes to work with readily available ingredients, allowing her and her family to enjoy Asian food everyday. In Everyday Asian, Marnie shares seventy-five of her favorite dishes with home cooks. As the recipes draw on the traditional cuisines of Japan, China, Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, and India, Marnie begins the book with a chapter detailing how to find, make, and store necessary ingredients, as well as giving advice on invaluable kitchen equipment for Asian cooking. Here's your opportunity to master classicdishes such as Pad Thai, Chinese Pork Roasts, Spring Rolls, and Vietnamese Pho, and expand your imagination with Marnie's innovative recipes for Asian Pesto (replace pine nuts with peanuts and Italian basil with Thai basil, cilantro, and mint) and Spicy Chicken Wings (an American classic with a good dose of Asian spices). It's clear from the abundance of Japanese, Korean, Indian, and Vietnamese restaurants that Americans are crazy about Asian food; however, cooking the real thing at home has always been a problem if you don't live near an Asian market. Now, with Marnie's easy-to-follow recipes, enjoying Asian food as often as you like is just a supermarket aisle away.

Real Vegetarian Thai

Real Vegetarian Thai Author Nancie McDermott
ISBN-10 9781452116440
Release 2012-05-04
Pages 224
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Real Thai has gone vegetarian! Everyone loves Thai food, but it's not easy to find truly meatless dishes. Thai cooking expert Nancie McDermott has developed inventive variations on traditional recipes, providing health-conscious cooks with a repertoire of meatless dishes that captures the vibrant spirit of Thailand. A helpful glossary introduces readers to the seemingly mysterious yet widely available ingredients and equipment used in Thai cooking and offers tips for finding or substituting them. With an emphasis on the classic techniques, ingredients, and flavors of Thai cuisine, this groundbreaking cookbook provides one hundred delicious recipes for everyday meals and special occasions.


Bangkok Author Leela Punyaratabandhu
ISBN-10 9780399578328
Release 2017-05-09
Pages 368
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From one of the most respected authorities on Thai cooking comes this beautiful and deeply personal ode to Bangkok, the top-ranked travel destination in the world. Every year, more than 16 million visitors flock to Thailand’s capital city, and leave transfixed by the vibrant culture and unforgettable food they encounter along the way. Thai cuisine is more popular today than ever, yet there is no book that chronicles the real food that Thai people eat every day—until now. In Bangkok, award-winning author Leela Punyaratabandhu offers 120 recipes that capture the true spirit of the city—from heirloom family dishes to restaurant classics to everyday street eats to modern cosmopolitan fare. Beautiful food and location photography will make this a must-have keepsake for any reader who has fallen under Bangkok’s spell.

Pilaf Pozole and Pad Thai

Pilaf  Pozole  and Pad Thai Author Sherrie A. Inness
ISBN-10 1558492860
Release 2001
Pages 234
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For many Americans, eating ethnic food is so commonplace as to be taken for granted. Yet, whether we acknowledge it or not, such foods create a powerful social language that speaks of cultural traditions and tastes that have been handed down from one generation to the next and, in some cases, appropriated and commodified by American commercial culture. Ethnic cooking represents both a source of sustenance and a complex form of communication. In this volume, eleven scholars explore the role of ethnic food in American culture, with a particular focus on women. The first six chapters offer personal accounts of the ways in which ethnic meals are embedded in women's memories and fortify their connections to one another. From a Sicilian-born mother who affirms her allegiance to her heritage through the loving preparation of traditional tomato sauce and pasta, to a Swedish American woman whose dozens of boxes of recipe cards document a process of cultural assimilation, to an Armenian American who uses a shared passion for cooking to forge a relationship with her lover's family--these essays speak in a personal voice about the power of food as a marker of women's identity. The final five chapters take a more analytic approach, scrutinizing the social and political aspects of ethnic food and the phenomenon of "culinary tourism." One essay offers a brilliant meditation on the gendered discourse of cooking in the Mexican American community, showing how food preparation provides many Chicanas with a vital language of self-expression. Another essay probes the author's penchant for Thai food and other cuisines from economically dominated cultures, situating it in the context of a larger system of privilege and oppression and as a form of cultural colonialism. By going beyond the obvious, these essays challenge our assumptions and expand our understanding of the significance of ethnic food in women's lives. Contributors include Meredith E. Abarca, Arlene Voski Avakian, Linda Murray Berzok, Benay Blend, Lynn Z. Bloom, Paul Christensen, Cathie English, Doris Friedensohn, Lisa Heldke, Heather Schell, and Leanne Trapedo Sims.

Thai Cooking

Thai Cooking Author Tarla Dalal
ISBN-10 8186469427
Release 1998-10-26
Pages 96
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Thai Cuisine Is An Interesting Confluence Of Flavours And Cooking Styles. In This Book, We Have Endeavoured Towards Creating And Adopting Vegetarian Thai Meals. All The Recipes Have Been Selected Keeping In Mind Locally Available Ingredients In India, Without Compromising On The Authenticity Of Each Dish.

Quick Easy Vietnamese

Quick   Easy Vietnamese Author Nancie McDermott
ISBN-10 9781452116402
Release 2012-06-29
Pages 168
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From the author of the popular Quick & Easy Thai come these 75 oh-so-delicious recipes for every level of cook. Though it shares certain culinary traditions with its Asian neighbors, Vietnamese cuisine is entirely distinct, focusing on a bounty of fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs for signature clear, bright flavors with contrasting notes of salty, sweet, sour, and spicy. Creamy chicken curry is paired with the zesty tang of lime juice and the heat from ground pepper and chilies. Crisp, fried fish is served with a puree of pineapple-chili sauce. Delicate, rice paperwrapped summer rolls merit a rich and savory soybean dipping sauce. From snacks and soups to grilled meats and seafood to the essential noodle dishes and desserts, Quick & Easy Vietnamese presents the full spectrum of Vietnamese cooking at its most simply delicious.

Everyday Asian

Everyday Asian Author Patricia Yeo
ISBN-10 9781466862159
Release 2014-01-07
Pages 224
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Patricia Yeo is one of the most acclaimed of the new crop of bright young chefs in America--she specializes in world food, introducing Asian flavors, California freshness and French technique to her restaurant menus, including the offerings at the three-star A/Z in Manhattan. With Everyday Asian, Yeo leaves restaurant technique behind and focuses on packing flavor into dishes for weekday meals and simple home entertaining. The taste of the Pacific Rim is still the biggest trend in food today, and Yeo is the ideal expert to translate it for home cooks. Everyday Asian includes over one hundred recipes with far eastern, Indian and southeast Asian accents, including: --Chinese chicken salad with pickled vegetables --Seared tuna and three-bean salad --Toasted Walnut, Cheese and Chili Shortbread --Smoky eggplant and yogurt puree --Gingered Pineapple Glaze for Buffalo wings --Roasted five-spice chicken --Thai pork curry --Stir-fried beef with black beans --Baked coconut rice pudding

Top 100 Pasta Dishes

Top 100 Pasta Dishes Author Annabel Karmel
ISBN-10 9781451607918
Release 2011-08-09
Pages 144
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"New from British TV personality and children's nutrition expert Annabel Karmel, a guide to making everyone's go-to food more delicious and exciting!"--

Step by Step Easy to Make Thai Cooking

Step by Step Easy to Make Thai Cooking Author Kit Chan
ISBN-10 1844765814
Release 2008-08-01
Pages 96
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An evocative introduction to the culinary culture of Thailand, this book includes everything you will need to know about ingredients, equipment and techniques. Common everyday alternatives have been given for some of the more exotic ingredients, so if you don¿t have an oriental food store nearbyyou¿ll still be able to produce tantalizing results. There are seven chapters of recipes, starting with Snacks and Appetizers; then Soups; Salads and Vegetables; Main Courses; Curries; Rice and Noodles; and finally Desserts. The dishes range from favorites such as the aromatic Red Chicken Curry and delicious Thai Fried Noodles to the moreexotic Pork and Pickled Mustard Greens Soup. Each dish is beautifully photographed and has easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions. With cooks¿ tips throughout, this is an invaluable guide, a definitive reference book, and a comprehensiverecipe collection.